The big dig 7-11 corner of the neighborhood, is behind the electricity in the back

neighborhood home because of the middle of the big dig from the Beijing 7-11 managers concern, experts believe that it is likely to seek to solve the last one kilometer behind the electricity supplier.


_ print journalist Lv Honglin

in Beijing, 7-11 is having a hard time. The first to enter Beijing, worked for many years in the Beijing market has been lukewarm. Although the number of stores than Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities in the south, but due to geographical factors and urban planning, Beijing did not form a mature convenience store market. According to the survey by Kantar Retail, 3000 people in Shanghai have a convenience store, while Beijing is a total of 10 thousand people. read more


What is the most profitable to open shop selling Taobao shop to sell what is better

as the saying goes: Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. If the direction is wrong, all the efforts are in vain. Bill Gates predicted: twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can be! Now Taobao shop, is more and more recognized by the majority of users. Taobao online shopping has become our consumption habits, some people see the online shopping business, have joined the family of Taobao, intends to create a career in, a Taobao shop, but the novice drives a Taobao shop, we are very concerned about how to set up shop, sell what sell what is good? Below, I will make money? With my years of experience with the Taobao shop we chat read more


Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong frontline delivery orders peak response

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, pictured Liu Qiangdong and courier together.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, pictured in the way Liu Qiangdong delivery.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, Liu Qiangdong delivered to the destination.

June 18th afternoon news, in order to deal with Jingdong (27.02, 0.13, 0.48%), sales promotion, Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong during the period of the armed forces in the, acting as a distributor, riding an electric tricycle delivery. read more


Civilian and luxury E-commerce

today as a transit network to understand what no attention the news: in October 11th this year, serves network and Italy from the global luxury brand Salvatore (Salvatore Ferragamo) reached a cooperation, duly authorized official authorization to build online shop for ferragamo. This is the world’s leading luxury brand for the first time authorized China’s electricity supplier platform as a partner in online sales. Luxury e-commerce many people unfamiliar, because e-commerce in ordinary our daily contact with the vast majority of civilian electronic business, whether Taobao, or Jingdong, or Suning, even and so on, is the electronic commerce represents luxury goods, luxury goods e-commerce in Chinese can’t do anything. read more


F..S.T electricity business district have to say

recently "electricity business circle" SEO competition in the e-commerce industry and the SEO are not a small storm, many people are very concerned about this game, whether it is in the good, or chase reported, it can be seen that the game’s fiery


in the official registration time, to see a person in the post to write such a word, the word (electricity) will fire. Indeed, from a word without any search to the present. Baidu results page has 36000 results. And formed a large number of relevant search results. Pictured: read more


Uber push the application of a taxi service within one hour to reach the city

[Abstract]Uber couriers deliver packages by foot or by bike, which cost $15 to $30.

private car service provider Uber in the development of diversified business has taken a solid step forward. The company will launch a courier service in New York, Manhattan on Tuesday.

the service is called UberRush, which can help customers deliver small packages, usually able to arrive within an hour. The same as the traditional courier service, Uber courier by foot or bike to provide consumers with the service, the cost of $15 to $30, the specific charges will depend on delivery distance. read more


Community O2O electricity supplier in the future profit model is not clear, decisive factors

by Alibaba, Jingdong and other companies listed in the East, 2014 e-commerce market to maintain a high speed and high profile development trend. But the growth in the traditional electricity supplier market space is limited, more and more commercial enterprises began to focus their development in the field of O2O, catering, taxi, supermarkets, and even print, dry cleaning business has become a member of the electricity supplier army. At the same time, this kind of business is in the close distance of the community as a platform, therefore, the O2O community has become an important factor in deciding the future of electronic commerce industry. read more auction price of nearly one million euros

According to sources, has been in the domain name trading site was taken to 810001 euros.

according to the source, the domain name was the top group " Chinese online " website, top group has invested hundreds of millions of capital operation in 2000–2002 years, in the domestic scene temporarily, after several revision, with the top after the decline, " Chinese online " from the beginning of 2006 officially quit the industry website, the domain name has been parked in the domain name trading network read more


Hunan radio and television news interview negotiate E-commerce

December 7th morning news, Hunan television market process is accelerating: since last month and Shanda joint venture Sheng pictures, Hunan radio and television began to get involved in e-commerce. Familiar with Hunan radio and television recently frequently meet is possible, both the depth of cooperation in the future electronic commerce.

6 evening President Lu Zhaoxi and Hunan TV host Wang Han photo exposure, Hunan radio and television insiders confirmed that last week, Hunan radio and television organizations including the golden eagle net and host team went to Hangzhou to discuss cooperation with Last month, Taobao has sent a team to Changsha to visit Hunan radio and television to learn. read more


Three tips for making money quickly

whether you are doing the traditional business, or in the Internet business, as well as help, these three marketing tips whenever I look at him, will bring me different thinking, aftertaste endless.

1 is the fastest way to let potential customers know you

on the Internet you have to do is two things, with the fastest speed to let others find you, with the fastest speed to find you need to find people, this is a very important thing, if your potential customers can make people to quickly find you, not you the competitors, and you can also mention arch rivals cannot provide value, people tend to believe that credit first to provide the value of the company or individual, so the first time you, is to provide free super value credit to them, from the expert status also established their own, also from your customers continue with your purchase. read more