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Open Letter From Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots

first_imgI have received many questions concerning the U.S. Senate race in Indiana – who is the REAL conservative? (Todd Young is advertising himself as such but is NOT.) The voting records of Marlin Stutzman (R-IN03) and Todd Young (R-IN09) show the difference and tell you all you need to know.The following comes from a fellow Indiana patriot and I forward it to you for your consideration. Check these sources out for the REAL difference between Stutzman and Young. Also, if the Chamber of Commerce supports a candidate, definitely question his/her conservative credentials!The Chamber of Commerce is spending close to a million dollars on television ads touting Congressman Todd Young (attorney) as the “conservative” over Marlin Stutzman (farmer/business owner/Small Business Champion Award winner/Freedom Caucus member). Everyone now wants to claim to be Conservative. It’s as if it’s become a buzz-word politicians use to get votes. But be careful and make sure you vote for the TRUE Conservative, despite what false ads say. Here are the results on some Indiana members of the U.S. Congress. FOOTNOTE: There are nine Indiana Congressmen, but those scoring lower than Todd Young were not listed.Conservative Review Score:Marlin Stutzman 81%Todd Rokita 61%Todd Young 56%American Conservative Union Ratings:Marlin Stutzman 96%Todd Rokita 88%Luke Messer 80%Todd Young 76%Heritage Action ScorecardMarlin Stutzman 87%Todd Rokita 69%Luke Messer 65%Todd Young 61%FreedomWorksMarlin Stutzman 89%Todd Rokita 83%Luke Messer 75%Todd Young 72%Americans for ProsperityMarlin Stutzman 93%Todd Rokita 83%Todd Young 80%The Freedom IndexMarlin Stutzman 73%Todd Rokita 67%Larry Bucshon 61%Luke Messer 58%Todd Young 57% If you want to shrink government, improve your standard of living, uphold the Constitution (and the Rights it protects), and salvage American culture and traditions, vote for a CONSERVATIVE… not a “faux conservative.” Remember, “Republican” and “Conservative” are NOT necessarily identical… despite what the media and RNC/GOP leadership sell you. These ratings reflect VOTING records, not promises ignored.Remember those Republicans who made campaign promises in 2010 and 2014 but did NOT keep them when elected? Young is one of them.​ We do not need another McConnell, McCain or Graham (or Lugar!) in the U.S. Senate!​Choose wisely; it’s about your COUNTRY.In Liberty,Jim BrattenDirector, Hoosier PatriotsCo-Founder, Vanderburgh County Tea Party Patriots Dear Patriots: FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more