E-commerce the trend of media and community began to emerge

just now, in the "commercial value" read an article, mainly about the community of e-commerce. The article believes that e-commerce has experienced a low price, grab the source, hit advertising and cover the warehouse, the trend of media and community is beginning to emerge. I would like to believe that e-commerce is e-commerce, community-based e-commerce, e-commerce services are the main body, in a subordinate position, can not be said to be a trend. List some of the main points in the article, then, we discuss one by one. read more


Taobao price mall you still do

2011 October 10th, whether it is for Taobao store or Taobao itself, it is a major turning point, and even part of the seller will decide the fate of the mall or Taobao transformation is good to Taobao can be listed in advance.

Taobao mall officially upgraded business management system, in order to make businesses more seriously in the operating behavior of the mall, Taobao mall will be the original 6000 yuan a year technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades. This major decision is directly related to the interests of Taobao sellers. Specific details are as follows: read more


Dialogue palm world check nine LAN how to help supermarkets and suppliers to upgrade transformation

I have been looking for a transformation of the traditional FMCG products, look a lot, I feel the study of FMCG industry transformation can not start directly from the manufacturers. Such as Coca-Cola, jiaduobao have enough strength to establish adequate channels, these companies are not short of money, but also will not be affected by the impact of the Internet is too big, they even don’t need to transition. What really matters is the small and medium-sized businesses. The fast consumer goods into the hands of consumers in the final venue is super, from the city to the town of super. Finally, all the goods of the merchants must flow into these supermarkets. It is the last time that the modern people will go to the supermarket at least once a week. In the last ten to change the traditional mode of existence in the canteen, today also need to upgrade, because of the presence of electricity providers, the supermarket has to bear a heavy burden. read more


Wuhan opened the first shop is refers to choose fat and tax experts said the lack of basis for syndr

online shopping is very mature now how to start to want to tax." "Fattened kill again, otherwise the industry would be difficult to survive."……

yesterday (June 28th), a spread Wuhan out the first individual shop tax news, online opposition is significantly higher than the voice of support. Daily economic news reporter rough statistics, there are more than 90% of users believe that the tax is still not ripe for personal online shop.

sources said, Wuhan city tax bureau of the action is just a beginning, then the city of Wuhan will be within the jurisdiction of all Taobao crown above the shop are included in the scope of tax collection and management. read more


Micro store to combat illegal cash has been frozen nearly 80 thousand stores

credit card cash has been listed as the illegal act, by the relevant departments to crack down, but with the rapid rise of Internet banking, especially in some business platform, because of the low barriers to entry, the transaction process of lax regulation, credit card cash frequently, caused concern. What are the characteristics of the network credit card cash? What is the risk? How to monitor?.

network cash behavior has become the electricity supplier industry

through micro business platform to create false transactions, cash withdrawal process is simple, does not generate fees. There is no fee, do not bother others, they can get." Beijing, a private enterprise staff Ms. Lee said, before I saw a lot of cash "Raiders" micro shop online, just you have opened a micro shop, they want to try. read more


Vertical electric providers are in a mess, loss is common development by capital control

After the

annual revenues of billions of dollars from the myth of staged vancl.com, domestic vertical electric business began to decline, some enterprises often capital chain always on tenterhooks next month in order to survive, they even hope that their founded enterprise to sell. "Like the red child like Suning $66 million" vertical ransom "is very rare, and even can be said that the red child may be the last one lucky", the industry says.

vertical electricity supplier in trouble: read more


Hu Peibin enterprises are no longer dependent on the transformation of advertising on the journey of

times the electricity supplier of some small ads get in by every opening up, competition crisis, some traditional industries such as moving, cleaning, housekeeping, pipe dredge, lock, etc. these small enterprises also began to network marketing transformation. These enterprises before the traditional magic is in the newspaper, Metro, intersection posted small ads, small ads, and these propaganda effect is also very good, low cost, so that residents need to be able to see a rise to contact us. A dredging pipeline company boss said, now that the traditional model has been gradually eliminated by the north market, coupled with the government of small ads to standardize the management of small advertising space is increasingly losing living space, and now the Internet is so advanced users can find through the network can easily, which makes traditional industries the marketing mode is one disaster after another. The company’s business has been greatly affected. read more


Who can buy the era of staking the last laugh

since the handle network with cottage Groupon get $5 million venture capital news came out, the domestic group buying site immediately sprung up like mushrooms. Is almost a few months, the U.S. group, F group, cocoa group, Vujacic group and cool group of hundreds of group purchase website to Xun Lei suddenness covering almost all domestic first-tier cities, and further expand to the second city, a year after the acquisition of hao123 navigation website outbreak momentum. However, on the threshold of this project, the site seems to be equivalent to the navigation station, in fact, much higher than the site navigation station. read more


How to locate and product positioning in the domestic B2C mall

B2C mechanical and electrical industry in foreign countries are already quite mature, only a year in the United States of mechanical and electrical products online sales of more than 3 billion yuan, in the domestic have just started now for this industry, mechanical and electrical related enterprises is an opportunity, who first grasp this opportunity, will in the future competitive here I briefly talk about a space for one person, and the B2C website initiate and positioning products.

a, site positioning read more


The cold war thoughts on logistics logistics Jingdong of the mall gap

has always been a high-profile Jingdong mall, behind the scenes is the crisis. From the news media said at the end of 2010, the Jingdong stopped at the most COD services, involving hundreds of city. The original Jingdong COD city has more than and 600, now only 100 to. Although the Jingdong say they want to self logistics, and investment of trunk and feeder transport companies, or the formation of a dry feeder transport fleet, delivery of goods to cope with the pressure of the Jingdong store grow with each passing day. Jingdong can be rich in the pockets of it? read more


Taobao shopping do not be fooled by the seller

just inadvertently enter a business blog, understood as a seller of Taobao also really is not easy, we seem to be more than wholesale in Ali more difficult, in the face of every hue customers did have to pay more effort to read! You make me a deep sense of promoting, for wholesale in Ali. Especially for the clothing wholesale inventory, rarely involving some of the more complex issues such as Taobao’s evaluation, blunt, but one thing is the same, do business to maintain their own credit, each of the merchants also strive to do great efforts to customer satisfaction read more


Groupon listing documents show Gaopeng July valuation of $500 million

‘s valuation of $500 million or


technology news Beijing time on October 24th afternoon, according to the U.S. Groupon website group purchase submitted SEC regulatory filing projections, operations in the domestic group purchase site Gaopeng (micro-blog) July valuation could reach $500 million.

According to

Groupon submitted the Prospectus Documents show, Gao Peng is a company called E-commerce King of the joint venture company’s wholly-owned subsidiary in China, the ownership structure is: Groupon E-commerce King subsidiary Groupon, B.V. TCH Burgundy Limited and Tencent subsidiaries each accounted for 40%, Rocket Asia and Yunfeng fund each accounted for 10%. read more


The webmaster of Taobao Taobao network trick

Ali to do 102 years of business, and now Taobao only for 5 years. Go15. Open API interface as an opportunity to attract more businesses, the walk is doomed to go, but now in the reservation, we say that B2C is a trend, since it is a trend, then I will release. In the Taobao bigger businesses want to do B2C that release. Not only allow you to go, I will send you a pack food luggage, I give you ready. Do you want these things? Everybody wants them. I give you, you buy something else for money, then I want taobao.com to give you something you have to point it, we are not more expensive than others, and a dragon, you can always come back to back. read more


The big dig 7-11 corner of the neighborhood, is behind the electricity in the back

neighborhood home because of the middle of the big dig from the Beijing 7-11 managers concern, experts believe that it is likely to seek to solve the last one kilometer behind the electricity supplier.


_ print journalist Lv Honglin

in Beijing, 7-11 is having a hard time. The first to enter Beijing, worked for many years in the Beijing market has been lukewarm. Although the number of stores than Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities in the south, but due to geographical factors and urban planning, Beijing did not form a mature convenience store market. According to the survey by Kantar Retail, 3000 people in Shanghai have a convenience store, while Beijing is a total of 10 thousand people. read more


What is the most profitable to open shop selling Taobao shop to sell what is better

as the saying goes: Women afraid to marry the wrong Lang, men fear into the wrong line. If the direction is wrong, all the efforts are in vain. Bill Gates predicted: twenty-first Century or electronic commerce, or no business can be! Now Taobao shop, is more and more recognized by the majority of users. Taobao online shopping has become our consumption habits, some people see the online shopping business, have joined the family of Taobao, intends to create a career in taobao.com, a Taobao shop, but the novice drives a Taobao shop, we are very concerned about how to set up shop, sell what sell what is good? Below, I will make money? With my years of experience with the Taobao shop we chat read more


Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong frontline delivery orders peak response

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, pictured Liu Qiangdong and courier together.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, pictured in the way Liu Qiangdong delivery.

Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong delivery orders to respond to the peak, Liu Qiangdong delivered to the destination.

June 18th afternoon news, in order to deal with Jingdong (27.02, 0.13, 0.48%), sales promotion, Jingdong Group founder and CEO Liu Qiangdong during the period of the armed forces in the, acting as a distributor, riding an electric tricycle delivery. read more


Civilian and luxury E-commerce

today as a transit network to understand what no attention the news: in October 11th this year, serves network and Italy from the global luxury brand Salvatore (Salvatore Ferragamo) reached a cooperation, duly authorized official authorization to build online shop for ferragamo. This is the world’s leading luxury brand for the first time authorized China’s electricity supplier platform as a partner in online sales. Luxury e-commerce many people unfamiliar, because e-commerce in ordinary our daily contact with the vast majority of civilian electronic business, whether Taobao, or Jingdong, or Suning, even dangdang.com and so on, is the electronic commerce represents luxury goods, luxury goods e-commerce in Chinese can’t do anything. read more


F..S.T electricity business district have to say

recently "electricity business circle" SEO competition in the e-commerce industry and the SEO are not a small storm, many people are very concerned about this game, whether it is in the good, or chase reported, it can be seen that the game’s fiery


in the official registration time, to see a person in the post to write such a word, the word (electricity) will fire. Indeed, from a word without any search to the present. Baidu results page has 36000 results. And formed a large number of relevant search results. Pictured: read more


Uber push the application of a taxi service within one hour to reach the city

[Abstract]Uber couriers deliver packages by foot or by bike, which cost $15 to $30.

private car service provider Uber in the development of diversified business has taken a solid step forward. The company will launch a courier service in New York, Manhattan on Tuesday.

the service is called UberRush, which can help customers deliver small packages, usually able to arrive within an hour. The same as the traditional courier service, Uber courier by foot or bike to provide consumers with the service, the cost of $15 to $30, the specific charges will depend on delivery distance. read more


Community O2O electricity supplier in the future profit model is not clear, decisive factors

by Alibaba, Jingdong and other companies listed in the East, 2014 e-commerce market to maintain a high speed and high profile development trend. But the growth in the traditional electricity supplier market space is limited, more and more commercial enterprises began to focus their development in the field of O2O, catering, taxi, supermarkets, and even print, dry cleaning business has become a member of the electricity supplier army. At the same time, this kind of business is in the close distance of the community as a platform, therefore, the O2O community has become an important factor in deciding the future of electronic commerce industry. read more