CEO please pay employees containment heat off the network domain name is down to earth is dead

renamed Chinese August 22nd hearing, the electricity supplier industry development as it is understood that the electricity supplier website mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, hot off the network into funding strand breaks crisis of large comprehensive online shopping platform, there is no accident on the electricity supplier list. The reason for this is not the official website of domain name down to earth is perhaps one of the reasons for its failure.

it is understood that the heat off the net song city in Shanghai after the withdrawal of 60 million yuan investment, the boss himself and voted for the 7 million, but still failed to stop the process of hot money strand breaks. Li Jiangen, President of the heat was blocked by employees in the office. The official micro-blog released a number of employee trouble, in the micro-blog search can also be found on hot off the news eyeful taoxin". Visible, the collapse of the hot passenger network has become an established fact. read more


2016 electricity supplier major mergers and acquisitions list future mergers and acquisitions will b

famous writer Wu Xiaobo often said that "the world is so noisy, how are the truth." After a year of hustle and bustle, the electricity sector mergers and acquisitions continue, what are the characteristics of these acquisitions, what is the reason behind the


back in 2016 the electricity supplier in the field of major merger cases since 15, involving more than 100 billion yuan of funds, "" united business network special finishing 2016 in the electricity industry in major event list, analysis the reasons behind, for reference. read more


Sources said the Jingdong will buy beautiful Jingdong said nothing

[TechWeb] reported February 4th afternoon news today from the media " eight " broke the news, Jingdong is beautiful and United Group (merged beauty) to negotiate acquisitions, the merger has been basically finalized. TechWeb the first time contact Jingdong aspects of public relations, the other party made it clear that " no thing ". TechWeb at the same time to verify the beauty of the United Group, as of press time, the other no response.

news that Jingdong will buy beautiful said Jingdong responded: no matter what read more


Jingdong accused of disguised layoffs to respond to individual employees are unwilling to accept arr

May 11th, Jinzhong Songhong Road intersection, Jingdong home couriers to talk about "way out in the vicinity of the company".

      surging news reporter Xiao Qianying figure

, the company gave the two road, take the initiative to leave or go to the mall to do full-time Jingdong express. We can not accept, I hope to get a monthly salary compensation after leaving." "Jingdong home full-time courier Xing a (a pseudonym) recently told the surging news (, he and many of his colleagues, two road companies to the disguised layoffs, hoping to leave but a month salary compensation to the company. read more


How to do after the seller received bad Taobao malicious evaluation

Taobao sellers received bad comments after how to do? This world has never been fair, and not because of your kindness and get the appropriate return. In Taobao there are many online buyers love carp, he will be a variety of reasons to find the shopkeeper trouble, but the most sinister than the bad ones.

received the buyer’s evaluation, because only the mutual assessment to see if the buyer evaluation, that the shopkeeper is certainly to his praise, like a fool to praise the buyers. The shopkeeper evaluation found buyers for a variety of reasons to own is bad, such as why express delivery speed so slow ah, why not in the ideal way? What is more that evaluation is also good, but it is bad to. At this time the shopkeeper must feel too injustice: because the shopkeeper does not express the company’s boss, who can manage express speed? What is the ideal way to spend a value of one thousand yuan to buy? What is the ideal way? And when buyers received a bad rating to each other is indeed the shopkeeper reputably, really my heart is humbled, infuriated, angry read more


Micro business agents how to do online menacing shoes

A: do not understand how the Internet thinking line

is the premise of the development of online business marketing model must continue to improve the good store, because a part of network marketing is marketing, traditional agents must have certain advantages in resources to do marketing planning, but not to marketing and marketing, must not blindly follow the trend. Traditional agents should have Internet thinking, to have an open mind, with an open mind to do business, a "watch" is not enough. read more


Nine Secretary of innovative C2C2B nternet plus business assistant mode to ferret out high-end beau

in the public business, the era of innovation, a number of "Internet plus" of new products and new models such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, is booming. Beijing nine Secret Science and Technology Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity to launch the country’s first high-end business assistant private custom platform, the nine secretaries.

nine guests to start the nine Secret Science and Technology Conference

Internet plus business platform

May 28th nine secretary in Henan officially released in Zhengzhou, nine secret technology founder, chairman Zhang Chuanpu explained the "cloud assistant" whenever and wherever possible to make business social ease: Nine Secretary by "C2C2B+NRT" mode, "O2O" to provide a full range of services, all business assistant, all direct distribution. read more


Suning stores electricity supplier double open low-cost provocation Tmall Jingdong

12 evening, Su Ningyun (9.35, 0.07, 0.75%) held a press conference in Beijing, the water cube, officially announced the open platform strategy, announced online and offline line the whole category of investment, from the platform fee and the technical service fee is free of charge only 1-5 million security and 0.1% of sales and service fund, mainly through the sale of the future the deduction of value-added services and profitability.

in the conference site, Suning play the right to say no, "Rent-seeking" to three products can not say "," say no to fake smuggled goods "," to say no, "platform" to say no unilateral monopoly "," to the authoritarian rule says no "slogan, many site participants guess at Taobao, Tmall, these slogans. read more


Community 001 live there have been restored to business in the 3 stores

May 4th news, today, the community has been rumored to have closed down 001 of its public number issued a notice, announced the official return to the market, there are currently 3 stores to resume business.

community 001 return announcement

001 of the

community in this called "Sir, we are back to" the announcement that the company to Mengniu, COFCO and other manufacturers once again return, "now Beijing Chaoyang Shifoying shop, shop, shop Guanzhuang normal operation, the rest of the store is in recovery." As for the specific cooperation between the two sides, the announcement did not disclose more details. read more


Online shopping into the county era electricity providers how to do

new Taobao 2012 national network consumption counties survey, in the 2006 county area the survey, in 2012 a total of more than 30 million people last year Taobao Taobao shopping, shopping will cost 179 billion yuan. Last year, the county and the city’s online shopping data ratio is: per capita annual expenditure of 6000 VS 4700, the average number of online shopping per capita of 54 VS, the use of mobile phones Taobao ratio of 22% VS. All these data shows: online shopping ushered in the era of the county". read more


Double eleven is approaching a substantial increase in wages is still difficult to recruit

Metropolis Daily News (reporter correspondent Chen Jun Qiao Yang) yesterday, the reporter from the Wuhan Post Bureau was informed that this year the "double eleven", Wuhan City Express handling capacity will reach 35 million.

recently, SF, Jan, Tong, tact express enterprise synchronization in the job fair online and offline recruitment, courier, freight drivers and porters, the warehouse administrator 15 positions.

is expected to double this year, eleven, Wuhan post, courier companies will increase the loading and unloading, transit, revenue collection and other operations of nearly 4000 people, the industry will reach more than 1.5 operators. The annual double eleven after it is twelve, Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, the express industry summit will last for 2 months. read more


Suning 2 billion yuan investment in the next three years to open the door of the 50 stores

"6· 18 years celebration has not yet dispersed the smoke, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong began a new round of duzhan region journey. During the Dragon Boat Festival, he went to Su Ning Internationalization — one of the important fulcrum of Japan Tokyo District, visited the Tesco official (Laox) development, and further study and promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier suning.

just 1 months ago, Tesco Shi and Su Ninghong children hand in hand, the package under a line of Japanese prince, there will be 400 containers of lovely music (LaCUTE) ZhiNiaoKu straight for Suning, except in Tesco official store sales in Japan, but also in the Suning online and offline implementation of exclusive sale. Zhang Jindong said, Suning Tesco official is the innovative practice of internationalization of O2O mode, Suning not only boost the development of cross-border electricity supplier, but also demonstrates the Suning O2O mode landing effect. read more


Double 11 missed Do not sad pre-sale platform to find excellent purchase 11.22 on-line let you buy i

double 11 came to see, grab the Red Raiders prepared to meet the challenge, ahead of the shopping cart, packed, hot blooded, waiting for the arrival of the morning eager to get into action, however, is to remind the "click the settlement of this baby has fallen". In this war, how many people have encountered such a situation?

11 did not grab your favorite goods friends, don’t be sad, according to Xiao Bian from Beijing Avia Zhiye science and Technology Department was informed that the first Chinese specializes in pre-sale platform purchase will be officially launched on November 22nd to find friends. Platform integration of fresh, clothing, creativity, festivals, overseas five categories of goods, dozens of categories of goods, a new day, to provide users with quality and cheap, surprise goods. Let consumers from panic buying troubles, shopping and quick step, early adopters. read more


Survey B2C vertical female website rapid growth

introduction: fluttering white, swaying skirt network in China fashion and women network media value continued rapid growth of fashion and female network media coverage over 64 million users, vertical fashion women website user covering over 12 million weeks ahead of the vertical fashion media week over 5 million users, page views over 260 million weeks, user time spent over 1 million 400 thousand weeks with the female netizens hours increasingly growing, female Internet users are increasingly prominent in the fashion life and information for Internet content information about fashion and women also gradually to female Internet users more and more. read more


Ebola virus rampant cross-border electricity supplier logistics affected

news October 8th, billion state power network that is currently raging in West Africa by Ebola virus (Ebola Ebola virus /), recently, China cross-border electricity supplier to the West Africa region package may be blocked.

On the 6 October

Hongkong postal logistics service providers issued a notice: "by the Ebola virus, suspended all sent to Liberia and Sierra Leone all mail delivery services (excluding Hongkong EMS service), until further notice!"

Two clergy

in September this year to Spain from Africa Ebola virus infection read more


Taobao gold ten years is coming to an end

Abstract: the Taobao

platform is the end of the era of the electricity supplier’s mission, and O2O mode, mobile mode, community based on WeChat’s share mode, will show explosive growth in 2015, which will become the breakthrough point of the traditional enterprises and new business people.

Chat with

today and a few young people, almost half of the 90 are not in Taobao to buy things, I am very surprised after questioning, found that the main reason is their pursuit of product quality, high cost, other major electricity supplier can meet the shopping needs. read more


Double eleven day for Alipay to complete mobile payment 197 million pen


technology news November 12th morning, announced the eleven double ant gold suit all day long Alipay mobile payment number two, eleven Alipay mobile payment all day long, the number of transactions reached 197 million pen, an increase of 336%.

double eleven also sold the same day, a total of 186 million shipping insurance, also hit a record of the global insurance industry, the huge potential of Internet banking amazing.

2013 eleven, Alipay completed the mobile payment number 45 million 180 thousand, was created a world record peak. read more


Do Wangzhuan must see 5W and 1H theorem

has been busy with a new project recently. I’m so tired that I don’t have a good health.

today is a busy day for the new project site, the site will not say what, you would joke, the friends have a dream is to make a pot of gold through the network.

but how to do it! Below I simply to say that you are in the marketing of the above said, when the program is often used


what is 5W it

What what (what do you want to do, you know the project well! To what extent)

Why why? (why, why do this to earn money! You should consider whether reasonable, reasonable, legal) read more


Jingdong of Guiyang logistics center operation can achieve the same day goods

recently, is located in the Lake District, the Jingdong Asia one logistics center put into operation, Guizhou is the largest electricity supplier self logistics project, the people of Guiyang can enjoy shopping in the Jingdong, "before 11 in the morning after 11 day delivery orders, orders the morning of the second day service" and "Limited" service.  


logistics center construction planning area of about 180 thousand square meters, in addition to warehousing, sorting workshop, including staff quarters, equipment rooms and other facilities, is a set of office operations, goods storage, order processing, sorting and distribution functions of the modern logistics center, radiation in Guizhou province. read more