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49ers’ Richard Sherman pays off students’ lunch debt

first_imgSANTA CLARA – Students at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara have one less thing to worry about after San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman paid off their cafeteria debt.In a news release, Principal Stan Garber said Sherman pulled him from his Saturday shift as a docent in the 49ers Museum to give him a personal check for exactly $7,491.27.“Richard’s gesture created such good will for the 49ers that they went on to sack Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers the next day on …last_img read more


10 Years After Napster, Musicians Are Still Getting Screwed

first_imgTen years ago, Napster revolutionized commercial music by – we’re all grownups, let’s call a spade a spade – democratizing piracy.Without doubt, consumers in 1999 needed better access to music. They needed the opportunity to preview full tracks, to pick and choose songs from an album and to have instant gratification through online downloads. And 10 years later, consumers still have all those lovely perks. Napster ate it (thanks, Metallica!), but Kazaa sprang from its ashes. Then there was Limewire and its cadre. Due props to Apple for monetizing the system as it stood when the iTunes store came on the scene, but users are now ridiculously entitled about what kinds of readily available (a.k.a. easily stolen) files they are willing to pay for and their justifications for stealing media. Yet musicians, as much as they’ve tried to adapt, are still getting screwed by the Internet and their fans. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Editor’s note: This story is part of a series we call Redux, where we’ll re-publish some of our best posts of 2009. As we look back at the year – and ahead to what next year holds – we think these are the stories that deserve a second glance. It’s not just a best-of list, it’s also a collection of posts that examine the fundamental issues that continue to shape the Web. We hope you enjoy reading them again and we look forward to bringing you more Web products and trends analysis in 2010. Happy holidays from Team ReadWriteWeb!Napster CEO Says Consumers Needed Free Music, ControlOn the Napster blog CEO, Chris Gorog, wrote yesterday, “The original Napster hadn’t thought through how to protect artists’ rights… Napster was about putting the control into consumers’ hands so they could find virtually any song they could think of.”That kind of thinking makes me twitch. I love users. I am a user. And yes, I’ve illegally downloaded my fair share of tunes over the years. (Sorry, Journey, but the road trip karaoke sessions would’ve been meaningless without “Don’t Stop Believing”.)However, consumers neither need nor deserve control over content they did not create.Illegal downloads have been said by many to stimulate sales; the Radiohead album Kid A is often cited as a case in point. But when users are downloading media as a substitute for actually purchasing it, the paradigm hurts musicians far more than it helps. I would venture to speculate that in P2P ecosystems, users get the glory and commercial musicians get the hard knocks. Users have dozens of ways – P2P, YouTube, a bajillion file-sharing sites – to share music that profit the musicians themselves little or not at all.But where are the online tool kits for the thousands of working musicians – often independent of record labels’ heavy duty promotional machines – who live and die by their ability to promote and sell their songs?Napster introduced a single-edged paradigm: free content for users at musicians’ and labels’ expense.What has the Internet done for musicians and labels lately?Napster Worked Actively Against Musicians, and No One Worked (Well) With ThemNapster spent the first part of this decade showing complete disregard for the promotional and sales needs and wants of musicians. Can you imagine what the musical online landscape would look like if they had seen the copyright wars as an opportunity rather than a legal problem? What would have happened if they had invested that time and money in creating a workable solution for getting users to pay for content? If they’d worked with bands to create and market non-audio, extracurricular content for fans? If they’d been creative instead of passive-aggressively litigious?Here’s what happened to musicians working online since 1999: MySpace.MySpace, a tragic tale of clunky interfaces, slow fan-finding, spammy marketing tools, confusing events organization, bad media players and no revenue.While consumers were rejoicing in the newfound glut of free tracks, working musicians (as distinguished from lolling-about-in-the-Playboy-Mansion-grotto musicians), especially the independent ones, had to struggle with the most time-consuming, noisy promotional channel possible. And when a challenger sprung up (Facebook, duh) to take that channel’s place, the musicians were homeless because the challenger included no music-related tools.What’s the Future Look Like from the Napster P.O.V.?Currently, our musician friends are struggling to craft cohesive online marketing and sales strategies from a patchwork of odds and ends.And Napster?Gorog examines the current landscape of a la carte online music stores (such as iTunes) and streaming media sites (such as Pandora), concluding, “No service has cracked the nut and figured out how to create a profitable business model.” What’s his company’s solution? “With Napster’s new offering introduced on May 18, we believe we bring the best of both worlds together. Five bucks each month gets you 5 MP3s” plus streaming audio.Let us introduce a long, thoughtful pause in honor of Napster’s $5-for-5 subscription plan, which is as unoriginal as it is a bad deal. It’s a mashup of two models that Gorgog just stated didn’t work, and when compared to Emusic‘s and other sites’ subscription plans (about $12 a month gets you about 30 MP3s) and Last.fm/Imeem/Pandora’s free streaming offerings, it seems very financially stupid – especially considering that Napster introduced the now commonly held expectation that all this media should be free. Gorog states he sees a future of subscription plans for unlimited, on-demand music. But again, this is a probably not a paradigm that will profit bands.It used to be that record labels were in charge of screwing musicians over (click the link for a classic article by producer Steve Albini). Now, that task has passed to the fans themselves, with special thanks to the developers who focus on illegal file-sharing over usable platforms for musicians and consumers alike.In the coming days, we’d like to address the concerns of and online tools for working/commercial musicians. We’re aware of a few good ones, but we encourage you brilliant RWW commenter-types to leave your thoughts – and pointers to musician-friendly startups – below. We’ve got a cabal of techie-musician-hybrid dudes just waiting to beta test them. Tags:#2009 Redux#web#Year in Review Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market jolie odell Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more


Day 1 of IPL 2011 auction: Who went at what price

first_imgA list of players sold on Day 1 of the IPL 4 auction. Gautam Gambhir tops the list with Rs 11.4 crore tag.IPL season 4 table 1PlayerBought byPrice in RsFormer team 2Gautam GambhirIPL Kolkata11.04 crIPL Delhi 3Tillakaratne DilshanIPL Bangalore 2.99 crIPL Delhi 4Zaheer KhanIPL Bangalore 4.14 crIPL Mumbai 5Ross TaylorIPL Rajasthan 4.6 crIPL Bangalore 6Yusuf PathanIPL Kolkata 9.66 crIPL Rajasthan 7Kevin PietersenIPL Kolkata 3.00 crIPL Bangalore 8Mahela JayawardeneIPL Kochi 6.9 crIPL Punjab 9Yuvraj SinghIPL Pune 8.28 crIPL Punjab 10Camroon WhiteIPL Hyderabad 4.99 crIPL Bangalore 11AB de VilliersIPL Bangalore 5 crIPL Delhi 12Kumar SangakkaraIPL Hyderabad 3.22 crIPL Punjab 13Jacques KallisIPL Kolkata 5.06 crIPL Bangalore 14Andrew SymondsIPL Mumbai 3.91 crIPL Hyderabad15Rahul DravidIPL Rajasthan 3.2 crIPL Bangalore 16Rohit SharmaIPL Mumbai 9.2 crIPL Hyderabad 17Adam GilchristIPL Punjab 4.14 crIPL Hyderabad 18Graeme SmithIPL Pune 2.3 crIPL Rajasthan 19Robin UthappaIPL Pune 9.66 crIPL Bangalore 20John BothaIPL Rajasthan 4.37 crIPL Rajasthan 21VVS LaxmanIPL Kochi 1.84 crIPL Hyderabad 22Daniel VettoriIPL Bangalore 2.53 crIPL Delhi 23Brendon McCullumIPL Kochi 2.18 crIPL Kolkata 24S SreesanthIPL Kochi 1.14 crIPL Punjab 25Irfan PathanIPL Delhi 8.74 crIPL Punjab 26R.P. Singh IPL Kochi 2.3 cr IPL Hyderabad 27Michael Hussey IPL Chennai1.95 cr IPL Chennai 28Shaun MarshIPL Punjab 1.85. cr IPL Punjab  29J.P. DuminyIPL Hyderabad1.38 cr IPL Mumbai 30Shikhar Dhawan IPL Hyderabad1.38 cr IPL Mumbai  31Saurabh Tiwary IPL Bangalore 7.36 cr IPL Mumbai 32Parthiv PatelIPL Kochi1.3 crIPL Chennaiadvertisement 33 Dinesh KarthikIPL Punjab 4.1 cr IPL Delhi  34 Naman OjhaIPL Delhi1.24 cr IPL Rajasthan  35Wriddhiman Saha IPL Chennai45.3 lakhs IPL Kolkata  36 Brad HaddinIPL Kolkata1.49 cr IPL Kolkata  37 Tim PaineIPL Pune1.24 cr  – 38 Davy JacobsIPL Mumbai87.4 lakhs  – 39 James HopesIPL Delhi1.61 cr  IPL Punjab 40Ravindra JadejaIPL Kochi 4.37 cr  IPL Rajasthan 41Shakib Al HasanIPL Kolkata1.95 cr  – 42Stuart Broad IPL Punjab 1.84 cr  – 43 Abhishek NayarIPL Punjab 3.68 cr  IPL Mumbai 44 Angelo MathewsIPL Pune   4.37 cr   IPL Kolkata 45 Dwayne BravoIPL Chennai92 lakhs  IPL Mumbai 46 James FranklinIPL Mumbai46 lakhs  – 47 Steven SmithIPL Kochi92 lakhs IPL Bangalore 48 Ishant SharmaIPL Hyderabad 2.07 cr  IPL Kolkata 49 Praveen KumarIPL Punjab 3.68 cr  IPL Bangalore 50 Ashish NehraIPL Pune 3.91 cr IPL Mumbai 51 Brett LeeIPL Kolkata 1.85 cr IPL Punjab 52 Morne MorkelIPL Delhi 2.18 cr IPL Rajasthan 53 Dale SteynIPL Hyderabad 5.52 cr IPL Bangalore 54 Ryan HarrisIPL Punjab 1.49 cr  IPL Hyderabad 55 Doug BollingerIPl Chennai 3.22 cr  IPL Chennai 56Muttiah MuralitharanIPL Kochi 5.06 cr  IPL Chennai 57 Piyush ChawlaIPL Punjab 4.14 cr  IPL Punjab 58 R AshwinIPL Chennai 3.91 cr  IPL Chennai 59 Pragyan OjhaIPL Hyderabad 3.2 cr  IPL Hyderabad 60 Amit MishraIPL Hyderabad 1.38 cr  IPL Delhi 61Nathan McCullumIPL Pune 46 lakhs  – 62 Ramesh PowarIPL Kochi 82 lakhs  IPL Punjab 63 Brad HodgeIPL Kochi 1.95 cr  IPL Kolkata 64Callum FergusonIPL Pune 1.38 cr  – 65 Manoj TiwaryIPL Kolkata 2.18 cr IPL Kolkata  66Cheteshwar PujaraIPL Bangalore 3.22 cr IPL Kolkata 67 S. BadrinathIPL Chennai 3.68 cr IPL Chennai 68Paul CollingwoodIPL Rajasthan 1.15 cr IPL Delhilast_img read more


Teenager gangraped betrayed by FB friend

first_imgIn a shocking incident, a 17-year-old girl has alleged that she was abducted and gang-raped by three men in East Delhi area. One of the accused had befriended her on facebook– a social networking website. Two of the accused have been nabbed by the police.According to the victim, the accused persons tried to sell her off but somehow she managed to escape from the house where she was made hostage. Case has been registered in Mandawali police station. Speaking to Millennium Post, a senior official, requesting anyonmity, said, “When the girl approached police on June 23, she only alleged kidnapping and two of the accused were apprehended soon after she filed the complaint. However, on Saturday she told police that they had also raped her after they abducted her and kept her at a house in Noida.The official further added: “We are investigating the new allegations and the relevant Sections of IPC will be added to the complaint only if investigation suggests some hits of the crime.”last_img read more