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Umphrey’s McGee Shares Pro-Shot Video Of “Slacker” From NYE Run [Watch]

first_imgOn December 30th, Umphrey’s McGee returned to Atlanta, GA’s Tabernacle for the third night of their four-night New Year’s run. Frequent Vulfpeck collaborators Cory Wong and Antwaun Stanley handled the evening’s opening duties, setting the tone for the evening’s raucous UM throwdown.Umphrey’s McGee opened up the first set with an extended take on “1348” into “Seasons”, with Jake Cinninger taking no time to show off his wizardry on guitar. Kris Myers, Ryan Stasik, and Andy Farag come together to create one of the tightest rhythm sections in the live music scene today, and make it undeniably simple for Cinninger and Brendan Bayliss to connect in between some intricate interplay, as the band demonstrated moving into a 15-minute rendition of “Slacker”. Luckily for fans, Umphrey’s McGee has shared pro-shot video of their 15-minute rendition of “Slacker” from Atlanta, which you can watch below:Umphrey’s McGee – “Slacker” [Pro-Shot][Video: Umphrey’s McGee]That first set was chock-full of highlights, as Umphrey’s McGee welcomed up Dave Matthews Band saxophonist Jeff Coffin for a funky take on “Made To Measure”, played for the first and only time in 2018. With Cinninger moving over to a keyboard and Coffin staying on stage, the band welcomed up Cory Wong for a debut cover of Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity”, as the attentive Atlanta crowd erupted with applause. Cinninger’s move to keys gave Wong a chance to flex his chops on guitar, with the funk guru and Bayliss trading off firey hot guitar licks, bringing the electric first set to a close.For ticketing and a full list of the band’s upcoming tour dates, head to Umphrey’s McGee’s website here.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | The Tabernacle | Atlanta, GA | 12/30/2018Set One: 1348 > Seasons, Slacker, Push & Pull > Utopian Fir[1], Made to Measure[2], Virtual Insanity[3]Set Two: Little Gift > Ocean Billy[4], It Doesn’t Matter > Ocean Billy, Can’t Rock My Dream Face[5], All In TimeEncore: The Triple Wide > Dreams[6] > The Triple Wide > 1348[1] with Misunderstanding (Genesis) tease[2] with Jeff Coffin on saxophone[3] debut, Jamiroquai; with Jeff Coffin on saxophone, Cory Wong on guitar, and Jake on keys[4] with Footsteps (Pearl Jam) quote[5] with Antwaun Stanley on vocals[6] one verselast_img read more


Lampard: We won’t copy Liverpool or Man City

first_img Promoted Content7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreEver Thought Of Sleeping Next To Celebs? This Guy Will Show You6 Of The Best 90s Shows That Need To Come Back ASAP10 Dystopian Movie Worlds You’d Never Want To Live In7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyThe Best Cars Of All TimeCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way Chelsea manager Frank Lampard does not see his side copying Liverpool or Manchester City in the pursuit of success. Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is hopeful of shocking Bayern Munich again in the Champions League Lampard has enjoyed a decent first season with the Blues, as they are in fourth position in the Premier League. He knows that he will be expected to challenge for the title next season, but he does not want to copy any other club’s blueprint to get there.Advertisement Speaking on Sky Sports, Lampard said: “I don’t want to jump the gun because what Liverpool and Manchester City have done has been clear; I’d be a fool to suggest we can bridge that gap quickly because there has been a lot of hard work at those clubs in terms of recruitment of top players, of great coaches. “We have to be part of that process. We have to do it our way, we can’t try to copy. We have had experienced players around this year to help the youngsters but we know there are little areas within the squad… some of that’s what we have on the ground here already, some of that is how we might look to recruit. read also:Lampard refuses to ‘push’ Chelsea players “What’s going on in the world has made it very difficult to plan on that front. But going into this break I certainly felt we were moving in the right direction and with continued progress and work on the training ground, as well as potentially bringing in some players in key areas to try and help us bridge that gap, yes, I’ve got a strong belief that we can [challenge].” FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 center_img Loading… last_img read more


Consultation on draft noise OSH regulation hosted

first_imgThe Social Protection Ministry hosted a public consultation on Tuesday with the National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) for the National Consultation on Draft (Noise) Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (OSH).Minister within the Social Protection Ministry, Keith Scott, in his address to the gathering at Herdmanston Lodge, stated that the crucial piece of legislation seeks to “positively impact the lives of all Guyanese”.He highlighted that the Ministry hosted several consultations in recent times; which included the chemical safety manufacturing and forestry regulations.For the improvement of the legislative framework, Scott added that the regulations under section 75 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act; chapter 99:06, will beMinister within the Social Protection Ministry, Keith Scottdiscussed and implemented. The regulations will promote health and safety in workplaces; in reducing the exposure of noise in the workplace and to require employee’s access and control noise in the workplace.Since there is no cure for noise induced hearing loss, the legislation is seeking to prevent this while addressing safety and health concerns of the employees.Scott urged the Occupational Safety and Health Department and the Environmental Protection Agency to conceptualise the ways to manage noise in a responsive manner. He explained that being exposed to excessive noise is harmful as the exposure of harmful chemicals.The National Advisory Council on Occupational Safety and Health is a body that has the responsibilities to advise the Labour Ministry, Human Services and Social Security on matters relating to occupational safety and health and promote public awareness of occupational safety and health.last_img read more


UPDATE Power line down in the city

first_imgUPDATE  Energeticcity.ca has received information that the pole has been fixed and 91 Ave. is now fully open to traffic.A power line is down in Fort St. John on 91 Ave. near 109 St.No power outage has been reported because of the downed line, but pylons have been set up in the middle of the road so that no cars pass under the line.- Advertisement -There is no word as to what caused the downed line or when it will be fixed.last_img


49ers vs. Chiefs: 5 keys to ruining Arrowhead home opener

first_imgYOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES?Make your 49ers-Chiefs pick & challenge our pros***KANSAS CITY – Early in the 49ers’ last Super Bowl-winning season, they ventured into Arrowhead Stadium for a Week 2 matchup pitting Steve Young against his iconic predecessor, Joe Montana.The Chiefs won 24-17, and they’ve whipped the 49ers in each visit since then: 44-9 in 1997, 41-0 in 2006, 31-10 in 2010.History aside, these franchises meet Sunday in the Chiefs’ home opener with bright futures revolving around …last_img read more


Role of tertiary sector in shaping the nation brand

first_imgSulaiman PhilipIn the ongoing Nation Brand Forum University Dialogues, a panel at the University of Pretoria (UP) spoke about the role of the tertiary sector in shaping the nation brand reputation.Chaired by Professor Vasu Reddy, dean of the faculty of humanities at UP, the panel discussed the tertiary sector and its impact on brand and branding. The panel agreed that the timing was fortuitous as the role and responsibility of the sector in nation building was the subject of intense scrutiny and debate.Reddy highlighted issues that he considered critical when discussing tertiary education: unmet expectations of students and in delivery, transformation of the Eurocentric curriculum, and the experience of Black African students who perceived tertiary institutions as hostile to them and their culture.The panel could venture opinions but the issue was nuanced and in need of real study before solutions could be decided.Professor Siphamandla Zondi of UP’s department of political sciences suggested that universities were a useful laboratory to study the challenges we faced as a country. The sector would be the space in which we could find solutions to wider challenges.It is a task that universities cannot escape. They are already being asked to solve socio-economic problems in wider society. It is expected of universities to find innovative solutions to the problems of unemployment, inequality, poverty and failures in governance. Universities are being asked to solve these issues while aligning policies to national objectives.Universities have been tasked with eradicating the legacy of apartheid. The National Development Plan highlights the sector’s importance in building an inclusive society. Universities are being asked to imagine a future society and develop the skilled population to build that new society.Universities have taken this challenge upon themselves. Zondi pointed out: “We (UP) talk of a promise to produce the human capital, knowledge and technologies that make a difference. Universities themselves are promising to fix the national problem.”TRANSITIONBut we are a country in transition. We are a fractured country. How will the tertiary sector manage to fulfil this promise when universities mirror the fractured society? “Given the disruptions at universities can we be entrusted to imagine this new future? If we seize the opportunity presented by the current crisis to demonstrate courageous yet empathic, wise yet daring leadership to harness this crisis to produce a new university, perhaps we will move close to a multiversity.”Sithembile Mbete of UP’s department of political science, believes that the Fees Must Fall movement is remaking national identity, is remaking the meaning of the universities themselves and recreating our understanding of the 1994 settlement. The university crisis is reconstructing the identity of university leaders, people whose self-image was shaped during the struggles of the 1980s.The current university crisis has shown up the limit of our national imagination. Young people who grew up under the new dispensation are saying that the settlement of 1994 was not enough. This crisis is a brash, confident generation that grew up free, crashing into the limitations of that settlement.“The crisis we are facing in our universities is really a crisis of national identity. It is a crisis of who we are. What our identity is, what our beliefs are. And how we think about the development project that is South Africa.”POWER OF IMAGESThe advantage Mbete believes students have over the older generation who run the universities is their innate understanding of the power of images. We are living in a visual time and these students have been able to harness the power of optics to communicate their grievances more effectively to the outside world.University management and the government are losing the visual war. Securitising the campuses has also changed the language of the protests; today we use battle language when we talk about the protests. This has also allowed students to define the national identity to the outside world. “They have defined the country’s identity as one of crisis. We are not whole, we are not unified, we are a nation in crisis.”In commercial terms, brands do not change because people who own the brand decide it needs to change. “What we are seeing are university students who are the primary consumers of brand South Africa. The ones who are going to have to deal with congested Johannesburg in 30 years’ time. Who are going to deal with shaping the country of the future are saying we don’t love this national brand and we think it should be something different.”William Mpofu, researcher at the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies, argued that nation branding had its dangers. “Brands and naming are either weapons for destruction or tools for liberation and development.”We are living in an information age, but we are failing to convert from an information society to a knowledge society. This failing means we lack a compass to guide us forward. This is where our crisis begins. South Africa has been branded as post-colonial, but we need to find our own identity. Developing a national identity begins with undoing the historical identity of the nation.“Universities make claims to being universal, but in fact these institutions are provincial western Eurocentric institutions that may be geographically located in Africa, but they are western universities in Africa. Not African universities.”KNOWLEDGEProfessor Tinyiko Maluleke of the Centre for African Spirituality and Culture prefaced a question by saying that students who burnt down libraries had ceased to be students. “Why don’t you put their ancestors inside that library? Why don’t you put their own history inside the libraries? Why don’t you put their history and genealogies and culture of their own mothers inside of the library?”He ended his talk by asking if students would so easily burn down libraries if they dealt with the healing of historical injustices.Maluleke wondered how we as a nation dealt with the madness of destroying knowledge.He shared Mpofu’s scepticism about nation branding, arguing that branding was a natural extension of authenticity and not just what was positive. “Branding needs to be about what is true, what is credible because it simply is, not because we have worked hard at making it true.” When we talk about universities in relation to brand, this idea becomes important.South African universities were designed to be elitist, to include only a few in a society. Today we are talking about a million students, whose impact has been bigger than their numbers. It was not a system designed to accommodate the vast majority of the population. Over the last 20 years the system has had to deal with the influx of larger numbers of female and black students. When you talk about branding you have to take cognisance of these changes.“I put to you that the crisis we face today is a little like a bottle made for wine that is now full of umqombothi and the system has not been able to adjust to that new reality.”DISENCHANTMENTDisenchantment is not unique to universities. The students revolting on campus are representative of youthful South Africa so there is very little that universities alone can do. Universities can think about solutions but the problem is much larger than just the tertiary sector.In wrapping up Maluleke said: “Branding is a little bit about what people call you, but it is also about what you call yourself. It is what you have inherited rather than what is imposed on you. The idea of branding as putting on a jacket is too soft. It is a constant battle of self-definition because the country is constantly changing.”Mpofu added that all intellectuals were academics but not all academics were intellectuals. Academics were hardwired to follow routine and ritual. They could not be asked to invent new ideas. Tertiary sectors could not be held responsible for inventive answers.Mbete added that it was not the responsibility of the tertiary sector to find innovative answers to the country’s challenges. Innovation needs to come out of practice. It needs to come out of society, from people who are in every different area of life. The duty of academics is to ensure that students are better equipped to understand their context and interpret their context and to think up the innovation the country needs.Zondi ended by pointing out that the ideas that change society oftentimes came from outside academia. Academics needed to honestly engage with society from their position of privilege.SouthAfrica.info reporterWould you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SouthAfrica.info materiallast_img read more


Rains may mar India’s practice match ahead of 3rd Test

first_imgConstant drizzle forced Team India to practise indoors ahead of their practice match against Northampton. The rain could affect the match which begins on Friday.All eyes will be on Virender Sehwag as the Indian team tries to get its act together in the two-day match before the third Test.India have plenty of issues to address as they prepare to salvage pride and their world No.1 ranking after losing the first two Tests.Pace spearhead Zaheer Khan and Sehwag’s opening partner Gautam Gambhir will also test themselves after missing the second Test due to injuries.Zaheer strained his hamstring in the first innings of the Lord’s Test and since then the left-arm pacer has been warming the bench.Gambhir had bruised his elbow after being hit by Jonathan Trott and missed the second Test.last_img read more


WWE SmackDown Results: Brock Lesnar Makes Shocking Return; Challenges Kofi Kingston for WWE Championship

first_imgTuesday night WWE SmackDown saw the shocking return of Brock Lesnar, as he promptly challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship before laying him down with an F-5. It seems with WWE SmackDown’s move to Fox barely a few weeks away, WWE is creating a lot of momentum heading up to it as well as the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. The evening also saw a surprise appearance from Ric Flair, who cornered daughter Charlotte amid a legal battle with WWE for the rights to “The Man” nickname. The evening also saw a show-closing beatdown of Roman reigns and Daniel Bryan at the hands of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The evening saw New Day defeat Randy Orton and The Revival via pinfall after Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise on Scott Dawson. However, it was after the match that things took a turn for the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston for the worse. As New Day were celebrating in the ring, Brock Lesnar’s music hit followed by ‘The Beast’ and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring. Kingston told his teammates to leave the ring, as Lensar entered and Paul Heyman was heard saying, “It’s a bad day for The New Day, yes it is,” before extending a challenge to Kingston for a title match on the October 4 debut episode of SmackDown on FOX.Kingston accepted and Lesnar extended a handshake only to grab the champ and leave him laying after an F-5.The evening also saw Rowan have a sit-down interview with Michael Cole, where he refused to discuss Harper’s involvement in his no disqualification match victory over Roman Reigns at Clash of Champions. He went on to say that he was not a follower but rather, a leader. Later in the show, Luke Harper and Rowan looked to prove that point when they attacked Bryan as he was in the ring addressing Rowan’s actions over the past few weeks. Reigns tried to make the save, only to be at the receiving end of his own beatdown by the duo as they powerbombed him into the ringpost and out Bryan through the announce table.Here’s what else happened on WWE SmackDown:Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks via disqualification when Bayley attacked Flair as she had Banks in the Figure-Eight.Heavy Machinery defeated The B-Team via pinfall after the Compactor.Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura laid out Ali ahead of their scheduled match.The evening also saw Kevin Owens in the crowd, moments before Shane McMahon was served with legal paperwork. Owens made it clear he has a valid case based on McMahon’s actions and hypocrisy and vowed to fire McMahon himself after he was victorious in the suit.The evening also witnessed Baron Corbin’s coronation as the 2019 King of the Ring. He called Chad Gable, his opponent during the final match and hit him with a string of short jokes. Gable tackled the new king through the throne and hit him with a scepter before leaving every shred of Corbin’s royal belongings in tatters. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow News18.com on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time.center_img Baron CorbinbayleyBrock LesnarChad Gable First Published: September 18, 2019, 12:00 PM ISTlast_img read more


Virat Kohli hosts charity ball in London for Justice and Care

first_imgIndia captain Virat Kohli on Monday hosted a charity ball in London for the Justice and Care organisation.The charity event was attended by former India captain Sachin Tendulkar and Kohli’s teammates Yuvraj Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan along with other members of the Indian team and it was hosted by renowned cricket presenter Alan Wilkins.Dhawan was accompanied to the event by his wife, Ayesha Mukherjee and son Zoravar, while Rohit’s wife Ritika Sajdeh was also in attendance.Kohli is known for his charity work and also runs the Virat Kohli Foundation for the underprivileged kids and regularly conducts events to raise funds for the charityVirat Kohli Charity Ball – Live from London.If you would like to support, Please donate – https://t.co/iK5PZShlHM https://t.co/GcSEvHm1nm- Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) June 5, 2017The Justice and Care organisation raises funds for the fight against human trafficking. Donations help in providing legal advice, counselling, medical care, education and rescue and rehabilitation.The charity event is part of Kohli’s dream to strive for those on the margins of society”I am proud to support the work of Justice and Care.  Its commitment to bring an end to slavery is vital and inspirational and so close to my heart,” Kohli was quoted on the Justice and Care charity event page.advertisementThe Indian cricket team is in the United Kingdom for the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 tournament. India, who are the defending champions, beat arch-rivals Pakistan in their first match at Edgbaston by 124 runs (D/L) in a rain-curtailed game.Riding on half-centuries from Rohit Sharma (91), Shikhar Dhawan (68), Virat Kohli (81*) and Yuvraj Singh (53), India posted a huge total of 319/3 from their quota of 48 overs in a rain curtailed match.With the target being revised to 289 from 41 overs, the Indian bowlers then stepped up and bundled out Pakistan for 164 from 33.4 overs with Umesh Yadav (3/30) being the pick of the bowlers. Ravindra Jadeja (2/43) and Hardik Pandya (2/43) supported him ably.India will play their next match against Sri Lanka at The Oval in London on June 8.last_img read more