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Cyber Snipa Sonar 51 Championship Headset brings deathmatchers into the game

first_imgThe sound of a footstep reverberating down a hallway. The echoes of a far-off rocket launcher fight, suddenly silenced with a scream. The sound of an opponent’s MP5 suddenly clicking on an empty barrel. Situational awareness is important to pro gamers… and especially so at the competitive level. In fact, most of the upper echelon of deathmatchers don’t even bother with speakers. Instead, they immerse themselves entirely in a game by strapping on a pair of expensive over-the-ear headphones, allowing them to hear all the audio cues that might help them track down a stealthily lurking enemies.For this caliber of hardcore gamer, the biggest problem is finding a gaming headset that totally immerses them without skimping on features. To appeal to this genus of deathmatcher, Cyber Snip has just introduced their newest gaming headset: the Snipa Sonar 5.1 Championship Headset.Just take a look at the Snipa. This is a headset that means business. Much of the Snipa’s functionality is eponymously described, though: this is a 5.1 surround sound headset, featuring an adjustable boom mic, and a large design that screams hardcore.Also screaming, though? The sound quality. Each of the Snipa’s ear cups contains four individual speakers as well as a dedicated subwoofer. Those four speakers each align with the polar directions and are responsible for positional sound, while the subwoofers allow you to feel every explosion. A remote control allows you to adjust volume for each channel separately along with overall volume.The price is surprisingly low: just $79.95 for a pair of Cyber Snipa Sonars, and each one comes with a padded carrying case. Unfortunately, this is a USB only headset, so you’ll need to have a port free, but otherwise, this looks like a stellar deal: an affordable pair of pro-caliber headphones married with an excellent mic for shouting out your fatality taunts.Read more at Cybersnipa (via Slashgear)last_img read more