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Incredible Lego contraption automatically sorts Lego axles

first_imgRather than leave all of your Legos in a big plastic box and have to sift through them every time you want to build something, you could conceivably put them to good use and build a machine that sifts through them for you. Lego engineer Akiyuki did just that, and built an impressive machine out of Lego that will henceforth sort all of his Legos.To get the process started, someone must manually dump a pile of Legos into a loading bay. Once filled, the machine, dubbed the Lego Axle Sorter AS-L40A, automatically props Legos single-file up onto a conveyor belt, which then transports the pieces to the sorter. The Axle sorts ten different types of Lego pieces, and dumps them into compartments below. The video shows that the machine is highly accurate, and doesn’t mix Lego types.Once the machine finishes sorting the pieces, the compartments are detachable so you can dump them into individual containers, or at least have them all grouped before a build project.If you’re wondering how the Legos get sorted from longest to shortest, it would seem that rather than some fancy sensor, Akiyuki used a combination of differently sized ledges and holes to allow shorter pieces to pass by the initial drop points. The video doesn’t really provide too great a shot of it, and it only appears on screen for a handful of seconds, but that method seems possible.Sorting Legos seems to be a good use for Legos, right?Blog91 via Awesomerlast_img read more