Website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders

is currently a lot of Shanghai dragon R, are engaged in the Shanghai dragon, today talk about surfing on the website optimization how to improve the success rate of orders, orders website optimization process has a lot of skills, make good use of these techniques can greatly improve the success ratio of orders.


website optimization, they must have a stand to promote their services, but also a symbol of their own level, you stand a good ranking, can bring the customer, can explain their level. Your station is a platform to promote their own. After the customer to find you, to solve the talk if the price is high, we all know that Shanghai dragon has certain risk, time > week read more


The success of the optimization from learn to respect and persevere to

website optimization is not too profound to be understood, but it is definitely not an easy job to do a thing. That website optimization may be easy, some theoretical knowledge based on the basic. Because the core theory and method, is very simple, even simple to use "content is king, link for emperor" just eight words to summarize. Therefore, the site construction production and site optimization is not really difficult to grasp the method, but the understanding of the method, theory of implementation skills. Website design and optimization is not a short duration of time of power, but a long continuous process, is only a beginning and no end process. This process requires hard work, need a good attitude and belief support. read more


Website promotion personnel of the 9 most commonly used methods of Shanghai Dragon

website has a lot of new owners is to pay attention to the weight of the web site included, in fact we consider not included in the article but Links issues us to find the weights of 2 included faster Links website, if the news website is 2 weight and they can do Links that is the best. Do Links our website naturally faster. The site was collected, to establish a high quality the chain to the high weight of the stationmaster net contribution, contribute more than 5 times basically can attract some webmaster friends circle. At the same time, the article in the search engine ranking will be in front. Included fast solved the problem. read more


Three methods for determining the degree of competition in the keyword in the search engine


second, love Shanghai PPC

for those who return the natural search results, Shanghai has many sex bidding keywords, but also a concrete analysis of the key words in the pages of the website ranking. To the specific analysis to see if there is industry portal station, station inside pages and products such as Shanghai love love Shanghai know page, if the keywords in Shanghai love the home page is Sina, Sohu, QQ, love Shanghai station, or some industry stand, or falling in love with the sea know, love Shanghai. So, this is the word of competition must be strong. If you > read more


The website has not been updated snapshot of how to do

< >

can not open the cause, all for a long time, still did not recover. So the website space must be stable, never to have a little money, buy a good, there is time to buy space as far as possible to buy IP, it is very helpful for optimization, not affected by other websites.

first, everyone says there is a direct relationship between the snapshot not update and the front page, I recently home is never updated, even if the update is a simple update, can achieve the whole page 5% on the good, and do not know the Never mind, I actually did not dare to carry out large-scale update the website home page is K off the main the reason is the last adjustment on the web page. We can try, maybe the snapshot can be updated, at least when the search engine to crawl to crawl into something new. read more


The website snapshots included experience

, the 6 generation path of all articles from three grade a grade. Although this may have an effect. But I do. Now seems to have little effect. The meeting included slowly.

an eye my station in October last year, the new revision of up to do, in addition to the domain name changed. The previous snapshot is every week or more. It is also not fast. Can be said to be very slow. This morning found the next day the website snapshot eye. It is a surprise last night. Later I found the hair of the article are included. And I tried it, an article made a few hours is included. I wonder whether the weight up. Otherwise, snapshot and included so fast ah. Your grades like this one. I this month on the site but with blood. The following conclusion about possible reasons: read more


The natural ranking combined with love let Shanghai bidding keywords invulnerable

some friends will ask, your site target keywords ranking has been very good, why waste money to do promotion, that is to burn the place, is that rich people do promotion places, not suitable for ordinary people to try, really? That is not the case, only to control their bid to promote the reasonable the background, can still control the daily hits and cost price, also can bring more benefits, do the bidding promotion should pay attention to several methods:

do for promotion is to let all the words are written to love Shanghai promotion background? In this way is feasible, but in order to save more money, and to have the same good results, can try to have the natural ranking keywords don’t do for promotion, the keywords ranking is no rankings or behind the keyword for promotion thus, the natural ranking and for promotion of the big power. < > read more


The website how to prevent hacker attacks


Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: The

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to learn the most practical and keywords >

network management personnel should carefully analyze all the possible intrusion and attack form, develop in line with the actual needs of the network security strategy, to prevent possible attack launched from inside or outside the network and system, the key to prevent the enterprise from a hostile country, units, individuals and malicious insider attacks. read more


What is the website optimization we want

? Now we

first, website optimization. Now most of the webmaster for the search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai algorithm also told us to get its approval to comply with its rules and user experience. To meet this requirement, before we know the Shanghai dragon skills, enhance the quality of the site itself is the most important. First, web design not only to meet the requirements of the industry, but also to meet the user’s visual experience and convenient use; then, the layout of the site should be fine, do stand in the user’s point of view to the forum site, the distribution to the user’s perspective (by love hot page section adjustment to the sea); finally, the content of the website to meet the user search, we can understand to want the user what they want to know and solve the problem of the answer, but not for sale or keywords ranking and articles, of course the most important thing is in line with the industry theme and the theme of the site. read more


The web page layout techniques to increase site traffic


do site covers a very narrow, then you do not need a lot of, a wide range of content, and distinctive characteristics, will make this kind of website talent shows itself. To do a self introduction of the website, this article is applicable. Accurate positioning can distinguish the visitors, if the mobile phone website, certainly hope to visit the viewer on the mobile phone and not interested in computer. So the website traffic will be very high quality.

2. login search engine


3. do Links read more


Novice instruction shlf1314 Adsense payment process detailedFresh electricity costs only make a litt

publisher can resend 2 PIN

if you have not received the 3 PIN code, you can fill out the online form and provide:

a love of tomatoes, an inspirational orange, entrepreneurs, electronic business platform, a squeeze into the fresh field, the market seems to be among the warlords. However, at the end of a "1 million 500 thousand transfer" message, a "a fresh experience to share electricity supplier loser", opened a fresh electricity suppliers are difficult dilemma.

process to complete all the required operation, release all payment retained when your account balance reaches $$100, we will be in the next month to the end of the month you send the payment. For example, if your income reached $$100 in February, we will be in March the end of the month. read more


Alibaba wants to invest Uber rival Grab, to join the shared travel financing warCompared to earnings

Lei Feng public No.: Lei Feng network understanding, the message is revealed by an insider to Bloomberg, founder of Alibaba and Softbank group will likely Ma Masayoshi Son to invest in Grab.

learned that Softbank will be in the Grab’s latest round of financing accounted for the major share of the commitment to invest $1 billion. On the other hand, Ma Yun’s capital injection will probably come from the Alibaba group or its subsidiary, the ant king. According to informed sources, Didi travel is also considering joining the round of financing. read more


Why is it so hard to roll out a domain nameRen Zhengfei eyes of Entrepreneurship general is playing

, this is Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the 2015 project management forum, titled "the general was typed.". The full text of the speech is as follows:

don’t know my friends have something like this? How do you deal with? We look forward to help. Thank you

Abstract: the general should be typed and selected. Therefore, we should actively work hard, and steadily improve their ability to work. To deal with deterministic affairs, the delivery manager should give priority to efficiency improvement and benefit enhancement. The service manager should deal with uncertain affairs and improve the comprehensive ability to deal with the failure quickly. read more


Rimula men’s CEO Hong Zhongxin to create wealth to an organization with temperatureVigorous nternet

? ?


this lively scene, let the "pioneer" Rimula men’s CEO Hong Zhongxin and entrepreneur media founder Niu Wenwen the two "old man" feel very happy.


if this is the case, then the final victory of competition products, will undoubtedly become an important mobile market flow entrance. The entrance is familiar with the concept of the Internet, but the broker does not seem to care about, so if a large number of investors to transfer these products, firms will not be strangling the throat of read more


discussion20click is a liarTaobao customers still fly

1 sell content

, as 20click signed an agreement with advertisers, promised to bring an agreed number of visitors and clicks or ">" for advertisers

what are you selling,

2. is scheduled for a click week

4. collect

content is king, you are not selling products, but the content, because the product is more than taobao, but some unique content may only here you can see, we have a lot of examples before, which should be more about the clothing collocation, today it again, for example, a single piece of clothing display there is no advantage, because in taobao is good, but if you select a set of cap-a-pie clothing collocation scheme, and gives the scheme suitable for what kind of people in what occasion wear, this is your unique content station, you will not sell clothing, but the program. Users because of your approval of the program, and choose to pay attention every day, and meet the favorite collocation or single product, will through your recommendation to Taobao purchase. That’s your selling point, read more


Do Wangzhuan how to walk to the topTraining 7 a month to quickly build 1000P

  30 days before the Spring Festival rush: free website building 3 day training lesson 10 hours to make your site quickly reach 1000 ip

1 immediately removes all junk, or looks like garbage.
2 will immediately have suspected cheating search, or keyword stack behavior removed
3, immediately reduce home advertising, spend money to do some art. This station has free agent services to ensure that pages are not spam sites.
4 can have 5000-1 IP, you have already confidently made the next step, and it’s not the beginning anymore.

1: station site
2: open station and do SEO primary optimization
3: how to advertise?. How to get more loyal users
4:SEO 2 times optimized
5: successfully run read more


To emulate shlf1314 AdSense, sh419 launched the channel managementHow to achieve the Wangzhuan from

The upgrade of

3, understand? Began to implement, the whole site changes, general description of what the title is, of course, if you don’t know what to change? Use sh419 Search is very clear to modify where, how to modify, on the Internet there are some practical methods of

many people now know that the network is very hot, but also in making money online is also very attractive! But for some people who have ideas, but do not know how to operate to achieve me! Today I told you to sort out ideas, let you know how to achieve higher /p>! " read more


How to develop your own business through the power of wants to create discovery and rec

now, let’s talk about how we can borrow other people’s power to create our own network business,

3, in the knowledge of other people’s power to develop defines the whole work of art as the art of genetic engineering Art Ge>

at present, has been with 275 galleries, 50 museums and art institutions reached a partnership, which partners will include British Museum, Washington National Gallery, Losangeles Contemporary Art Museum, and is located in Manhattan’s National Design Museum and so on, we can know from these partners, the site works span is very large. In addition, has also digitized 20 thousand works of art and included it in their own work reference system. read more


Four tips for making money on websites10 suggestions on how to develop the personal website

!According to a 2010

      first, the feasibility of personal website self-management

the birth of a thing often has two necessary stages. The first stage is the birth season, and many people go crazy to rob. The second stage is harvest season, and more people join in. Group buying is such a bright example. To apply Mr. Ma’s words is: "today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very good, but the vast majority of people die in the evening, but can not see the sun the day after tomorrow", this group of people is like this. So, today do not speak about the Chinese group purchase, personal webmaster, through 10 suggestions about how to be your own personal website development, as to what procedures, and key in person, because the Human effort is the decisive factor. read more