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Electricity supplier grab fresh, how to laugh to the end

introduction: whether the profit margins or purchase frequency, fresh products are higher than other categories, it naturally became the new profit growth stimulating business category. Under heavy difficulties, how to seize the electricity supplier fresh machine, laughing to the end?

electricity supplier war continues to escalate in the fight price era, sacrifice profits and win consumer smile seems to have become industry practice, the major shopping platform of goods sold gross margin falls again. In order to find new profit growth point, the Jingdong began selling "tomato" sell crabs, Amazon, Taobao group purchase up pork, each business platform have to expand product categories, hope that through higher margin fresh food break low interest rate dilemma. However, due to the particularity of fresh goods, business development process will encounter multiple problems, fresh electricity supplier how to laugh will eventually become one of the important topics in the development of the electricity supplier industry. read more