Month: November 2017


The enterprise did not stand the conversion rate is proportional to the ranking and website

at the beginning of the article said, the search engine optimization marketing technology is only one of a variety of marketing tools, it can bring the effect is just the tip of the iceberg, if enterprises only know how to use search engine optimization, too much emphasis on the website ranking and ignore other marketing means will cause the instability of flow, the conversion rate can not improve the situation. Therefore, enterprises should learn to disperse traffic station, multi-channel access to users. For example, micro-blog to attract traffic is a very good note, we can use the most popular micro-blog marketing to attract a large number of fans to enter our website, the author investigated, many enterprises have also entered the micro-blog marketing website, so their conversion rates are pretty good: read more


How about now the nternet era of enterprise online promotion

network promotion way. As a result of major email providers such as NetEase to strengthen the anti spam mail, now.

mode of the third party enterprise blog marketing blog platform

4, personal independence blog website model

5, the blog marketing outsourcing model

this is the network promotion of new Web2.0 era. The popularity of blog blog promotion is done between bloggers and visitors, visitors browsing bloggers in the promotion of the article naturally or half unconsciously. In order to attract visitors, which requires a blog published articles to attractive spread. From this point, the blog promotion is another form of word-of-mouth marketing. Another advantage of the blog promotion is friendly with high degree of blog on the search engine, the same article in the search engine rankings than the general website. read more