Month: June 2017


Open home beauty shop back to the speed is not fast

venture since the investment, then, before the real profit, for any one entrepreneur, more concerned about the nature of its return to the problem. How long can we open a beauty store to recover the cost? This problem, compared to each want to invest or have invested in the beauty shop entrepreneurs will ask a question!

but also, who is doing an industry, do not want to know how long they can recover the cost, the cost of recovery can basically be able to make money. However, cosmetic stores of cost recovery and many conditions are closely related, for example, the cost of investment, the size of stores, shops, business and so on, through many aspects of data analysis, is finally able to recover the cost of time. Let’s look at the small series of analysis! read more


Loss can eat big business

now people are afraid of doing anything to lose, if the business is still holding this mentality, I am afraid not to let the business get better development. In the business, in fact, often eat a big loss. "Can I deliver now?" Last Friday evening, a less familiar customer, Xiao Fang, asked me to see the three wheel motorcycle in front of me. When I got the answer, he handed me a shopping list with tobacco, drinks and disposable items. He was prepared to do the full moon banquet for his son. I prepared the goods, but also to help him rent the freezer on the tricycle, and set off. read more


How to find a shortcut

how to take the first step of entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the key to the success of a business, a successful entrepreneur who has experienced many years of ups and downs, introduced his 8 business shortcuts.

A, share of resources. In order to sell his products, he participated in the 8 fair in 1996 to 1998. At the end of the Expo, it is usually a time for exhibitors to barter goods – as if you are in a time when there is no currency, because the exhibitors are too lazy to take the goods back. The last day of the exhibition, the price of the acquisition of the goods to be sold again, the results of this friend earned a lot of money. read more


Goods shelves more easier to attract customers eyes

a commodity if the customer’s eyes are no way to attract, how to sell this product? So, if you want to make the product really hot, naturally need to let the goods to maintain a higher shelf rate, which can play a very important role in promoting the sale of goods.

in all goods, cigarettes in my shop boss, and in all the instant noodles, Master Kong in my store ranking, sales are always among the best. So in another brand of instant noodles salesman to recommend a set of display, I do not agree: "this kind of instant noodles do not sell fast, on display occupy such a large area, was a small store is crowded?" read more


The cartoon shop owner indecent girls should strengthen self-protection awareness

women have been raped when the incident occurred, the hope that more girls should strengthen self-protection means, at the same time, more need to punish criminals. Recently, the owner of a cartoon indecent girl incident attracted people’s attention, at the same time, the owner of the animation has also been punished.

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How to calculate the cost of APP

mobile Internet era brings a variety of APP development boom, then what a APP cost? To calculate the cost of manufacturing a App tonight.

single iPhone version.

are normally required to engineer × 1, × 1, UI client engineer; designer × 1, × product manager; 1. This is a streamlined configuration. Large companies, but also to configure the test engineer, operation and maintenance engineers, interaction designers, etc..

If the end of

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Which of the following is the most common of all avoidable entrepreneurial errors

now, entrepreneurship has become a hot word, especially in the years, very concerned about. Ask any company founder or co-founder, they can tell you more than one mistake. They used to make mistakes in their own business. If a company has never made a mistake, they will never succeed.

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