The United Nations conference ends with the end of the U.S.


The United Nations conference ends with the end of the U.S.

has been the control problem with the domain name IP address assignment allocation on the Internet, which defines how to access the Internet, e-mail people all over the world. In the United Nations Internet Conference held on Monday, the countries all over the world to discuss this problem.

although few people criticize the U.S. direct management of the Internet, but we are very clear about the role of Americans in the domain name strategy.

Brazil team culture minister Gilberto Gil said at the meeting, the Internet is a multinational, can not be controlled by the power of a country, the Internet should be the territory of everyone in the world

actually, this forum is just a regular meeting once a year, to discuss the issue of spam and cheaper Internet solutions, there is no decision-making power. Most seek to change the situation, it is only to put pressure on the United States for meeting, forcing the United States back.

the meeting to discuss the crux of the problem lies in the control of key Internet domain name, such as ".Com" and ".Org" domain, computer to find a website, so it can not be influenced by the United States.

for the American government, invested a lot of money in the early stage of Internet development, so its domain name. The domain name from the jurisdiction of the non-profit California based internet name and number distribution control mechanism (ICANN), the United States has its veto.

in fact all the resentment of the United States is the beginning of the first Internet Governance Forum held in Athens last year from the original meeting and technical standards for telecommunications links, and other topics for discussion. But the participants at the meeting published on the ICANN and the U.S. government dissatisfaction and criticism.

critics worry that under the ICANN domain name is actually very dangerous, if the U.S. government website to treat political attitude, then only need to change some data in the database, then a country's website.

will disappear in an instant

but ICANN's president and chief executive insisted that the organization is international, but look at their three important board members can understand that they are all senior officials of the U.S. government.

the four day Symposium on a total of more than 1000 representatives of the government, enterprises, civil society representatives, the meeting also discussed the network security, language diversity, subscriptions and privacy topic.

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