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Open Letter From Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots

first_imgI have received many questions concerning the U.S. Senate race in Indiana – who is the REAL conservative? (Todd Young is advertising himself as such but is NOT.) The voting records of Marlin Stutzman (R-IN03) and Todd Young (R-IN09) show the difference and tell you all you need to know.The following comes from a fellow Indiana patriot and I forward it to you for your consideration. Check these sources out for the REAL difference between Stutzman and Young. Also, if the Chamber of Commerce supports a candidate, definitely question his/her conservative credentials!The Chamber of Commerce is spending close to a million dollars on television ads touting Congressman Todd Young (attorney) as the “conservative” over Marlin Stutzman (farmer/business owner/Small Business Champion Award winner/Freedom Caucus member). Everyone now wants to claim to be Conservative. It’s as if it’s become a buzz-word politicians use to get votes. But be careful and make sure you vote for the TRUE Conservative, despite what false ads say. Here are the results on some Indiana members of the U.S. Congress. FOOTNOTE: There are nine Indiana Congressmen, but those scoring lower than Todd Young were not listed.Conservative Review Score:Marlin Stutzman 81%Todd Rokita 61%Todd Young 56%American Conservative Union Ratings:Marlin Stutzman 96%Todd Rokita 88%Luke Messer 80%Todd Young 76%Heritage Action ScorecardMarlin Stutzman 87%Todd Rokita 69%Luke Messer 65%Todd Young 61%FreedomWorksMarlin Stutzman 89%Todd Rokita 83%Luke Messer 75%Todd Young 72%Americans for ProsperityMarlin Stutzman 93%Todd Rokita 83%Todd Young 80%The Freedom IndexMarlin Stutzman 73%Todd Rokita 67%Larry Bucshon 61%Luke Messer 58%Todd Young 57% If you want to shrink government, improve your standard of living, uphold the Constitution (and the Rights it protects), and salvage American culture and traditions, vote for a CONSERVATIVE… not a “faux conservative.” Remember, “Republican” and “Conservative” are NOT necessarily identical… despite what the media and RNC/GOP leadership sell you. These ratings reflect VOTING records, not promises ignored.Remember those Republicans who made campaign promises in 2010 and 2014 but did NOT keep them when elected? Young is one of them.​ We do not need another McConnell, McCain or Graham (or Lugar!) in the U.S. Senate!​Choose wisely; it’s about your COUNTRY.In Liberty,Jim BrattenDirector, Hoosier PatriotsCo-Founder, Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots Dear Patriots: FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more


Weather Network

first_imgPlanning pesticide spraying”I have to monitor the degree days,” said Hale. “This helps me determine when the cottling moths are laying their eggs and makes the chemicals more effective.”These moths feed on the leaves and apples and can devastate an apple crop. Knowing when and how often to spray makes sense for Hale, both economically and environmentally.Each UGA weather station monitors air temperature, soil temperature, humidity, rainfall, solar radiation, wind speed and wind direction. This information is updated hourly and posted to the network’s web site, The weather network was developed in 1991 and is the brainchild of Gerrit Hoogenboom, a professor with UGA’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.His original goal was to have one station at each of UGA’s nine agricultural experiment stations. Eleven years and 50 weather stations later, Hoogenboom now hopes to eventually have a weather station in every Georgia county. And agribusiness owners across the state aren’t complaining. Janice Hale owns and operates Hillcrest Orchards, an 80-acre apple farm in Ellijay, Ga. She needs precise temperature readings to plan her pesticide sprayings. She can’t get that from a regional television weather broadcast.To get the degree data she needs, Hale turns to the University of Georgia’s Automated Environmental Monitoring Network, a collection of 50-weather stations located across the state. Most people turn to weather reports to help plan their days. If rain is predicted, you take along your umbrella. If a warm, sunny day is expected, you feel safe leaving the umbrella at home. But accurate, local weather data has many more far-reaching applications.center_img Preventing freeze damageThe newly established grape industry in White County, near Gainesville, will benefit, says Michael Harris, the county’s extension agent. The wind direction and speed data could save the crop this winter.”When the winds die down, the frost will be more likely,” said Harris. “With our local weather station’s help, we’ll have time to get protection ready and fired up.”On a personal note, Harris’ favorite part of the weather station is the soil temperature reading.”In the past, I’ve gone out to area farms with a hand-held soil probe that’s not very accurate,” he said. “Now, I can do my job more efficiently and without leaving the office.”On the opposite side of the state, county agent Tucker Price in Quitman County shares Harris’ enthusiasm. “Until our weather station was installed this summer, I had to rely on weather data from the Dawson (Ga.) site two counties away,” said Price.He says cotton and peanut growers in his county will be able to use the weather station’s soil temperature data to help them plan their crops.Scheduling prescribed”And the foresters here already have plans to use the wind speed and humidity data to plan prescribed burns,” said Price.In south Georgia, blueberry farmers in Brantley County were losing 80 percent of their Southern Highbush blueberry crop each year to early freezes by relying on television weather reports broadcasted from Jacksonville, Fl.”Losses from the February 2002 freeze were a whopping 80 percent of the early maturing varieties,” said Bob Boland, Brantley County extension agent. “The growers can now use the UGA weather station as a management tool to guide them on when to start freeze protection.” Greenhouse growers in Georgia area also finding the weather stations instrumental.”The weather station in our county helped one of our greenhouse growers monitor the irrigation schedule for more than 60,000 poinsettias last Christmas,” said Scott Daniell, Paulding County extension agent. The grower uses rain collected in an abandoned gravel pit for irrigation. He uses the weather network website to monitor rainfall.Educational uses, tooThe weather station is located on the campus of Paulding County High School and is used in the vocational horticulture and science technology classes there.Daniell also uses the website when he speaks to elementary school students.”I show them the differences in the weather in a south Georgia county compared to a north Georgia county,” he said. “Then I tell them about the agricultural crops grown in the different counties and this helps state geography.”Back at Janice Hale’s apple orchard, she uses the weather stations as a teaching tool, too. Her farm hosts more than 15,0000 students each year.”I always tell them how we use the weather to help control pests,” said Hale.Over the years, Hoogenboom has seen some unique uses for the weather station network that was originally established for agricultural uses.”We’ve heard that many deer hunters pull up our website to check the weather on their hunting land,” said Hoogenboom. “And a gentleman recently told me he uses the weather data to plan his home heating schedule. I’m often surprised at the uses people find for our weather stations.”last_img read more


Artillery Tested For Rapid Deployment

first_img Dust flew on White Sands Missile Range during a test of an improved missile launch system conducted at White Sands Space Harbor, N.M. Members of the Precision Fires Rocket and Missile System Project Office test fired an upgraded version of the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System, or HIMARS. The test focused on new navigation and targeting equipment installed on the HIMARS system intended to enhance the system’s ability to rapidly deploy from an aircraft and fire. To conduct the test, two HIMARS vehicles were loaded onto a C-17 cargo plane, with a third loaded onto a C-130 cargo plane. The planes then flew to White Sands Missile Ranger, or WSMR, and landed at Space Harbor where the HIMARS vehicles were quickly unloaded and their missiles launched. “What this capability allows is proofing out the concept of allowing a system like the HIMARS to fly on a C-130 or a C-17 and come in and execute a target set and load back up and fly back to home station or a forward operating base,” said Lt. Col. Gregory Paul, product manager for Field Artillery Launchers, Precision Fires Rocket and Missile Systems Project Office. The test was conducted in two parts, the first part being the pair of launchers deploying from the C-17. After firing, the pair of launchers were loaded back onto the C-17 and flown away to clear the area for the C-130 to land and repeat the process with the single launcher it had on board. The HIMARS is a truck mounted version of the Multiple Launch Rocket System, or MLRS. Able to carry all of the same rocket and missile payloads as the tracked vehicle based MLRS, the HIMARS benefits from additional mobility allowing it to keep up with lighter units than the MLRS. By Dialogo May 19, 2011 This page is the best thing ever A gun to kill people, dogs and cats? It is better to have a banana tree than 2 clusters and in this way a neighbor can be invited to have soup. We know that pollution is killing our planet, the government’s leaders are still not aware of it and are continuously trying destroy our marvelous planet for the future of our children; we will leave a destroyed world; lets forget about our selfishness, it is enough of destructive experiments.last_img read more


Do This: Long Island Events January 1 – 7

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York First Day HikesWhat better way to spend New Year’s Day than by soaking in Long Island’s natural beauty with a long walk through the wilderness? Hikers can choose between guided hikes at three of the following New York State parks on LI: Montauk Point State Park 10 a.m. Jan. 1, Connetquot River State Park Preserve, Bohemia and Jones Beach State Park. 1:30 p.m. Jan. 1.Long Island ScreamoSkramz FestivalEveryone knows the best cure for National Hangover Day is a loud-as-hell festival featuring more than a half dozen up-and-coming mostly LI-based screamo, emo and punk rock bands. The lineup includes Ohio-based, CityCop and Pennsylvania-native Brightside as well as hometown rockers Secoué, People’s Temple Project, Staleworth, GOTTEM, Reasons and The Magic Fountain. 89 North Ocean Ave., Patchogue. $10 16 and up, $7 21 and up. 4:30 p.m. Jan. 1.Hooch and the BluesiciansBlues and jazz bleed straight from the soul. They are transcendental human expressions, aural embodiments of emotion, pain and absolute euphoria translated via a saxophone, bass, guitar and drums. Great blues music transforms the daily toils and hardships of existence into something wonderful, something ecstatic, something magical, intimate and deep. This music can heal you, fellow readers, and at the same time, save you. Amen for this gig. What a way to kick off the New Year! Wow!! Treme Blues and Jazz Club, 553 Main St., Islip. Free. 8 p.m.-12 a.m. Jan. 2.Frank CaliendoWhether it’s his insane antics on MADTV, his sideline snipes and belly busters as Fox NFL Sunday‘s chief prognosticator, or his absolutely knee-slapping, oh-my-God-my-britches-hurt-too-much-from-laughing standup comedy, this funnyman dishes out the laughter, in over-sized portions. His impressions? Can you say: “Thank you, sir, may we have another?” Of course you will! The Paramount, 370 New York Ave., Huntington. $29.50-$62.50. 8 p.m. Jan. 3.BadfishCovering everyone’s favorite punk/reggae/ska/pop songs by Sublime is this very cool tribute band, named after the band’s classic tune. Warming up the crowd will be The Warden & FAME, Nonstop to Ciaro and Offshore Regulars. The Emporium, 9 Rairoad Ave., Patchogue. $16, $20 DOS. 6 p.m. Jan. 4.The Rise and Fall of Lenox HillLenox Hill was ONCE the “in town” home of many distinguished Long Island families. This talk explores the rapidly changing face of Manhattan’s Lenox Hill neighborhood, while focusing on the many buildings, owners, and architects who made the area an Olympus of American success. Wine and cheese reception to follow. SPLIA Headquarters, 161 Main St., Cold Spring Harbor. $20 members, $25 public. 3 p.m. Jan. 4.Steve IsraelThe recently re-elected congressman from Huntington will be discussing and signing copies of his book The Global War on Morris, which is billed as a satire about a pharmaceutical sales representative who is targeted by spies. 313 New York Ave., Huntington. Price of book. 7 p.m. Jan. 5.Check Out The Island Ear For More Gigs and Events Taking Place All Across Long Island!Penguins, Sharks, Otters, Seals & Sea LionsThere are just way too many animal and flippered critter events taking place to list here, including: African penguin “Talk & Feed,” a mesmerizing “Sea Lion Show” featuring the very talented and very whiskered Java and Bunker (hands off, Peter Chin! lol), a “Ray Bay Talk” about all those rays and sharks that call the aquarium’s Ray Bay home, a seal training session with all those cutesy harbor and gray sealers, “Sand Shark Lagoon Talk,” otter feedings, penguins, a behind-the-scenes tour, and so much more! What a way to usher in the New Year, surrounded by all these slippery, winged and finned sea mammals! Long Island Aquarium & Exhibition Center, 431 East Main St., Riverhead. Check website for schedule and times. Jan. 6 & Throughout The Month.The Bitter Tea of General YenA rare screening of Frank Capra’s strange and shocking “pre-Code” classic about miscegenation starring Barbara Stanwyck will be followed by a discussion, book signing and reception with Stanwyck biographer Victoria Wilson. Cinema Arts Centre, 423 Park Ave., Huntington. $10 members, $15 public. 7:30 p.m. Jan. 7.last_img read more


Eight-state E coli outbreak strikes 50, kills 1

first_img “Given the severity of this illness and the seriousness of the outbreak, FDA believes that a warning to consumers is needed. We are working closely with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local agencies to determine the cause and scope of the problem,” said CFSAN director Robert Brackett, PhD, in yesterday’s FDA release. Sep 15, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – People should avoid eating bagged fresh spinach after an outbreak of the virulent Escherichia coli strain, O157:H7, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned yesterday. Of the 20 Wisconsin cases, 11 occurred in Milwaukee County, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story yesterday. No details have been reported on the Wisconsinite who died, but the Journal Sentinel article said that the person is not from Milwaukee County. See also The outbreak has affected 50 people in eight states, including 20 in Wisconsin, which also reported the only death, according to news sources. And in eight people, the infection led to hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can cause kidney failure and even death. “To date,” yesterday’s FDA release says, “preliminary epidemiological evidence suggests that bagged fresh spinach may be a possible cause of this outbreak. Based on the current information, FDA advises that consumers not eat bagged fresh spinach at this time.” The first case was reported Aug 23, and the most recent Sep 3, according to the FDA. The federal investigation into the outbreak is ongoing. In addition to Wisconsin, other affected states include Utah, Oregon, Indiana, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, and Connecticut, according to the FDA. The news comes less than 3 weeks after the FDA and California health officials launched a probe focusing on Salinas Valley in California, the nation’s main producer of leafy green vegetables and the source of at least eight E coli outbreaks since 1995 (see yesterday’s CIDRAP story). No growing region, grower, brand, or retail store has been implicated in the current outbreak, according to news sources.center_img Commenting on the scope of the outbreak, Acheson said in the Times story, “It’s increasing by the day. We may be at the peak; we may not. We’re giving preliminary data here.” Editor’s note: The following story was published the morning of Sep 15 with current FDA data. During the day more cases were reported in the news media. The numbers as of late afternoon stand at almost 60 cases in 10 states (Ohio and Kentucky are the additional states). FDA Sep 14 release O157:H7 produces a toxin that causes diarrhea—often bloody—and abdominal cramps, but typically no fever. The illness usually resolves in 5 to 10 days but causes HUS in 2% to 7% of patients. Christopher Braden, MD, a medical epidemiologist at the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Disease, said in a Washington Post story yesterday, “I think we will see quite a few more cases. And I think we will see them from other states.” A New York Times story yesterday reported that federal health officials are not certain that bagged spinach is to blame, but it is the only food that all the patients have in common, according to David Acheson, MD, of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN). CIDRAP E coli overview read more


Roll on 2006

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Petrobras charters AET’s newbuild shuttle tanker trio

first_imgAET Tankers, a subsidiary of Malaysia’s maritime solutions and services provider MISC Berhad, has been awarded long-term time charter contracts from Brazilian oil major Petrobras.For illustration: One of AET’s tankers; Source: AETAET said on Wednesday that it would own and operate three newbuilding Suezmax DP2 shuttle tankers for operations in Brazilian international waters.According to the company, the estimated contract value is $525.6 million and the charter is expected to begin in 2022.“These long-term time charter contracts will further reinforce AET’s position as one of the global market leaders in the niche dynamic positioning shuttle tankers market […],” AET stated.This follows recent long-term charters awarded for three newbuilding Suezmax class shuttle tankers by Brazil Shipping I Limited, a Shell group entity.It is worth noting that the previous charter awarded to AET by Petrobras was back in 2018.Namely, the deal was for owning and operating four DP2 Suezmax shuttle tankers on long-term charter. These new vessels would be added to two such vessels already on charter offshore Brazil.The four 152,000 dwt shuttle tankers are under construction in Korea and will be delivered during 2020.Spotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email. Also, if you’re interested in showcasing your company, product, or technology on Offshore Energy Today, please contact us via our advertising form where you can also see our media kit.last_img read more


MPs to vote on medicinal cannabis bills

first_imgRadio NZ News 30 January 2018MPs will vote this afternoon on the government’s plan to make medicinal cannabis more widely available.But some advocates are worried lawmakers will view the legislation as a “compromise position” rather than voting for the Green Party’s more radical bill.There are two related bills – proposed laws or law changes – in circulation.The government’s bill lays the groundwork for a regulated medicinal cannabis industry and effectively allows terminally ill people to use illicit marijuana in the last year of their life. It will be considered by MPs today.Senior advocate group Grey Power is in the odd position of disagreeing with aspects of both bills, but still hoping they pass.Grey Power president Tom O’Connor said the government’s bill was too restrictive and had too many hoops to jump through.But he said the Greens’ effort went too far.“It would be just tempting fate far too much to allow people to grow cannabis at home for their own medication amongst the tomatoes and spuds.“They’d never harvest it for a start. People would be over the back fence to steal it anyway.”Regardless, Mr O’Connor hoped both bills would pass so they could go before a select committee and be debated.“These things need to be discussed in the public and we’d like to see that discussion be as wide-ranging as possible.”Bob McCoskrie, of Christian lobby group Family First NZ, said the government’s more “cautious and researched” legislation should go before a select committee.But he said Ms Swarbrick’s bill should be “chucked in the bin”.“There is no redeemable factor in it. It’s a grow-your-own-dope bill.”READ MORE: read more


Lautaro Martinez would only leave Inter for Barcelona

first_imgRead Also: Barcelona facing €100M loss amid Covid 19 outbreakThe Argentine international has netted 16 goals 30 appearances for Antonio Conte’s side this campaign and has particularly impressed in European competition, scoring five in six outings in the Champions League.His current deal runs to June 2023 and was signed in July 2018, when Inter paid Racing Club €24m for his services.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 El Mundo Deportivo cite a report in Gazzetta dello Sport that the Argentine international would have no issue in having his long-term future at the Milanese giants but could be tempted by a move to the Camp Nou. Loading… Promoted Content7 Most Asntonishing Train Stations In The WorldWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?This Is Probably The Happiest Dog On Instagram11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table Top10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By Odeith6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesThe Highest Paid Football Players In The WorldA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?Mind-Bending Technology That Was Predicted Before It AppearedBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Waycenter_img Inter striker Lautaro Martinez would reportedly only be interested in leaving the club to join Barcelona.Advertisement It is said that the Blaugrana lead the way in the race for the 22-year-old, whom they had identified as the long-term successor to the ageing Luis Suarez.However, there is also said to have been interest from Barca’s El Clasico rivals Real Madrid, with El Mundo Deportivo comparing the interest between the two as ‘like a war’.last_img read more


Ward wins again at Tri-City

first_imgAUBURN, Mich. (July 31) – A.J. Ward notched another Main Street Seed and Supply IMCA Modified feature win Friday at Tri-City Motor Speedway.Former Dixie Modified champion Matt Szecsodi led the opening circuits of the 20-lap main event before rookie Gavin Hunyady took the front spot away and led until lap nine.Ward raced from 11th starting and led the final half of the race to cruise to another victory.  Johnny DeYoung was second and Chad Wernette took third.last_img