Month: May 2017


Jewelry store location skills

to do business when people have to choose individual traffic in many places, so as to attract more people to come to buy, and open a jewelry store not only need much more to some other factors, so for the jewelry store location is also a certain skill.

now the living conditions of people become more affluent, especially in big cities, people increasingly favored crystal jewelry jewelry! Crystal jewelry shop opened home favored! However, whether a store profitable to make money, and whether the site is a good choice! The following details of the crystal jewelry store location of the common sense of Feng Shui, to understand it! read more


The government’s guidance and support, electronic Yiwu will soon become a reality

electricity supplier is now developing well, with good market prospects. Investment advisor in the interview that, on the afternoon of 21 4 points, Putian Anfu electric mall Internet business cafe, a few square table into a temporary table, a dozen young people sitting together.

"engaged in counterfeiting, fake business after all there is no way out." Putian city Chengxiang District Economic and trade department responsible person said, from the beginning of 2011, city and district two class government policies, and actively guide and encourage an electricity supplier transformation and upgrading, brand, or agents at home and abroad to the regular brand, Anfu City e-commerce platform, to create "Yiwu electronic".

10 months, China buy · buy the world, Putian electricity supplier platform on-line. This is a Agel Ecommerce Ltd in 150 million yuan investment in the construction of the platform, 3D mall, 3D try functions added to traditional online shopping patterns, shopping, sightseeing, entertainment and interactive games and other functions in one, users play games like shopping.

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Standardized operation of retail business is more popular

for a long time, the retail industry does not have a standardized management, the operation of each shop is also showing a variety of States, and with the development of the times, the industry has begun to pay more attention to the standardization of management. Standardized management can bring a lot of convenience to the retail life, reduce unnecessary trouble. With the development of the times, a number of props can help regulate the retail business has emerged, adding a touch of beauty for the retail life. read more


The most profitable of the five small entrepreneurial projects

in the business, people always want to have enough money in their hands, to make their own career. But most families do not have enough money to invest, so the small investment has become a popular way to start a lot of people. Here are a few common ten thousand yuan entrepreneurial projects, a look at it!

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How to carry out the promotion of the Spring Festival market

in 2016, has been a part of it, the rest is not very distant thing, so we need to get everything ready in advance, people love to buy new clothes, but also a symbol of the new year is a new beginning. For many entrepreneurs to open a clothing store friends, but also to seize this opportunity for their own clothing store, a good promotion, you can carry out a lot of activities, promotional products. The following specific to give you a look at how to promote the clothing store in the spring festival. read more


Open breakfast shop earned over ten million need to pay attention to and prepare those operating doo

is the first choice for our breakfast buns delicacy, not only affordable, eating up more soft and delicious, open baozi inn is actually can earn a lot, then how can we successfully open a high income baozi Inn? Rather than trying to see how others do it, cut down to bring you a few examples of positive energy.

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How to choose snacks to join the project to keep these points in mind

snack market hot, open snack stores is also a good idea, but the choice of project you are a bit anxious. How to choose snacks to join the project? Is there a good way? Choose snacks to join the brand what precautions? The following principle to remember.

main product positioning method

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Turtle opened a year to sell braised turtle turtle brings about 5000000 yuan sales revenue

always concerned about the market, in order to grasp the wealth of information at the first time. These years, turtle price fluctuation, difficult to grasp, Zhejiang Ling’an where women eat a lot of losses, in a year, a year in lost, suffered a failure again and again, there is a phenomenon that attracted her attention, the same business people regardless of how the market changes the turtle, someone did not come from lost. She thought it was their own way to sell soft shelled turtles have a problem, simply ask for help. Ling’an City suburb of Linglong street of Ling’an city of Zhejiang province

two hours away from Hangzhou, a villa, every night hours, there will be people to eat a dish, drove the car here.

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Two words for you to solve the mystery of getting rich

Buddhist said, there must be a house. This sentence is valid in any place. In the pursuit of wealth today, we can also refer to this point, to get more wealth. So we just need to do one thing, this thing, it is now more and more people are doing things. It is also a thing that most people are afraid to do, although they can bring money and wealth to anyone. What is this thing?

JohnD.Rockefeller (Rockefeller, the United States, "oil king") when the child is the practice of this matter. He became a billionaire.
AndrewCarnegie (Carnegie, the United States, "iron king") also do. He became a world-famous tycoon. read more


Mid Autumn Festival to sell what to make money

time is coming to the Mid Autumn Festival in 2016, as the two major festivals, businesses who have a good grasp, will be able to earn unlimited wealth. So, the Mid Autumn Festival to sell what to make money: into the point of the national day of things to sell ah, such as the small national flag with the national emblem, the cost is small, large sales!

Mid Autumn Festival to sell anything to make money: moon cake

Low price

supermarket similarly, in the village store, moon cake gift box price is basically concentrated in the 129~269 yuan; and weiduomei stores four moon cake box concentrated in the 158~288 yuan, 300 yuan more than the gift of no sales. read more