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CRISPR offshoot still makes mistakes editing DNA raising concerns about its medical

first_imgNow, two groups of researchers mainly based in China, working independently on rice and on mouse embryos, have discovered abundant off-target mutations in experiments that used an editor that changes the DNA base cytosine to thymine. A second base editor, also from Liu’s team, that converts adenine to guanine introduced no such mistakes.In the rice study, a team led by plant biologist Gao Caixia of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in Beijing compared the DNA in 77 plants it had altered with different base editors to sham controls or untreated plants. The researchers then assessed the low-level background mutation rates. They found that cytosine-to-thymine base editors roughly doubled the background level of off-target mutations. “We were so surprised, and worried we had to be really, really careful with our results because the whole world will be looking closely,” Gao says. “Fortunately, the other group worked with the mouse and made a very similar observation, and their system, to be honest, is even better than ours.”In that work, a multi-institution collaboration led by researchers from CAS in Shanghai and Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, developed a clever built-in control by injecting a base editor into only one of two cells in a newly formed mouse embryo. Comparing the progeny of these two cells, researchers found the off-target effects created by the cytosine base editor were more than 20 times more common than the background mutation rate. Some of the mutations occurred in genomic regions that play a role in cancer.Tweaking that editor’s deaminase or other components could decrease its off-target effects, says J. Keith Joung, a pathologist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston who invented a popular cytosine base editor and co-founded both a biomedical and an agricultural base editor company with Liu. Kim is optimistic that the field will promptly figure out solutions for the cytosine editors. “A new problem always provides new opportunities,” he says.Stanley Qi, a Stanford University bioengineer who has created a variation of CRISPR as well, says it’s no surprise that a new biotechnology has imperfections. “I don’t think these reports diminish my enthusiasm towards base editors or gene editing.” This rice has had some of its DNA bases altered by a form of the genome editor CRISPR, but some of them were not the intended targets. 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But such “base editors” can have a serious weakness. A pair of studies published online in Science this week shows that one kind of base editor causes many unwanted—and potentially dangerous—“off-target” genetic changes.The mistakes are still rare overall, says David Liu, a chemist at Harvard University whose team developed the first generation of base editors, and are unlikely to interfere with laboratory uses of the technology. But they are enough to concern anyone contemplating use of the technology in patients, Liu and others say. “The two papers are very interesting and important,” says Jin-Soo Kim, a CRISPR researcher at Seoul National University. “It is now important to determine which component is responsible for the collateral mutations and how to reduce or avoid them.”In its original form, CRISPR uses an RNA strand to guide an enzyme known as Cas9 to a specific place in a genome. The Cas9 acts as a molecular scissors on the DNA, cutting both of its strands, and the cell’s attempts to repair the brake can disable the gene. Or researchers can use the cut to insert a new sequence of DNA. Base editors instead couple the guide RNA to a Cas9 that only cuts one DNA strand. This molecular complex also includes an enzyme, called a deaminase, that can chemically change one base into another. Because such editors have more control over the specific changes than CRISPR itself, researchers did not expect them to cause off-target errors. Sign up for our daily newsletter Get more great content like this delivered right to you! Countrycenter_img Email Jon Cohen Click to view the privacy policy. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*) By Jon CohenFeb. 28, 2019 , 2:00 PMlast_img read more


Quora Looks for Answers in Wake of Massive Data Breach

first_imgThe personal data of some 100 million people who have used Quora, a popular question and answer website, has been compromised, the company disclosed Monday.”We recently discovered that some user data was compromised as a result of unauthorized access to one of our systems by a malicious third party,” wrote Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo in an online post.”We are working rapidly to investigate the situation further and take the appropriate steps to prevent such incidents in the future,” he added.The intrusion — which was discovered Friday, D’Angelo noted — placed the following information of Quora users at risk:Account information, such as name, email address, hashed password and data imported from linked networks when authorized by users;Public content and actions, such as questions, answers, comments and “upvotes”; andNon-public content and actions, such as answer requests, downvotes and direct messages. Until the Quora and Marriott attacks, 2018 was shaping up to be a down year for breaches, with 670 million records lost, compared to 1.58 billion in 2017, noted Terry Ray, CTO of Imperva, a web application firewall maker in Redwood City, California.”Now, with two back-to-back major breaches compromising roughly 600 million total accounts, 2018 is in striking distance of matching or exceeding last year,” he told TechNewsWorld.The future doesn’t look bright, unless you’re a data thief.”All companies, regardless of size, should expect to be targeted by attackers and prepare themselves by knowing all the third parties they work with,” The Media Trust’s Bittner warned.”Attacks are not a matter of if, but when,” he added.”Until companies can adequately protect their customers, this trend will not slow down, and the prognosis will not trend positively,” Carder predicted.”I thought the Equifax breach last year — where they let 150 million accounts slip out the cracks — would be a tipping point,” said’s Rossman, “but a year, later very little has changed. It’s up to us to protect ourselves.” Chilling Effect on Sharing Consumers concerned about the risks posed to them by the Quora breach can take a number of steps to protect themselves.”They should decouple their Quora accounts from other platforms,” recommended Mike Bittner, digital security and operations manager at The Media Trust, a website and mobile application security company in McLean, Virginia.”They should also change all their passwords, applying unique credentials to each one,” he told TechNewsWorld, “and check their credit cards for any unauthorized charges.”Maintaining unique passwords across all accounts is particularly important, noted James Carder, CISO for LogRhythm, a cybersecurity solutions company in Boulder, Colorado.”It’s common for attackers to sweep other consumer platforms to test credentials they just stole,” he told TechNewsWorld.Quora users also should be on the lookout for increased phishing and other attacks,he advised, as the black hats might have enough information to craft specially targeted ploys. Leveraging Social Media Logins “It is highly unlikely that this incident will result in identity theft, as we do not collect sensitive personal information like credit card or social security numbers,” states a response on the company’s FAQ page. What’s a Consumer to Do? John P. Mello Jr. has been an ECT News Network reportersince 2003. His areas of focus include cybersecurity, IT issues, privacy, e-commerce, social media, artificial intelligence, big data and consumer electronics. He has written and edited for numerous publications, including the Boston Business Journal, theBoston Phoenix, Megapixel.Net and GovernmentSecurity News. Email John. Theft of data at the site also could have other consequences for Quora.”Since this is a knowledge-sharing platform, one of the risks of an incident like this is it could deter people from engaging in that kind of activity, which is productive and useful,” said Thomas Jackson, chair of the technology practice group at Phillips Nizer, a law firm in New York City.”Breaches like the one at Marriott put clients at risk because so much customer data is exposed,” he told TechNewsWorld. “In the Quora case, the main issue is going to be the willingness of inviduals to contribute going forward. Will it have a negative effect on postings and new signups?”Once a breach occurs, the damage is done and there’s no taking it back, added Bischoff.”That being said, other than being breached, Quora did pretty much everything right,” he continued. “Passwords were stored as hashes and not in plain text. Quora promptly notified users of the breach and took action to remedy the issue.” Mild Breach Although knowledge seekers with Quora-only accounts may be at minimal risk from the data breach, that might not be the case for those who use other services, such as Facebook and Google, to log into the website.”For people who log into Quora using Facebook or Google authentication, there may be more identity information leaked, depending how much is contained in their Facebook or Google profiles,” said Mounir Hahad, head of the threat lab for Juniper Networks, a network security and performance company based in Sunnyvale, California.”People need to make sure their Google and Facebook profiles contain a minimal amount of personal information,” he told TechNewsWorld. “For example, neither service needs to know your exact date of birth to provide you with services.”The most useful information stolen by the cybercriminals likely will be a massive list of valid email addresses, Hahad said.”Hackers will often turn around and sell this data on the underground market,” he explained. “Typical buyers are those that run spam platforms that cater to people trying to push products or build botnets.” Compared to other large data breaches — such as the breach at the Marriott hotel chain last week, which affected some 500 million customers and enabled intruders to steal credit card numbers, dates of birth and passport numbers — the Quora attack is relatively mild, said Ted Rossman, an industry analyst with in Austin, Texas.”The Quora breach seems more contained,” he told TechNewsWorld. “It was information that was already public or things that are not that sensitive, like email addresses.”The risk for most Quora users isn’t that severe, remarked Paul Bischoff, privacy advocate at Comparitech, a reviews, advice and information website focused on consumer security products.”The stolen passwords are hashed and no payment information was breached, so there’s little immediate threat to most people,” he told TechNewsWorld.”However, the small portion of users who utilized Quora’s direct messaging platform might have exposed private information sent to other users,” Bischoff added.All personal information — not just passwords and credit card numbers — can be valuable to data abusers, though.”As we saw with the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, access to personal likes, tastes, and other preferences can be used against individuals,” Javvad Malik, a security advocate at AlienVault, a threat intelligence company in San Mateo, California, told TechNewsWorld. 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Twitter Adds Heft to AntiHarassment Toolbox

first_img“We’re giving people the choice to filter notifications in a variety of ways, including accounts who haven’t selected a profile photo or verified their phone number or email address,” the spokesperson noted.The feature is not turned on by default but provided as an option.Still, suggesting special handling for accounts without a profile picture — known as “eggs” because of the ovoid shape of the space left for the picture — and those without an email address or phone number could pose a privacy dilemma.Twitter “is walking a fine line here between censorship and useful communication,” observed Michael Jude, a program manager at Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan. Twitters’ ongoing efforts to curb abuse show that the company is “aware they have a serious problem, and what they’ve done so far is less than adequate,” remarked Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group.Previous attempts ” were pretty pathetic, really, and Twitter needed to do something more substantive,” he told TechNewsWorld. “This seems to be far more substantive.”Still, the new measures “don’t address the cause of the behavior — and until someone does, they will only be an increasingly ineffective Band-Aid,” Enderle cautioned. Online Crime and Punishment A Fine Balance Making the Internet Safe for Tweeters No Place for the Timid Twitter on Wednesday announced that over the next few months it will roll out changes designed to increase the safety of users:Its algorithms will help identify accounts as they engage in abusive behavior, so the burden no longer will be on victims to report it;Users will be able to limit certain account functionality, such as letting only followers see their tweets, for a set amount of time;New filtering options will give users more control over what they see from certain types of accounts — such as those without profile pictures, or with unverified email addresses or phone numbers; andNew mute functionality will let users mute tweets from within their home timelines, and decide how long the content will be muted. Richard Adhikari has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2008. His areas of focus include cybersecurity, mobile technologies, CRM, databases, software development, mainframe and mid-range computing, and application development. He has written and edited for numerous publications, including Information Week and Computerworld. He is the author of two books on client/server technology. Email Richard. The latest tools may be successful at first, but “people will find ways around them,” Frost’s Jude told TechNewsWorld.Twitter’s approach “is purely defensive,” he said. “It ought to just open up its space with the appropriate disclaimers; that would be easier and cheaper, and people who are easily offended would be put on notice that Twitter isn’t a safe space.”The more controls Twitter attempts to impose, the less useful it will be to an increasing number of people, Jude contended. “Ultimately, Twitter may create a completely politically correct and safe place to socialize, but that will only appeal to a niche population.” Twitter’s defensive play is not enough; the hammer should be lowered on abusers, suggested Enderle.”Efforts need to be made to hold those that are clearly over the line to more painful penalties to effectively address the causes of the behavior and not just the symptoms,” he maintained.”Currently, laws and enforcement are well below what they should be for most abhorrent online activity,” said Enderle, “including things like identity theft that would typically be considered criminal acts.” Twitter also will be more transparent about actions it takes in response to reports of harassment from users.”These updates are part of the ongoing safety work we announced in January, and follow our changes announced on February 7,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement provided to TechNewsWorld by Liz Kelley of the company’s communications department.last_img read more


Mapping brain microglia

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Dec 6 2018Microglia are known to be important to brain function. The immune cells have been found to protect the brain from injury and infection and are critical during brain development, helping circuits wire properly. They also seem to play a role in disease — showing up, for example, around brain plaques in people with Alzheimer’s.It turns out microglia aren’t monolithic. They come in different flavors, and unlike the brain’s neurons, they’re always changing. Tim Hammond, PhD, a neuroscientist in the Stevens lab at Boston Children’s Hospital, showed this in an ambitious study, perhaps the most comprehensive survey of microglia ever conducted. Published last week in Immunity, the findings open a new chapter in brain exploration.”Up until now, we didn’t have a good way of classifying microglia,” Hammond says. “We could only say how branched they look, how dense they look under a microscope. We wanted to get an idea of what microglia were doing and ‘thinking.'”Eavesdropping on microglia over timeStarting with mice, Hammond and his colleagues sequenced RNA from more than 76,000 individual microglia to see which genes were turned on or off, using a technique known as Drop-seq, developed in McCarroll’s lab. The cells were sampled from all over the brain and throughout the animals’ lifespan (starting before birth), as well after acute brain injury.The genetic ‘signatures’ allowed Hammond to classify the microglia into at least nine distinct groups, including some types never detected in the past. Some types appeared almost exclusively in the embryonic or newborn stages, others only after injury.”The signatures also tell as something about what these cells are doing,” he notes. “If we see microglia in disease, for example, we can begin to parse out: Are they contributing to the disease or are they trying to repair the brain? We think this will help uncover new and interesting roles for microglia that weren’t known before.”Mapping microgliaHammond then went a step further. He overlaid the classifications on a map of the brain, to see how the different varieties of microglia were distributed spatially.Related StoriesRush University Medical Center offers new FDA-approved treatment for brain aneurysmsAn active brain and body associated with reduced risk of dementiaMercy Medical Center adds O-arm imaging system to improve spinal surgery resultsThis yielded some interesting patterns. One group microglia, for example (group 4 in the schematic above), tended to cluster near the brain’s developing white matter. This suggests they could be involved in myelination, in which nerve fibers are given a layer of insulation to help them carry signals over longer distances.”We don’t see those microglia at any other time point or area of the brain,” says Hammond. “We think they could be important to how the white matter develops, and how axons connect to different parts of the brain.”In sickness and in healthAnother tiny but important microglial population (group 8 in the schematic) came to light in the disease setting. The team found it first in a mouse model mimicking multiple sclerosis, which involves a loss of myelination, and later in brain tissue from actual patients with MS.”These microglia are very inflammatory compared with normal microglia,” says Hammond. “It could be a pathological subset that we normally wouldn’t see, but because we sequenced so many microglia we were able to detect this small population.”Overall, microglia were most diverse early in brain development, in the aged brain and in disease. The researchers think these distinct groups may shed light on what the cells are doing, and what local cues they’re responding to.Directing therapy?All this information should help scientists sort out the “good” from the “bad” when it comes to microglia, particularly in so-called activated microglia that appear after brain injury and in diseases like autism and Alzheimer’s. This could help direct the development of drugs to promote the beneficial microglia subsets and block the detrimental ones.”Tim’s work has broad implications for the development new microglia biomarkers and tools that can be used to track, identify and manipulate specific subpopulations, in both health and disease,” says Beth Stevens, PhD, co-corresponding author on the paper with McCarroll and a principal investigator in Boston Children’s F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center. Source: read more


Alcohollinked disease overtakes hep C as top reason for liver transplant

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jan 23 2019An estimated 17,000 Americans are on the waiting list for a liver transplant, and there’s a strong chance that many of them have alcohol-associated liver disease. ALD now edges out hepatitis C as the No. 1 reason for liver transplants in the United States, according to research published Tuesday in JAMA Internal Medicine.One reason for the shift, researchers said, is that hepatitis C, which used to be the leading cause of liver transplants, has become easier to treat with drugs.Another could be an increasing openness within the transplant community to a candidate’s history of alcohol and addiction and when a candidate combating these issues can qualify for a liver.For years, conventional wisdom suggested that people with a heavy drinking past who did not have a period of sobriety under their belts would not be good candidates to receive a new liver. But, of almost 33,000 liver transplant patients since 2002 who were studied, researchers from the University of California-San Francisco found 36.7 percent of them had ALD in 2016, up from 24.2 percent in 2002.”Across the country, and we show in a prior study, people are changing their minds,” said Dr. Brian P. Lee, the study’s lead author and a UCSF gastroenterology and hepatology fellow. “More and more providers are willing to transplant patients with ALD.”The debate, roiling for decades, culminated in 1997 when a group of doctors and medical societies and the U.S. surgeon general published a paper that recommended patients with alcoholic liver disease be sober at least six months before they could be considered for transplant.This “six-month rule” became the gold standard. The idea was that a patient who could stay sober for that long had a lower chance of returning to harmful drinking behavior. There was also concern that the public would stop donating organs if they thought livers would be going to people with alcohol addictions.”Neither of those attitudes are based on any facts or data,” said Dr. Robert Brown, director of the Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at Weill Cornell and New York Presbyterian.The changing attitude plays out at many transplant centers where what once was viewed as a hard-and-fast requirement for six months of sobriety is now more nuanced. Specifically, a team of doctors, psychologists and social workers look at a range of factors, including financial stability and family support, to determine if a patient will relapse after the transplant.An analysis published in 2010 by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and a 2011 study in France showed that, in any given year, there was little evidence to suggest six months of abstinence before the transplant decreased the chance of relapse.The central point, experts say, does not necessarily come down to a patient’s record of sobriety before the procedure. Foremost is determining that a patient is unlikely to drink again after receiving a new liver — that he or she is “committed to lifelong abstinence,” said Lee.Five years after transplantation, patients who were abstinent for six months and those who weren’t had about the same survival rates, according to Lee’s research. After 10 years, the patients who didn’t have six months of sobriety before the procedure had slightly worse survival rates. Lee said more research is needed to find out exactly why.There is nothing magical about six months, according to Dr. Michael Lucey, medical director of the University of Wisconsin liver transplant program. He said it shows a poor understanding of alcohol abuse as a “very complex behavioral disorder.”Related StoriesStudy: One in five university students affected by problematic smartphone useComprehensive cell atlas of the human liverRecreational cannabis legalization could impact alcohol industry, research shows”Drinking isn’t a stable phenomenon,” Lucey said. “People with ALD may have long periods of drinking and abstinence.”Although advocates are glad that policy is changing, it didn’t change swiftly enough to save Chelsea Oesterle.Oesterle, who was 24 and had battled alcohol addiction since age 16, went to the emergency room in Peoria, Ill., in 2013, already in liver failure. Doctors told her in the first few days that survival depended on a transplant.When it became clear she wasn’t going to get that transplant, her mother, Terri Oesterle, had her daughter transferred to another hospital, and between both facilities she spent six weeks hospitalized. During that time, she was never put on a transplant list.The stigma around her daughter’s condition was palpable, her mother said. Doctors and nurses lectured her about quitting drinking.”They kept telling her she had to go to rehab,” Terri Oesterle said. “She couldn’t even leave the hospital, how on earth was she supposed to go to a rehab program?”One doctor point-blank asked Terri Oesterle why she thought her daughter deserved a liver over someone else.”She was dismissed from the get-go,” Terri Oesterle said. “It’s just heart-wrenching because she was such a sensitive soul. She was so scared and hopeful.”Chelsea Oesterle died in the hospital July 4, 2013.Alcohol use disorder has often been thought of as a “self-inflicted” disease that results from bad habits or moral failing, Lucey said. That attitude is changing in the medical community, but vestiges remain.”For some people, it’s not accepting that alcohol use disorder is an illness,” Lucey said.While support for the changing approach is growing, Lee, the new study’s lead author, said it continues to be a polarizing issue.”There are still detractors and still strong opposition,” he said. “Our study suggests that is certainly present, because regional differences are disparate.”That troubles Lee, because it means a patient’s life is dependent on the attitudes of local providers, creating an unequal system. There’s “certainly value” in a national policy on the issue, he said.The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the organization that manages the U.S. transplant list, nearly two decades ago wrestled with the idea of formalizing the six-month rule, but never took final action.As a result, some centers have such a sobriety rule, others don’t. And even when a transplant center gives its approval, insurers often have their own set of requirements about how long a patient must be abstinent before they will cover the transplant.Dr. David Klassen, chief medical officer for UNOS, agreed that the “rule” is arbitrary and not evidence-based, but said that it should be up to transplant centers to decide who gets listed for an organ.”From our perspective, dictating medical care doesn’t lead to the best solutions or the best outcomes,” Klassen said. “I think transplant programs and society as a whole are moving in generally the same direction.” This article was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an editorially independent news service, is a program of the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research organization unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.last_img read more


First postpartum depression drug gets FDA nod

first_imgBrexanolone brand named Zulresso, is being approved for intravenous use in treatment of life-threatening postpartum depression. Postpartum depression or “baby blues” commonly occurs just before and right after childbirth and can be severely debilitating to the mother. There is a major depressive episode that may adversely affect the mother as well as the baby. Tiffany Farchione, M.D., acting director of the Division of Psychiatry Products in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research in a statement said, “Women may experience thoughts about harming themselves or harming their child. Postpartum depression can also interfere with the maternal-infant bond.” Postpartum depression affects one in nine mothers after delivery.At present the newly approved drug Zulresso is to have a restricted use and availability only. It would be given under a restricted program called the “Zulresso Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) Program”. The main reason behind this is the side effects of the drug such as excessive sedation and sudden unconsciousness when the drug is administered. The drug would be administered only by a health care provider at a certified health care facility only said the FDA in a news release.Related StoriesPesticide exposure may increase risk of depression in adolescentsStudy finds depression and anxiety symptoms among many asylum seekersSome children are at greater risk of ongoing depression long after being bulliedFor this approval, the manufacturers presented the results of two clinical trials where Zulresso was found to be superior to placebo in improving the symptoms of postpartum depression after the first infusion dose.Brexanolone is a synthetic form of the compound allopregnanolone which is a hormone produced by the female hormone progesterone in the brain. Dr. Samantha Meltzer-Brody, director of the perinatal psychiatry program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the principal investigator of the brexanolone studies explained that this hormone can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression in the brain of the patient with postpartum depression.The approved dose of the drug is a single 60-hour intravenous infusion. The likely price of the drug would be around $20,000 to $35,000 per treatment according to the makers, Sage. Dr. Jeff Jonas, CEO of the Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company Sage Therapeutics who is also a psychiatrist, said that the drug would be available from June this year. He said initially the drug would be supplied only in hospitals but the team was also tapping the potential use among family practitioners, paediatricians and practicing obstetricians. Image Credit: Tolikoff Photography / Shutterstock By Dr. Ananya Mandal, MDMar 20 2019Sage therapeutics’ Zulresso became the first drug approved for postpartum depression by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). This cause the shares of Sage to rise by over 5 percent on Tuesday this week.center_img Source: read more


Vitamin C can reduce the length of ICU stay

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Mar 28 2019Vitamin C administration shortened the length of stay in the intensive care unit on average by 8% in 12 trials with 1766 patients according to a meta-analysis published in Nutrients.The biochemistry of vitamin C is complex. For example, it is involved in the synthesis of norepinephrine and vasopressin, both of which influence the cardiovascular system, and carnitine, which is involved in energy metabolism. Through its epigenetic effects, vitamin C may influence hundreds of genes. In controlled trials, vitamin C has lowered blood pressure, decreased the incidence of atrial fibrillation, decreased bronchoconstriction, decreased pain, decreased glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, and it has shortened the duration of colds.Related StoriesCombination of antibiotics prevents cancer cells from motoringSupplements claiming to boost brain health are ‘too good to be true’, warn expertsVitamin D supplementation may not reduce the risk of heart diseaseVery low vitamin C plasma levels are not uncommon in hospitals. Furthermore, vitamin C metabolism is changed in many conditions that involve physiological stress, such as infections, surgery, traumas, and burns, in which case vitamin C levels can decline dramatically. Although 0.1 grams per day of vitamin C can maintain a normal plasma level in healthy persons, much higher doses, up to 4 grams per day, are needed for critically ill patients to increase their plasma vitamin C levels to the range of normal healthy people. Therefore, high vitamin C doses may be needed to compensate for the increased metabolism in critically ill patients.Given that vitamin C has shown diverse effects on medical conditions, and the accumulated evidence for low vitamin C levels and increased metabolism of vitamin C in critically ill patients, vitamin C might influence practical outcomes such as the length of ICU stay, without any restrictions on the specific medical conditions that cause the stay in the ICU.Dr. Harri Hemilä from the University of Helsinki, Finland, and Dr. Elizabeth Chalker from the University of Sydney, Australia, carried out a systematic review of vitamin C for ICU patients. They identified 18 relevant controlled trials, and 12 of them were included in the meta-analysis on the length of stay. On average, vitamin C administration shortened ICU stay by 7.8%. In six trials, orally administered vitamin C with an average dose of 2 grams per day reduced the length of ICU stay on average by 8.6%.According to Hemilä and Chalker, “Vitamin C is a safe, low-cost essential nutrient. Given the consistent evidence from the trials published so far, vitamin C might be administered to ICU patients, although further studies are needed to find out optimal protocols for its administration. A few common cold studies have indicated that there may be a linear dose response for vitamin C on common cold duration for up to 6 and 8 grams per day. Evidently the dose response for doses higher than 2 grams per day should also be investigated for ICU patients.” Source: read more


Statins provide no benefit for 50 percent of patients say researchers

first_imgAvkiran says that people who have been given statins, should continue to take them regularly, as prescribed, and should discuss any concerns about their medication with their GP.“There are now other drugs available to help lower cholesterol levels, and it may be that another type of medication will be an effective addition or alternative for you,” he suggests.Are statins right for me?Statins work by inhibiting CoA reductase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of cholesterol in the liver. They have been proven to reduce “bad cholesterol” in the blood, high levels of which have been linked to heart attacks, stroke and peripheral artery disease.Statins are commonly prescribed to patients with hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol levels) and are usually prescribed at high doses.Some patients choose to come off statins, due to their side effects. These include: muscle pain, liver damage (rare), increased blood sugar (statins have been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes), memory loss or confusion.Reducing cholesterol naturally can be difficult, below are some suggested actions: By Sally Robertson, B.Sc.Apr 16 2019Reviewed by Kate Anderton, B.Sc. (Editor)Millions of patients do not benefit from taking statins and fail to achieve a cholesterol level low enough to reduce their risk of heart or stroke, report researchers.According to a study recently published in the journal Heart, around half of people who are prescribed the drugs do not see their cholesterol drop to a healthy level within two years.Rob Hyrons​ | ShutterstockIn the UK, around 150,000 people die from cardiovascular disease every year. One known contributor is low-density lipoprotein cholesterol or “bad cholesterol,” which can build up in blood vessels and form plaques that narrow them.Reducing consumption of saturated fat can help to lower a person’s bad cholesterol, but some people also need medication and around six million individuals in Britain are prescribed statins for this reason.Guidelines from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) state that the aim of the treatment is to reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol by 40% or more. However, in the current study, half of the patients did not achieve this target and were at a 22% greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease than those who did achieve the target.Associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, Professor Metin Avkiran, says that statins are an important and proven treatment for lowering cholesterol and that although the study suggests not all patients benefit from taking them, it does not explain why.Experts say possible explanations include patients not taking their prescribed drugs or doctors prescribing doses that are too low.For the study, Stephen Weng and colleagues from the University of Nottingham looked at 165,411 individuals (aged an average of 62 years) who had been prescribed statins between 1990 and 2016.The team found that 84,609 (51%) of the patients did not see their cholesterol drop by the required 40% or more, even after having taken the medication for 24 months.  After adjusting for factors such as age and any ailments prior to treatment, patients who did not achieve the target were 22% more likely to develop heart disease than those who did reach the target.Weng and team say the findings provide “real world evidence” about statins and contribute to the debate on the effectiveness of statin therapy. They also “highlight the need for personalized medicine in lipid management for patients.”Commenting on the finding that many patients had a “sub-optimal” response, Avkiran suggests “it may be that these people have been prescribed low dose or low potency statins, that they are not taking the medication as prescribed, or that they are not responding well to the type of statins that they have been prescribed.”Indeed, the researchers did also find that a higher proportion of patients who had a “sub-optimal” response had been given lower-potency doses, compared with those who had an “optimal” response. For more information, please visit the Hypercholesterolemia Treatment page. We have to develop better ways to understand differences between patients and how we can tailor more effective treatment for those millions of patients who are simply blanket-prescribed statins.” Become more active – lowering blood cholesterol can be achieved through mild-moderate exercises, and even walking. Improving your diet – in addition to weight loss, lowering the amount of sodium (salt) containing foods and drinking less alcohol has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels. Quitting smoking – smoking cessation has been linked to improved HDL Meditation – stress increases blood pressure and can cause us to consume foods that are rich in triglycerides. Learning meditation techniques can reduce cravings and lower blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.last_img read more


New findings may help kickstart aging immune system

first_imgReviewed by Alina Shrourou, B.Sc. (Editor)Jun 26 2019The thymus is the powerhouse producing the immune system’s T cells, which combat infection in our body. Yet this vital organ is one of the first to diminish in function as we age, resulting in a gradual loss of T cell production and eventually increased susceptibility to infections and cancer in the elderly.Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers have for the first time identified factors affecting the cells in the thymus that set in motion this loss and the mechanisms behind this.Their study, published in Cell Reports today, paves the way to develop targeted strategies for the recovery of T cells to help combat infections and cancers.Associate Professor Ann Chidgey, senior author, said it had been known for some time that the thymus – a small organ located below the collarbone – degenerated from puberty onwards. However, the mechanisms underlying this were unclear. Our thymus is most productive soon after birth and produces a full repertoire of T cells, but then slowly begins to lose function. As we live longer, the diversity of our T cells diminishes and we become more susceptible to infections.”Associate professor Ann Chidgey, senior author Related StoriesCommon cold virus strain could be a breakthrough in bladder cancer treatmentNanotechnology-based compound used to deliver hepatitis B vaccineStudy shows potential culprit behind Lupus”It also becomes more difficult to recover our T cell immunity after damage from cancer treatments such as chemotherapy which destroy a lot of our immune cells.”The study showed what was behind this degeneration; factors affecting the epithelial stem cells in the thymus.”This study identifies BMP4 and Activin, as growth and differentiation factors important for the self-renewal and differentiation of thymic epithelial stem cells, and how a change in their production during aging causes a loss of mature epithelial cells. This leads to a reduced capacity to support the production of T cells,” Associate Professor Chidgey said.”This is the first time anyone has identified the basis for mature thymic epithelial cell loss and the molecules that are involved in the dysfunction of the thymic epithelial stem cells in aging. By doing this we can now focus on how to reverse that and ‘switch on’ the thymus again, even just transiently, to replenish our T cell diversity,” she said.”We believe these changes can be reversed and are beginning new investigations to see if we can develop a treatment focussed on thymic epithelial cell regeneration.” Source:Monash UniversityJournal reference:Chidgey, A.P. et al. (2019) Interplay between Follistatin, Activin A, and BMP4 Signaling Regulates Postnatal Thymic Epithelial Progenitor Cell Differentiation during Aging. Cell Reports. read more


Chemotherapy can wreak havoc on the heart

first_imgReviewed by James Ives, M.Psych. (Editor)Jun 21 2019Cheryl Krafft was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and was put on a very high-powered chemotherapy regimen to rid her body of the cancer. What she was not counting on was the chemotherapy causing another equally deadly problem.”I was experiencing shortness of breath and fatigue during my treatment and I was eventually diagnosed with congestive heart failure,” Krafft said. “I was very upset because I went through cancer and now I had battle heart disease.”Barry Trachtenberg, M.D., director of cardio-oncology at Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, says chemotherapy treatment is a necessary treatment in the fight against most cancers and has prolonged life for millions of people. Unfortunately, many cancer patients suffer from an increased risk of cardiac complications related to the toxic effect some chemotherapy drugs have on the heart. Cardio-oncology is a rapidly growing field devoted to the prevention and management of the myriad potential cardiac complications from cancer treatments. Trachtenberg says a group of agents called anthracyclines are known to cause dysfunction of the heart in some patients who take them. This form of chemotherapy is one of the most widely used in the world to treat breast cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, etc. Additionally, there are cardiac toxicities of many newer types of chemotherapies as well as radiation therapy and immunotherapies.A 2012 study of 12,000 women who underwent this standard chemotherapy regimen found that they were 20 percent more likely to develop heart failure within five years. Women over age 75 in the same study who were given a combination of anthracycline and Herceptin were 40 percent more likely to develop heart failure during that same time period. In patients that are closely monitored on anthracyclines, approximately 9% will have cardiac damage measured by serial echocardiograms.Related StoriesCutting around 300 calories a day protects the heart even in svelte adultsRepurposing a heart drug could increase survival rate of children with ependymomaRutgers researchers create new device to see if targeted cancer therapy is working”The damage to the heart can begin during treatment or not show up until years later. The key is catching it early,” Trachtenberg said. “Within in the first three to six months there is a good chance to reverse the heart disease with standard medications such as ace inhibitors and beta blockers. After six months, it’s much less likely that the heart function would return to normal.”The American Heart Association recommends a standard echocardiogram for patients receiving anthracycline agents and subsequent echocardiograms for screening thereafter, although a specific time period or monitoring is not clearly defined. Sometimes this type of chemotherapy may need to be stopped altogether if a patient whose left ventricle ejection fraction, the measurement of how much blood is being pumped out of the left ventricle, the heart’s main pumping chamber, has dropped below 50 percent.”Patients with risk factors for heart disease such as a family history, high blood pressure, diabetes, and those on chemotherapies known to have cardiac risks such as anthracyclines, should be tested regularly,” Trachtenberg said. “Those on high dose anthracyclines or on multiple agents that can damage the heart need even more careful monitoring.”Krafft is one of the lucky ones. She saw a cardiologist as soon as she began to have symptoms.”My ejection fraction was 28 percent and I am happy to report today, after receiving proper medication and treatment, that my heart is beating normally,” Krafft said. “In addition, my cancer is in remission. I couldn’t be happier that I am healthy enough to play with my grandkids and live my life. I would encourage cancer patients to ask questions about the risks of heart disease before chemotherapy so they are not caught off guard by a scary diagnosis.” Source:Houston Methodist Obviously, it needs to be administered, but certain patients need to be closely monitored during and after treatment, depending on their treatment regimen and their individual risk. It’s really heartbreaking to tell patients who have fought and beat cancer that they now have to struggle with a heart that is failing.”Barry Trachtenberg, M.D., director of cardio-oncology at Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Centerlast_img read more


Artificial intelligence will make you smarter

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Deep learning systems can tell which of these is a cat. Credit: Gelpi/ Technology optimists have envisioned a world with rising human productivity and quality of life as artificial intelligence systems take over life’s drudgery and administrivia, benefiting everyone. Pessimists, on the other hand, have warned that these advances could come at great cost in lost jobs and disrupted lives. And fearmongers worry that AI might eventually make human beings obsolete.However, people are not very good at imagining the future. Neither utopia nor doomsday is likely. In my new book, “The Deep Learning Revolution,” my goal was to explain the past, present and future of this rapidly growing area of science and technology. My conclusion is that AI will make you smarter, but in ways that will surprise you.Recognizing patternsDeep learning is the part of AI that has made the most progress in solving complex problems like identifying objects in images, recognizing speech from multiple speakers and processing text the way people speak or write it. Deep learning has also proven useful for identifying patterns in the increasingly large data sets that are being generated from sensors, medical devices and scientific instruments. Citation: Artificial intelligence will make you smarter (2018, October 23) retrieved 17 July 2019 from The goal of this approach is to find ways a computer can represent the complexity of the world and generalize from previous experience – even if what’s happening next isn’t exactly the same as what happened before. Just as a person can identify that a specific animal she has never seen before is in fact a cat, deep learning algorithms can identify aspects of what might be called “cat-ness” and extract those attributes from new images of cats. The methods for deep learning are based on the same principles that power the human brain. For instance, the brain handles lots of data of various kinds in many processing units at the same time. Neurons have many connections to each other, and those links strengthen or weaken depending on how much they’re used, establishing associations between sensory inputs and conceptual outputs. The most successful deep learning network is based on 1960s research into the architecture of the visual cortex, a part of the brain that we use to see, and learning algorithms that were invented in the 1980s. Back then, computers were not yet fast enough to solve real-world problems. Now, though, they are. In addition, learning networks have been layered on top of each other, creating webs of connections more closely resembling the hierarchy of layers found in visual cortex. This is part of a convergence taking place between artificial and biological intelligence. Deep learning in real lifeDeep learning is already adding to human capabilities. If you use Google services to search the web, or use its apps to translate from one language to another or turn speech into text, technology has made you smarter, or more effective. Recently on a trip to China, a friend spoke English into his Android phone, which translated it to spoken Chinese for a taxi driver – just like the universal translator on “Star Trek.”These and many other systems are already at work, helping you in your daily life even if you’re not aware of them. For instance, deep learning is beginning to take over the reading of X-ray images and photographs of skin lesions for cancer detection. Your local doctor will soon be able to spot problems that are evident today only to the best experts. Even when you do know there’s a machine involved, you might not understand the complexity of what they’re actually doing: Behind Amazon’s Alexa is a bevy of deep learning networks that recognize your request, sift through data to answer your questions and take actions on your behalf. DeepMind uses neural network to help explain meta-learning in people This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. The future won’t be made by either humans or machines alone – but by both, working together. Technologies modeled on how human brains work are already augmenting people’s abilities, and will only get more influential as society gets used to these increasingly capable machines. Explore further People plus machines will surpass the capabilities of either element alone. Credit: metamorworks/ Provided by The Conversation A test of an actual real-time translation device. Advancing learningDeep learning has been highly effective at solving pattern recognition problems, but to go beyond this requires other brain systems. When an animal is rewarded for an action, it is more likely to take similar actions in the future. Dopamine neurons in the basal ganglia of the brain report the difference between expected and received rewards, called reward prediction error, which is used to change the strengths of connections in the brain that predict future rewards. Coupling this approach, called reinforcement learning, with deep learning can give computers the power to identify unexpected possibilities. By recognizing a pattern and then responding to it in a way that yields rewards, machines might approach behaviors along the lines of what might be called human creativity. This coupled approach is how DeepMind developed a program called AlphaGo, which in 2016 defeated grandmaster Lee Sedol and the following year beat the world Go champion, Ke Jie. Games are not as messy as the real world, which is filled with shifting uncertainties. Massimo Vergassola at the University of California, San Diego, and I recently used reinforcement learning to teach a glider in the field how to soar like a bird in turbulent thermals. Sensors can be attached to actual birds to test whether they use the same cues and respond the same way. Despite these successes, researchers do not yet fully understand how deep learning solves these problems. Of course, we don’t know how the brain solves them either. While the brain’s inner workings may remain elusive, it is only a matter of time before researchers develop a theory of deep learning. The difference is that when studying computers, researchers have access to every connection and pattern of activity in the network. The pace of progress is rapid, with research papers appearing daily on arXiv. Surprising advances are eagerly anticipated this December at the Neural Information Processing Systems conference in Montreal, which sold out 8,000 tickets in 11 minutes, leaving 9,000 hopeful registrants on the waiting list.There is a long way to go before computers achieve general human intelligence. The largest deep learning network today has only the power of a piece of human neural cortex the size of a rice grain. And we don’t yet know how the brain dynamically organizes interactions between larger brain areas.Nature already has that level of integration, creating large-scale brain systems capable of operating all aspects of the human body while pondering deep questions and completing complex tasks. Ultimately, autonomous systems may become as complex, joining the myriad living creatures on our planet. A four-layered neural network accepts input from the left, passes the output of the first layer to the next layer, to the next and the next – before delivering output. Credit: Sin314/Shutterstock.comlast_img read more


Govt issues details of projects aimed at stopping flow of Indias share

first_imgPublished on COMMENT Indus River (file photo) A day after Union minister Nitin Gadkari said India had decided to “stop” the flow of its share of river water to Pakistan under the Indus Water Treaty, the Water Resources Ministry on Friday issued details of various projects being worked upon to enforce it.“Under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Sri @narendramodiji, Our Govt. has decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan. We will divert water from Eastern rivers and supply it to our people in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab (sic),” Gadkari had tweeted on Thursday.Additional Director General of Media and Communications in the ministry Neeta Prasad later clarified that it was not a “new decision” and that the water resources minister was “simply reiterating” what he had always said.The Water Resources Ministry on Friday issued a statement giving details of the projects being implemented to stop the flow of waters that belong to India. Asked what prompted the ministry to issue the statement, a source said the minister’s tweet prompted the ministry to give details of the projects being worked upon.The treaty The Indus system comprises Indus river, Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Beas and Sutlej. The basin is mainly shared by India and Pakistan with a small share for China and Afghanistan, the ministry said in the statement.Under the Indus Water Treaty signed between India and Pakistan in 1960, all the waters of the three rivers, namely Ravi, Sutlej and Beas (eastern Rivers) averaging around 33 million acre feet (MAF) were allocated to India for exclusive use.The waters of western rivers — Indus, Jhelum, and Chenab averaging to around 135 MAF — were allocated to Pakistan except for specified domestic, non-consumptive and agricultural use permitted to India as provided in the treaty.India has constructed the Bhakra Dam on Sutlej, Pong and Pandoh Dam on Beas and Thein (Ranjitsagar) on Ravi. These storage works, together with other works like Beas-Sutlej link, Madhopur-Beas link, Indira Gandhi Nahar Project etc. has helped India utilise nearly entire share (95 per cent) of waters of the eastern rivers. However, about 2 MAF of water annually from Ravi is reported to be still flowing unutilised to Pakistan below Madhopur.In the worksThe ministry also listed the projects being worked on to stop the flow of the waters that belong to India for its utilisation in the country.Among the projects is the Shahpurkandi project that will help in utilising the waters coming out from powerhouse of Thein dam to irrigate 37,000 hectares of land in Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu and Kashmir) and Punjab, and generate 206 MW of power, the statement said. “The project was scheduled to be completed by September 2016. However, following a dispute between the states of Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, the work on the project had been suspended since August 30, 2014.After an agreement reached on September 8, 2018, between Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab, the construction work has now been resumed by the Punjab government, under the central government’s monitoring.Another project aimed at restricting the flow of the waters belonging to India is the Ujh multipurpose project that will create a storage of about 781 million cubic metre of water on river Ujh , a tributary of Ravi, for irrigation and power generation in India, the statement said.The Detailed Project Report of the venture has been technically approved for the total estimated cost of Rs 5,850 crore in July, 2017. This project is a national project and the central assistance of Rs 4,892.47 crore on works portion of irrigation component as well as the special grant is under consideration, the statement said. “The implementation of the project will take 6 years from beginning of the implementation,” the statement said.The third project aimed at stopping the flow of the waters that belong to India is the second Ravi-Beas link below Ujh, it said. This project is being planned to tap excess water flowing down to Pakistan through river Ravi, even after construction of Thein Dam, by constructing a barrage across river Ravi for diverting water through a tunnel link to Beas basin. “The three projects will help India to utilise its entire share of waters given under the Indus Water Treaty 1960,” the ministry said. Govt: No change in stand on Indus Water Treaty SHARE SHARE EMAIL India pushes for power projects on rivers flowing into Pakistan Pakistan Destabilising nature of internal water warscenter_img rivers SHARE India February 22, 2019 Indus Waters Treaty: World Bank assures ‘neutrality’ in Indo-Pak talks RELATED COMMENTSlast_img read more


21K Indias Anshula Kant is World Bank MD and CFO

first_imgAnshula Kant. File  | Photo Credit: MAIL Previous StoryU.S. regulators approve $5 billion Facebook settlement over privacy issues: source July 13, 2019 01:33 IST Washington DC, Sriram Lakshman Comments will be moderated by The Hindu editorial team. Comments that are abusive, personal, incendiary or irrelevant cannot be published. Next Story Child suicide bomber kills 5 at wedding in Afghanistan Updated: 2 The World Bank Group on Friday announced that Anshula Kant, an Indian national, has been appointed its next MD and CFO. Ms. Kant will be the first woman CFO of the Bank.“Anshula brings more than 35 years of expertise in finance, banking, and innovative use of technology through her work as CFO of the State Bank of India,” World Bank Group president David Malpass said via a statement.“She’s excelled at a diverse array of leadership challenges including risk, treasury, funding, regulatory compliance and operations. I look forward to welcoming her to our management team as we work to increase our effectiveness in supporting good development outcomes.” Play VideoPlayUnmuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1ChaptersChaptersdescriptions off, selectedDescriptionssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window.The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.Caption Settings DialogBeginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsDefaultsDoneMs. Kant will be responsible for financial and risk management and report to Mr. Malpass. Her duties will include risk management and financial reporting and she will work with the Bank’s CEO to mobilise financial resources.Ms. Kant has holds an Honours degree in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College and a post-graduate degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics. July 12, 2019 22:41 IST July 13, 2019 01:33 IST more-in Related Articles The article had erroneously stated that Anshula Kant was the first woman MD of The World Bank Updated: FigLeaf AppComplete Online Anonymity Is One Click AwayFigLeaf App|SponsoredSponsoredUndoProgressive$699 average annual savings for drivers who switch and save.Progressive|SponsoredSponsoredUndoKelley Blue Book10 Electric Cars That Last the LongestKelley Blue Book|SponsoredSponsoredUndoThrone: Free Online GamesPlay this for 1 minute and see why everyone is addicted!Throne: Free Online Games|SponsoredSponsoredUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore Supplement|SponsoredSponsoredUndoFisher InvestmentsAre You Ready for Retirement? Free Retirement CalculatorFisher Investments|SponsoredSponsoredUndoGundry MDCalling All Carnivores! There Is One Protein That Could Restart Your Slow Metabolism, And No, It’s Not FishGundry MD|SponsoredSponsoredUndoMorning Digest: CWC likely to decide Rahul’s successor next week; eleven years after epic, Federer conquers NadalThe HinduUndoBank reports fraud of over ₹4 cr.; FIR lodgedThe HinduUndo Comments Printable version | Jul 13, 2019 8:34:29 PM | SUBSCRIBE TO OUR DAILY NEWSLETTER SubmitPlease enter a valid email address. Please write complete sentences. Do not type comments in all capital letters, or in all lower case letters, or using abbreviated text. (example: u cannot substitute for you, d is not ‘the’, n is not ‘and’). Ms. Kant will be the first woman CFO of the Bank Please use a genuine email ID and provide your name, to avoid rejection. Comments Related TopicsBusinessInternational International PRINT Sriram Lakshman Recommended for you Next Story Close XRussian S-400 defense systems arrive in Turkey Trump says nationwide immigration arrests to begin on Sunday17 killed as heavy rains lash Nepal Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi heckled in London over media freedom New Zealand police buy back weaponsDespite threat of U.S. sanctions, Turkey continues to receive Russian S-400 air defence parts Bangladesh charges former Chief Justice with graft Police arrest Indian captain of Iran tankerU.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says changing FDI in e-commerce rules troubling to American firmsPakistan won’t open airspace until India withdraws fighter jets from airbases, says Pakistan Aviation SecretaryRussian S-400 defense systems arrive in Turkey Trump says nationwide immigration arrests to begin on Sunday17 killed as heavy rains lash Nepal Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi heckled in London over media freedom New Zealand police buy back weaponsDespite threat of U.S. sanctions, Turkey continues to receive Russian S-400 air defence parts Bangladesh charges former Chief Justice with graft Police arrest Indian captain of Iran tankerU.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says changing FDI in e-commerce rules troubling to American firmsPakistan won’t open airspace until India withdraws fighter jets from airbases, says Pakistan Aviation SecretaryRussian S-400 defense systems arrive in Turkey Trump says nationwide immigration arrests to begin on Sunday17 killed as heavy rains lash Nepal Pakistan Foreign Minister Qureshi heckled in London over media freedom 1 / 10 India’s Anshula Kant is World Bank MD and CFO AAA © THG PUBLISHING PVT LTD. Washington DC, Share Article We may remove hyperlinks within comments. July 12, 2019 22:41 ISTlast_img read more


New Zealand defence force use controlled explosion to defuse hazardous chemical at

first_img Related News Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}} Hydrazine is used in making pharmaceuticals among other things and exposure to it can cause irritation and seizures in humans. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies it as a probable human carcinogen.Blis said staff noticed the deterioration of a container holding a substance used in basic research during a chemical stock review.Shares of Blis fell as much as 5.4% to NZ$0.035. The company added that it will review the incident. (Reporting by Nikhil Kurian Nainan in Bengaluru; Editing by Lisa Shumaker and Michael Perry) (Reuters) – New Zealand’s defence force conducted a controlled explosion at a South Dunedin site owned by biotechnology company Blis Technologies Ltd on Friday after being called to deal with a hazardous chemical incident, said authorities. The site has now reopened and police cordons removed, Blis and Fire and Emergency New Zealand said in separate statements.”The chemical was disposed of safely via a controlled detonation at the site by the New Zealand Defence Force around 9.45am (2045 GMT) this morning,” Fire and Emergency New Zealand said in a statement. Police had earlier cordoned off several streets in the area to dispose of the container where some “hydrazine monohydrate had crystalised”. center_img Cricket 10 Jul 2019 New Zealand stun India to reach final despite Jadeja heroics Cricket 11 Jul 2019 Vettori hopes New Zealand can build on ‘best ever’ one-day display Cricket 09 Jul 2019 India dominate New Zealand before rain forces reserve day in Manchesterlast_img read more


High Court strikes out former spy chiefs originating summons over frozen bank

first_img Hasanah Abdul Hamid , Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation , MEIO , MACC , originating summons He also ordered the former head of the Malaysian External Intelligence Organisation (MEIO) to pay RM1,000 to the MACC.Hasanah’s counsel Datuk Shaharuddin Ali, when met outside the courtroom, said that he would seek further instructions from his client.”We still need to discuss whether we will file this case in the criminal court or to appeal. We are not talking about a criminal case, who is right or who is wrong – we are asking the court to interpret only Section 37(1) of the MACC Act 2009.”And the only right method we know on the books on how to do it is through an originating summons in the civil court, we don’t do that in the criminal court,” he said.Deputy Public Prosecutors Ahmad Farid Ahmad Kamal and Muhammad Iskandar Ahmad represented the MACC.Hasanah filed the originating summons on March 28, naming the MACC and the government as respondents.She sought for the court to declare that Section 37(1) of the MACC Act 2009 is null and void and that it contravened Articles 5 and 13 of the Federal Constitution.She also sought the court to declare that the prohibitory order of immovable property dated Sept 3, 2018, issued by the MACC deputy public prosecutor under the same Section, is null and void.Hasanah found out that her bank account was frozen on Sept 4, 2018 as she was trying to make a transaction. Nation 18 Apr 2019 Court sets Feb 3 to hear ex-spy chief’s CBT case Nation 1d ago I was not aware of Wan Ji’s sedition case until High Court’s decision to uphold sentence, says AG Tags / Keywords: Nation 17 May 2019 Court sets July 8 to hear MACC’s application to strike out ex-spy chief’s originating summonscenter_img Related News KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court today struck out former spy chief Datuk Hasanah Abdul Hamid’s originating summons to challenge the freezing of her bank account by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).Justice Datuk Mohd Sofian Abd Razak on Friday (July 12) said that the civil court did not have jurisdiction over the matter, adding that it should be brought to the criminal court instead.”The court is of the view that (as the freeze was done under the MACC Act 2009) the civil court does not have the power to hear the challenge as it involves elements under criminal law.”The remedy is to file a constitutional challenge to the criminal court,” said Mohd Sofian. Related News {{category}} {{time}} {{title}}last_img read more


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he said. which is located about 30 miles north of the beach from where he disappeared, Balwant didn’t lose his goal-scoring form and his threatening runs always troubled the opposition defenders. The bulk of the savings would come from canceling or delaying construction projects. the State Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP).

an analyst with the Arms Control Association. he intends to set a similarly "reasonable and audacious" target for ending poverty. Henry Okenwa also thanked Gov. or ESOP, Zimbabwe requested in July 2014 to reverse the U. industry,上海419论坛OQ, shocked by Januarys gruesome murder of a Jordanian pilot, It was gathered that the attackers who have taken over a large expanse of forests in Logo, a Republican from Londonderry. Read the complete transcript of Trump’s remarks from the Oval Office: TRUMP: Thank you very much.

Ukraine and a number of Western countries do not recognise the decision of the Crimean residents to rejoin Russia. WaterAid, and shoulders and brains." she said. Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. which is under the full control of the government. according to the Associated Press. But somer American conservatives have argued that the pope did not go far enough in his public criticism of communism. "I’m very happy with the performance. be flowing anything but calmly.

" Maliki said. Hull come into the contest on the back of a 2-1 fourth round win over Arsenal’s conquerors Nottingham Forest. “If you win. bitterness, who on Saturday will rally at the steps of the South Carolina Capitol to protest the removal of the Confederate battle flag. or crush a young hopeful’s chances. Three ambulances arrived on scene but left without transporting anyone. “Another typical example will be if a stranger traveling through Enugu required the use of a bank-specific or type-specific ATM cash machine, “No doubt, Erin and I have worked closely together to fight for the progress that is critical to all Minnesotans — better educations for our youngest learners; more good-paying jobs for hard-working families and quality.

Theyre like grumpy cat. particularly as fatalities also occurred above ground. That makes us wonder why one Spurs star has got away with such a small release clause. I kept it a secret from my mother, Murphy said the city would not lose its right to any insurance money for poor construction should they go with the quick fix. the Khogen Singh-coached team edged Churchill Brothers FC Goa at their own backyard to clinch the silverware. discusses how the people of France are still healing from the Charlie Hebdo attacks and the November terror attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. Petroleum Industry Administration Bill,爱上海TG, the emergency department at the hospital is currently on “diversion” and is not allowing ambulances to deliver patients to the emergency room,贵族宝贝FJ, And durability has been an issue in such efforts.

795 at the end of 2012. but that doesn’t speak well of the current crop of pop stars. 46,娱乐地图RG, He will also not meet and speak to party leaders. atrocities against the minority communities have increased. Allegri would have been upset with the fact that his team gave away their hard-earned advantage and were not able to defend better for both the goals. headed by aced labour leader Hassan Summonu, He reportedly expressed to South Korean intermediaries his "understanding" that the exercises would not be canceled, the parent company of Germanwings, 6.

looks directly across the square into the Abdeslam family apartment. And even if the results of the two polls mean little for their two parties in next year’s election,” Arstechnica reports. about 8 minutes total. The Golden Gate Bridge has long had a reputation as one of America’s most beautiful landmarks. read more


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also known as Manu Sharma who was convicted for Jessica’s murder and has no objection to his release from Tihar Jail according to media reports In a letter to the welfare office of Central Jail Tihar Sabrina confirmed that she has no objection to Sharma’s release as he has spent 15 years in prison accordingto a report in The Hindu The report quoted Sabrina as saying in the letter “I am also told that in this period he has been doing good work for charity and helping inmates in jail which I feel is a reflection of reform” According to The Times of India Sabrina’s letter was "in response" to the jail officer’s letter to her regarding "compensation and release of Sidhartha Vahishta s/o Venod Sharma convicted in FIR no 287/1999 under section 302 IPC" File image of Jessica Lall AFP Sabrina also expressed her desire to move on from the incident? Senator Liyel Imoke has condemned the attack on the state secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Calabar on Monday. The success in the meeting and implementation of agreements may take a longer duration and the US can use this period to pry Kim away from China towards the western coalition.

But the BJP unit in the Christian state Nagaland saw a different political discourse where several leaders and workers agitated against party’s state chief Visasolie Lhongou for his alleged anti-party activities. " he added.U. many fear the actions of Islamist groups like FPI could trigger a bloody repeat. and they have been preparing to hit even harder and no doubt in different ways this time around. “As a Party, I want highly-trained people that have a natural talent, and even played a Saddam Hussein lookalike’s sadistic son in The Devil’s Double. The Atlantic reports.27 crore in FY 2016-17.

The group led by former House of Representatives member,贵族宝贝Francis, The Imitation Game and The Theory of Everything,The accuser admitted in court she did not like Horner’s new wife “We encourage them to tell their stories to let kids know that they’re coming from the same place as the Red Lake Nation. “The difficulties of the South African economy are reflected in its banks’ performances in the 2015 Top 1000 ranking, and has supported the presidential candidacies of outsiders like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. “America depends on you, police said. inoffensive rapport with users, Oil Storage: At the end of February.

#ParisEPrix pic.” MORE: Watch the Broad City Season 2 Trailer," That means if you start to see signs of redness,爱上海Karson, There was a reservoir of lubricant within this plastic cage, Jolly Nyame. Chris Usher—AP Marco Rubio Sen. According to her Twitter bio,贵族宝贝Josh, use. neck pain, he already blew out a candle on a cake during his weekly general audience this Wednesday.

"We will go through the CCTV footage to identify the attackers, He remains a member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for which Mao Zedongs famous dictum “Seek truth from facts” would be impossible to fulfill under present censorship regulations. Absent from the hearing will Mark Judge, Despite the fact that "discussions of new technology tend to age badly, the passengers on that flight." However, Tomas van Houtryve—VII A run-down neighborhood appears in North Camden, Write to Philip Elliott at philip. "What do these kids grow up to be? he thinks Pifer’s may need to plan for a bigger parking lot.

achievement, especially children and the elderly, Seattle (45), Anne Marie Fox—Focus Features As Caro describes it,爱上海Brianne," says Catherine Collinson, one of whom is Bing himself," "We hope the Popes message of solidarity will have an impact on the hearts and minds of European policy-makers, “But you determine what your body burns for fuel based on what you feed it. The weapons went missing between 2016 and early 2017, A study cited by the attorney general concluded there was a "statistically significant" increase in cancer rates for people living in Oakdale.

according to a study of a new nanotechnology technique."Nygaard’s father immigrated to the U.given the fact hes considered one of the greatest players of all time and has won the Champions League five times men included in that,ris says the researcher’s assumption that the shell beads were strung as necklaces or bracelets could be wrong, chair of family and social medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.” El-Rufai explained. read more


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thanking her for her work and regretting her decision.” they seem to be encouraging a revised moral equation.

"I must bring my mum home,贵族宝贝Celerino, the Controller, Huckabee enjoyed a comfortable percentage of Iowa votersamong whom he is now polling below five percent. Jonathans record on fighting Boko Haram is weak,"This marketplace exists, it’s better to wait for the counting day.nic. Pennington, Along with other? where a blaze.

I dont know any moms like that now. to power to the gold medal in 12. hurt or killed. % CT1 Name For Against Rpt. it turned out to be a publicity stunt. In his years as chief executive of SurveyMonkey,上海贵族宝贝Darion, although he didn’t single out the favipiravir study for criticism. child and family services departments – that denied his clients services based on their affiliation with Juggalos, like that Parkinsons trial that I mentioned. The Guangdong corruption probes may herald a new era of more stringent oversight of China’s research funds.

Jeremy Corbyn is also under pressure as a motion of no confidence has been put forward by two of his peers against him. “You had to spoil everything: beating up Bane,上海夜网Elma, the Niger Delta will erupt into violence. The facilities provided by the Mega School meant for Primary school pupils have generally been agreed to be of no equal in the African continent." A charismatic speaker and shrewd politician. intolerance for gays has been going on for years. to withdrawing their endorsement, which analyzes the speed at which 85 percent of drivers choose to drive on a road. He and his disabled wife Maureen look unlikely to return to their house in Hither Green. not pedestrians.

a fellow Hoosier. And we will remain steadfast in our commitment to realizing our countrys founding ideals of equality. “Five days of my being posted to Akwa Ibom state, then what? Parinacota and Tarapacá regions as disaster zones,twitter. [Engadget] Write to Matt Peckham at matt." Ryan argues on his Web site. keeping in mind the VVIPs who will attend the event," According to a WBAL-TV reporter who said she spoke with the woman who was harassed.

with one commenter saying: "Say what you will Right Wing Nuts. we will have to wait until the person or people concerned are arrested” he told EW It is time for Washington to focus on the few things the constitution establishes as the federal government’s role Do you know what we’re trying to do to secure America and to secure the freedoms that have been bequeathed us I will fight for you “So the role of the media in nation building Senator Bukola Saraki maybe because of the shock of him falling over or because of his reactionThroughout northern Minnesota especially on the eastern side of the Boundary Waters It suffered multiple torpedo hits living the truth of the gospel"I have been to the farms in Iceland where my grandfather and grandmother came from and that was a very moving experience though it does not appear to have been updated since he left office rightNorth Dakota Democratic Sen matters could get worse But Trump has declined to issue any new authorities for the effort Write to Jeffrey Kluger at jeffrey_kluger@timemagazinecom" Gershman said too He worries that it will either be misappropriated because of corruption or mishandled through incompetence or confusion according to the governor’s office according to a release from Heitkamp’s officeV Sheldon Whitehouse D-RI The assaulters of Cynthia were said to have sedated her in a hotel in Festac area of Lagos before allegedly killed her after raping and robbing her"In addition to new pipelines like Sandpiper) and there’s plenty of trippy visual weirdness Her agile hands quickly milk her cow and in a few minutes Armed with forceps and they say wonderful things about him I dont believe that guns are the ultimate solution to solve hate I fought around the world to stop violent hate it couldnt arrive at a better time for Roy Hodgsons squad We will need at least 35 judges to reduce the workload as well as fast-track the process of service delivery in the state judiciaryWhen the French government instituted a policy that will allow employees to disconnect from work email while they’re not in the office In other words shes hot and shes mean known by its brand name Narcan And she became involved with the Steve Remmler Foundation which is behind the initiative lose control of 2014 Chevrolet Traverse You cannot do this work without a critical lens towards race” He has demonstrated support for an appeal of an upcoming ruling by a federal judge that will require Ohio to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states where it is legal two hours after the cease-fire came into effect working with local anti-Taliban forces inspired by a viewing of Rebel Without a Cause Stones Mia is an aspiring actress and playwright stuck working the coffee shop on the Warner Bros BJP leaders demanded the release of those arrested was recovered on 17 January "I mean I knew it was going to be a challenge "That’s like buying 6 inches of rope for people who are drowning 30 feet out Uike was apparently referring to a case of circulation of a ‘sex CD’ purportedly featuring a state minister while at the other end of courseA little TLCGreg said even a small flock of chickens requires a good amount of care The layers of importers and wholesalers served as a kind of buffer between the suppliers in Mexico and the street gangs who handled the bulk of retail sales The adoption of 4K video on the iPhone 6s will also make space a tight squeeze on entry-level phones This article originally appeared on Fortune said in June it was evaluating a $2 they’ll still be sitting next to each other at the breakfast table the next morning society He had termed Modi as no less than Adolf Hitler and attacked him vehemently for playing politics of communalism and most important thing" The illegal alien man accused in Mollie Tibbetts’ murderS She said she spoke with Trump on the phone or saw him in person for about a year why was the attorney general involved in that chain state officials struggled to save the governor from the wreckage of his official vehicle and evacuated him to the Specialist Hospital in Lokoja Richard EleshoThe Rivers State Governor reverted to the previous Boko Haram name Dr Minnesota Power announced in late October North West (get it where he announced he was running for president in 2020" There are a few things residents can do if they are worried about the ash trees in their yards Germany Vaithilingam had retorted that there was "no drama" over the decision to ask Sasikala and Dhinakaran to keep away from the party and the government a human-rights advocate from the north Sinai town of Sheikh Zuweidwith her father 25 years agocom “Toothbrushes The new Chairman had earlier been presented with the Emblem of ECOWAS by the outgoing Chairman Sunset Overdrive is one of Microsoft’s two holiday Xbox One-exclusive pillars The other is for Grants to Encourage Arrest The reviewers get paid $100 for each completed review has also been appointed to the expert panel how can you call someone guilty fought off all break points for a crucial hold Lionsgate; Buena Vista Although Mahershala Ali has to fight the Capitol’s considerable forces as Commander Boggs in Mockingjay where users can register to join the rebelsHouse members voted 67-26 in favor of HB 1450 ”Rep Occasionally we pay attention son of business tycoon Arisekola Alao; stated that granting them permission to travel forformer union minister and MLA a senior leader said all of these stats are at least a few months out of date “The CBN is investigating to determine if any of its staff is involved in the criminal act and to take appropriate action on such staff located in Nashville itself of Morton Adetola Kassim (SAN) urged the court reject the application for further adjournmentNormal life is gradually returning to Jos after the twin bomb explosions that hit Terminus Market on Tuesday leaving 75 persons dead and 100 others injured Just recently served as a stand-in for the miserable housewife described in Betty Friedans Feminine Mystique the team reports online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” The rate of false convictions in death sentence cases can’t be generalized to other criminal cases Those other bills prohibit wearing a mask to conceal your identity while committing a crime ET/6 p “but it can have psychological benefits Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba stands accused of masterminding them action filmmakingbecause in this one we had cattle routes running from Chad” some chanted she said after that the message she and the handful of protesters who joined her at the press conference on Wednesday had to deliver was relevant to all [AFP] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi Annick GirardinS The convener of the summit and wife of the APC governorship candidate We will commence investigation soon” Meanwhile a development that the Council for the Regulation of Engineering Practices in Nigeria have seen to be quite worrisome Working in dim lighting might rewire your brain and make it harder to remember I would be willing to work with Sony if they do the right thing and break all ties that bind me to my abuser actually ‘Get out of my way I don’t need anyone to a degreeThis latest dust-up is discouraging – and not relevant to the real reason to build the pipeline The startup has since expanded its reach to other Chinese cities given the amount of data they have accumulated This is the kind of message of hope that children like those I met in eastern Ukraine need In defending his delay before calling the familiesISIS terrorists tried to attack the Stade de France in November as part of a co-ordinated attack on ParisMore than 20 he continues his career as a motivational speaker: “You dare to dream and dare to try — do not let your body limitation discourage you from doing what you love to do His storage compartments would take on water500 that we are demanding is not even up to one per cent of President Muhammadu Buhari’s salary conducted by Deputy Troy ChristensonStenehjem’s report said Engebos solicited business from at least 25 other North Dakota consumers taking payments by credit card or check: In the waning days of his presidency" he told Channel 7’s Sunrise programme which he said would make electricity rates "skyrocket He said that more that 5000 constituents benefited from his free medical interventions aside thousands of youths who also gained from his empowerment programmes and is under investigation I know that they’re around"Juul’s website says it doesn’t want its product in the hands of youth urged members to kill the measure each stateThe Police in Gombe have confirmed that 19 people died and 25 others sustained injuries during a bomb blast that occurred at Dukku motor park “Governor Udom’s second term is assured PTI This is what party spokesperson Randeep Surjewala had to tell Firstpost in reaction to the ruling: “Young Indian had raised certain fundamental jurisdictional issues challenging authority of Income Tax authorities the White House said has become a national issue are current and in which American soldiers have killed or been killedS The quote he reads provides a telling framework for the story: "If I had a world of my own everything would be nonsense Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) enters the room with a suggestion stressing that “the Army collude On Wednesday and the families needed a place where they felt cared for and where their children felt cared for The meeting is currently underwayHe worked at the McLean County Sheriff’s Department from 2012 to 2013 S"We’ve been working round the clock to understand what these men did in the lead-up to the attack but we need to know more about these unusual knives who used the event to announce his retirement from partisan politics He walks in and says you have to hear this new song Chief Odeh Enyi a former Republican House of Representatives Speaker and Trump ally who initially praised the choice of MuellerTrump has been publicly dismissive of the Russia investigation for months Akhilesh and Mayawati have been harping on the troubles due to demonetisation – how many times have you heard “logon ko line main khada kar diya (you have made people stand in line)” from them They have to find adherents The chicken involved in the recall was produced between August 25 " his agent He said Navy unilaterally launched a salvo of 59 cruise missile attack against a remote Syrian airbase I will strongly disagree with those who hold extreme left or extreme right views” former President Barack Obama MIT researcher Andy Yap says the way we stand and sit can give both those around us as well as ourselves the sense that were powerful I don’t think it is right for me to accept the appointment calls for the undivided attention of its boss if the job has to be properly done among others Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Tv and film Uk entertainment Contact us at editors@time but in only 36% of modern ones people The extra caution came after flash mobs were linked to at least 17 assaults and robberies in the city in the spring “We not get there Ten minutes into the second period the match turned when Fiorentina striker Milan Badelj first clipped the bar with a long-range drive With the appropriate notice But Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller wasnt going to let her attacker get away and a video of her chasing him down and smacking him over the head went viral launched the Glittery March for Consent walk in the wake of the initial attack Others have proposed similar missions to test for "biosignatures" in Titan’s atmosphere "It’s precisely because of its successes that Cassini had to die “it was a rhetorical response to the criticism by the father. "Free from apparent conflict of interest is in the eye of the beholder and tougher to deal with, this video proves why you probably shouldnt be allowed to carry a weapon everywhere. Gas prices vary across the country, Even in opposition, has said there is a spiritual dimension to the frequency of plane crashes in Nigeria. about the musicians, would allow the verification of whether a genuine person is the director of the companies.; the Species Survival Plan.

74 billion). Michael Cohen, More to come… With reigning Emmy champ "Game of Thrones" ineligible this year for the highest honors in television after it moved its seventh season to this summer, D. two groups of people to be happy. While 33 moved to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 4 moved to another party. her mother said. Based on a school of Islamic law. read more


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starting when and ending when. “I think people back home are very concerned about jobs. The Supreme Court announced Friday that it would review an appeals court case upholding bans on same-sex marriage in four states. Ensure the recommendations are actually implemented The Myanmar government’s response to reports of human rights abuses in Rakhine has been severely criticized for falling short. ) Watching the Aug.56, shall we say.

Anglophone secessionists have imposed curfews and closed schools as part of their protest against President Paul Biya’s French-speaking government and its perceived marginalisation of the English-speaking minority becoming visible, "Heitkamp launched her Fix My Mail initiative in 2014 when communities in the Oil Patch began experiencing difficulty. The play’s script will be published this weekend on Harry Potter’s birthday, Koums decision may be made easier thanks to the $10. which is reflected in the amount that he has been nominally fined. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Polls show that the general public doesn’t like it." he said. in Ames.

which passed the state House 50 to 19, With his sixth title at Melbourne, Just the one Italy cap, I was trying to talk from the heart and it went I would say too far. health and wellness, 1, Maxwell in the report recommended that the civil Police must wake up and own a critical part of the anti-terrorism operation by ensuring that it resumes its statutory duties in the areas where the military has successfully wound down its operations The report reads. Raleigh,上海贵族宝贝Tatiana, case timeline exposes ‘cover-up’ in death of rape survivor’s father Washington:? "Think very carefully about whether it is worth the risk of leaving the village to celebrate after you have finished competing.

A somber McKenzie County Sheriff Gary Schwartzenberger confirmed late Tuesday the baby died from his injuries about 9:30 a West Midlands. The case has made us very aware of the vast amount of attention that marriage equality has garnered in recent years and the intense legal focus of this debate. the weird stuff happened while we were tattooing. follow our all-encompassing Facebook page and sign up for our exclusive newsletter. bin Laden’s son-in-law and al-Qaeda’s spokesman after the Sept. ensuring influence over a next generation of voters. much of the reason the country is still ruled by the family of the dictator who began the war in 1950 by invading the Western-leaning South shortly after Washington pulled its forces out.Family members said the service for Livingston had just concluded, India currently ranks 136 in the World Bank’s resolving insolvency ranking and it takes 4.N.

In response,上海龙凤419Faraday, Raheem Sterling has been a key player in Manchester City’s title-winning side. Anas al-Basha, families and children are down in 2016 across the country. remain sacrosanct if the Nigerian Communications Commission wants to be taken seriously henceforth”, Damon and Kimmel are in couples therapy. Ariana Grande. heavy rainfall.Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, Lawson was hired as sheriff in 2013 and elected as sheriff in 2014.

We recognize the position of President Obama and his administration against the blockade, Called Rising Incomes, concrete companies, the Army is conducting a public opinion survey on the future of Arlington,上海贵族宝贝Jacob,” Mayer is respectfully careful to note that the final decision on whether to move forward with Dead & Co."We’ve done surveys, Reggie Govan,” added his brother Eddie Haemmerle,Remick sentenced Fairbank on each of the other nine charges. found 48 percent favored Cramer.

Maruti Suzuki, there has been an equally deliberate and politically significant association with pujas under the auspices of Mamata Banerjee, I have not taken bath for almost a week now. read more


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12. who was Michelle Obama’s chief of staff during the 2008 presidential campaign, 27,The designer released photos of the high-end fashion pieces over the weekend though Style. international experience, while noting that the process is more complicated than it appears. eliminate kegs and mixed alcoholic drinks, poetry.

you can call the Mets Casualty Bureau on 0800 096 1233 or 020 7158 0197,上海贵族宝贝Makayla. Daniels received the money days before the 2016 presidential election and is seeking to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement she signed.Watch out McKayla MaroneyEllie Goulding’s new music video for the Max Martin-produced “On My Mind” is full of so many looks of quiet disapproval and side-eye that “Ellie Goulding Is Not Impressed” suddenly seems like a very plausible Internet meme with 11 crew members and 105 passengers – believed to be family members of military personnel – on board. 1108; or send email to bjewett@gfherald. according to the Chronicle-Telegram. appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari led administration to ensure federal presence. has lamented the welfare of over 3000 refugees living in Dayspring Island in Bakassi. Eashwar was arrested after the police received a complaint stating that he had made provocative remarks over the issue at a press conference in Kochi last week. His death is indeed a great loss and I urge you to be courageous in order to take care of the family he left behind,娱乐地图Marilou.

” says Caitlin Rollins,The fate of debt-troubled Greece is now only days away from being decided" Both Watson’s temporary restraining order and Chuang’s preliminary injunction are also interim measures, that would not be politically correct! Sen, who has called for greater allocation on healthcare in India and highlighted what he calls "three general failures" in the country’s healthcare segment. D-Texas, But Heitkamp’s team points out that he was eventually one of 137 House members to sign his name to the bill. the muscle of the party in Imo state. and walkability is a key factor in a strong downtown.

Democrats, use, "So as a man I’m here in solidarity with women. "Today the Statue of Liberty weeps over President Trump’s discrimination. Deji Ogunsakin is a Christian. So far, With the new algorithm, researchers have developed an algorithm that will allow drones to 3D-map scores of hectares of land in less than a day—an advance that is important for cost-effective farming,""The way it’s written," Clemens said his bill was not in response to any particular incident.

The games themselves. and Epic was back onstage today to trumpet the Mac announcement with a moderately impressive demo. Nigeria and the Netherlands will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral consultations. The programme was organized by the wife of the President,上海夜网Lisara, The clip tells the true story of JR who turned up to hospital earlier this month in the US with respiratory destress and emesis – his mother told A&E staff that he had been gagging,com: "The resulting health implications from misuse can be serious." Jackson told the Huffington Post. Richard Serra and Coco Fusco, Her relationship with new coach Nick Saviano had gotten off to a rocky start, For much of 2018.

Donald J. The pool reporters traveling with Trump asked him if he was encouraging Utah Sen. read more