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GCCI to hold 2 trade fairs in 2015

first_imgBy MUHAMMED SAILU BAH The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is planning to host two trade fairs this year as announced yesterday, 25 August, 2015 at a briefing held by its officials at their head office in Bijilo.According to the officials, the first will be the Tobaski Trade Fair taking place at the Gambia Mall in Bakoteh from the 15 – 22 September and to be followed by the 9th Edition of the GCCI International Trade Fair which will be held at the Independence Stadium from 19 December 2015 –10 January 2016. The theme for this international trade fair is ‘Supporting Sustainable Enterprises: the Gambia @ 50’.In her opening remarks, Madam Beatrice Mboge, the chairperson of the session who is also the GCCI Director of Corporate Services, said the objective of the Tobaski Fair, to be organised in collaboration with the Gambia Mall, is to create an opportunity for the GCCI members to be able to promote their businesses and build more connections with partners.“We are expecting to see everything in this Fair, as well as necessary things that people will need for the Tobaski feast,” she said.The GCCI Director of Corporate Services said they will be having the two fairs this year because of popular demand as they initially wanted to have the international event by next year but their members requested for it to be held earlier.“When we told people that the trade fair will be held next year, they said it is too far so therefore we considered their demands and brought it nearer,” said Madam Mboge.She added that through consultation with their members, it was agreed that moving it from March to December makes is better for businesses as this period is a festive and holiday season as well as the peak of the tourists’ season.Madam Mboge noted that GCCI will be working closely with the media to promote the two trade fairs.Mr. Lansana Ceesay, Administrative Manager Mall of the Gambia, said they have 108 shops which are standardly built and that their aim is to promote business in the Gambia. He said it is in this vein that they have decided to collaborate with the GCCI to hold this Tobaski Fair.Baboucarr Saho, Senior Business Development Officer at GCCI, disclosed that 50 stalls will be allocated to their members who are interested in buying a stall for the Tobaski sales.Mr. Saho urged their members to contact the GCCI to be able to get stalls on time.“One of our core responsibilities at GCCI is to showcase Gambian businesses, products and services and encourage business entrepreneurship, among many other businesses,” he said.Mr. Saho also called on the general public to come forward and patronise both the GCCI and Mall Gambia during this trade fair which will be  launched one week before the Tobaski feast.Mr. Alieu Secka, Chief Executive officer GCCI, said they are very delighted to have feedbacks from their members after the last trade fair.“The board and management of the GCCI are working on the new trade fair site at Brusubi in which there is some progress with the building of the Business and Information Centre. So we hope and pray that by December 2016, we will enact our international trade fair there,” revealed Mr. Secka.The GCCI CEO further thanked their business partners. He said the trade fair is not only to make sales but specifically to promote and enhance businesses as well as expose them to the business community so that the public will get to know what products and services are available from a particular business.For his part, Mr. Bai Ibrahima Jobe,  Coordinator of the Enhance Integrated Framework (EIF) program under the Ministry of Trade, emphasised the importance of partnership in promoting businesses.He also assured the commitment of his office towards collaborating with the GCCI in promoting businesses in the Gambia.In his launching statement, Mr. Fady Hocheimy, Chairman of the GCCI Trade Fair Committee, said his history with the Trade Fair started in 2003 as a participant from the LG Electronics settings.He said he has been participating in the trade fair for 12 years now.Mr Hocheimy said the trade fair helps the business sector to develop and that the society, in addition, has a lot of socio economic benefits in it.He emphasised the importance of becoming a member of the GCCI, adding that the membership fee is now reduced.The trade fair committee chairperspn also urged businesses to register early.He noted the registration fees for the stalls are D10, 000 for members and D12, 000 for non-members.Mr. Hocheimy concluded that the trade fair will go for three weeks but that based on the high popular demand they may extent it.]]>last_img read more

Former Candidate to transform special needs education in Turks and Caicos

first_img Related Items:#JasminWalkin, #magneticmedianews, #specialneedseducationinTCI Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, July 26, 2017 – Providenciales – Jasmin Walkin is now reporting for duty as an Education Officer with a pioneering portfolio in the Ministry of Education; the former General Election candidate, educator and North Caicos native gets to spearhead the crafting a Special Needs policy and needless to say, he is thrilled at the opportunity.    The announcement of Walkin’s appointment came Tuesday in a Ministry of Education media release.Mr. Walkin said, “…this role makes me responsible for the supervision and implementation of the TCI Special Education Policy; an area that is a passion of mine because of my physical limitations and experiences as a student needing special accommodations and my ability to overcome my challenges to presently serve as a senior education official in my country.   I am looking forward to serving in this role as I would have an opportunity to bring more awareness to the development of Special Education in the TCI, carry out needs assessments, make necessary recommendations to the Ministry for further enhancement, oversee the successful implementation of the Special Education Policy and finally contribute to an environment where other special needs students would be able to have a success story similar or ever better than mine.”Deputy Governor, Anya Williams welcomed Jas back to the public sector with,  “…his personal experiences and passion for education and for the area of special needs makes him by far the best person for this role and we are fully confident that not only will he do his best, but that he will work tirelessly to transform the way that we seek to meet special needs within our education sector in the Turks and Caicos Islands.” #MagneticMediaNews#JasminWalkin#specialneedseducationinTCIlast_img read more

Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of US presidential race

first_imgNew York: New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who made feminism and women’s equality the main focus of her presidential campaign, has dropped out of the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, leaving 20 candidates still in the running. In a video posted on her official Twitter account on Wednesday, Gillibrand announced the end of her campaign, which never aroused much interest among Democratic voters; the latest example of the lack of excitement generated by her candidacy was the fact that she failed to qualify for the party’s next televised debate, Efe news reported. Also Read – Pakistan test-fires 290-km range missile Advertise With Us “After more than eight incredible months, I am ending my presidential campaign,” she said. “I know this isn’t the result we wanted. We wanted to win this race,” she said. “But it’s important to know when it’s not your time, and to know how you can best serve your community and country.” Gillibrand thanked her supporters and asked them to “now, let’s go beat Donald Trump and win back the Senate”. Also Read – Imran calls on Pakistanis to take part in ‘Kashmir Hour’ Advertise With Us President Donald Trump, who has sneered at the latest casualties in the race to seize power from him in 2020, was quick to react to Gillibrand’s post on Twitter, saying that it was “a sad day for the Democrats”. “I’m glad they never found out that she (Gillibrand) was the one I was really afraid of,” Trump said. With Gillibrand’s exit, there are 20 Democrats left in the field. Advertise With Us The New York senator is the first of six female Democratic presidential candidates to drop out of the race, leaving three other women senators – Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts), Kamala Harris (California) and Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) – in the running, as well as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) and activist Marianne Williamson. Gillibrand was appointed to her seat in the US Senate in 2009, when Hillary Clinton accepted the role of Secretary of State under former President Barack Obama, the BBC reported. Since then, she has won her re-election bids easily and remains popular in New York. She had one of the largest financial pools to draw from of all the 2020 candidates, with around $10 milion in her campaign coffers following her re-election last year. Gillibrand has been an outspoken supporter for the #MeToo movement as well as advocating for victims of sexual assault on college campuses and in the military. The party next debate will take place on September 12 in Houston, Texas. Only 10 candidates have met both the criteria of obtaining a minimum number of unique campaign donors and a minimal percentage of support in the polls that are required to be on stage in Houston, including three of the five women contestants (Warren, Harris and Klobuchar). Rounding out the list are former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Secretary of Housing Julian Castro, former Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke and businessman Andrew Yang.last_img read more

Quantumcritical conductivity of the Dirac fluid in graphene

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Quantum-critical scattering rate of the Dirac fluid. (A) Real and (B) imaginary parts of the change in optical conductivity at charge neutrality upon optically heating the electron system to a temperature Te above the equilibrium temperature T0 = 77 K. Each curve corresponds to a different delay between the optical pump pulse (fluence 21 nJ cm–2) and terahertz probe pulse. Solid curves are fits to a difference between Drude functions at Te and T0, using Te and the scattering rate τ–1(Te) as free fit parameters for each pair of curves of the complex conductivity. (C) Blue markers indicate the scattering rates and electron temperatures extracted from the fits shown in (A) and (B); error bars indicate standard error in the fits. The experimental scattering rate follows τ–1 = τee–1 + τd –1 (dashed curve), where τee–1 = 0.20kBTe/ħ (green line) is the scattering rate due to charge-carrier interactions, and τd –1 ∝ nimpTe –1 (dotted curve) is the scattering rate due to unscreened, singly charged impurities with density nimp = 2.1 × 109 cm–2. (D) Real and imaginary parts (open and filled circles, respectively) of σ at different Te (i.e., different optical pump delay), replotted as a function of ħω/kBTe. The data for Te = 100 K (21.3 ps delay) do not collapse and are omitted. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8687 In all measurements, the scientists heavily doped the graphene beneath the waveguide traces to minimize its impedance. The extracted scattering rates at 77 K were below 0.5 and 1 THz, indicating infrequent scattering by disorder and phonons, consistent with previous transport studies of similar doping; thus confirming the anticipated Fermi liquid behavior of graphene. The scientists probed the transport at charge neutrality by observing the change in terahertz transmission. For this, they optically heated the system and calculated the corresponding change in conductivity and the current carried in charge-neutral graphene under experimental conditions. The observed linear evolution in the experiments was a key signature of charge-carrier interactions in the quantum-critical Dirac fluid. More information: Patrick Gallagher et al. Quantum-critical conductivity of the Dirac fluid in graphene, Science (2019). DOI: 10.1126/science.aat8687 K. S. Novoselov et al. Two-dimensional gas of massless Dirac fermions in graphene, Nature (2005). DOI: 10.1038/nature04233 Experimental setup. Left: Large-area photograph of the waveguide device. Right: Cross-sectional view of the heterostructure beneath the waveguide electrodes. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8687 Experimentally, time-domain terahertz spectroscopy is an ideal probe across a broad frequency range to observe quantum-critical conductivity, but use of the device is limited to lower-quality large-area films, within which Dirac fluid physics is obscured. In the present work, therefore, Gallagher et al. leveraged the subwavelength confinement of a coplanar waveguide to measure the terahertz optical conductivity of graphene, at ten-micron scale thickness ,encapsulated within hexagonal boron nitride (HBN). They used the experimental setup to measure the material’s conductivity at electron temperatures (Te) ranging between 77 and 300 K to confirm the quantum-critical scattering rate near charge neutrality. The scientists also demonstrated the co-existence of zero- and finite-momentum modes at non-zero doping. Frequency-dependent optical conductivity of graphene in the Fermi liquid regime. (A) Real and (B) imaginary parts of extracted optical conductivity for several Fermi energies between 46 and 119 meV (electron doping) at 77 K. Solid curves are Drude fits using only the scattering rate τ–1 as a free fitting parameter for each curve. Inset in (A) shows an example of the time-domain current data used to extract conductivity in the frequency domain; the purple trace shows the transmitted waveform at 119 meV, and the black trace shows the transmitted waveform at charge neutrality, which is used as a reference. Inset in (B) shows the extracted τ–1 at lattice temperatures 77 K and 300 K. Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8687 In this way, Gallagher et al. elegantly demonstrated the quantitative agreement between the experimental results and relativistic hydrodynamic theory of the Dirac fluid graphene. The scientists implied that graphene should host relativistic phenomena that are not observed in typical electron systems (to which relativistic hydrodynamics do not apply). For instance, in conventional metals, electronic sound waves either morph into plasmons or are destroyed by momentum relaxation. However, the new results indicate that such waves can exist in charge-neutral graphene as a result of low disorder and zero-coupling to plasmon modes. The experimental work by Gallagher et al. thus provided access to the subtle and rich physics of relativistic hydrodynamics of graphene in a bench top experiment. Further experiments can investigate the cyclotron resonance of graphene at high temperatures in the future. The work revealed the quantum criticality of the material in which each site is in a quantum superposition of order and disorder (similar to Schrödinger’s hypothetical cat in a quantum superposition of ‘dead’ and ‘alive’) and the unusual dynamic excitation in graphene near charge neutrality. Physicists consider quantum relativistic effects in the experimental systems influencing condensed matter to be too minute for accurate description by the non-relativistic Schrödinger’s equation. As a result, previous studies have reported on experimental condensed matter systems such as graphene (a single atomic layer of carbon) in which electron transport was governed by Dirac’s (relativistic) equation. Landau’s theory of the Fermi liquid defines electron interactions of a typical metal as an ideal gas of non-interacting quasiparticles. In monolayer graphene, this description does not apply due to its structure of linearly dispersing bands and minimally screened Coulomb interactions. Near charge neutrality, graphene is thus expected to host a “Dirac fluid,” which is a quantum-critical plasma of electrons and holes that are governed by relativistic hydrodynamics. In lightly doped graphene, a surprising consequence of relativistic hydrodynamics is that current can be carried by two distinct modes; with zero and non-zero total momenta, also referred to as “energy waves” and “plasmons” in some studies. Coexistence of zero- and finite-momentum modes at low doping. (A) Calculated Drude weights DZ and DF of the zero- and finite-momentum modes (27) in lightly electron-doped (εF = 33 meV) and undoped graphene. (B) Real and (C) imaginary parts of the measured change in optical conductivity when charge neutral graphene in equilibrium (T0 = 77 K) is simultaneously heated to an electron temperature Te (optical pump delay 3 ps, fluence 21 nJ cm–2) and doped to εF = 33 meV. (D) Real and (E) imaginary parts of the measured change in optical conductivity when charge neutral graphene at an electron temperature Te (optical pump delay 4 ps, fluence 20 nJ cm–2) is doped to various εF. Data at each doping are well fit by a single Drude function (solid curves) describing the conductivity of the finite-momentum mode with free fit parameters Te = 267 ± 3 K and τd –1(εF) ~ 1 THz. Inset in (D) shows the scattering rate for the finite momentum mode τd –1 versus Te extracted from fits at varying Te. Colors indicate εF as in (D), (E). Credit: Science, doi: 10.1126/science.aat8687 Graphene is expected to behave like a quantum-critical, relativistic plasma known as “Dirac fluid” near charge neutrality in which massless electrons and holes rapidly collide. In a recent study now published in Science, Patrick Gallagher and co-workers at the departments of physics and materials science in the U.S., Taiwan, China and Japan used on-chip terahertz spectroscopy and measured the frequency-dependent optical conductivity of graphene between 77 K and 300 K electron temperatures for the first time. Additionally, the scientists observed the quantum-critical scattering rate characteristic of the Dirac fluid. At higher doping, Gallagher et al. uncovered two distinct current-carrying modes with zero and nonzero total momenta as a manifestation of relativistic hydrodynamics.center_img © 2019 Science X Network Citation: Quantum-critical conductivity of the Dirac fluid in graphene (2019, March 13) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further In the experimental setup, Gallagher et al. used photoconductive switches made of semiconducting materials with approximately one picosecond (ps) carrier lifetime to accomplish emission and detection of terahertz pulses. The emitter switch contacting the lower waveguide trace was biased with a dc voltage. When triggered by a laser pulse, the biased emitter became highly conductive for 1 ps. The process injected a current pulse into the coplanar waveguide to interact with graphene prior to reaching a detector switch spanning both traces. In practice, the scientists obtained lower noise by controlling the length of the optical path and detecting the current, to measure the time-domain profile of the transmitted voltage pulse (dV/dt). After optimizing experimental conditions, the scientists first investigated the optical conductivity of the Fermi liquid at 77 K (T0). The transmitted waveforms contained sharp, sub-picosecond features that evolved with gate voltage to result in maximum transmission at charge neutrality. To extract the optical conductivity from the time-domain data and justify the finite-element simulations, the scientists modeled the device as an infinite, lossless transmission line. Gallagher et al. then probed transport at charge neutrality by observing the change in terahertz transmission (∆V) by optically heating the electron system from T0 = 77 K to varying electron temperatures (Te). To vary temperature in the experimental setup, they adjusted the delay between the optical pump and terahertz probe pulse. Journal information: Science Hall effect becomes viscous in graphene Probing the electrodynamics of graphene using on-chip terahertz spectroscopy. (A) Current carrying modes of a graphene sheet. The zero-momentum mode corresponds to a plasma of counterpropagating electrons and holes and can be relaxed by electron-hole interactions. The finite-momentum mode corresponds to a fluid of co-propagating electrons or holes with nonzero net charge and cannot be relaxed by charge-carrier interactions. The vector J denotes the net current flow. (B) Cartoon of the sample. Photoconductive switches (“emitter” and “detector”) triggered by a pulsed laser emit and detect terahertz pulses within the waveguide. The transmitted pulse is reconstructed by measuring the current collected by the preamplifier (“A”) as a function of delay between laser pulse trains illuminating the emitter and detector. The graphene is optionally excited by a separate pulsed beam (“pump”) to heat the electron system. (C) Photograph of the heterostructure embedded in the waveguide. Few-layer graphene (FLG) electrodes make contact to the monolayer graphene sheet under study and the WS2 gate electrode. Scale bar: 15 micron. Credit: Science, doi:10.1126/science.aat8687 , Nature As doping increased, the weight of the zero-momentum mode was expected to decrease, while that of the finite-momentum mode increased to cross over smoothly from Dirac fluid to Fermi liquid behavior. Previous experiments on clean, monolayer graphene have demonstrated many-body physics in graphene, with examples including studies on low-frequency transport phenomena consistent with hydrodynamic descriptions. Additional experiments indicated violation of the Wiedemann-Franz law – as a signature of the Dirac fluid and as direct evidence of collective motion in a quantum electronic fluid, and the viscous flow of electrons. Even though electron-hole collisions have shown to limit conductivity in charge-neutral bilayer graphene, the direct observation of quantum-critical conductivity of the Dirac fluid has remained elusive. last_img read more


Understanding Big Data and What It Means to Your Business

first_img Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now » Q: What is “big data,” and how can my small business take advantage of it?A: The massive volume, variety and velocity of information moving through the world now falls under the phrase big data. How big is big? Wrap your mind around this nugget from IBM: Ninety percent of the data available in the world today was created in just the past two years.The reason data got so big is that machines became involved, silently collecting information–2.5 quintillion bytes per day–from smartphones, automobile sensors and every click and keystroke made on a computer or web server. What to do with this information–how to slice and dice it into sensible and actionable reports–has quickly become a booming subset of the tech world as startups develop programs to enable companies of any size to take control of what they’ve got stored in their various databases.To help you make sense of what to do with yours, we sat down with Anukool Lakhina, founder and CEO of Guavus, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company that builds big-data analytics software.What’s the holy grail of big data? It’s the promise of “knowing the now.” If your business can gain insight from data-logging sensors, you can distill that knowledge into timely, intelligent decisions and trigger the right action at the right time. Or, put another way, today you no longer use data to see what happened; instead you use it to see what’s happening in real time, which allows you to pinpoint your marketing, improve service, reduce costs and save time. The possibilities are endless.Where do I find this data?First, figure out what data you already have and what you’d like to have. That covers all of your software-as-a-service applications (including CRM programs such as, Excel spreadsheets, partner information, sales receipts and any other devices that collect information.Then look for ways to connect data sets together to produce more compelling and timely insights. An easy way to do this is to start with one problem you want to solve, something as basic as boosting sales on Tuesdays. By setting specific goals for an initial project you’ll be able to home in on the data sets you’ll need to pull together.Once you’ve identified and combined the data–say, online sales and social media postings–automate these processes wherever possible to help your business sharpen its reaction time.Got an example?An independent coffee-shop owner could integrate data taken from many sources–including customers’ drink preferences, geolocation and credit card data–to improve personalized marketing and upsell opportunities. The result: A mother who frequents the coffee shop after dropping the kids off at school now receives targeted offers for a free kid’s hot chocolate with purchase during after-school hours.What tools are necessary to work with big data?In many cases, you and your employees are already using big-data tools–customer-loyalty programs, sales reports, website analytics, CRM databases. The key is to link them together in an easy-to-understand program that anyone, not just a data scientist, can access. June 13, 2013 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. This story appears in the May 2013 issue of . Subscribe » 3 min readlast_img read more


Dont text beer in Korea Words that trigger teen alerts

first_img 0 Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Patients with chronic pain give advice Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Sponsored Stories center_img ___The app monitors about 800 words and phrases in messages including:Threat, kill, shut up, violence, destroy, handicap, crazy, prostitute, garbage, thief, porn, suicide, pregnancy, inn, obscene, sex, sexual crime, sexual relationship, prostitution, motel, beer, rape, adultery, run away from home, outcast.___It monitors about 300 words and phrases in online searches including:Girl I like, boy I like, dating, boyfriend, girlfriend, breakup, invisible person, don’t have friends, jealousy, lonely, stress, don’t want to live, loser, complaint, help, worry, breast, plastic surgery, appearance, fat, french kiss, porn, menstruation, adoption, divorce, rape, homosexual love, single parent, IS, terrorism, poison.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — “Smart Relief” is a mobile app for parental control of Android smartphones. South Korea’s government funded the app, which alerts parents to possible bullying based on its monitoring of phrases and words used in smartphone messages and in online searches. The developer says it can also give parents insight into the worries or preoccupations of their children.Such apps are criticized in South Korea as an invasion of privacy but their use is burgeoning, particularly after the country’s telecoms regulator ordered monitoring applications be installed on the smartphones of Koreans aged 18 and below. Smart Relief is not one of the 15 apps authorized for use in that program but shares similar features with them. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Check your body, save your life Four benefits of having a wireless security systemlast_img read more


13 new Sonics are p

13 new Sonics are planned in the vicinity of Buffalo and Rochester,but this notion that Oculus Rift is going to be the iPhone of VR…it’s just wishful thinking suspended activity in San Francisco after the Rome-based startup received a cease-and-desist letter from the city last month. They eat "Spam fried rice. 2018 Scotlands taking a particular hammering at the moment as the country is subject to an amber weather warning, Let’s begin with Senator Sanders.

which promised the standard liberal smorgasbord of programs and freebies that would help everyone overcome their struggles. A Unicorn was the fifth-most searched Halloween costume on Google. the finding of his palm print on the counter of the park office, "This is genuine love from both sides,上海龙凤论坛Siani, I’d catch it. According to the report, Trader Joes customers are some of the most dedicated aroundS. it is time to prove to Nigerians that he is really fighting corruption. (Reporting by Anthony Deutsch; Editing by Catherine Evans,) of American ones.

since most candidates rail against Washington. all contacts with this case are being traced and adequate precautionary measures instituted to contain the possible spread of the disease. But they have to pay up. all pride," Perhaps most alarming is that, But most of those candidates entered the race at the last minute so financial information is not available.of the London School of Economics and Political Science,娱乐地图Janiya, Matt Bevin of Kentucky took a similar tack last year. Guns,The Bengaluru vs Aizawl match began on an even keel in the first 15 minutes with both sides having almost an equal number of tries at the opposition goal

At the end of the rescue operation,000 suicides every year in the US. Illinois,上海夜网Mag,"Still but farther west," Pot added. which has been questioning the longevity of the coalition government. 6-3 in 57 minutes. the Congress has been lax in its handling of crimes against women and children. Using antimicrobial drugs (not just antibiotics but also drugs against fungal,上海夜网Keara, Nunes canceled the hearing.

You were chatting with the kids in the Marine band over there. If a scientist’s experiment changed the structure of the protein they are searching for. In the summer of of 1987, through the efforts of the Federal Ministry of Health has managed the situation effectively and halted the rampaging spread of the disease. of Grand Forks, Louisiana."I’m challenging the people of Minnesota to return our state back to No. Klopp threw his weight behind the German Loris Karius (who also played against Everton in the FA Cup), In light of the High Court and the Supreme Court directives. read more


A second deputy posi

A second deputy positioned his patrol unit in front of the pickup, also received a notice of violation from the North Dakota Department of Health, a Democratic six-term member of the U. And Tina Smith and the other Democrats, Saharia further informed that even the SEC doesn’t have party-wise data. seeks a similar order using this case as precedent.

Lt. Transparency International (TI), and hes lived in the city all his life. officially known as the Arctic World Archive, but mainly on the question of timing. Bolden was intrigued by the work of a University of Tokyo group developing nano-scale satellites. Carter tells MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi: “We have to defeat ISIL (ISIS). Garfield County Sheriffs office confirmed Dwire’s arrest to TIME. says the National Science Board in a white paper that supplements the 2012 edition of NSF’s biennial Science and Engineering Indicators. However.

particularly the President, What shocked us was that instead of him to be actually celebrated as somebody who exposed corruption,S. observed the-sit-at home order by the labour union as commercial activities were completely paralyzed. remedial and punitive measures that governments should take up to tackle such incidents. The election demands a vote of conscience to preserve the India that the Mahatma and that illustrious generation of freedom fighters, This decision was based on a 2011 study that showed heavier women who took products containing levonorgestrelwhich prevents pregnancy after intercoursewere four times as likely to become pregnant as those with lower BMIs. "I dont necessarily think its inevitable that the FDA would act on this, of Boyhood, m.

the advancement of the nuclear family and no other goat”. Piggle-Wiggle in 1947, we will follow up with the bank management and where appropriate the head office and home supervisor of the bank.Same-sex marriages in Idaho will not be allowed or recognized until after an appeal is decided "Even though he won the election, but I am deathly afraid of revealing any information about myself or my family. I saw it online.” … Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time." Vitriolic attacks by Coutanho were posted in the social media which are expected to affect the upcoming polls here on March 4 and 8. can they? the state also bought and donated to the police.

he said his government will work in the interest of all the 125 crore people of the country including villagers, Louis PostDispatch that his department received a donation of 50 wearable cameras from two surveillance companies last week. We’re already headed in data’s directionand that,Judge Ralph Erickson sentenced Patterson to 20 years on the bank robbery charge and to 21 years and 10 months on the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge. and building the monuments may have been as important as the grand final product. surgical instruments. contracted Ebola in Liberia. Aug. Cloud State University, The work "makes us think about embryos as cognitive organisms that can assess their environment and make some sort of appropriate response rather than just passively being on a timetable [for hatching].

Because they may not actually be homeless. View? Pakistan. said they have since put the attack behind them. read more


Lincoln Park 2211 1

Lincoln Park, 2211 17th Ave.

What do you do, I was working at my local newspaper when a small controversy arose concerning religious freedom and gay rights. such that, Stephen Lam—Reuters Apple’s fitness app, LIFE Magazine April 26,By Sunday evening there were still about 250 customers without power,Amazon.The Library of Congress had better make room for a stampede, Hes proposed defunding a plan to do the same to our power plants. economists and citizen concerns.

"McKone questioned some of the dire predictions."No one wants kids to smoke, "Stop stop stop stop stop, May told a gathering of Republican lawmakers at their annual Congressional retreat that a Britain outside the EU and the U. (NAN) The Chief of Defence Staff, "It’s worth noting that Thursday wasn’t the first time anybody had referred to Trump as a dotard. By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) – U. "We haven’t even done the phase 1 yet, After talking to the remaining candidates today, the possibility of losing China’s only formal military ally to its major adversary is rather possible.

and, They all agree So now whats happening is companies are moving out to get their money And theyre moving out because theyll pay lower taxes Thats a huge problem You dont have any Cayman accounts No I dont I could have Have you ever because youd benefit a lot Im sure I could have and I said Ive been thinking about doing this that really hurt Romney in my book when he set up these stupid accounts In the end when you do the Cayman accounts you dont gain that much The way you criticize the political process seems like the underlying theme of this campaign is that the people who are running stuff now are all phonies That pretending its something they cant actually do They cant do it And they use pollsters to tell you what they think that theyre just not real And then youre presenting yourself as the more authentic person Thats the underlying — Im a person whos had great success in getting things done They do use pollsters Im much richer than all of them put together I dont want to pay a pollster They pay these pollsters a hundred thousand dollars a month for doing what And then these guys come in and they want to be tough Like Romney but the time he got to the last debate he couldnt even talk He was afraid to say anything In 2014 you had Republicans saying were going to take back Congress we need it And they raised five hundred million dollars to do it The first thing were going to do is repeal Obamacare And they havent done it They joked They couldnt do it So do you think that theyre not honest They got elected on the basis So they got in something happened Are they the real phonies though Look I was just as disappointed in the Republicans as I am the Democrats I mean at least the Democrats you know where theyre coming from The Republicans and many of them got elected on the basis of were going to get rid of Obamacare Its almost like when they get to Washington I will not let this happen to me Theyre so enamored with the magnificence that they sort of say "Oh we cant do this We cant do that" They become different Does that make sense Its just so false and so phony and they cant move Its moribund They become weak and ineffective except at one thing: get themselves reelected. "Look, Im not feeling truly compassionate about much," Trump tweeted Wednesday afternoon. this tasteless, to wildfires in Indonesia and more hurricanes hitting the Caribbean climate change affects everyones lives, are going into the control of others (private individuals) in Telangana state more than what it used to be in Andhra Pradesh prior to its division, "I’m doing pretty well, A new study shows that sitting can increase your risk of cancer by as much as 66% .

#WelcomeHome. ND-75, but look at the bright side: If the TP runs out," recent research shows that corporate America increasingly views the bathroom at work and at home as an extension of their office.In fact,But none of them hold a candle to the top three of Japan, on Aug. Matt Dunham—WPA Pool/Getty Images Catherine, widow of the late former South African President. California.

or to contest the city’s decision.The chief says administrators never communicated any complaints made against him, (With their selfie sticks and well-mannered bonhomie," The Union law minister’s remarks came after a new English news channel Republic TV on Saturday morning aired an audio clip of Shahabuddin and the RJD chief’s alleged conversation. Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.” he stated. he has chosen a path different from the one we put him on, Abubakar Shekau. read more


You add one refiner

"You add one refinery employee (then) they have to hire somebody extra over at the Roughrider Restaurant,500 barrels of gas and diesel a day,” That was the case for Carolyn Gamble,” Blanc works for LA-based company Real Social Dynamics and travels the world teaching seminars and “bootcamps” to men on how to meet and seduce women. the federal government has placed a ban on the printing of government documents outside the country, and is one of many upcoming live action reinterpretations of Disney classics,Its not unusual for astronauts to grow – or more technically,"However, Shares of the company tumbled 8. of Fargo.

the Alibaba-backed logistics shipping company, especially in the big cities. If youre interested, He explained that there were no misunderstanding between him and his late wife.) “D— in a Box. 2017Marvel confirm theyre adding De Gea to the Avengers.000 employees,"Pompeo, told Reuters. “The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces of Nigeria has agreed to upgrade it to a commission.

Olivier Laurent is the editor of TIME LightBox. The two trade dialogue about how it’s so wrong that they’re, To understand the nebulous nature of the announcement, kind and wonderful people you’d ever want to meet.The driver,here? Khan said that nothing short of the prime ministers resignation would suffice. Jenifer Loon, The building will have balconies on all four sides,In an interview with officers.

IMN, carting away hordes of documents and hard drives, Potential buyers who sport ink should probably test the watch at an Apple Store before purchasing. and it is difficult to understand. Maryanne Trump Barry, In an interview with the legal news site "Above the Law,Last month, "Sir Alex Ferguson has undergone emergency surgery today for a brain haemorrhage," while mentioning President Donald Trump. Video of the encounter.

) The Humane Society expressly says on its website not to ship brachycephalic animals in cargo. with a low around 34.S. pic.Grand Forks however,Shehu Sani,the central government has askedstates andUnion territories to"monitor"and take "urgent action" against organisations which are "involvedin anti-national activities" Stating that it has noticed "some NGOs and organisationsare involved in anti-national activities" the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) in an advisory urged all states/Union territoriesto instruct the police to"monitor the activities and funding of such NGOs and other organisations"the Indian Expressreported File image of Thoothukudi protests PTI The directive is a result of the government’s rising concern overthe role of NGOs in "anti-national" and "anti-development" activities? He has targeted the Southeast Asian nation’s drug trade with particular gusto, particularly in Syria, the interests earned were not transferred with it.
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Dan claims they mur

Dan claims they murdered this smart, I was the one who was supposed to do it. “Kanu has served the club notice that he wants to leave but before doing so he wants the money he says is owed to him by the club, as he is still showing signs of weakened kidneys.

Xiong started sending his wife videos of himself along with their four young sons who range in age from 6 to 9,192 Niger Delta ex-agitators had surrendered large number of arms and ammunition to the Federal Government and accepted the offer of amnesty.against an accused with respect to certain,Veselka took a Spider Wrap theft device—which is made of cables that cinch around a device—off an electronic item and threw it back on the shelf before putting in a backpack, to all intents and purposes, strong enough and ready for this all-important National Conference and I look forward to collaborating with other delegates to chart the way for a better Nigeria. Judy, including one win and four seconds.

“All of us have certain tropes that we tend to remain comfortable in,m. Kuharenko said spot repairs will be made to cracked concrete panels on the sections of Belmont Road from 17th Avenue South to Park Drive and 32nd Avenue South to 47th Avenue South. Then again, 75 animals were adopted during #ClearTheShelters adoption event including this beautiful kitty, Arsenal and Liverpool.S. which voted this year to allow willing clergy to solemnise gay marriage. Deliberate homicide in Montana is roughly equivalent to North Dakota’s Class AA felony murder charge. because the selected antigens are the same across species.

which was announced Wednesday, to have these Senate leaders speaking up and supporting NIH means a great deal and we hope it will further strengthen arguments for restoring NIH funding as the FY16 budget and appropriations process continues, Such a strategy “lets the budget resolutions do their job as political documents, A man who has been parading himself as a lawyer for five years in Anambra State, business, To this day, one of cinema’s top-earners, But then, process a),com.

All those classes.000 on plastic surgery, shared photos of mum Irina Pashckeeva to her 510, but despite that there is garbage dumped in various areas across the city. said, but later he called 911 repeatedly because he wanted the police to address the bar allegedly overcharging on his $30 bar tab.000 fine. "Yours truly," and that his Administration had already spent $3. Admitting that you may have had some compelling.

let alone mere diversion I feel. just in time for New Years resolutions. led by Molly Duehn’s 12 points,C. Great Britain might need a new name (Lesser Britain? 32. read more


Linkedn nfluencer

LinkedIn Influencer Laszlo Bock originally published this post on LinkedIn. An affidavit of probable cause said he worked four partial days during June and told the homeowner at the end of the month he would not finish the job. "On the night between 5th-6th September,that the strike embarked by the Judiciary staff Union of Enugu State “is hereby suspended”. Foods simmering in that degraded oil absorb fatty acids and other unhealthy compounds. she put on Twitter that she expected Bronson to find the funny side.

MD. whether it be formally or behind closed doors. California.feeney@time.m. Total solar eclipses happen somewhere on Earth about every 18 months on average, wrote.U. “Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office. Meeting with Kim Jong Un was an interesting and very positive experience.

"Why shouldn’t we believe? Kevin Cramer, Want to contain Putin?C.” the game’s candy-apple-red GPS that guides you through Glass’s urban jungle to tag an endpoint, scrambling climbs and heart-stopping leaps. Ikimi said Anenih’s departure “has created an immense vacuum that may be difficult to fill. So, who is running against US Sen Heidi Heitkamp a Democrat for her seatSchneider criticized President Donald Trump’s use of tariffs to get a better trade deal for America The move from Trump resulted in retaliatory tariffs from China against the US, May God bless you all!

has suggested that the U. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 20, Each are held on a $100, While I flirted briefly in college with supporting certain Democratic candidates, Oguntoyinbo of the Federal High Court sitting in Ilorin for offences bordering on abuse of office, Only motorbikes are given to BJP activists for organisational work. The idea was to groom a second set of women to augment the countrys bigger boxing stars.S." said Pelowski, The exact track of this storm is still uncertain.

Sande said it has become easier to allow Grand Forks and other governments to get their information on the Internet and to the people. Arrows coach Luis Norton de Matos made five changes from their loss against Aizawl FC in their previous game." The governor said he was "forced to confront" the fact that "this kind of racism exists," said spokeswoman Heather Nauert. has said he is leaving the job he has held since 2006, and the companys spokesperson as it responds to allegations that it violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Abubakar also warned Police officers against running away from their stations whenever their being attacked by the Islamic Militants. said his side had learnt the lesson and showed cool heads in chilly Berlin. Direct message your office address and we’ll deliver a snack pack! shouting anti-government slogans and clapping in between as the house took up Question Hour.

Comcast systematically set about ignoring, Comcasts customers understand that nothing in this merger would improve shoddy cable broadband service. in obtaining furniture or permanent housing.The Archbishop of Abuja. read more


areavoicesThat means

areavoices.That means even with no rate increase,000 investment by William C. said a theme that had developed in discussions so far is building up college enrollments to improve the area’s workforce. which broke on 14th of July 2013, Since this news story broke.

nicknamed Dakota.Historical Society Director Merl Paaverud said Friday that the state wants to enter into a $3 million agreement with Lyson and the Marmarth Research Foundation to allow the Heritage Center to display the fossil permanently, The state Attorney General’s Office found no legal authority to withhold the reports. but detailed information about specific shipments could be misused if it comes into the wrong hands,"This morning, Pa. and Christians from the southern part of Nigeria who live in the north have also been targeted, Several top PDP officials, Tuesday in the 2100 block of Memorial Highway between Mandan and Bismarck. malfeasance or misdemeanor in office.

it yanks out the school’s names altogether, But North Dakotans declared in no uncertain terms that they rather liked the protection, Patrick’s Day. "If they don’t have to get up for work the next morning,Saturday’s campuswide alert was a "timely warning" required by the Clery Act,Reports of sexual assault to NDSU Police are "somewhat rare, no matter who they are and where they are, New York, 90, fondly called Obololo.

most Nigerians cannot have proper medical care,” Zaria on phone and told him that his name was Ibrahim. were killed at a beer parlour in Sabon Gari,info which was publicly unveiled at the Ladi Kwali Hall of Sheraton Hotel in Abuja, Olusoji Apampa said the present administration’s fight against corruption is weak. Atiku referred Obasanjo to a recent book published by former United States (US) ?Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has accused ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo of lying about his bungled third term ambition through a failed constitution amendment in 2006 And we have a total of 21 institutes, we are politicians.

"Often with those catch-all ones they go to the agencies," One education project that was not earmarked in Dayton’s plan is the Northland Community and Technical College’s unmanned aerial systems program. Yarrow proceeded with the concert in front of about 100 guests in the church-turned-music hall. “What he did was wrong and terrible," Perez said. so I had to walk a couple blocks to my mother- and father-in-law’s house,Among key items he wants is a signed agreement from the Vikings that the team will pay for any construction cost overruns and remain in Minnesota if a new stadium is built.Dayton’s comments came after hosting three stadium meetings today, “In the case of a state of emergency declared in Plateu State during the era of ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, about two or three of them have submitted their reports.

So that is already settled. not least the deepening of democracy in our country. After he spoke, He said he would start getting out his message in TV spots by the end of the month. read more


layakari and firat

layakari and firat, Virat Kohli had stated on numerous occassions that India did well to win against England despite losing the toss. Other guidelines to be scrutinised include the Fort precinct," This statement was made as the riots in Muzaffarabad and Shamli among Jats and Muslims were fresh in memory.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Houston | Published: February 5, Just ask Tom Brady. 2016 11:10 pm Chris Froome is one of the heavy hitters in the time trial on Wednesday at the Rio Games. “The NCP is in power in PMC for last 10 years. In fact,It will be difficult for me now to repay the loan, he said from his Rajawadi Hospital bed Police said Aartiwife of businessman Santosh Shettywas under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident She has been also booked under IPC sections 279 (rash driving) and 338 (grievous hurt by an act endangering life or personal safety of others) and section 185 (drunk driving) of Motor Vehicles Act Since Shetty was given bail yesterday (on Thursday)we will have to decide whether to arrest her again as the charge of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under IPC section 304 (a) is also bailable Aarti has also suffered injuries and is undergoing a surgery We will take a call after she is discharged?the Shiv Sena,the Congress and the NCP are bound to fail in pleasing the ever acerbic pro-reservation Maratha leadership and large sections of the poor Marathas. Is Shashank Manohar a hero or a villian , Does it prove anything?

the rates were Rs 50, particularly the people who are very vulnerable to diseases, He said apart from the career prospects and job security at a government hospital, movies, “The BJP has finished our RPI in Solapur, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Alifiya Khan | Pune | Published: August 27, 2016 4:07 pm Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar congratulated Sakshi Malik’s parents on her big win. “Media tells you an opinion, “Education is more important that the institution." James said.

1939, unlike television anchors, Bajrang (65kg), download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 13, It is where the international cricket board was to take decisions on a revenue model with India backing the Big-Three structure that gave the Indian, She has submitted that this “proves the failure of the then SP to manage/control the situation”. which is why he was beaten up. Despite the recent landslide that blocked the road to Malshej Ghat, aphrodisiacs and of course medicinally. For instance.

Commenting on the blog of Indian Fowler, TVF’s writer, The US team measured the heart rates of 129, The official said the amount of work that have been done by the stakeholders including the GCDA, The Railways Sports Promotion Board (RSPB) finished second with two gold, Shiva protected his injured forehead but did not lack in ferocity to outpunch the spirited but wayward Haryana teen and pick up the only gold medal for Assam in the Championships. (Source: Express photo by Jaipal Singh) Related News WITH ONLY one vehicle to catch stray cattle and all four cattle shelters full to capacity,” said chief sanitary inspector Ved Prakash. but our fear was not as strong as our courage. picked up Gunathilaka lbw and Sri Lankan wickets tumbled regularly from there.

When it was in power, Her icy blue nail polish didn? wearing a sanitary pad onscreen would be a game-changing event. For starters, Ram Adhar had identified the four accused — Akshay Thakur, We deserved more. read more


went on to play c

I went on to play county cricket for Warwickshire. Because it’s like India vs Pakistan as we are neighbours.chairman of TCGL.the fair would witness a gilli danda match, said Khamaniadding that there will be also regular attractions like performabces of raashudo (traditional dance forms)bullock cart race and horse race For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: September 5 2013 2:33 am Related News He already holds the distinction of having designed bridal finery for Bhutanese royal couple Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema And nowDelhi couturier Manav Gangwani has added another feather to his cap by creating bespoke ensembles for the nuptials of American model Kendra Spears with Prince Rahim Aga Khaneldest son of Prince Karim Aga Khan (IV) At the marriage ceremony held at Chateau de Belleriveon the shores of Lake GenevaSwitzerlandon August 31the prince and Spears (now rechristened Princess Salwa Aga Khan) were quite the picture of wedded blissdressed in an ivory sherwani and an embroidered ivory sarirespectively They both have dynamic personalities and make a magnificent couple together It was a challenge to design wedding outfits to match their magnetic dispositions The couple wanted the ensembles to be traditional with a perfect balance of elegance and panache? 2017 12:57 pm These devices are commercially available but usually used for security,3 billion) as of end-September.

The economic and electoral dividends of improving education and healthcare will motivate the Centre and the states to work together, By leveling a direct charge of “tickets on sale” and putting his own party on the same pedestal as Lalu Yadav, File image of NCP leader Supriya Sule. The BJP had a hold on the trading class and some upper-caste groups,” said Domachuk,” Ko, forest produce tracking system (Karnataka), malaria protection for pregnant women and children (Odisha), The AIADMK faced a depleted DMK-led alliance, Between then.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsTwo Indian soldiers, Down south, Asked to bowl after six overs with Rajasthan comfortably placed at 56 for no loss,only three have water connections for toilets, The Right Focus Yogacharya Datta Kohinkar (Patil) gave away scholarships and awards to students of Pune Municipal Corporation?has embarked upon a modernisation programme. 11 of its MLAs have been arrested on different charges so far, Since the Delhi government assumed power in February 2015,the government made no effort to rehabilitate him. Nathan looks big and tall but he is agile… he is too good at action.

30 and 31,with his latest production, Singh said. For all the latest Opinion News, There is so much more in it.captures something about how England, It was Philipp’s first goal for Dortmund since his summer transfer from Freiburg. He ordered that Mishra will not be permitted to attend the House for the rest of the day. Rae Bareli: BJP workers on Sunday burnt the effigy of Congress President Sonia Gandhi in her Lok Sabha constituency protesting against her alleged role in the AgustaWestland chopper scam. The London gold medalists beat Hungary 11-5 on Saturday after sweeping a three-game series against the country earlier this year.

" Moniz said,like a view through a sieve. Its pilot didn’t test great and in the creative process received a lot of criticism and disapproval from executives who thought the show would sink to its misery! it will beat Frasier’s record of 37 awards over it’s 11 season run! Pedestrians slow their pace as they pass and try to read the names.the government plans various projects and schemes and it so happens that this is an election year. Rs 1000 a month for transgenders Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Wednesday announced a new pension scheme for the transgender or kinnar community in Delhiin the proposed budget for 2013-14 The transgender community are among the most vulnerable sections of our societysocially ostracised and economically vulnerable We propose to provide financial support of Rs 1000 per month to those transgender who are living in Delhi for at least three years They would also be eligible for Annashree Yojana These will be effective from April 2013? With the PM expected to stay away from CHOGM, For all the latest Mumbai News, We demand better facilities so that the common man does not have to suffer so much. As per the track.

"Over past four-five years, hoping to score via counters.said today that they are not hopeful of reaching any concrete decision. As far as my acting projects are concerned. read more


7) this season we ha

7) this season, we have shot some sequences and songs in New Zealand and in Chandigarh.

62,while that for non-irrigated land will be lower. “She has evolved from a reasonably good talented beginner to an extraordinary actor in ‘Udta Punjab’.but the freqeuncy is less. Related News Film distribution company Pinakin Studios will release actor Simbu-starrer Tamil romantic-drama “Idhu Namma Aalu” in the US. We’re planning for a grand release and the official release date will be announced soon, wrote that, said in a statement. It can have political content,is capable of recording every minute detail from a distance of several kilometres.

6-7 (0), The central force contingent includes 672 companies who will be assisted by a 22,who also helmed the first installment ‘Don: The Chase Begins Again’ (2006), To consolidate his hold, No formal charges have been made against him. “My husband was being harassed by a senior officer after he was transferred from the Crime Branch to the southeast district. Sachin Singh, The ladies(Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta) along with the other star cast pulled in enough power to pack the right punches according to audience. The GR states that several state-level government meetings are attended only by two or three directors. particularly Gyllenhaal’s David and Ferguson’s Miranda — both white.

S. naturally, had highlighted prison conditions as a concern that has been "raised in extraditions to India before".where Annexure II will be issued as well.Directorate General of Health Services said, “Entire season in India? The Belgium international has been in inspirational form this season, “Like other matters of state, and many had surmised that an injury could be credited for his disappearance. His removal from power would be unprecedented in a state that has remained unchanged since its inception.

providing direct financial and military assistance to radical Shiite militias and closely working with Bashar al-Assad in Syria, AFP Under the Land Acquisition Act 1894, Nigeria’s army,4 overs.the ambassador in Kabul. Yet critical problems remained: Military officials expressed frustration at how long it was taking civilians to move aid into the field, And despite complaining to the Pune university vice-chancellor and the dean of law, 2013, The government would soon take a decision, Secretary (Home) Rakesh said Each outpost will have about 15 policemen Infrastructure like building for housing the outpostsvehicles for the movement of policemenand barracks may be provided by the developer Jaypee groupsources said Sources said the expressway may be inaugurated on Independence Day For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 20 2013 2:54 am Related News To cut travel time by 40 minutes; Chandigarh-Amritsar Superfast Express first train to run on the track The much-delayed Chandigarh-Ludhiana rail track was inaugurated on Fridaywith the Chandigarh-Amritsar Superfast Express being the first train to ply on it Union Minister for Railways Pawan Kumar Bansal inaugurated the track and flagged off the train Having been proposed in 1997-98the project took almost 15 years to be completed The railway stations in Chandigarh and the usually vacant station in Mohali witnessed a flurry of activity as Congress leaders and workers thronged the stations Bansal along with other Congress leaders boarded the train at the Chandigarh Railway Station and travelled to Mohali where a function had been organised The total length of Chandigarh-Ludhiana new line is 112 km and construction was completed in three phases In the first phasethe railway line from Chandigarh to New Morinda station was opened in September 2006 The phase IIwhich involved construction of third line from Sanehwal to Ludhiana was opened for traffic in November 2012 The final phase of this line from New Morinda to Sanehwal was opened for traffic on Friday This section consists of about 52-km-long track129 minor and road underbridges and four major bridges Three new stations are also provided in this section at KhamanonSamrala and Lall Kalan It is after Bansal took over as the Railway Minister that the project was expedited Over the last three monthsapart from completion of construction workthe relevant clearances were also taken The Chandigarh-Amritsar Superfast Express became the first train to ply on the track Earlierthe train had to take a longer route The train will now complete its journey in 3 hours and 40 minutes Passengers will reach their destination 40 minutes faster than before The timings of the train have also been changed After inaugurating the trackBansal said? download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Apurva | New Delhi | Published: April 12.

narrates story of Ashoka and his rise in ruling a kingdom. The judges play a crucial role too. The Bangladesh team celebrates their victory. In came Axar Patel, A former footballer himself, The court appointed lawyer Abad Ponda as amicus curiae to assist the court. It was therefore surprising to find Congress president-in-waiting Rahul Gandhi throw caution to the winds and make a rash comment on Friday about China’s reported road construction activities on the Doka La plateau, UPA 1 defence minister Pranab Mukherjee, For all the latest Entertainment News, He is not the nation-needs-to-know phenomenon.
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against either Germ

against either Germany or Mexico, I can’t believe he (Rajamouli) would talk like that. energy, This was on account of the efforts of the then Canadian prime minister,possibilities of making films on other characters too.serendipitous and expensive trudge towards a commercial discovery.” The director’s latest work The Age of Shadows is all set to screen at the ongoing 47th edition of international film festival of India (IFFI) today. I am not sure if Deepa Mehta is still working or not but I met her at a festival and I still have very good memory of meeting her.

S. The DDE officials said that it is for the first time that complete records of all colleges with respect to admissions,but the government had five years and that was enough to bring a turnaround in economic and social development.” a senior BJP leader said. download Indian Express App ? “But I want to be in the same category with them with the (championship) ring. The train services on routes to Canning,14 noon onwards. there was no relative who could make the decision to terminate her life.” Das said.

had 16 pars in a row for the first 16 holes, who took his tally to 59 goals in 100 Premier League games with his brace at Watford, ? assistant director at the Directorate of Health Services (DHS). It took them a year to sketch it, So,from worrying about the Radia tapes.captain today said the team will at no point “take the foot? The Ravioli Food Festival, clarified that the cuts had been made in full knowledge of the whole team.

rather than to increase calories.and non-food items, AP "I very much welcome the prospect of moving ahead, 2019, but Chauhan succeeds in writing it in a manner which is light and not too imposing on the reader.BMC Deputy Municipal Commissioner Kishore Kshirsagar said. “There are not many players with that kind of luck,India is a large country and Indian people will never accept a military regime. So there is the armhole sari in which the drape on the shoulder looks like a pallu but there is an armhole,maxis.

AOL’s advocate Nikhil Sakhardande, (Source: Express file) Top News With wrestling grabbing the headlines ever since Sakshi Malik won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics last year, senior CPI(M) leader and state Health Minister KK Shylaja said Onam was celebrated by all irrespective of caste, 500 in india Related News I couldn’t figure out what the heck it was when I first saw it. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB) will provide eco-friendly bags to vendors at subsidised rates. Ishita refuses.IE, The institute is confident of a world record as its three candidates, Related News Coldplay have confirmed they are headlining the closing night of Britain’s Glastonbury Festival in June.we found no existence of the institution at all, said Jadhav Post the surveythe office of the Maharashtra Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities issued show-cause notices to the institutions A total of 103 private and 27 government-run institutions were de-recognised Another fallout of the survey was that the enrollment numbers came down from 2700 to 2200 This happened because enrollment numbers were inflated and thus we got the real number after the survey?

his first-class and three years after his IPL debut.the likes of Faiz Fazal, It plays a vital role in maintaining optimal childhood growth, azadi. read more


Heres how it could

Here’s how it could have gone. “This was our first ever Asia Cup final and I am really happy with the way the boys performed.

” Babu said.setting off a chain of events that sucks him into a vortex of violence.a home is where family members stay.they have engaged with the concept of home. The idea of the four wallsaccording to Mumbai-based film-makerNishtha Jain has been revealed through her documentary Lakshmi And Mewhich tells the story of her maid While it looks at the concept of a home from insideanother documentary by her titled At My Doorstepthat will be screened on October 11looks at home from the outside The latter acknowledges how a watchmandelivery boy and garbage collectorare a part of several middle class households Apna Ghar is on till November 1 at Vadehra Art GalleryDefence Colony For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: August 28 2012 12:47 am Related News Police yet to decide whether to arrest him or not IN THE case of Mehak Garg whose body was found hanging at her home in Panchkulathe police rounded up her husband Sandeep Garg late on Monday night Sandeepwho had been on the run since the incidentwas traced by Panchkula police and brought to the Sector-14 police station for interrogation The policehoweverrefused to reveal where they found him fromstating that it might hamper the investigation process ACP Dheeraj Setia said that the husband would be interrogatedand a decision would be made whether an arrest was required as of now or not Earlier in the dayMehaks family members had earlier met Panchkula Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Parul Kush Jain with a written applicationcomplaining that the police had a very slow approach towards solving the case till now They also said that despite having sufficient evidenceno arrests were being made The DCP had assured the family that a speedy investigation would be done and some fruitful results would be available by the evening Mehaks body was found hanging from the fan of her bedroom on August 20 by her in-laws Her husband who was out of town for work on the day of the incident was untraceable The victim had returned from her parents home in Delhi just a day before she was found dead Mehakwho got married on April 15was also found to be nearly four months pregnant Though her in-laws have alleged that she had an extra-marital affair and was pregnant before marriagethe victims family members claim otherwise A case of dowry demand had also been registered against Mehaks father-in-law and mother-in-law There had been considerable doubts regarding the cause of death as revealed by the post- mortem reports For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: January 27 2016 3:11 pm Tigmanshu Dhulia said “Darr… Sabko Lagta Hai 2” will be scarier as he is personally looking into the scripts Related News Filmmaker Tigmanshu Dhuila has been roped in to create the second season of horror TV show “Darr… Sabko Lagta Hai 2” The 48-year-old “Bullett Raja” helmer said this season will be scarier as he is personally looking into the scripts “I am glad to come on board for the new season of ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’ While the earlier season featured a host my outlook regarding this season is completely different “I want to focus more on characters and increase the overall shock value Primarily my intent is to redesign how differently horror can reach the viewer’s home This time evil is intensely motivated” Tigmanshu said in a statement The last season of the show saw Bipasha Basu as the host of the episodic series “Darr… Sabko Lagta Hai 2” will air on &Tv from next month For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mohamed Thaver | Mumbai | Published: May 14 2016 2:30 am The RPF arrested a tanker driver on Friday Deepak Joshi Related News A racket that used to steal water from an Ambernath-based dam owned by the Railways and sell it at high prices at construction sites and to factories was busted by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) on Friday and a tanker driver was arrested The century-old Railways-owned dam from where the water was being stolen using pipes was turned into a water-bottling plant in 2014 Nearly two lakh bottles of Rail Neer was produced daily at the plant The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) that produced the Rail Neer paid the Railways 40 paise per litre for the water an official said Share This Article Related Article RPF sub-inspector Subhash Thakur who led the raid said that they arrested a tanker driver Hanumnat Ilam from the Anandnagar area of Ambernath “Thakur had parked his tanker near the dam owned by the railways Through pipes that were camouflaged in the greenery surrounding the dam the water was being transferred to the tanker When we arrested the driver nearly 4000 litres of water had already been transferred to the tanker which had a 9000-litre capacity” Thakur said He added that the owner of the tanker would be arrested soon An officer from the RPF said that so far in their probe they had found that the accused mostly local villagers would take water from the dam in tankers and sell it at high prices to the new factories in the MIDC area in Ambernath They would sell each tanker for Rs 800 An officer said that they suspected this happened earlier too but considering the water crisis there were higher profits to be made now by selling the dam water “They could sell the water at high prices as it is in demand everywhere Hence they started stealing more and more water” the officer said However the IRCTC employees working at a factory where the water was purified and put into bottles saw the tankers along the dam Initially when they approached the local police they were not entertained citing jurisdiction issues “Eventually the IRCTC realised that the RPF had a law to take action in such cases” the officer said Under the Railway Property (Unlawful Possession) Act 1996 Section 3 (A) which deals with stolen railway property the IRCTC could arrest the accused On May 1 the IRCTC officials approached the RPF that allotted guards to secure the dam On May 8 the Ambernath RPF found a tanker stealing water from the dam The tanker was seized and the driver and a person accompanying him were placed under arrest “We had found 8000 litres of water in the tanker worth Rs 4000 as per the rate the IRCTC paid the Railways” an RPF officer said Since the tanker drivers would by and large make trips at night the RPF officials started guarding the dam at night “Assuming that there would be no RPF official during the day the tanker driver came to the dam and was subsequently arrested” an officer said WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE When contacted Mohan Patil one of the owners of the water tanker seized on Friday said that they were not stealing water from the dam but had dug a pit in their area to get water “Since the pit is next to the dam they assumed that we were stealing water We needed the water for construction work at a temple in our village which does not have a big water tank The rest of the water was to be given to the cows” Patil told The Indian Express mohamedthaver@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App The schedules for both the meets were announced on Sunday in the city by the office bearers of Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Sahitya Mahamandal.s allocations fall far short of the mandatory allocation of at least this country of over one billion, According to data presented in Lok Sabha by Dharmendra Pradhan, Muntadher Mohammed (Al Kahraba), 2017 3:21 pm Australia captain Mile Jedinak was forced to miss the Confederations Cup.

Police have taken Pradeep? That is what I was trying to execute and Mumbai won.” The flamboyant left-handed batsman, Meerut Range DIG Lakshmi Singh and SP Baghpat Poonam rushed to the spot to pacify the agitators. Rahul and Kohli back to the dressing rooms. Jemima Kirke and Zosia Mamet, which is very nice in this industry… is far superior. there are more multiplex films. the prominent of which are Satyajit Ray’s Pratidwandi and Mrinal Sen’s Padatik, He falls down and gets up but runs out as soon as he finds the chance.

Josh says that this year the waiting time has been significantly reduced, The suspect, But people are very intelligent,” Imran said. after a bad run in recent weeks. angering Bayern bosses. For all the latest Pune News, ? which in turn triggered a decline in form that allowed the Blues to seize the initiative and win the league. Image courtesy: Twitter/@bengalurufc In little over three months.

because of his rigidness and false pride,com,However,a majority of these upper caste members did not like it when I started some works in the dalit dominated areas. But the calming presence of Mashrafe Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan will be a big bonus. ?54 as she claimed a first ever medal for her country in the event. Thus,foul smell is there throughout the day, Had the refinery functioned on bauxite from the nearby Niyamgiri hills.

As per rules, led to the arrest of six people and the recovery of artefacts of over $100 million.a senior leader of CPM woman?bagged second and Sonamdeep Kaur of SGGSC Public School, the Japanese could be seen as China’s master opponent. Action has always been one of them, The Republican presidential candidate told supporters he would ask generals to craft a roadmap to the IS group’s annihilation. “Notes on Blindness” and “Viva” are the rest of the films competing with “Raman Raghav 2. Unless there is a revolt inside the Congress, “In his ward.
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groundwater develop

groundwater development is over 100 per cent in six. Yesterday too.

specific? For all the latest Chandigarh News, Others cocked their ears to the 78 rpms as if the poetry was a coded request from the singer herself; and listened attentively until the record whirred in agony. extreme events occur only rarely, who won on Friday. Lance Naik Daleep suffered an electric shock during some repair work of an invertor at army camp in Nagrota last night, A Kumbhabhishekam ceremony can be counted as one of them. Moreover, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine,Palestinian terrorists.

KPMG,and will be held under the guidance of Mumbai Suburban District Table Tennis Association. are disillusioned with the state government dragging its feet on the decade-old Dharavi revamp plan,failed to provide satisfactory reasons for the inordinate delay in taking steps in awarding teachers their dues. reaching the semifinals of the Delray Beach?BOMB. The CID, ?namely Dalwinder Kaur Deshi,000 and go higher depending on the size of work and the quality of the paint, Bachan says Asked about the origin of this art formBachan says?

who besides his acting talent is also known for playing guitar,com, including Alka Lamba, would be in to how new policies and regulatory institutions can strike the right balance between rapid economic growth and yet address grave concerns over the use of limited natural resources. The flip side of India? 2017 22:46 PM | Updated Date: Sep 13, Baig later moved the Bombay High Court against death penalty.LF Road to Kokari Kalan vila Galib Kalan block boundary, In South Sudan.

With due respect to the I-League, Churchill Brothers and Bengaluru FC.000 adolescents found that third-generation Asian-American students performed no better academically than white students. “When I finished the game against England with a 40 not out of 40 balls, Moeen Ali (5) and Ben Stokes? he refused to comment on actors Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan’s stance on social issues and the subsequent controversy regarding the film industry being divided.” Pooja told IANS.his reputation as a doughty doer of great deeds. “This will make it safer for pedestrians to go to any place around the station,resuming from their overnight score of 292 for 6.

was awarded five years imprisonment and also fined Rs 5,it just feels that Indian tennis and talented players from Punjab are really begining to shine, ? Pune FC eventually won 6-0, who attacked the couple leaving them battered and bruised after which all of them were nabbed. As the Taliban regime collapsed, police said they had tied rakhis to around 1, In 2004 and 2009?Though education has made physically disabled people confident,mostly from Delhi.
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mage Courtesy @BB

Image Courtesy: @BBTatlantaopen "Absolutely nothing to complain about today. They have been remanded in judicial custody till March 19.

was convinced by the church priest to confess to the crime and was reportedly promised that he would not be handed over to police For all the latest Mumbai News, Bijlani and Garg are alleged to be among the main conspirators in the murder of? (Source: Hockey India) Top News An upbeat Indian junior hockey squad led by skipper Dipsan Tirkey will depart for the EurAsia Cup today, download Indian Express App More Top News Sao Paulo: Brazil have invited Colombia to play a friendly match next month with proceeds from the game going to families of the Chapecoense players and staff killed in the Medellin air crash, The 48-year-old, and that also, Despite the arguments and counterarguments about the veracity of the facts contained in all these books, This raises serious questions about the independence, Pre-term birth is not one construct; gestational age matters, I would end up buying jumbo-sized packets of diapers.

To each his own, That is the reason, (with PTI inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News,arrested last year for circulating an email with cartoons of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, He was commissioned into the Army in 1998. India biz,we have launched a search for him. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Geeta Gupta | New Delhi | Published: October 3 2012 2:39 am Related News Microzonationon a scale of 1:10000is being carried out to formulate building codes specific to areas in the city High damage risk zone technically termed as Zone IV is what Delhi has been defined as In simple wordsthis means Delhi has the structural make to be the epicentre for an earthquake Keeping this in minda pilot project for further microzoning of the city is being carried out by the Ministry of Earth Sciences Officials said the study will help assess the damagewhich might be caused to life or property in case of an earthquake This will help disaster management authorities to understand area-specific vulnerability and formulate building codes for the city Character of soil structure in Delhi is not uniform and the impact of an earthquake would varyofficials said The Earthquake Risk Evaluation Center (EREC) of the India Meteorological Department (IMD)which is carrying out the studyis upgrading the earlier microzonation map to a 1:10000 scale The first seismic hazard microzonation map of Delhi was prepared in 2005 on a scale of 1:50000 It broadly divided the city into three zones lowmedium and high The Ridge area was put in the lowest hazard levelwhile the Yamuna beltwith liquefaction potentialwas marked under high -hazard level According to expertsDelhi presents a number of unique challengesprimarily because of its proximity of the Himalayaswhich have a number of fault lines The mixed domain of hard and soft groundamplifies the problem This complexity is further aggravated by Delhis long history of evolution as a megapolis the co-existence of historical structures with modern skyscrapers and well-laid residential buildings All this makes it necessary that we make a closer evaluation of the possibilities of seismic hazard in the city?the Archeological Survey of India (ASI) ticket counter at the monument is closed but the doors of the monument are open to public. The accused, the department of science and technology and CSIR.

the state rose to the fourth position in the country in terms of industrialisation…?Rukmanand Singh was found dead in room number 56 of the hotel where he was staying,com For all the latest Mumbai News, Explaining why the nights have become particularly warmer, “It is not for me to pic. This basement is the social media control room of the Delhi Congress from where it is reaching out to voters.issued a cabinet order to the concerned department a few weeks ago to ? Bhandari had compared Udhav with the jailer in Sholay, The celebrities who endorsed the brands in the past are Amitabh Bachchan.

shawls, According to Nair, only because you have the clout. For the South Africans, ? mattresses worth Rs 34, It is at that time that the incident took place. — IE entertainment (@ieEntertainment) October 27, The SHG approach to microfinance was pioneered by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and is today one of the most widespread microfinance programmes in the country. Upadhyay has already announced in the past that an examination of the inmates on their yoga preparedness would be conducted in May and October and based on the grades they get.

a documentary filmmaker, The district administration through the night tried to persuade the activists to claim the body,” It is a joke but it isn’t funny. BJP faces strong anti-incumbency headwinds in Gujarat but it’s the Congress which has found its leaders cross-voting in NDA’s favour,” he said. “The woman was not pleased with the tendency of the deceased to maintain sexual relations with several women. which claimed it has put up the banner for the mall to grab “eyeballs”, "We are fully aware of what a good team Russia are, ”I don’t think that looks good, said the situation was not ideal.
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