Month: March 2017


Xining Seismological Bureau actively participate in earthquake monitoring technology training

Xining Seismological Bureau actively participate in earthquake monitoring technology training

8 month 30 to 31, testing center of the Provincial Seismological Bureau held a seismic monitoring technology training, I Bureau of seismic network in both at the same time the earthquake duty participated in the training. This training, by researcher Zhao Yong China seismic network center speaker, mainly about the seismic facies analysis, seismic analysis, seismic events, non natural earthquake magnitude determination of main content, through his explanation of a large number of examples of the development of seismic waveform monitoring staff’s work ideas, but also to solve the difficult problem of monitoring personnel bureau currently encountered in seismic analysis, further improve the business skills and the level of monitoring personnel.
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This summer, the whole nation is hot, Xining alone

since the summer of this year, when other city residents endure 40 DEG C when the average temperature in summer heat wave blowing, Xining has been at 18 DEG C, for a time, cool in Xining national fame, the average temperature of 18 degrees, not only to attract a lot of tourists, but also become the pride of the people in Xining.

13 years maximum temperature of only 36.5

reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, 2000 to 2013, the temperature in Xining have no history of more than 40 degrees, only in 2000, Xining’s extreme temperatures reached 36.5 degrees, which is 13 years with the highest temperature of the year. read more


Qinghai and Turkmenistan cooperation landing

to expand exchanges and cooperation in The Belt and Road along the country, strengthen economic and trade cooperation between Qinghai and the world, more and more small. In recent years, the Department of Commerce to take the initiative, and repeated visits to the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan, for the enterprises in our province matchmaking, reach a number of sets of investment, trade, sale as one of the bilateral economic and trade cooperation projects, opened Qinghai to trade channel in Central Asia, has laid a good foundation for the development of the market along the silk road. read more


The seventeenth Green Expo Pavilion won 9 awards in our province

9 month 5 days, four days of the seventeenth session of the China Green Food Expo in Changchun City agri Expo ended. 11 exhibitors in our province have achieved fruitful results, and fully demonstrated the fine image of highland green food. Qinghai Tianlu Dairy Co. Ltd. "dew" brand pure milk, Qinghai Qilian billion livestock meat dish Limited "snow eight" and "heavens Qilian" brand of Qilian Tibetan sheep series, with its excellent quality, won the Expo Gold Medal; Xining Xinshuo technology development limited liability company Qinghai Hong’en Technology Co. Ltd., Qinghai cold water fishery ecological Co. Ltd., Qinghai West Alexandra Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Qinghai Health Biotechnology Co. Ltd, Qinghai Rui Lake Biological Resources Development Co. Ltd. and other 6 enterprises, won the "outstanding business award"; green food office won the outstanding organization award". read more


Xining rural tourism sites into xiangbobo attendance of more than 75%

Reporters from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, during the National Day holiday, visitors to the province of the state county have to travel, free way, ring two hundred km circle of summer tourism rural tourism sites play, make Xining city rural tourism reception volume has been greatly improved. According to statistics, the average attendance rate of rural tourism in Xining reached more than 75%.During the National Day holiday


Xining the relentless pursuit of quality city


planning is the soul of the city, to be aware of the city, pay attention to solve the development of people’s livelihood in the planning, regional coordinated development, urban competitiveness and the level of innovation and development." Wang Xiaoduo, Party Secretary of the city planning management requirements.


Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that we should strengthen the study of city features, to create a bright, transparent Xianshanloushui city space, to create a modern city with unique landscapes of Hehuang culture. read more


Xining Federation of trade unions held the 60 anniversary of the workers calligraphy and painting ex

June 7th, the Xining Federation of trade unions, Xining literary and art circles in Xinning square jointly organized the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Xining Federation of Trade Unions Workers painting exhibition.

over the years, the majority of workers painting, photography enthusiasts, close to life, close to the masses, in a variety of styles, multiple words, interpretation of the great changes in Xining in the past 60 years the records of the entrepreneurial process turn the world upside down, the working class struggle, showing the people of steam on the good life, sing the praises of the ancient city of Xining bright and picturesque the magnificent mountains and rivers. read more


Xining has already built the first digital library

March 14th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal library, after several years of construction, Xining has been fully completed the first digital library in Northwest china.

in order to meet the needs of various types of readers, the city library funded the purchase of a variety of e-book reader, online reading without paying. There are many kinds of reading resources, which are related to the journals, the postgraduate entrance examination materials, the economic management cases, the DRC industry boom detection platform, social security, import and export trade and so on. In addition, the digital library is the exam for young people to learn database, including young people are most concerned about the English 46 levels of tests, review data and qualification examination. read more


Residential property will be divided into 5 charges

residential property will be divided into 5 levels of star property services charges, your home is a few stars? After the implementation of star service property charges? Which is not within the scope of property charges? Parking services and how to charge? In January 12th, the reporter learned from the provincial development and Reform Commission was informed that, in order to further standardize the province’s residential property services, maintenance of the owners and the realty service enterprise’s legitimate rights and interests, and promote the healthy development of the property services industry, recently, the provincial development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Department of housing and urban construction jointly formulated and issued on the "Qinghai residential property management services procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") notice and annex "Qinghai Province residential property service star standard". The measures shall come into force on February 1st. read more


The deployment of mobile heritage census

September 29th, Xining, the first national mobile relics census mobilization and training conference held to mobilize and deploy the city’s mobile heritage census work. Vice mayor Tong Wang attended the meeting, do a good job on the census of the significance, objectives and tasks put forward specific requirements.

the first national movable cultural relics census is the third national cultural relics census, China in the field of cultural heritage to carry out an investigation of national conditions and national strength. The city’s rich cultural heritage, distinctive regional characteristics, the number of movable cultural relics. But the city’s cultural relics statistical quantity and scope, only part of the state-owned cultural system, cultural relics museum of cultural relics collection unit. Therefore, to carry out the survey, a comprehensive grasp of the city cultural relics resources and values, not only conducive to build a scientific and effective system of protection of cultural heritage, cultural relics and play a positive role in the overall layout of the national economic and social development, more conducive to strengthening the supervision and protection of cultural relics in accordance with the law, formulate the corresponding policy and planning, timely and effective for the damaged cultural relics protection implementation rescue, the safety of cultural relics, to promote the integration and utilization of cultural resources, enrich the connotation of public cultural services, to further promote the cultural construction of Xining. The survey involved more than 2000 kinds of state-owned units and cultural relics protection units at all levels of religious activities. Census focused on 1949 (including 1949) before the cultural relics, while taking into account the collection of cultural relics museum, the census also covers some of the artifacts after the year of 1949. read more