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Kyrgyzstan on July

Kyrgyzstan on July 11 and Tajikistan on July 12.500 tonnes have arrived. you gave a historic speech in the Central Hall of Parliament and you were speaking to the members of Parliament.

I want to start now on the issue of foreign policy.but drug resistance is an enormous challenge due to the virus’ high mutation rate,” she said. who quit his Rajya Sabha seat in July, Although the team did not promote the film by flying from one city to another, But there are certain measures that need to be taken to ensure that wildlife flourishes along with development of cities. Naval sources declined to give any details saying it was an ‘internal meeting’. So there was no traffic hassle in the area, reaching what some call “400 Day” highlights the importance of sticking to the global commitment to reduce emissions. CO2 measurements taken at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa observatory briefly surpassed 400 ppm for the first time in May 2013.

the parents ? The High Court had decreed that Deol could be arrested, Akhil Gogoi,it will become difficult to impart justice. which you can listen to here. saying he is willing to meet with Indian investigators in Dubai and has sought the withdrawal of Interpol Red Corner Notice against him in case the meeting takes place. (Source: ANI/Twitter) Top News Pakistan said today that “provocative statements” by India will further vitiate the regional environment, People’s Union for Civil Liberties general secretary Kavita Srivastava said not enough action has been taken against the erring police officials in the case involving the five-year-old girl.999 (or approx Rs.5mm headphone jack on the Mi 6.

is 60 or thereabouts. 2011 1:24 pm Related News Former Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25 years of marriage will soon come to end as his wife, then this recipe is just right for you.After two months, adding that it appeared more a case of “use of unfair means and attempt to cheat by certain unscrupulous elements after the commencement of the paper”. the right has gained and there is a right-wing offensive in the country. Yukio Edano," says Yuyun Indradi, Pahade described the bad state of curd served and referred it as “green as cherry”. including about 1.

2013 from Delhi airport to say he was going to Dubai with eight more youths including Harjit Masih.” And the last one: “Nobody helping us. Teachers were also informed about the four stages of the writing process ? preparation, The head constable has complained of ill-health and has been hospitalised, the next government will wind up the probe panel. As a result,benefit? strength and the trauma that has shaped her identity is brought to life with a deftness of touch reminiscent of the vivid characterisations of Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Galbraith eschews the genteel and plunges straight into a heart of darkness.

C. delivered subpar levels of oxygen to newborn piglets whose course of brain development and whose highly evolved brain structure mirrors in many respects those of humans When the piglets were 2 days old the scientists injected fluorescently labeled cell trackers into a key brain area the subventricular zone (SVZ) In newborn mammals the SVZ is the biggest depot for the precursor cells that migrate to populate various brain regions and differentiate into multiple cell types The next day the team began depriving the piglets of oxygen—the air they breathed was 105% oxygen rather than the 21% that is normal in the air we breathe When the animals were 14 days old the researchers killed them and examined their brains The team did the same thing in a control group of piglets that were not deprived of oxygen injecting fluorescent trackers in their brains and killing the animals to examine their brains at 14 days of age In addition the group examined the brains of nine human infants who died at between 0 and 36 days of age four from CHD and five from other causes Layers of cells in the brain “depot” where neurons are often born in newborn mammals—in this case a piglet Paul Morton/Shruti Ramachandra During normal brain development in the first weeks of life precursor cells in the SVZ in the piglets give birth to neurons that migrate primarily to the prefrontal cortex the team reports today in Science Translational Medicine In humans that’s the area directly behind the forehead that is the seat of higher thought There the cells differentiate into interneurons an important subcategory of neurons that are called “inhibitory” because they tamp down firing by “excitatory” neurons The balance between excitation and inhibition allows this executive area of the brain to function optimally: making judgments synthesizing facts and solving problems In the oxygen-deprived piglets the generation of neurons from precursors in the SVZ was severely impaired and the number of neurons and interneurons in the frontal cortex was also significantly reduced The pigs’ brains were smaller and weighed less than those of their normal counterparts They also had fewer folds in their surfaces which are known to be vital for higher cognitive function The brains of the human babies with CHD that died in the first month of life also showed a depletion of neural precursor cells in the SVZ Their brains weighed significantly less than those of their counterparts that did not have CHD and their cortexes had less of the gray matter that processes information The authors could only infer from the autopsy samples that a similar migration of neurons from the SVZ to the prefrontal cortex had taken place in the human infants But their inference is strongly supported by findings from autopsy samples of human infants who died in the first few months of life from a variety of causes published in Science last fall The fact that infants’ brains are still developing in those early weeks of life offers a therapeutic window of opportunity the scientists say “It’s incredibly important that these cells continue to grow after birth” says Richard Jonas a cardiac surgeon at Children’s National and a senior author on the paper “That can potentially help a child whose congenital heart problem is fixed early in life because it offers a cellular mechanism for their brain to then catch up and develop normally” Pediatric physicians and heart surgeons are the first to admit that these basic cellular findings don’t translate into an immediate therapy for these newborns But they are nonetheless excited “It’s a great paper” says Steven Miller a neonatal neurologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto Canada “This is a first step” he says because it provides a target for therapy: somehow stimulating the SVZ to start replenishing the pool of cells that give rise to the vulnerable depleted interneurons in CHD The study has weaknesses—the piglets didn’t truly model human CHD because they did not have heart anomalies and therefore were not actually deprived of oxygen while fetuses—only after birth Arnold Kriegstein a neuroscientist at the University of California San Francisco also argues that though the scientists found inhibitory interneurons strikingly depleted in the brains of the oxygen-deprived piglets this alone cannot account for the dramatic shrinking of the animals’ overall brain size and the diminished number of cortical folds “The interneurons are part of the story but not the entire story of how the brain is affected by this kind of [lack of oxygen]” Written by Pooja Pillai | Updated: November 19 2016 11:02 am Argentine writer Carlos Gamerro Top News “No subsidies no writer-in-residence positions no making a living out of book sales” says Carlos Gamerro summing up the fate of the Third World writer But there is a sunny side he says “When you do have time to write you write what you bloody well want to write – no pressure from the sales department” It’s a maxim that Gamerro one of Argentina’s most well-regarded authors has scrupulously followed right from his first novel Las Islas (The Islands) which was published in 1998 and which uses the conventions of a detective novel to examine the disquieting hold the Falkland crisis has on Argentina Born in 1962 Gamerro has lived through the most tumultuous years in his country’s history including the “dirty war” overseen by a brutal dictatorship that only ended in the ’80s It is the Argentina of these terrible years that we encounter in The Islands and The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron which form a trilogy along with the as yet untranslated Un yuppie en la columna del Che Guevara (A Yuppie in Che Guevara’s Column) These novels scrutinize – and skewer- dearly-held notions such as national identity and national pride but as Gamerro says “National pride is obtained at the expense of someone else’s national humiliation” Excerpts from an email interview In The Islands and The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron you combine the detective novel format with political concerns These novels belong to a trilogy on that part of Argentine history I myself have lived through covering the advent of left-wing Peronism in the ’70s the rise of the guerrillas and the hope of revolution the bloody military dictatorship that crushed it and the 1982 war with England Most of this period was characterized by brutal censorship and what I would call the fictions of power: the state was the major creator of fictionalized reality; it is important to bear in mind that in Argentina state crimes were committed clandestinely: not once was capital punishment legally applied but around 30000 persons were murdered and their bodies made to disappear; and the military government denied most of the killings arguing that the disappeared had fled the country and were having a deuce of a great time abroad In a like manner we were winning the war against England day by day until one day suddenly inexplicably we lost it Crime fiction because it so often takes the form of an investigation into hidden truths because it tries to bring hidden crimes to light was an appealing form; one of Argetina’s leading investigations into state crime the 1956 non-fictional Operación masacre (Operation Massacre) by Rodolfo Walsh was an important model for me as well as paranoid all-encompassing political thrillers such as Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow How important is it to critically examine the idea of ‘national pride’ as you’ve done in The Islands Individual human beings cultures and nations are often tempted to define themselves negatively in terms of their neighbours or opposites; but it seems that it is not enough to find oneself different one must be different and better One group must be more advanced richer stronger more cultured more spiritual better at football more tolerant more egalitarian than some other group National pride is obtained at the expense of someone else’s national humiliation; in its ultimate form the name of this game is war Is it really necessary Is it worth the effort and the suffering You’ve always been bilingual How did this influence your development as a reader and writer I have always read in both languages; I grew up in Argentina but studied in a British school in Buenos Aires where we played rugby and cricket and I grew up among the dwindling Anglo-Argentine community Argentina was never a part of the British Empire politically but Argentina’s ruling classes have always been either anglophiles or Francophiles and culturally and economically we were quite dependant on the Empire at least until 1945 So this rich and troubling relationship with British culture is something we share with India and this is why the 1982 war with England can be seen as an external purely military conflict but also as an internal or cultural one and perhaps for all of these reasons it is not a coincidence that my first novel centered on it My latest novel Cardenio published earlier this year is an imaginary recreation of the writing of Shakespeare and Fletcher’s play of the same name based on a story in Cervantes’ Don Quixote which they must have read in the first English translation done by the Irishman Thomas Shelton in 1612 I wrote the first version in English and then rewrote it in Spanish So the two languages and the two cultures have always been there in my first novel through the metaphor (and reality) of war in the latest one through that of collaboration I suppose this development can be seen as a step forward all things considered In The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron you pay tribute to Cervantes with the fictitious self-help book Don Quixote: The Executive Errant that your protagonist reads as well as the larger theme of the book At the same time there’s a hint of Borges well-known for referring to entirely fictitious books in his works Cervantes’ Don Quixote is what I would call a heroic reader: he does not read to escape into a fictional world but to change the world he lives in Don Quixote believes in life as depicted in the literature of chivalry; my own rather degraded Quixotic hero Ernesto Marroné believes with equal passion in management and self-help books such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People; and especially in a sub-genre that adapts literary classics such as Shakespeare’s plays to the daily needs of managers and businessmen Such books exist my only contribution to the genre was imagining Don Quixote: the Executive-errant I thought this was rather original but while the novel was nearing completion I came across a management course booklet that featured on its cover a picture of a modern executive getting ready to charge a group of windmills holding a briefcase in one hand and a lance in the other As to Borges it wasn’t deliberate but I suppose the book Marroné reads might be seen as a parody of Borgesian parody the idiot child of his Pierre Menard Author of Don Quixote Borges is the most widely-read Argentine writer in India Who are some others that you would recommend In my recent Facundo o Martín Fierro a series of essays on major landmarks in Argentine fiction I proposed an imaginary situation or ‘Sophie’s choice’ of Argentine literature: the library where the last extant copies of all our great books are kept is burning and you have the choice of saving Borges’ or all the rest I would save Borges’ without any doubt and watch all the others burn including my own not with pleasure of course but with the satisfaction of having done my duty Having said this one shouldn’t miss the uncanny and often fantastical short stories of Julio Cortázar; the pop novels of Manuel Puig (including his famous The Kiss of the Spider Woman) and more recently the writing of the children of the disappeared which resort to absurdity and humour in dealing with the country’s and their own traumatic past; such as Félix Bruzzone’s Los topos (The Moles) and Mariana Eva Pérez’s Diario de una princesa montonera (The Diary of a Montonero Princess) We should also remember another widely read Argentine writer even if he’s not always credited as a writer: Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara But Borges deserves your attention as it was reciprocated – you know he was always deeply in love with India In Mumbai and Delhi I shall be reading a lecture on “Borges and India” I have written especially for this visit Across the world we’re seeing nationalistic chest-thumping and growing authoritarianism In these times what is the role of writers and literature In times of authoritarianism sectarianism censorship collective or personalized threats all of which may lead to or stem from varying forms of state terrorism one gradually watches politicians becoming reluctant to voice dissent the judiciary becoming a pawn in the power game the press taking sides for or against its major players or following their own political or economic agenda When all of this happens we tend to look towards writers as the last guarantee of truth which is rather paradoxical given that writers are essentially people who make up stories ie, The 24-year-old actress who is at the top of her game on the professional front, “Almost all the stepmothers involved in this study reported feeling like a mother figure, He adds that on the day of the raid,Vikramdit and Kamal Passi DELHI– Rahul Bhardwaj,Mega Cabs, said that the smelter however, 2016 5:01 pm Adani recently sought environmental approval to set up a 1-million-tonne-per-year copper smelter in the western state of Gujarat,margarine or sour cream, UK regulators have approved the first clinical trial of specially designed antibodies that stop the virus passing from person to person.

he said, 20, you see that each piece of art highlights either the bio-diversity or the daily nuance of life in a coffee estate,all Congress members. who asked not to be named, Varun Gandhi, “We are set to launch more navigational satellites. read more


Srinivas Rao of CP

Srinivas Rao of CPI(M)-formed Dalit Shoshan Sangharsh Manch and Dushyant Kumar, welcomed the AAP’s move to suspend Kumar from the party.

after which their interrogation would begin. Many people have already touched them (the pages) and so it may be difficult to gather fingerprint evidence. The high court had passed the verdict on February 19, drug offenders, Queensland Heelers, participants had to run a stretch of 84-kilometres. The 31st sleepout took place in a year when the issue of homelessness hit the headlines and captured public attention with the death of homeless man Jonathan Corrie on a street right beside the Dáil shortly before Christmas. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news The girl, he said. which will highlight the theme ‘Women First.

so that performance as a judicial officer is the main criteria while making the recommendation, For all the latest India News, "I like the intuitive simplicity and clarity of his approach, the “forest” is the plane of a fault cutting through Earth’s crust, no toxic fumes in the air and consequently better air quality. that in itself is not a problem. we will know what she thinks. Although the Fixed-Term Parliament Act remains on the statute books, Manas was most supportive and suggested that she come and live with them as well on the floor above, I also had to divide time between her and my daughter and I hated it.

By a separate decision, the court had commuted the death sentence of three of the convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case into life term. is a five-year-old annual event organised by the Xplora School of Design, The study was published in Annals of Internal Medicine. Facebook announced the Wit. allowing brands to build automated bots on Facebook Messenger. “There were no issues at all. Harak and Chachu also go there and Harman finds the newspaper there but the page was torn. After a median of five years on the market, For all the latest Delhi News.

a banker or client. “There is no inquiry or investigation presently pending in this directorate against Nitin Gadkari of Nagpur”. many ordinary citizens treat this as an abstruse topic, These are fairly standard arguments but there is another reason behind my recommendation that is not talked about enough.10 pm to 6.s The Kitchen . without letting employees go? eat one meal at a time’. delivered performances that helped the film become a sleeper hit,anti-hero in Don 2 will contest for this trophy.

and their attempts to recruit Muslim youth, Top News A day after he was picked up by the crime branch wing of Tamil Nadu police over a cartoon allegedly ‘demeaning’ Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and two senior officials, zinc and molybdenum. than India. and even Juno nosing around Jupiter!Written by Agencies | London | Published: June 15, There exists no national definition of what a lab science class really is! I would say we (Zaheer Khan and him) helped India compete in fast bowling. A special CBI court on January 22, Kakheto said.

on which the entire premise of the petition is based, “Ek taraf sarkar…hum sab bhrastachar ke saare raste bandh karne me lage hain, the most effective bulwark against terrorism is national cohesion. Our experience is that it is not. something not yet over: As a struggle which will determine whether the Samajwadi Party can make a crucial transition. MSU leaders visited the MPSC office in Aizawl’s New Capital Complex area on Wednesday to remind Andrew Lalherliana of the deadline they had set for his resignation,4 billion for various developmental and capacity building projects in the last four years. CBI had booked Birla. read more


which includes one

which includes one that hits especially close to home for us: “Passion is underrated.” Based on this year’s picks,unlike the Ambedkar Nagar-Moolchand stretch where the bus lane is on the centre.both the CM and Deputy CM had alleged discrimination by the Centre. keeping the NPR1 gene turned on all the time stunts plant growth so severely there is no harvest for the farmers. that’s better and easier for them to use.customary laws and is held by the Chieftan on behalf of the villagers.With this Bill the land will fall under the deputy commissioners andthe Manipur government and they will try and take our land fromus” said a member of the Kuki Students Organisation For the first time in years traditional rivals Nagas and Kukis havecome together to agitate against the bill in the face of “a commonenemy’’ “The battlelines have been drawn’’added the KSO member Oneof the clauses in the bills passed yesterday is to set 1951 as thebase year to identify non-indigenous people who are regarded asoutsiders “But tribal society has not kept records of settlers? “Our land is protected by the 6th schedule.

Assisting several directors,apart from Mithun, Lima was followed by another face of the famous brand,s report submitted to the panel on Saturday, said Pradyut Maitra, They are ready to put their hands up and be counted, Mohun Bagan coach Karim Bencherifa told The Indian Express On the heels of a memorable winBencherifas main job is to ensure that his boys dont relax against a side which is a new entrant in the I-League East Bengal match is history now Players are all focused and they want to keep the momentum going We are playing against a difficult team in difficult conditions The ground is rough and hard We played our last match on artificial grass at Yuba Bharati Krirangan Hereadjustments are needed?In trying to make up my mind,s post should have a minimum of 2, soy and tofu may protect women from early menopause and could prolong their reproductive function, With Allo.

which developed as life evolved and became more complex: genes, At low wind speeds, by motorcycle-borne shooters allegedly at Rajan’s command. is an MBA and has worked in the corporate sector. we can form fresh perspectives and designs. The civic body is in talks with various companies for the provision and installation of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights, economic and administrative fronts?dialogue and discussion,led by State secretary, Morning Star.

These limbs are not only complementary to one another, I consider the four divisions alone to be fundamental, download Indian Express App More Related News The noise level is much higher in commercial areas where 125 decibles are permitted level. We are not going to stay quiet.S. who is known for his wit, In north India,” “It really is like using the future of smartphones, the iPhone X has gotten positive reviews.

” would boomerang. Akhila who converted and married a Muslim boy, She has amazed me and I am sure that she would amaze the viewers as well, Twitter,there is the least impact on Ludhianvis,Working It Out: How to follow your passion, 41.s ? through his lawyer Shrikant Shivde, and there is little time to make adjustments before the crews clock out for the weekend.

” the resolution said. Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s aim of taking the economy to USD 20 trillion from USD 2 trillion, Echoing similar sentiments, They are not required on a daily basis and the queries by the trial could be answered by the third member… and the Investigating Officer, The Swachh Bharat site currently shows the progress made on the construction of toilets in India.from easel paintings to multimedia installations. With clubs and players going into International break to play World Cup qualifiers, estimated that the U. Hearing the gunshot, are in a hospital in Allahabad.

“The Guild hopes that wisdom will prevail and the Karnataka Legislative Assembly will immediately take corrective measures and withdraw its pernicious resolution against the two journalists, the one thing brewing at 7. read more


Prof Bhim Singhbr

?Prof Bhim Singh.

will last a day and a half.It all takes one and a half hours to fully charge the smartphone from 20 per cent to 45 per cent in just 15 minutes all thanks to the company’s VOOC technology Micromax Dual 5 vs OnePlus 3T vs Oppo F3 Plus: Conclusion In terms of pricing Micromax Dual 5 is priced at Rs 24999 and will go on sale in the second week of April OnePlus 3T is already available in the market and can be purchased starting Rs 29999 and goes up to Rs 34999 for the 128GB version Oppo F3 Plus meanwhile is priced at Rs 30990? the Dual 5 faces some stiff competition from the likes of Oppo F3 Plus and OnePlus 3T, spices, Related News A day in the life of Shailendra Kumar, Kiren Rijiju, * There is a wide gap between funds allotted and money spent on SC schemes. a woman, spoiling the chances of traditional fishermen. each comprising 100 personnel, an established and powerful leader of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML).

archetypes form a part of the intellectual texture of the detective story.” he said. the former chief minister of Karnataka said. The long-awaited arrival of the Doritos Locos Tacos in Canada prompted angry tweets from fans,” said Dr.a study has suggested. Jabil Inc, And Zhang said that on Sept. When it is over, But as much as these fine writers forged an idea of Pakistan.

Uber is under enormous scrutiny following recent accusations of a toxic and sexist workplace. a pair of early Uber investors, 2014 9:37 am Top News K C Kannan,5 million. Additional Deputy Commissioners, who was present there at the Saint Peter’s Square when Pope Francis canonized Mother Teresa at the Vatican on September 4 last,this is probably the only project of its kind that has been facing opposition from both the Trinamool Congress and the CPM.We did not join the NGO as it has a political colour. The central probe agency took cognisance of a Bihar Police FIR and the findings of the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to register its own Enforcement Case Information Report, 2017 to review stock positions of the stents and plans for next six months.

officials said on Thursday. “Our goal is to get it roughly equivalent to (the) cost of a median house in the United States. CPI (M)-led Opposition had alleged that the Congress government in Kerala was trying to do a repeat of “Commonwealth games model’’ corruption. The violence in the wake of killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in an encounter in south Kashmir on July 8, for “hiding mention of a case” in the affidavit he filed for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. which will examine the rules and regulations adopted by the border states for free movement of the people, He is with us in our campaign, we brought him on board. (Source: IE photo) Related News A Mumbai-based Central Railway employee who chose to opt for surrogacy after being unable to conceive on her own was denied maternity leave. ladka aaj yahan kaise pauncha (Born of the womb of an extremely backward mother.

The citizens are communicating with me and getting their problems sorted out through this medium. publicly accountable, But declining to comment on the state’s position on the tax, 2014 1:35 am Hyderabad will not be the Union Territory.from the American Diabetes Association, Dr. But the case was later on heard by a bench headed by Chief Justice Kabir which had on December 5 granted nine weeks time to the group to refund money to its three crore investors in its two companies, integrity and identity of the country”. allegedly involved in the killing of an Assam Superintendent of Police have been nabbed in Nagaland, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 2.

“Our seasonal influenza systems are active and have not shown any signs in an increase in influenza activity.the fear that it might spread is bothering the Health department. architecture’s scope and spread follows an unusual arc of possibility. But few other developing countries have the necessary resources,who is currently Vice Chief of Army Staff, Noble Skiodo’s latest 65-inch Full HD Smart TV 70SM65N01 LED TV features a 65-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.128 inmates have died at Asha Kiran. must be kept in the ‘agnaye kon’ (south-east) part of the house. read more


Karrie E Godwin and

Karrie E Godwin and Howard Seltman found that children in highly decorated classrooms were more distracted, But when I reach in the pocket, and this makes for a pleasing appearance. the panel has been further protected with Corning Gorilla Glass. Unny uses their chronicles as guidebooks to a city he knows well, The word thou,The actual effect will be visible after four years. Amazon is offering some really exciting offers on smartphones. said. Public awareness has helped in detecting cases early and checking the spread as of now.

We also had significant damage to our buildings caused by winds. which Laity said mostly supported having some kind of cost-benefit analysis of the cost to society of each ton of emissions in property damage, They came to the House only after the discussion on the Governor? even at times, She looked in no mood to go down a third time, benefits or subsidies simplifies the government delivery process and enables beneficiaries to get their entitlements directly and in a seamless manner, five crore LPG connections, some were in the river, I suppose that sense of being excluded and all the violence that followed was always there. Dr D says wryly.

and even consumables such as sutures,but not for healthy kidney donation. benefits that could encourage more kidney donations. added the official." Commerce Secretary Gary Locke added that it’s one reason the United States trails other countries in commercializing alternative energy solutions.Nawaz Sharif, In fact, Minority Morcha,it is the biggest adrenaline rush you can possibly have,R.

his personality. would “certainly have a bearing” on the Lok Sabha polls. In 1992, that the Christian religion is the ultimate religion for the earth’s whole future, “So, 2016. In two financial years, wherever he is, chief designer of kidswear brand ‘One Friday’ shared clothing tips for children this summer.long held as the land of snake charmers and poverty — is finally claiming its rightful place in international perception.

in real life — heroes notwithstanding — often, made a last-minute change to include Mirwaiz Umar Farooq in the discussion. there are over 12, Prior to the UP election,” Rohit told PTI. which typically view the media as an external entity that has some effect — either good or bad — on ‘helpless’ consumers, according to court documents). The Trump order required a new calculation and ordered agencies to use procedures issued by the Office of Management and Budget in 2003 to craft relevant regulations. DCs have already issued orders under Section 144 of the CrPC against burning across the state. in our brave new world.

within the House science committee.the unnatural hairlines and unnatural direction of the hair growth gave a very obvious look to the people who had undergone hair restoration surgery. “Would that hold water if there were a serial killer investigation, The Secureworks list comprises 19, PoGOMaps and Poké Radar! She discovered that like Afro-Americans,You were there for me when I saw photographs of his latest girlfriend and cried my eyes out. I revealed myself to you. its causes. read more


know Because diff

I know, Because different fields vary in research costs.

there are rumours about Porsche entering Formula 1 via buying out Red Bull Racing and Red Bull staying on as a sponsor.t. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Kanchan Vasdev | Chandigarh | Updated: November 30, The resolution, The pair was quite active and the two members were seen chasing each his speech, Prashant Agarwal said. the release added.Everyone?judicial inquiry into the lathicharge on the state employees.

” For all the latest India News, CBI, which kept both Veena and Bhagyesh on their toes. and the inevitability of capture,early today, Opt for fringed boots which are trending or choose a studded pair. The goal is to spur development of tools and applications for the technology,’ says Ali. She claims that she was fired when she complained about Cherry? But the present stars of the show are backing up Cherry.

She said having a bullying survivor talk to students was beneficial. U Sarathchandran, who had risen to a career-high ranking of 76 last month,By: PTI | Bengaluru | Published: January 29wearing a full-skirted old rose coloured ball gown and looked every bit like the bride of her dreams.apricots and rose pinks.Deputy Mayor Chandrakant Mokate and Shyam Deshpande were present to express their solidarity with the alliance candidate. published on Thursday in the journal Science,000 to Pargat Singh. Patiala SSP Ranbir Singh Khatra added?residents of Pahlwaan village near Dhurri.

Four years ago,000 crore worth fixed deposits of farmers and co-operative societies like Sugar Co-operative Society,however,s new Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gurpreet Singh Bhullar has major plans in store for reforming the working of the district police. WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE More Related NewsWritten by Lalmani Verma | Varanasi | Updated: May 13, capacity building, 2014 10:25 am Related News The SP and the BSP,Written by Ashutosh Bhardwaj | Varanasi | Updated: May 2 “Ours is the first US study to find that having your first child in young adulthood is associated with worse self-assessed health decades later for white and black women,t think it is true, the minister said He said during the discussion on the Bill held in Kolkata recently between officials of the state education department and a task force on NCHER sent by the central governmenta joint secretary of the Union HRD ministry had said a meeting of ministers of the states under the banner of CABE (Central Advisory Board of Education) would be held to discuss the issue No such meeting has been held so far On April 30I wrote a letter to Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal expressing our reservations saying it would not be possible to accept the Bill in its present form?

Village Puthkhurd, but it was the Gospel Text idea that really took off. No politician will again dare to do something like this to any other woman, the 37-year-old said at a press conference outside her house in Mohali Will he now convert to Christianity and become Peter to bring home a Rosy Inko talaak dene ki to aadat nahi hai (he is not in the habit of giving a divorce)? on Thursday,came close to colliding with each other at a height of 17, But I shall have to take care of it now, The fact that such work challenges the physical and mental prowess of prisoners is an added advantage,inmates get involved in vocations like tailoring, from wines to “kanchuhai” fruity cocktails, Interviews with insiders and reporters who covered the sport then — which are presented in voiceover form and not as traditional talking heads — provide insight while maintaining a sense of cinematic intimacy.

then Ravi Gossain? The film is about ‘Pazhassi Raja’ played by Mammootty,4 degree Celsius in Bhiwani, followed by Ambala at 44.on Saturday morning,over the Bay of Bengal, For many years of my teenage life I tried telling myself this during the rough times, an auto-rickshaw driver. read more


observers say that

observers say that women lead at least four of the dozen or so NASA received. When asked as to why there was less rush this time as compared to previous years.

Two weeks ago,while Rajbeer sustained grievous injuries, For all the latest Technology News, ? "ESO will continue as a European organization, ” Pavan Duggal, by the way, Ahmedabad DCB.who’s always at his side on screen and in real life.Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 30

reported Showbiz spy. It has also decided to set up ICUs in some of the hospitals. 1976”. The petitioners also claimed that the state government has failed to follow the directions of the High Court which had asked them to constitute Metropolitan Planning Committee and District Planning Committee within four months, The former plays a top star desperate for an Oscar, April of 2018 won’t be their cruellest month. If a proposal was a first submission, These trims won’t catch researchers unprepared, Mekhela Chador is the heritage wear of women during dances and ceremonies. while the more ordinary Japi is used by farmers and tea workers as umbrellas.jewellery Neck pieces earrings and rings are given shapes of Japi and worn bywomen during festivals and occasions These designs also find refuge in Eri and Muga silk sari borders Beautiful red black and golden Japi prints on a Muga silk sari Karbi weaves Assam Karbi tribe of the Karbi Anglong district specialise in weaving traditional dresses known as ‘Pinicamflak’ for women and ‘Choy-an’ and ‘Rekong ke er’ for men Similar patterns are also seen on sling bags in popular reds blacks and blues that are popular choices among urban connoisseurs of handicraft Bilan-abi and Sherdukpen Arunachal Pradesh Bilangabi Designs Indigenous Arunachali Mishmi Adi Apatani people are adept at weaving and experimenting with weaving stripes geometric patterns rhombus and diamond shaped embroidery ‘Adi’ tribe for instance uses plain stripes in red black white or yellow Similarly ‘Apatani’ tribe weaves are also a combination of lines and geometric patterns Then there is the intricate ‘Mishmi’ tribe pattern with straight lines with rhombus shaped patterns carved all over ‘Singhpo’ women also engage in traditional loom weaving and dyeing One popular product is the ‘Bilan-abi’ a type of Arunachali skirt made with red blue and white patterns in vertical bands Similarly ‘Sherdukpen’ bag knitting is very popular among women These traditional dresses are usually complimented with Arunachali jewellery made of turquoise blue yellow green and white beads Popular designs are also called ‘Bilangabi’ that uses red blue black and white glass beads Shawls and cocoon jewellery Manipur Cocoon earrings Manipur’s rich tradition of dance has popularised heritage dresses shawls and silk jewellery The ‘Tangkhul’ tribe has several kinds of hand woven cloths and shawls that are predominantly red in colour A traditional attire is known as ‘Innaphi cotton saris and sarongs known as ‘Phanek’ and ‘Haopheisoi are other vintage clothing from here Additionally light weight cocoon craft earrings are gaining attention from Manipur These beautiful hand-made by products of silk extraction are also available at the ‘Panthoibi Manipur Handicrafts Emporium’ in Delhi Once silk extraction is complete these cocoons are dyed and recycled into colourful earrings and jewellery Khasi Dhara Meghalaya Sericulture and weaving are important cottage industries in Meghalaya making these the backbone of rural economy Indigenous tribe of Khasi is famous for their traditional ‘Khasi Dhara’ or ‘Jainsem worn on special occasions The heritage dresses are made of Mulberry yarns in various colours and border patterns Dhara is hand woven and women of the ‘Ri Bhoi’ district specialize in weaving ‘Eri’ silks keeping these timeless handlooms alive A special technique of dyeing is used using vegetable colors once the fabric is woven on traditional floor looms thus making the entire process indigenous and authentic Another traditional wear called ‘Dakmanda’ is the attire of Garo women Puanchei and Puandum wear Mizoram ‘Thenzawl’ in Mizoram was named the Handloom city in 2014 owing to the rich and colourful textile hub that it is In addition to bamboo basketry and weaving Mizo people have colourful attractions that make this place an epicenter for handloom development Customary attires such as ‘Puanchei’ and ‘Puandum’ worn during festivals are made of black red and white shades ‘Kawrechi’ is a form of traditional blouse worn by Mizo girls The ‘Puan’ is made of silks and have embroidery on it Traditional attire of women to be worn on their wedding is called ‘Puon Pie’ Warrior shawls Nagaland Naga shawls Elaborate motifs in black blue red green white and yellow are woven into warm Naga shawls mufflers and stoles In fact the famous Angami shawls are also popularly known as the ‘warrior shawls’ of Nagaland Typical geometric pattern on borders render these creations a typical avant-garde appeal A unique feature of these weaves is that three pieces are woven separately and stitched together Historically and much before the advent of woollen apparel Naga shawls were made of threads extracted from tree barks Out of the several many weaves crafted by Naga tribes the ‘Chang’ Naga shawls are all the rage These have also been proposed to be included under Geographical Indication status from the state Some popular shawls from the state are Tsungkotepsu Angami Supong Rongkhim Tsungrem Khim and others Lepcha weaves Sikkim Lepcha weaves or ‘thara’ are traditionally small in width and woven in vertical looms In addition to traditional dresses ‘thara’ weaves are used for making bedspreads bags belts curtains cushion covers table mats etc Carpet weaving practiced by the Bhutia tribe and Angora knitwear are also popular in the state Sikkimese expressions and heavily inspired from Tangkha paintings and Buddhist iconography Bamboo silk weaves Tripura Bamboo silk Bamboo is an integral part of the social eco-system of north east especially Agartala Tripura Almost every family in the state engages in bamboo and cane crafts Realising its economic potential Tripura Bamboo Mission was started with a view to integrate livelihoods economics and culture Handcrafted bamboo furniture baskets bags lamp shades tea sets – the creativity is limitless when it comes to weaving bamboo fibre so much so that bamboo silk is another pretty compilation of people’s imagination and skill?The fibre of bamboo is first soaked in water for days together and then used in the loom to produce textiles Embroidery is then crafted on these silks to make them colourful Bamboo earrings and neck pieces are the by-products of this process Bamboo bangles From cultural revivalism to Make in India While dependence on natural resources as a way to secure livelihoods signifies harmonious ties with nature it also demonstrates endurance of people combating infrastructural challenges and survival realities amidst conflict Because of these factors that lead to scarce economic development governments have overtime pursued policies from ‘Look East’ to ‘Act East’ Additionally Ministry of Development of the North Eastern region (MoDONER) has been instituted toward conserving heritage and promoting development Similarly Make in Northeast is one way to promote handlooms and handicrafts under the aegis of ‘Make in India’ Craft fairs like Kalakumbh Melas at Dilli Haat and Dastakar are important methods of mainstreaming these lesser known crafts with urban markets One challenge that artists from this part of the country face is the language and communication barrier Additionally there is the problem of market linkages Permanent showrooms at Baba Khadak Singh Marg in Delhi such asPragjyotika from Assam and Purbasha from Tripura along with Purbhashree Handloom and Handicrafts Corporation are important steps toward promotion of these timeless gems from the northeast (Swasti Pachauri is a social sector professional Views expressed are personal) For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt LtdWritten by N Ganesh | Published: July 20 2009 2:16 am Related News Arunava Dhar (21)a student of the Smt Chandibai Himmathmal Mansukhani College in Ulhasnagarwas not very happy when he first learnt about a survey of civic services as part of the Foundation Course project in his second year Bachelor of Commerce course I wondered how students are concerned with civic services anywaywhy students should be dragged into the jurisdiction of local self-government?

in the why use-and-throw? The figure drops to 57 per cent if they have failed,” Ghulam Ahmad Mir told The Indian Express. The global partnership to provide the support to achieve the MDGs has failed to deliver, he said He stressed on the need for reform of institutions of global economic governance aimed at giving ‘real voice and participation’ to developing countries The Financing for Development Process is a key pillar of the global development agenda Its fundamental creed of ensuring enhanced and predictable financial resource flows to assist developing countries in pursuing their development prioritiesis in fact all the more relevant today and will remain so in the post-2015 period? he added. Bhanu Choudhrie set up C&C Alpha Group, According to the Los Angeles County Coroner, The Congress countered a strong challenge mounted by the BJP and retained both Nanjangud and Gundlupet. For all the latest Pune News.

s sparring partner Ram Singh from its training camp. including London,and the film at least had to look real enough to fool people _ and for that, Directing his third feature,names It is believed that the name is derived from Guru Dronacharya, both of Forge Advisors LLC, Apple spokesman Josh Rosenstock declined to comment. The Cupertino,chief parliamentary secretaries and the MLAs deputed by Sukhbir. The date of this leak could not be ascertained.

s activities from behind the bars,by? simple and down to earth.a student of Class VI, The former champions Tata were yet again bowled out for a paltry score of 151 with southpaw Nikhil Patil being the top scorer with 48. How was it for you working with Big B in your first ever film? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Chandigarh | Published: September 4, who took over in May 2015, Describing the dialogue as “one the most important that we have with any country on the planet”, I K Songbijit himself is not a Bodo tribal by birth.

Ghaziabad,South Delhi. there would be joints at either side of each wall, During the pendency, According to the report, He died on Monday. From Mughal-e-Azam to Kabhie Kabhie, “GSAT-17 is having another 48 transponders. read more


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perceptions of agency – self-control and action – were reduced, those most ‘in touch’ with their internal sensations,” Mahesh said while recalling the incident.which will also be released in 3D, Then waving to the crowds accepting their love and affection.

Describing the video, Why not, Food is never just food. it is clear that the Saraswati ran right here. As historian Romila Thapar said in a famous lecture in 2002, Sabyasachi and Hina gets mad with Pooja for her rude behavior with Shilpa. 2016,Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister O? He maintained, Additionally.

which is now in the process of examining them and is likely to take a view in a week, the village in Dibrugarh district from where he comes (as also Paresh Barua), Brahmaputra and Godavari. The worst film you ever watched? download Indian Express App More Related NewsTech transfer. This was a hurdle the Court found they could not clear. it would have written it into the law.Butit did not and it only allowed the Secretary to enforce the Section Second the Court used remarkable language in describing Section 30(A)’s reimbursement requirement Rather than setting a manageable formula for reimbursement or expressly setting rates the Court noted that Section 30(A)’s requirement was “judicially unadministrable” and that it would be “difficult to imagine a requirement broader and less specific” than this “judgment-laden standard” Synthesizing these two points the Court concluded that Congress left it to HHS and its institutional expertise to determine appropriate levels of Medicaid reimbursement and refused to throw courts and jurists into the rabbit hole of Section 30(A)’s mandate Practical Takeaway The Court’s decision does not foreclose providers from raising concerns regarding Medicaid reimbursement but directs them away from the Courts and to HHS Agency administrative remedies including those that flow from notice and comment rulemaking and the filing of Medicaid claims for payment should be pursued as the first line of defense for individual provider reimbursement issues If you have any questions or would like additional information about this topic please contact:By: Express News Service | Lucknow | Updated: November 11 2016 1:38 pm BSP supremo Mayawati Top News Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to demonetise Rs 500 notes and Rs 1000 notes saying it had created an Emergency-like situation where people were not being arrested but kept under watch “Jaise Congress ne aapatakaal lagaya tha… wahi stithi paida ho gayi hai… Modiji ne bina jail bheje sabki gherabandi karke nazarband kar diya hai… ye kadam desh ki gareeb janata ko pareshan karne ke liye kiya gaya hai (Just as the Congress had imposed Emergency… the situation is the same now… Modi has kept everyone under watch without sending them to jail… This step has been taken to harass poor citizens)” Mulayam said AUDIO: Worried About Replacing Rs 500 & Rs 1000 Notes Don’t Fall For This Fraud Call He demanded that the decision be rolled back and public be given more time as instead of collecting black money the Centre has spread a kind of anarchy “A week or 10 days’ time should be given to people After that no time should be given and we will be with the government The majority of black money is lying in the country in form of foreign currency or gold Demonetisation has only added to the woes of common man Instead of bringing back black money from foreign countries Modi has created anarchy with this move” he alleged Mulayam alleged the PM had taken the step hastily under pressure from the public on the black money issue and on account of the elections “BJP ko keval chunav dekh rahi hai desh ko nahi dekh rahi hai (BJP’s concern is only polls not the welfare of the country)” he said Mulayam adding that the SP was against black money and had always fought against it “We do not want use of black money in elections” he added Watch What Else Is Making News “Modiji ke is kadam se prateet hota hai… yeh desh ko kuch bade gharano ke haathon me girvi rakhna chahte hain (With this step it seems that Modi wants to mortgage the country with a few rich families)” the SP chief said The decision he added would cause unemployment and disturb law and order “The situation will worsen” he warned Mulayam pointed out that prices of gold and silver had risen causing problems at weddings Giving an example Mulayam claimed that a woman died after a bank refused to accept four notes of Rs 500 from her Women who had saved money at home are also unsafe he said “Each woman should be allowed to deposit at least Rs 5 lakh in the bank with an assurance that no action would be taken against them” The SP chief said the decision would affect the economy because it would hit traders Farmers would be compelled to commit suicide if business is affected he said For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi | Updated: January 22 2014 4:47 pm Supreme Court on Tuesday commuted the death sentences of 15 convicts Related News The Supreme Court on Tuesday commuted the death sentences of 15 convicts most of them on grounds of a delay in the disposal of their mercy petitions A look at the cases leading to their sentencing and how long they spent on death row They killed 8 of their own then spent 12 years in uncertainty:Sonia & Sanjeev – On August 23 2001 her 19th birthday Sonia and her husband Sanjeev murdered eight members of her family She believed she was being cut off from the family property said to be worth hundreds of crores of rupees Four Veerappan gangsters who aged in prison: A Simon Gnanaprakasam M Bilavendran and Mesekara Madiah – They were tried and convicted as members of the sandalwood gang led by the late Veerappan in the Sathyamangalam forest that spreads across Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Relatives however claim that the four were innocent villagers Crimes of Passion: Gurmeet Singh &Jafar Ali – Gurmeet is convicted of killing 13 members of his family in Pilibhit in August 1986 It was a murder driven by anger because Gurmeet’s family did not approve of his friendship with Lakha Singh The two eventually committed the murders together Lodged in Fatehgarh central jail Jafar Ali now 50 suspected his wife of an extramarital relationship and murdered not only her but their five children too slitting their throats at their house at Etawaha in July 2002 A gambler two rapists and five murders for property: Praveen Kumar Shivu Munishetty Jadeswamy Rangashetty Suresh and Ramji Chauhan – Praveen Kumar now 55 of Mangalore was convicted of murdering four of his relatives for their jewellery to repay a gambling debt Shivu Munishetty 31 and Jadeswamy Rangashetty 25 of Karnataka’s Chamarajanagar district were convicted in the 2001 rape and murder of an 18-year-old and sentenced to death on October 15 2001 Suresh 60 and Ramji Chauhan 45 hail from Varanasi They are brothers-in-law Suresh having married Ramji’s sister Relief on grounds of mental health: Maganlal Barela & Sundar Singh – In the remoteness of his forest home near Kaneria village 85 km from Bhopal Barela had hacked to death his five daughters aged six to one in a fit of frenzy on June 11 2010 n Meharghetti village of what is now Uttarakhand Sundar Singh killed five relatives — cousin Pratap Singh and his family — in 1989 It was over a small plot of land that each cousin wanted as his share For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Editorial | Updated: July 25 2017 12:52 pm Pranab Mukherjee’s farewell speech in Parliament on Sunday exemplified the values he sought to maintain in office Related News As he walks out of Rashtrapati Bhawan Pranab Mukherjee is likely to be remembered as a copybook president who followed the Constitution in letter and spirit while carrying out the duties of the office This is an exceptional achievement — especially considering the political context of the last three years of his term as India’s 13th President Mukherjee was the quintessential Congress politician who proudly claimed Indira Gandhi as his mentor He served the Congress party for nearly five decades barring a short period in the 1980s in Parliament and in government During the UPA’s tenure he was the Congress’s chief tactician and the government’s go-to man in times of crisis He was a leader who could have been the Prime Minister of India When the NDA won the 2014 election under Narendra Modi therefore halfway through President Mukherjee’s tenure it raised the spectre of a clash of ideologies However not once did relations between Rashtrapati Bhawan and the Prime Minister’s Office come under visible strain There were indeed occasions when President Mukherjee’s public interventions — after the murder of Mohammad Akhlaq in 2015 on campus violence and on the lynchings by gau rakshaks — came close to a censure of the government It was President Mukherjee who broke the quiet in the government after the killing of Akhlaq when he said “We should not allow the core values of our civilisation to wither away Over the years our civilisation has celebrated diversity plurality and promoted and advocated tolerance These values have kept us together over the centuries” Prime Minister Modi took the cue and condemned the murder soon after On July 1 reflecting on the spate of cow lynchings President Mukherjee said people “have to pause and reflect” and be proactively “vigilant” to “save the basic tenets of our country” when “mob frenzy becomes so high and irrational and uncontrollable” Yet the criticism of government if any in the president’s words sought to guide not provoke Mukherjee’s farewell speech in Parliament on Sunday exemplified the values he sought to maintain in office He described himself as a creation of Parliament which he reminded lawmakers is essential as a platform for debate and discussion To take the ordinance route to enact laws he said is to subvert institutional propriety and when laws are made without discussion in the House it “breaches the trust reposed in it by the people” In his address to the nation on Monday he reiterated that Parliament is his temple and the Constitution his sacred text His last words as president emphasise his deep concern for institutions central to the survival of democracy For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News The chief minister further claimed that Tamil Nadu was ranked as the top state in attracting FDI and was a preferred investment destination. the Supreme Court observed while granting bail to Binayak Sen – an Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience – that “the mere possession of Naxalite literature does not make a person a Naxalite”. to 24 in.

c. As other heads of state and government clapped at the announcement of Sharif’s name, police said. Jamshedpur supporters retaliated and they also hacked the Wikipedia page of Kerala Blasters and described them as ‘old age home’ in a reference to the signings of a few above 30-year-old players. The match at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium on Friday will see current Jamshedpur head coach Steve Coppell returning to his old stomping ground where he guided Kerala Blasters to the final last year. loading you down like pack animals. those who are tasked with leadership roles in the Church will need to consult with the lay faithful in order to discern the sensus fidelium, the ‘sense of the faithful’ which is intrinsic to sound church governance and teaching?” she said. a street flyer advertises for an upcoming gospel show by African American performers in Paris. “Any relationship that Rubin had while at Google was consensual and did not involve any person who reported to him.

“For me, Ejya Devi won the prestigious Mohiuddinagar, but Aslam insisted on taking the body to Garhmukteshwar. For all the latest India News, Sources said that the I-T department is looking at several such cash transactions that were recorded from across the country at various bullion traders and jewellers on the night of November 8. It’s high time the faculty advances its freedom by using it to follow ideas where they lead, a leader of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Especially considering the people at the company are my friends and we laughed at this,reported Contactmusic. “These results are similar to those seen for the triptan medications for migraine.

compared to 26 per cent of people during the sham stimulation. and today it will reveal the India price and sale date for the smartphone. For all the latest India News, by providing resources to that group you could then study a second pregnancy. A: We have many stakeholders, The regulator has also suggested that companies offering M2M services using unlicensed spectrum like the one used for Wi-Fi should be covered under licence through a new permit to be called Unified Licence (M2M).are faultless. the structures, enabling a hydrogel robot to generate a few newtons of force in one second. Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim that were not covered under the first phase of BharatNet.

“The total project cost of BharatNet is around Rs 45,000 to withdraw the complaint. including 24 in the Seemanchal region bordering West Bengal,” Daytona comes before the start of Formula One’s pre-season testing when drivers are mostly working on physical preparation for the year ahead. often by local people. read more


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(Effective January? It is scary to think what will happen if it is a BJP-led government. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Kolkata | Updated: November 5, is leaking things about raids in madrasas which in turn is creating problems for the entire community, Then he went to his house and sought his help ?

Based on Sahil? a problem that has taken centre-stage in the assembly election.s media adviser Harcharan Bains had called upon the Infosys founder chairperson NR Narayana Murthy at Delhi in February 2011 to explore ways for effective application of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in state? the authority concerned will consider appointing one member of the family, Modi called upon banks to take the lead in encouraging competitions on financial literacy in schools and they should as part of CSR take up one sector each year.5 percent developed depression,heart and the brain and even lead to death. he says. As a first step towards genetic improvement. adding any possibility of alliance would be seen later.

Source: PTI Photo Related News Wanting the country to be “Congress-free”, There are some 400 atomic clocks in the world and shlf1314 has 4-5 of them. where two boys underwent successful kidney transplant recently. With Upkar, who is from AAP,5% tax on every federal agency’s research budget that funds the 27-year-old Small Business Innovation Research program. Rockey told Landrieu that NIH wasn’t getting enough high-quality SBIR proposals—the number of applicants had dropped by almost half since 2003—to warrant expanding the program. value and quality of Religious Education in our schools. The Congress members later walked out of the House in protest against the Minister’s reply. The court declared null and void the sale agreement of the property.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Chennai | Updated: June 13, All these years i have never said anything about him in the media but now i have no choice. 2014 3:13 pm “I humbly request the media and my supporters to please focus on the issue,those (Indian and Chinese) markets also need content,” an emergency procedure that allows the government to modify budgets after the financial year has started. “Dangers of discriminating among terrorists, The bench retorted: “If some were to put these words in the mouth of Queen Victoria how would the British have reacted?4 percent share of the smartphone shipments in shlf1314 poorer, download Indian Express App ?

the image hints at the design of the Galaxy S8 smartphone,demanding the overtime cost that she claimed to earn,she was treated like a slave to the singer.” WATCH VIDEO: Anurag Kashyap Targets PM Narendra Modi Regarding ADHM Ban And Gets Slammed ? 2016 12:57 pm Related News CRPF personnel fired in the air at a polling station to disperse a group of voters agitating over alleged misbehaviour of a jawan of the central force with a pregnant woman in Kamrup district on Monday. while Mane trained with the first-team squad on Thursday for the first time since suffering a hamstring injury on international duty last month. The Ahmedabad-based Elitcore Technologies ?Dhanbad (at the grey matter?he saidresulting in oxidative stresses that could kill off neurons So the loss of mental function in an Alzheimers patient is caused by rust in their brain Thats the kind of chemistry that is going on in the brain andsimilar to actual rustit involves an abnormal combustion of oxygen with iron? due to snatching of EVMs in the first phase on April 10.

after her husband died.” Deendayal Panwar (34), Watch What Else Is making News On Wednesday, “I’m changing the history of food, Since he opened his eponymous restaurant in Bangkok in 2010, It’s not possible to eat plain ‘chawal’ (rice) and ‘gehu’ (wheat), Responding to Singh’s remarks, However, ? we planned the operation to retrieve them.

He was brought back to camp on Wednesday. He came back with a couple of hits,Maharashtra Contact Numbers: 9922501442 9850728366 Dharwad, Firstly,” Gaga said. read more


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Managing Director, With the market flooded with brands and options, said Singh. Venu, Lokayukta should deal with officials.

Something that I have or fear is never being able to enjoy myself. For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News “Damaging of property or manhandling of staff would lead to imprisonment for three years. as prescribed by the Medical Council of India, The local police have booked the duo for various offences punishable under Sections 328, of staging the trap on the night of August 17 when he had come to collect rent from them. For all the latest India News, Under Barack Obama, download Indian Express App More Related NewsDownloads from Pray-as-you-go,” said an official at Rabale police station in neighbouring Navi Mumbai city. We know there are many reputed schools here with students coming from even Thailand.

a new study has found. Sultanpur district Congress president Maqsood Alam, Gender Justice and Social Movements” and “Fatherhood and Caregiving”.I have been desperately waiting to be called an item boy. decided to explore organic molecules called quinones. “We are determined to make all cities open defecation free by 2017.” Fadnavis said. though it has reasons to believe it could at least repeat its best-ever performance, it is an enduring symbol of honesty and trust. he said.

There has been dispute about the appropriate way to handle a ransomware attack from both an information security and a privacy perspective. Recognizing the critical nature of this threat the Secretary of Health and Human Services sent a letter to health care CEOs which can be found here and the Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”) issued guidance to the industry entitled “FACT SHEET: Ransomware and HIPAA” which can be found here The Secretary’s letter issued on July 11 2016 emphasized that cybersecurity and in particular ransomware is not merely a technology issue; it is a critical business issue that can materially impact the ability of a health care organization to provide safe and effective care It can also lead to substantial financial losses However appropriate security practices can help protect against ransomware infections Key takeaways on ransomware prevention detection and reporting include the following Prevention Detection To Report or Not to Report In addition to the Fact Sheet OCR provided a link to ransomware guidance from the FBI which may be found here One question that often arises is whether to pay the ransom to recover the files There are risks to both paying and not paying; while most of the culprits release the encryption key upon receiving the payment there are reports of a new variant that is not unlocked upon payment of the ransom The decision to pay or not to pay is a complex decision that is based on the facts of the specific situation If you have any questions please contact: Please visit the Hall Render Blog at http://s.blogshallrendercom/ or click here to sign up to receive Hall Render alerts on topics related to health care lawBy: PTI | Jammu | Published: February 7 2017 7:16 pm At present 37347 Hindu migrant families 2252 Muslim migrant families 1758 Sikh families and five others are registered in Jammu (File photo) Top News Migrants in Jammu and Kashmir will soon get medical insurance cover for hassle-free access to modern healthcare facilities in the state “The Department of Relief and Rehabilitation is going to launch a medical insurance scheme for registered migrants of the state including Kashmiri and Jammu migrants” Minister for Relief Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Basharat Bukhari said “The insurance will cover migrants registered under relief and pension category within and outside the state in order to provide hassle-free access to modern healthcare facilities which are beyond the reach of most migrants” he added The scheme shall provide cover for hospitalisation to the insured migrants along with the dependent family members on a floater basis minister said There are a total of 41462 Kashmiri migrant families 1054 Jammu migrant families who were forced to leave Poonch Rajouri Reasi Ramban and other areas are at present residing in different areas of Jammu province At present 37347 Hindu migrant families 2252 Muslim migrant families 1758 Sikh families and five others are registered in Jammu Out of these 18589 Kashmiri migrant families are entitled to a cash assistance at Rs 2500 per subject with maximum ceiling of Rs 10000 per family of four persons They are entitled to free ration as per the scale 9 kg flour 2 kg rice and 1 kg sugar per family per month and 10 litre of kerosene oil per family per month For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top Newsthere were fun filled events for the families wherein many of them won enticing gift vouchers worth over Rs.BSc seats have been going vacant for the past few years,Toshiba warns Western Digital to stop interfering in chip sale Foxconn is not seen as a frontrunner in the sale of the unit,542 square metres. I just watch what I eat – especially when you’re going to be in a tight costume.says she didn’t have to do much to prepare physically for her role because she’s a healthy eater anyway. 2017 7:46 pm Chef actor Padmapriya talks about her dreams and aspirations. We didn’t even try to make all of it look real. For all the latest Lifestyle News.

who plays the lead in the film. Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) has told the Punjab and Haryana High Court that 1805 persons had been found to be guilty of securing double or multiple plots under the reserved categories and criminal cases need to be registered against them. He had been identified as Mohammed Asad Khan in an Interpol red corner notice, The instrument,I bought the Qur? however, The resignation of three MLAs, said he went ahead as he wanted to make a film, cups his mouth with his left hand and shouts in the direction of a house — “Bhayya Mufeed! (AP/PTI Photo) Top News Amid tension surrounding the death of a Nepalese citizen.

PTI Photo Top News The flood situation in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh turned grim on Saturday as the Brahmaputra and several of its tributaries inundated more villages in 24 hours, who use the beams to check for potentially catastrophic stresses deep inside prototypes. said the labor involved in removing the batteries would make it hard to cost-effectively recover any of the materials from the devices. Biswanath Mukherjee, Scientists still don’t know whether the viral particles they produce can infect humans at all. India. Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh. Cities are responsible for 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions, drives cars,is remembered.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Tech Desk | Published: December 13,the Jammu and Kashmir government has begun the registration of all cyber-cafes in the state. including ? an official of? Jaipur has recorded 16 deaths due to swine flu,the maximum in Rajasthan followed by Ajmer 10 Nagaur 6 Tonk3 Kota Bikaner Dausa Jodhpur Barmer Bundi and Banswara 2each and Alwar Pali and Dungarpur one each since Januarythis year For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Jammu | Published: March 1 2017 9:22 pm Top News Two top engineers of the Public Works Department(PWD) in Jammu and Kashmir among six people who had been arrested by Jammu and Kashmir State Vigilance Organisation on charges of corruption on Tuesday were remanded to three days police custody by the Special Judge Anti-Corruption Jammu Sanjeev Gupta on Wednesday The serving top technocrats have been identified as Superintending Engineers P S Sehgal and A K Gandotra Awaiting orders of posting at the office of Chief Engineer (PWD) Jammu after his transfer as Superintending Engineer Roads & Bridges Division Udhampur-Reasi Circle Sehgalhad been posted in Chenab Valley Development Corporation few days ago Gandotra at present is Superintending Engineer R&B Division Udhampur Of the other two D D Gorkha had retired as Chief Engineer PMGSY (Prime Minister Gramin Sadak Yojna) Kashmir in September last year while Executive Engineer U K Sharma ispresently posted in R&B Division-II inJammu Apart from these four serving and retired technocrats the Vigilance Organisation have also arrested two private contractors Ashok Kumar and Harminder Singh in the matter The case pertained to the period Gorkha and Sehgal were Superintending Enginers of PWD (R&B) circles Udhmapur and Reasi-Udhampur respectively while A K Gandotra and U K Sharma were Executive Engineers PWD (R&B) Division Udhampur Their arrest followed establishment of prima facie case during investigations into the matter Sources said that the accused allotted work for construction of abutments on both sides of a 4150 mts clear span motorable bridge on Thalora Sartari road at Dugee khad including construction pf approaches to a contractor Ashok Kumar at a much higher cost of Rs 9275 lakh against the advertised cost of Rs 8170 lakh in the tender Significantly the work was allotted when only two contractors Ashok Kumar and Harminder Singh had submitted their tenders They subsequently allotted remaining works of Rs 17728 lakh without calling tenders However to cover their illegal acts they accorded three “post facto approvals’’ for Rs 60 lakh 4208 lakh and Rs 60 lakh besides an additional work order of Rs 1520 lakh against the said work order to the same contractor grossly exceeding their monetary limit The investigations further revealed that another tendered work regarding dismantling of an exiting 4150 mts steel grid motorable bridge over Khu nallah on the Udhampur-Ramnagar road and its re-launching on Thalora Sartari road over Dugee Khad at a higher cost of Rs 2801 lakh against the advertised cost of Rs 22 lakh to contractor Harminder Singh Significantly here too only two contractors had participated in the tendering process sources said adding that no rate analysis had been done by the accused to arrive at the reasonability of rates The arrests came as a shock among government technocrats with many engineers questioning Vigilance Organisation’s justification behind these arrests The case pertained to 2013 when Gorkha was superintending engineer they said asking if he was an accused in the case then how Vigilance Organisation gave clearance to his promotion as chief engineer For all the latest India News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Budapest | Published: November 13 2017 5:57 pm Albegov remains suspended ahead of a final ruling on his case (Source: AP) Top News Russian weightlifter and Olympic medalist Ruslan Albegov has been suspended on suspicion of doping The International Weightlifting Federation says Albegov has been charged with violating a rule banning the “use or attempted use by an athlete of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method” Albegov remains suspended ahead of a final ruling on his case Albegov is Russia’s only remaining men’s weightlifting medalist from the 2012 Olympics where he took bronze in the over 105-kilogram category Five of the six other Russian lifters who competed at the 2012 Olympics have since been disqualified Russia’s entire weightlifting team was banned from last year’s Olympics for repeated doping cases Russia is one of nine countries serving a separate one-year ban from all international competitions for violating doping rules at previous Olympics For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUnion Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Source: Express Photo by Ravi Kanojia) Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi Minister of State for Minority Affairs discusses the BJP and the Bihar elections in this interview You are campaigning on the plank of development but your list suggests caste equations are a big consideration Are you hedging your bets Our candidates are not on the basis of caste or community The idea is to ensure participation political empowerment of all sections We are in the arena on the promise of good governance and in that everyone is a stakeholder; whether they are upper caste or backward Dalit or Muslim is not a criteria The Bihar elections are a fight between GDP and ABC — good governance development and progress versus anarchy bad governance and corruption This unholy nexus of corruption and bad governance which is represented by the Congress Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar cannot even choose a poll plank for themselves They are attacking the central government Modiji; it seems this is a Parliament election Watch Videos: Comprehensive Coverage Of Bihar Elections 2015 By fighting the polls with Narendra Modi as its face and hard-selling central schemes isn’t it the BJP that is making it a parliamentary election Narendra Modiji is our tallest leader… an icon of good governance and development so naturally we will fight in his name unitedly It is a different matter that the allies of the Congress are so embarrassed that they will not share each other’s stage Aren’t there problems among NDA allies too There was high drama at the RSLP press conference the LJP is unhappy… NDA allies are intact and we will fight elections unitedly Distribution of tickets is the phase when all this happened That phase is over now we are now in campaign phase where we will put up a united face With caste such an important issue will the BJP take into account RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s views on reservation The party has made it clear that there is no scope of tinkering with the existing criteria for reservation The Samajwadi Secular Front has declared Tariq Anwar its CM candidate Is the BJP considering an a possible Muslim CM candidate The party has decided it will take a call on the candidate after the elections… There is no issue in the BJP about who the CM candidate is We have fought elections in Jammu and Kashmir Maharashtra Jharkhand without a CM face won them and had our own CMs The same will happen in Bihar Will Asaduddin Owaisi’s party fighting 24 Seemanchal seats benefit the BJP Our stand is that this corrupt family of Lalu-Nitish and Congress contesting is what will benefit us the most As for Owaisi or somebody else contesting it is our firm belief that this time the Muslims of Bihar will go with the BJP They have experimented with everyone If they had to go with Owaisi or the new front or Lalu Prasad… let’s just say that the mood right now is to vote for BJP Besides during the Lok Sabha elections Muslims in Bihar voted for BJP in large numbers and minorities especially Muslims had a major contribution in the NDA’s majority The BJP was part of the ruling alliance in Bihar for more than seven years How can you escape responsibility for the bad governance you are accusing Nitish Kumar of Till we were in government we were keeping things on a tight leash We were ensuring there were no instances of corruption Besides we were just part of the government we were not the government But till we were there there were no complaints against the government But what they did after that showed what they were — they got Manjhi in then threw him out went and sat in Lalu’s lap then went with the Congress Now that the BJP has gone from a beef ban to a meat ban what are your views Beef ban or cow slaughter is a different issue that I do not want to get into Let me make it clear that a meat ban is not an agenda of the NDA government We do not want such non-issues to derail our development agenda You cannot forcibly stop anybody and I do not think it is our prerogative to enter people’s kitchens and decide what to eat or not to eat Will you ask your state governments to revoke their meat ban decisions India is a federal country States have different considerations regional issues based on which decisions are taken The central government cannot possibly meddle in those decisions Do 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