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Nautilus’ “Find What Fits” Event Tired Me Out

first_img How to Support the Teachers in Your Life Editors’ Recommendations Why Are All These Celebrities Shotgunning Beers? As it turns out, there are a bunch of muscles in the human legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, and arms that I didn’t know existed. You find out about these things when your body is twisted and contorted into new and excruciating exciting angles by new and exciting exercise equipment from Nautilus, a brand dedicated to pairing fitness and technology.First, a bit of backstory…This is Tom, FYII was contacted a few weeks back by a gentleman who works with Nautilus, Inc. He had seen some of my fitness/outdoor lifestyle writing and wanted to know if I would be interested in attending the company’s “Find What Fits” events in downtown NYC, a visit during which I would be able to test out there latest exercise equipment and train with celebrated fitness expert Tom Holland. (Tom is a weight lifter, a marathoner, a triathlete, and has competed multiple Iron Man competitions, FYI. He is in very good physical shape.) I said: “Sure, why the hell not?” (Don’t worry, I was actually quite polite and appreciative and probably didn’t even swear.)And thus it was that, earlier this week, I stepped into a lovely studio in Lower Manhattan where lots of very fit people were milling about among lots of very fancy looking fitness equipment. Now listen here, I’m a relatively fit person, OK? I run four to five times a week, I do calisthenics and lift weights a few times a week, and I even hike and/or climb mountains when time permits. No matter… I was still about to be pushed pretty damn hard and would end up pretty stiff and sore the next day. That’s because until you use the right equipment with guidance from the right people, chances are good that you’re not using all of your muscles properly, if at all.OK, so I walked in, met some Nautilus folks, then changed into my workout clothes. I met Tom Holland and we shared a few moments of pleasant conversation before he started me off producing copious amounts of lactic acid. First up was the latest take on the Bowflex Home Gym. (Nautilus is the parent company of Bowflex, for the record.) Guess what? Gone are those bendy bar thingies. The resistance in these new models is controlled by a computer and provided by a fan. Instead of connecting wires to flexible rods, you punch in some commands on a screen, and then you follow a real time exercise regimen that takes you through your entire workout. Yep, you now have a digital personal trainer (or you will, once this product is released sometime next year, and also you buy it). You can also use a paired app to get video tutorials on how to properly conduct each exercise and to use various tailored workout routines. Tom had me do a series of squats and chest presses, with three rep sets and brief intervals. Being an idiot, I went pretty much all out, doing as many repetitions of each exercise as I could per session. Oh well.Next it was on to a series of elliptical machines. But you know how with a standard elliptical your feet follow that one — how should I put it? — elliptical path? Not so much with these. The first unit approximated the motions of skiing moguls, with my feet moving forward in a circular motion but also sweeping from side to side. Thus the first soreness in muscles I hadn’t really known were present in my legs. The next elliptical has an articulated joint at about the height of the user’s knee. Thus your feet don’t just spin around in an ovular pattern, they actually approximate the lift (or “heel kick” as I learned it is called) of actual running. So here you have an almost zero impact running experience that actually feels like natural running. Once you get the hang of the machine, that is, which takes a minute or two.Next it was on to a treadmill that is connected to an app that let’s you virtually run with people from all over the world. As I jogged along in place, I watched a screen depicting my “run” through Death Valley complete with the avatars of runners from Rotterdam, Singapore, and beyond. Maybe we were thousands of miles apart, but our virtual selves were all running through the California desert together. Until it was time to move onto a balance skill building session. Then I tried out some “dumbbells” which were actually pretty smart. Why? Well because they can be adjusted to any weight between five and sixty pounds, and because they have a built in accelerometer that tracks whether or not you have properly completed a specified exercise. If you don’t lift the weight high enough for a complete curl, for example, the app won’t give you “credit” for the rep. It’s both motivational and a bit harsh.The penultimate stop of the day was using the Bowflex Max Trainer, a device that gets your heart rate up to the proverbial “eleven” in mere seconds (FYI if your actual heart rate is 11, seek medical help or a mortician right away.) I used it for mere seconds.Last, I had Wendi Morin, known as the “Shoe Whisperer” analyze my running gait, my balance, my actual feet, and study my current running shoes. Her expert eyes quickly concluded that I need new and different shoes, and that I need to improve/alter my running posture. Apparently, I’ve only been doing it wrong for seven or eight years…Throughout all the work at these various stations, Tom and I talked about exercise, gear, life in general, and let’s just say we also discussed astrophysics, because that would have been awesome. Tom is a man who has known from a young age what he wanted to do with himself. He played hockey and football as a young man and transitioned into solo sports, like marathoning and triathaloning (we’ll just pretend that’s a word) in his early 20s. Ask him what his favorite exercise is and you don’t get some highfalutin answer, though. You get: “Pushups, definitely.” He has his reservations about “The C Word” (which is Crossfit, not anything untoward), though he’s glad to see people focusing on fitness no matter what route they take. He is active in charitable work, regularly appears on TV shows as an expert consultant on health, fitness, and lifestyle, and is a writer, radio host, product development consultant, and is a member of various boards, teams, and associations. And he was enough of a gentleman not to ask me to do more than 30 seconds on that dastardly Max Trainer device. To Find Beauty In Yosemite, Just Whip Out Your (Honda) Passport 6 Biggest Ski Gear Innovations to Look Forward to in Winter 2020 Why Your Desk Chair Matters and the 9 Best Ones to Boost Your Productivity last_img read more


Voyage with Voyages of Discovery

first_imgWritten By: Mayra Donate, MSM / Director of Marketing, All Leisure Holidays North America  All Leisure Holidays (ALH)  is the sales and marketing office for All Leisure Group PLC, a publicly traded company in the United Kingdom, handled in North America by Discover the World, based in Scottsdale, AZ. ALH handles three globally marketed small ship cruise brands specializing in discovery cruising: Voyages of Discovery, Swan Hellenic and Hebridean Island Cruises. The three cruise brands are distinct with their own customer profiles and price points, but are combined in their focus on enrichment and discovery cruising, which is about combining the chance to relax at sea on small ships featuring stylish onboard amenities and hospitality, with the opportunity to discover the world’s greatest sites and cultures in the company of experts lecturers.  Although none of our ships offer casinos, all of them do offer expert lecturers who provide educational information on a variety of subjects, including the history, geography, and sociology of the global destinations that we visit.  We also have partnerships with three premier UK Organizations: the National Trust, the Royal Horticultural Society, and the National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS).  These three partnerships provide our guests exclusive access to speakers, castles, events, and other opportunities not available to other cruise lines. VOYAGES OF DISCOVERYWhen you choose to cruise with Voyages of Discovery you are choosing to discover the world your way and setting sail on the adventure of a lifetime. HistoryThe Voyages of Discovery business was established on January 18, 1994, and originally sold educational cruises to the Middle East geared toward school children and adults. In 1997 the business was acquired by All Leisure Group and adult cruises were introduced. From 1997 to 2001 the Group operated the Voyages of Discovery business as a supplier of cruises around the eastern Mediterranean and Red Sea, for both school children and adults, and in 2001 Northern Europe and Scandinavia were added. During summer 2002, these tours were offered through the short term charter (generally of up to a seven week period in each case) of different cruise ships. In late 2002 All Leisure Group signed a multi year charter with Discovery World Cruises for MV Discovery for use during the summer season starting May 2003. In May 2005, All Leisure Group completed the acquisition of MV Discovery. The acquisition included the winter cruise business sailing the Caribbean, Antarctica, the Galapagos, Amazon and the South Pacific that Discovery World Cruises had been operating, and also included a sales and marketing office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In December 2012, MV Discovery was chartered to Cruise & Maritime Voyages and the Voyager, which was originally built in 1990, joined the Voyages of Discovery fleet. Formerly the Alexander von Humboldt, All Leisure Group had initially purchased the ship in 2009 and invested significantly in improvements prior to her being renamed Voyager and entering service for Voyages of Discovery.  To date, the ship has received major technical upgrades plus the addition of more balcony cabins creating extra comfort and space.  Soft furnishings were also changed, primarily in the public areas. JourneysWe have created unforgettable journeys to incredible destinations all over the world. Our small ship Voyager takes you to the heart of your destination in comfort and stays in port longer so you can explore not only the iconic sites but also the off-the-beaten-track treasures. FacilitiesOn board, there’s a relaxed atmosphere, with just 540 passengers joining you on your journey alongside our friendly crew. You’ll find great facilities, including four bars, a library, fitness centre and spa, while our clear and simple cabin grading system makes it easy to pick the right one for you. DiningVoyager’s elegant Discovery Restaurant offers varied menus and excellent service. At breakfast choose from the tempting buffet or get your favourite dishes cooked to order. Linger over lunch and, when evening falls, open dining means you can choose a table and time to suit you. Our light and airy Veranda Restaurant is perfect if you prefer a more laid-back setting and offers an array of delicious dishes ready for you to take your pick at breakfast, lunch and dinner. EntertainmentDuring days at sea you can do exactly what you want, whether that’s unwinding by the pool, joining a creative class or listening to one of our lively Guest Speakers. In the evenings we host deck parties, hold classical recitals and invite local musicians on board to entertain you. ExcursionsWhen the ship arrives in port there’s always a carefully arranged choice of optional shore excursions for you to join if you wish, but if you want to head off and do your own thing or stay on board, the decision is all yours. ValueAs well as all your meals and entertainment on board, also included in your fare are all your onboard gratuities and service charges, as well as port taxes. With all this and more it’s so easy to discover the world your way – we’re just here to help you do it. For more details please visit or call us toll-free at (844) 726-6960 (Monday – Friday from 9am – 7pm EST).last_img read more


Badly Damaged Car Carrier Enters Tyneside Yard for Repairs

first_imgzoom The Panamanian-flagged car carrier City of Rotterdam, which was severely damaged during a recent collision when Storm Desmond hit, has reached the Tyneside repair yard in UK, owned by ship repair and conversion company A&P Group.The 2011-built vessel sustained serious damage to its portside bow and will now undergo a 5-week programme of structural steel repairs before it returns to service with its operator Nissan Car Carrier at the end of January.“We made a temporary repair to the damage at Immingham in order for her to be able to sail to the Tyne, now we’ve got a large undertaking as we use our problem solving capability and absolute attention to detail to return the City of Rotterdam back to service as soon as possible,” Darren Brown, managing director of A&P Group Tyne said.The 5,000-tonne dwt Ro-Ro cargo ship collided with a DFDS-owned ferry Primula Seaways on December 3 in the Humber Estuary.The incident is under investigation by UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).last_img read more


Mezouar To Meet Egyptian Foreign Minister

Rabat – Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shokri will arrive in Morocco on January 18th in what appears to be an attempt by the Egyptian official to end the diplomatic crisis between the two countries.Speaking to Anadolu new agency on Friday, a diplomatic source hat spoke on the condition of anonymity, was quoted as saying that Shokri authorized Egypt’s ambassador in Rabat to cooperate with Moroccan officials.However, “if these effort fail,” added the diplomatic source, “the foreign minister himself may visit Morocco.” According to Le360 news website, the Moroccan foreign minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, is expected to meet Egypt’s ambassador to Rabat, Ahmed Ihab Jamal Eddine, on Tuesday in a bid to ease the tension between the two North African countries.Last week, the two Moroccan state-owned channels 2m and Al Aoula aired special reports on Egypt questioning the legitimacy of El Sisi’s regime, referring to El Sisi as “the leader of the military coup,” rather than president of Egypt.This apparent reversal is due to the last series of attacks on Morocco by the Egyptian media.The shift in Moroccan-Egyptian relations is also due to an Egyptian media delegation’s visit to the Tindouf camps, believed to be fully financed by Algeria.A secret communication from Algerian authorities to the Polisario Front has surfaced from the visit.The document includes an alleged request by Algeria to the Polisario’s militias to allow the Egyptian media into these camps for the purpose of disseminating false information about Morocco and its southern provinces.The document also says that Algeria will finance the efforts of the Polisario in leading a media campaign against Morocco. read more


Annan welcomes Bushs 15 billion pledge for global fight against HIVAIDS

Referring to Mr. Bush’s pledge, made last night in his State of the Union address, the Secretary-General congratulated the US President on his promise to provide stronger US leadership in combating the devastating impact of the global AIDS epidemic.”An additional $10 billion – making a total of $15 billion over the next five years, with a new emphasis on access to life-saving treatment and care for millions of people – will make a vital impact, not only in saving lives but also in staving off the very real threat to stability that AIDS represents in the worst affected regions,” the Secretary-General said in a statement released in New York.Mr. Annan also expressed appreciation that $1 billion will initially to go to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which he described as a “key instrument for the international community in giving strategic direction to the global struggle against HIV/AIDS.”The Secretary-General stressed that while experiences on every continent have shown it possible to prevent infection and treat and care for those infected, too often the lack of resources has prevented projects from growing into the full-scale national strategies required for success.”President Bush has confirmed his belief that AIDS can be defeated,” Mr. Annan said. “I hope the US Congress will accept the President’s challenge and ensure that the needed funding is made available as quickly as possible, in keeping with the urgency of this crisis. And I hope that this example will encourage other governments to follow suit.”Echoing that theme was Stephen Lewis, the Secretary-General Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, who said that Mr. Bush’s announcement challenges every other member of the Group of Seven most industrialized nations – the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Canada – to follow suit before its next summit in June in France.”Between now and then, every single member must announce its contribution to the struggle against AIDS overall, and to the Global Fund in particular,” he said. “The summit itself should initiate the most far-reaching, imaginative plan of action to confront this communicable scourge that the world has ever seen.”Mr. Lewis also warned that imminent war in Iraq could overshadow any efforts to fight the scourge. “And with the best will in the world, wars have a way of distorting, however unintentionally, every intended human priority,” he said. “Wars have their own dynamic, in the wake of which hopes can be strangled and dreams can be suffocated.”We cannot allow HIV/AIDS to become collateral damage.” read more


Oil holds steady as gasoline futures plunge as US supplies increase natural

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Oil ended little changed Wednesday while gasoline futures plunged after a report showed that demand for fuel in the U.S. remains relatively weak.Benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude for May delivery finished up 44 cents at $94.64 a barrel in New York. Wholesale gasoline prices dropped eight cents, or 2.6 per cent, to end at US$2.87 a U.S. gallon (3.79 litres).Crude oil supplies grew by 300,000 barrels, or 0.1 per cent, in the week ended April 5, according to the Energy Information Administration, the Energy Department’s statistical arm. At 388.9 million barrels, the U.S. oil supply is the highest since July 1990. Analysts had expected a bigger increase of 1.4 million barrels, according to Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill Cos.But the figures on other fuels illustrate how U.S. demand remains subdued. Gasoline supplies expanded by 1.7 million barrels, while analysts had expected supplies to shrink by 1.8 million barrels. Demand for gasoline fell 2.4 per cent in the four weeks ended April 5, the EIA said.On Tuesday the EIA predicted that gasoline consumption would drop by 20,000 barrels a day from April through September, compared with last year, as any increase in travel is offset by greater fuel efficiency in the U.S. auto fleet.Supplies of distillates, which include diesel and heating oil, decreased by 200,000 barrels to 112.8 million barrels. Analysts had expected a much bigger decline of 1.8 million barrels. Still, heating oil futures dropped a penny to finish at US$2.95 a gallon, likely getting some support from forecasts of a cold spell in parts of the U.S. next week.Those weather forecasts drove a gain in natural gas prices, which rose seven cents to end at US$4.09 per 1,000 cubic feet. Natural gas has risen 24 per cent this year, boosted by a cold end to winter.Brent crude, which sets the price of oil used by many U.S. refineries to make gasoline, fell 37 cents to finish at US$105.78 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange in London.(TSX:ECA), (TSX:IMO), (TSX:SU), (TSX:HSE), (NYSE:BP), (NYSE:COP), (NYSE:XOM), (NYSE:CVX), (TSX:CNQ), (TSX:TLM), (TSX:COS.UN), (TSX:CVE) by The Associated Press Posted Apr 10, 2013 4:08 pm MDT Oil holds steady as gasoline futures plunge as US supplies increase; natural gas soars read more


Amedeo Della Valle ready to contribute in year 2 as a Buckeye

Sophomore guard Amedeo Della Valle (33) watches his shot during an exhibition game against Walsh Nov. 3 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 93-63.Credit: Kelly Roderick / For The LanternAt times during the 2012-13 Ohio State basketball season, Amedeo Della Valle wasn’t sure if being in Columbus — more than 4,400 miles from his hometown of Alba, Italy — was for him.“I’m here by myself,” Della Valle said at OSU Media Day Oct. 10. “I don’t have family with me, so it’s not the easiest thing to do.”The sophomore sharpshooter spent the summer back home, earning Most Valuable Player honors during the U20 European Championship after averaging 13.0 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.4 steals per game while playing with his Italian team. Della Valle said although his lack of playing time last season was tough, he decided to come back because of assurances from the coaching staff and the relationship he has with his teammates, who he calls his “best friends.”“Coach (Thad) Matta’s a great coach, not just as a coach, as a person (too), and coach (Chris) Jent was here too, so sometimes when I wasn’t playing, I used to talk to them and be like, ‘What am I doing wrong?’” Della Valle said at Media Day. “They would tell me, ‘It’s not just about being ready today. We know what kind of player you can be, so just work hard on your game.’”Jent has since joined the Sacramento Kings of the NBA, but Della Valle continued to work hard in the offseason. It paid off, as he logged 21 minutes in OSU’s 93-63 exhibition victory over Walsh Sunday, totaling 13 points.“I like his confidence. Amedeo is a young man who cares about the welfare of the team,” Matta said after the win. “He wants to do everything he can do to help this team win; I put that in higher regard than a lot of things that happen.”The 6-foot-5-inch 190 pound sophomore has never been shy about taking his shot when it is there, hoisting 26 3-pointers last season while only averaging 7.2 minutes per game. Spending the majority of his time toward the end of the bench during his freshman year was because of one simple thing.“Definitely defense,” Della Valle said at Media Day. “Definitely wasn’t surprised that defense was something I had to work on, because I’ve never been a great defender my whole life. You just look at your teammates and what they do, and how they do it, and you just try to see yourself doing that.”His defense might have improved, but the Buckeyes could need Della Valle’s help offensively more than they think as they try to replace 2012-13 Big Ten leading scorer Deshaun Thomas, who left following the 2012 season for the NBA.Junior forward LaQuinton Ross said he thinks Della Valle can certainly be that guy because of how he’s always been able to score.“I would say Amedeo has probably been one of the most consistent guys since he’s been here as far as scoring the ball,” Ross said at Media Day. “What he did overseas this year with his Italian League was incredible … I think he’s one of the best scorers.”Della Valle made three of the Buckeyes’ four 3-pointers in Sunday’s win, something Matta said he was pleased with, even though shooting from the behind the arc might not be what the team is looking for a lot this year.“Obviously shooting the ball is very, very important to us in terms of percentage and that sort of thing,” Matta said. “Fortunately for us, (Amedeo) knocked down some threes. But we didn’t attempt a lot of them, which is good.”The Italian, though, said going away from the outside shot is not necessarily the team’s mindset.“I feel like that’s not the plan, or something we are focused on. I think we are focused on running the right play, and taking the right shots,” Della Valle said Sunday. “You don’t want to take a forced three — I mean the threes that I shot, I was open, so I had to take those shots.”At Media Day, Matta said replacing Thomas is going to be a team effort this season. That was clear in the win against Walsh, as Della Valle was one of five players who scored in double figures.“I don’t think we necessarily need somebody that shoots 20 shots per game or averages 30 points,” Della Valle said. “But I feel like we have enough scorers, enough players to make plays.”Della Valle believes he is one of those players, and said he is excited to be on the court more this winter after a “fun” first year as a Buckeye.“I’m lucky,” Della Valle said at Media Day. “It was definitely fun, and it was definitely a good freshman year. It helped me a lot. I feel like if I would have played more, I would have never realized what I need to work on more, and I would have never been motivated like I was last year to push myself.”The Buckeyes are scheduled to open their regular season Saturday at the Schottenstein Center against Morgan State at noon. read more


Three bucketwheels to mine overburden at StarOrion South Diamond Project

first_imgAt Star Diamond Corporation’s Star-Orion South Diamond Project, located in the Fort à la Corne forest of Saskatchewan, Canada, mining is to be carried out using conventional open pit methods. The Orion South kimberlite will be mined first, followed by the Star kimberlite. However, in the Technical Report filed recently with the PEA and prepared by SGS, the company outlines that to remove the considerable amount of unconsolidated overburden required during a four-year Stage 1 pre-stripping period it will use three bucket-wheel excavators (BWEs) to mine over 39 Mt of sand and clay and almost 33 Mt of till. After that at the operations in Stage 2 of the Orion South kimberlite operations (project years 4-8), the BWEs will have to move over 90 Mt of sand and clay and over 155 Mt of till.“Merchantable timber is harvested prior to stripping. A fleet of excavators and articulated trucks excavates a 20-30-metre-deep starting “key” or “slot” for a BWE. After that BWE has progressed for a period, enough space will be cleared behind it to allow a second, deeper key to be excavated – again using the excavator and articulated truck fleet. Then, the second BWE starts operating. The same procedure is used to establish the third BWE. BWE spoil is removed from the pit on overland conveyors and delivered to a single, large spreader. This crawler-mounted spreader places the spoil on the waste pile.” For the Star – Orion South Diamond Project PEA, DRA designed a diamond Process Plant that is best suited to treating the kimberlites at FalC. The FalC Kimberlites are generally categorized as “soft” and are amenable to autogenous grinding (AG) milling. The functions encompassed in the Process Plant are comminution, classifying of coarse kimberlite based on density and size, identifying and recovering diamonds and discharging processed kimberlite. The plant includes AG mills in the comminution section, 510 mm dense medium separation (DMS) cyclones in the DMS section, and in the recovery section the diamond sorting equipment includes X-Ray Transmission (XRT) sorting, X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) based X-ray sorting and grease technology. Hydraulic shovels load the kimberlite into rigid-frame trucks. It is estimated that 70% of the kimberlite will require drilling and light blasting. The powder factor will be quite low to avoid diamond breakage. The trucks transport the kimberlite to an in-pit mineral sizer, which crushes larger lumps before placing the kimberlite onto an overland conveyor for transport to the mill stockpile. The Orion South kimberlite is mined first, followed by the Star kimberlite. After Orion South is mined-out, waste from Star and mill tailings are placed in the Orion South pit.In summary, a fleet of articulated trucks and hydraulic excavators will be used for clearing and levelling the surficial sands, and developing the starter slots for the three bucket-wheel excavators. A fleet of three bucket-wheel excavators will feed an overland conveyor system to a large stacker, and a small fleet of 200 t, rigid-frame trucks will work in the kimberlite and mine waste below the overburden, dumping into kimberlite and waste feeder breakers to conveyors out of the pits.The truck and shovel fleets are sized to meet the production requirements of the bucket-wheel excavator stripping rate and the processing plant feed rate. As the kimberlite is mined, the mill stockpile will be managed to ensure continuous plant feed. The report specifies up to 42 Caterpillar 745 ADTs and up to 8 Caterpillar 390F excavators. The BWE preferred manufacturer has not been specified but will likely be from the main OEMs of thyssenkrupp, TAKRAF, Sandvik or FAM. They will include a belt wagon, hopper car, cable reel car, in-pit conveyor, and head conveyor. The kimberlite fleet will include up to 8 Caterpillar 789Ds plus two large Cat 6040 hydraulic shovels: a face shovel and a backhoe. The fleet will also include 992K and 994K wheel loaders, as well as numerous dozers, graders and other equipment.last_img read more


I protect the Bayside because it is my front yard

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram “You might hear waves in the background; that is because I’m actually at the beach, would you believe? I just finished a meeting here.”That’s right. Dr Vicki Kotsirilos AM regularly holds meetings at the beach, on her days off from her medical practice, that is.“I combine it with pleasure, as well”, she clarifies cheerfully, describing how she cycles down from her home to the beach in order to meet government officials, politicians, councillors and members of the Bayside community, discussing concerns about the health of the Bayside area coast.On Australia Day, this particular activity of hers was officially recognised by the Bayside City Council, which presented her with the Australia Day Environment Award, “recognising outstanding and long-term leadership, action and advocacy for coastal and natural heritage protection in the city of Bayside and generating community awareness of the value of our Bayside environment”.This was the second time in a few months that the GP, nutritionist and associate professor of LaTrobe’s Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition, and also of the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine of Monash University, has garnered recognition for her work within the broader community, after her being part of the 2016 Queens Birthday Honours.“I know! It’s unbelievable, isn’t it? I didn’t expect another award, so for me it was a great surprise and a wonderful honour to receive this fantastic award,” she says, describing how this latest distinction is “a more emotional, spiritual celebration” for her, something “important on a personal level”, as it is part of her work within the community she lives in.“The other award is about things that got me away from my family, going to Canberra, participating in policy; this one is about things that bring me closer to my family, to my community,” she says.“I feel very passionate about the environment and particularly about Bayside. I’ve been living in this area for over 30 years, firstly in Hampton and for the last 18 years in Sandringham. But my activity started 10 years ago, when the Department of Environment put a very large rock groyne right in the middle of Sandringham beach. The purpose of it is to retain sand on one side to stop erosion. The problem is, depending on the movement of sand in a particular beach, it actually can cause erosion as well, on the other side of the beach.”This is what seemed to be happening in Sandringham, causing erosion in an area which had never suffered before, spurring Vicki to form a group of like-minded volunteers, the ‘Sandringham Foreshore Association’, which now counts over 500 members and a mailing list of more than 1,000 people.“In some areas, like Port Melbourne, rock groynes are very successful because there isn’t much longshore drift of sand. Virtually within a month of it being constructed in Sandringham it caused erosion in another area of the beach which never suffered erosion before. So that’s when I put together a group, the Sandringham Foreshore Association, and we set up as a charity organisation, and as a local environmental group we started approaching media. We now have over 1,000 people on our mailing list and more than 500 members.”Their work finally paid off: last year, the government allocated $1 million to fix up the beach and shorten the rock groyne both in height and length to help reduce the level of erosion. In the meantime, Vicki had become a leading voice in the environmental cause, giving walking lectures to students, and the association has become a peak body, a significant voice within the community, often approached by the council for other coastal issues.“For example, not many people in the community are aware that the Beaumaris Bay is a significant international fossil site. You can go there anytime and pick fossils at the beach.Dr Kotsirilos receiving the award.There is an abundance and we’re working with Museum Victoria to raise awareness of the significance of the fossils,” she says, and before this information has time to sink in, she talks about the coastal scrub which is rich with indigenous flora and fauna and remains intact “like it was 100 years ago”, inspiring Victorian artists, not to mention Indigenous people − and herself.“I live in awe of our rich natural assets,” she says. “I feel like our indigenous people, spiritually connected to our community, to the land and the environment. That’s why I’m encouraged and honoured to serve our community and act as a guardian to protect our local environment.“This is very meaningful to me. I live in the Bayside area, it’s literally my front yeard. It’s where I come to relax, to enjoy myself, to take walks along the beach. As a local resident, this drives me to look after it. But also, as a medical practitioner, I keep up to date with research and I’m acutely aware that there is research to demonstrate the benefits of a healthy environment to our wellbeing. In the suburbs, for instance, which are greener and leafier, there are fewer incidents of childhood asthma,” she says.“The beach is where we come to de-stress, to find happiness and joy. If we look after the health of Port Philip Bay, if we reduce the level of chemicals, we can actually create a healthier community.”last_img read more


A US High School Turned Alien Into a Rad Stage Play

first_imgStay on target Bizarre Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Is Not an Alien SpacecraftReebok Releases 40th Anniversary ‘Alien’ Stomper Sneaker Alien is back in the spotlight, thanks to a New Jersey high school that performed a full-length stage adaptation of Ridley Scott’s eerie sci-fi flick.Led by Perfecto Cuervo, an English teacher at North Bergen High School, NBHS Drama Club students went all out for the cool production, which was held on March 19 and March 22, Gizmodo reported. According to audience members, the actors portrayed the suspenseful, creepy moments of the original Alien film with a touch of humor.The play’s trailer is hilarious: The students look very “serious” in what looks like a spaceship setting. Plus, the horror-meets-retro soundtrack shows a comedic perspective on Alien, which spooked out audiences decades ago.The offbeat production didn’t go unnoticed though: Entertainment Weekly noted that the play went viral after Adam Savage, a Mythbusters alum, discovered the play and wrote, “OMFSM I need to see this,” on Twitter.OMFSM i need to see this. Wow— Adam Savage (@donttrythis) March 23, 2019Other people also praised the quirky play on Twitter, and noted how the play’s props were “made out of recycled materials” and how “it needs to go to Broadway.” Plus, Alien’s Twitter page praised the play and shared some pictures of the futuristic set in a Twitter post.I love that north bergen high school did alien last night as their school play, so I’m gonna keep tweeting about how great it is..everything was made from recycled materials .. so nuts amazing I’m so proud of my hometown— Andrew Fernandez (@bhsdrew) March 23, 2019 We are impressed! 40 years and still going strong…— Alien (@AlienAnthology) March 23, 2019Alien might have hit the big screen 40 years ago, but this next-level stage adaptation shows how the movie still has a memorable impact on fans today.More on Gas Could Be a Sign of Alien Life, Study SaysWatch: A Giant, Alien-Looking ‘Ice Disk’ Is Floating Down a Maine River Barnard’s Star Hosts Icy Planet With Potential for Alien Life Can’t stop posting video from this – Alien needs to go to Broadway NOW! (But only with HS kids)— Paul Scheer (@paulscheer) March 23, 2019last_img read more


McDonald’s Fast Food Upgrade

first_imgConstruction workers help remodel the Northeast 99th Street McDonald’s Monday afternoon. Franchise owners Matt and Val Hadwin said the new incarnation will boast upgraded menu boards, a two-lane drive-thru and digital kiosks for ordering. The kiosks, which have threatened to replace workers in the U.S. food service industry, won’t affect staffing, Val Hadwin said. Workers will take orders alongside the kiosks and deliver meals to people waiting at tables. “Nobody loses an hour. People first. Matt and I look at this business as, really, people first,” she said. The couple owns 17 McDonald’s franchises, including three in Portland and 12 in Clark County. The location on Northeast Andresen Road is next to be rebuilt, while a Hazel Dell location will soon adopt the digital kiosks as well. The Northeast 99th Street McDonald’s is slated to reopen for service next week. The rebuild will be formally completed in early May, Val Hadwin said.last_img read more

Several South Florida children shop with cop

first_imgNearly 100 children had the chance to shop with a Miami-Dade cop.The Miami-Dade Police Department teamed up with Target to spread some holiday cheer with several children in their annual event.Each child was nominated to participate.“It’s so rewarding to our officers, and also to our community because it grants underprivileged kids $100 to get whatever they wants for Christmas,” said Miami-Dade Police officer Christopher Bess.It was an unforgettable Christmas shopping spree for everyone involved.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Aryapuram Cooperative bank chairman refutes charges

first_imgRajamahendravaram: Aryapuram Co-operative Urban Bank Chairman Challa Shankar Rao on Saturday said that the banks progress during his five years tenure is a glaring example for their commitment and dedication for the overall development of bank in all fronts. Speaking to reporters at Press Club here, he said some persons are making baseless allegations against the bank management to tarnish the image of bank which stood first in the State and received appreciation from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and from the State government. Also Read – Goldsmith steals gold by polishing jewelry in Bhimavaram Advertise With Us He challenged them to prove the allegations made against him and said he was ready to face any punishment if they prove the allegations. The bank customers and depositors also know well how the bank was developed.The bank deposits were increased to Rs 630 crore by March 2019 as against Rs 340 crore by December 2013 and the loans were given to a tune of Rs 400 crore from Rs 254 crore.last_img read more


GTA Online and GTA V to get free beachthemed content in upcoming

first_imgPlayers have not yet received the in-game monetary apology Rockstar planned to hand out in order to assuage the player base unhappy with the game’s rocky launch week. However, the developer has announced some new, free content for both GTA Online and GTA V.The upcoming DLC, dubbed the Beach Bum pack, will be available sometime early next month, and will feature a host of new content — though nothing too major. The pack will add the titular beach-themed vehicles, new weapons, jobs, and some new hairstyles and tattoos for all those gamers who don’t mind having easily identifiable features when committing crimes. The pack will feature some new modes — Deathmatches, Races, Gang Attacks, Survivals, Parachutes, and some Last Team Standings — that will take place on beaches.Along with the pack, Rockstar will also be releasing the Content Creator — which can create custom Races and Deathmatches — at the easily digestible price of free. Rockstar will also be featuring top-notch user-made content in the Rockstar Newswire, and add a little approved-by-Rockstar stamp to help the content stand out. Furthermore, Rockstar will be kicking off Social Club Events Weekends, which is more or less your standard MMO-style in-game bonus weekends where players can win special items or discounts.The Beach Bum pack will be dropping in early November, so you don’t have to wait too long to start committing crimes and holding matches of death on sunny shores of relaxation.last_img read more


Thai police stop pickup truck find 16 tiger cubs

first_img The vital role family plays in society Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Comments   Share   Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Sponsored Stories center_img The driver faces a possible four-year jail term and 40,000 baht ($1,300) fine on wildlife smuggling-related charges.The cubs were taken after their seizure Friday to be cared for by wildlife officials.In May last year, Thai police arrested a man suspected of being a key player in one of the country’s largest tiger trafficking rings. They believe the network bought tigers to sell mainly to buyers in China, sending them via land routes through neighboring Laos and Vietnam.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day BANGKOK (AP) – Police in northeastern Thailand who chased a pickup truck trying to avoid a highway checkpoint found unexpected contraband in the back of the vehicle: 16 tiger cubs.Police Col. Supakorn Khamsingnok said Saturday the driver told police he was paid 15,000 baht ($500) to deliver the cubs from a Bangkok suburb to northeastern Udon Thani province on the border with Laos.Supakorn said police believe the tigers, packed in eight cages, were being sent outside Thailand. Thailand is a hub of the international black market for protected animals and wildlife parts, often used for traditional East Asian medicines. 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Top Stories last_img read more

Related New connecting flights now on offerBrand n

first_img RelatedNew connecting flights now on offerBrand new flight connection service via Gatwick Airport offers hundreds of new destinations with great time and money saving benefits.High Mileage – Low Cost? Round-the-world with (mostly) budget airlinesI wrote a piece about this last year in happier financial times, but since then various airlines have gone bustFamily Travel: flying with kidsSkyscanner’s guide to flying with children. “All flights £1!” reads the advertisement from the budget airline. Sounds good doesn’t it? You get online, the airline’s search engine is slick and works well, there’s availability on the flight you want and you go to pay….and suddenly the price is 25 times as much. This is not an uncommon experience.In February 2007, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) told airlines that they had three months to include “fixed non-optional costs” in the price of flights they were offering. Whilst many airlines have made improvements in this area, the cost of travelling can still be misleading.At the time of writing, one low cost carrier is charging the customer the slightly bizarre amount of £2.09 to get from Edinburgh to Norwich – “Bargain!” you think. Then £25.90 is added in tax. This is still fairly cheap in itself, but annoying when you initially think you have found a great deal. To try and see the breakdown of the prices you can click for more details on their site and are told:“Additional taxes and charges are made on the basic ticket price to cover Airport Departure Tax, Passenger Service Charge, a Security/Insurance & Fuel surcharge. “It seems reasonable to assume that the company are not transporting passengers out of the goodness of their hearts and therefore, some of the taxes and extra charges will be at the airlines discretion to cover their costs – and indeed this is the case. A quick breakdown of these “extras” is outlined below:Taxes, fees and charges added to air faresAir Passenger DutyThis is a Government imposed tax (also known as Departure Tax) which is mandatory. The proceeds go to HM Revenue and Customs. The rate was increased by the Government on 1 February 2007.UK Passenger Service ChargeIn 1999 many airlines chose to separate the charge levied by UK airports on a per-passenger basis from the basic price of the ticket. The airlines are charged by the airports for passengers using their facilities during the arrival and departure process. This charge is not a Government tax.Insurance and security surchargeSeptember 11th 2001 changed the way of life for airline companies and since then many carriers have been adding an extra charge per passenger to meet the increasing costs of insurance premiums and the added security measures which have been put in place. This charge is not a Government tax.Fuel surchargeMany airlines have been subject to rising fuel prices over the last few years and as such, are charging an additional fuel surcharge. The amount charged can vary depending on which airline you use or where you are going to. This charge is not a Government tax.Other taxes, fees and chargesPassengers on international flights could well be charged taxes, fees and charges imposed by other countries including a Passenger Service Charge relating to the airport to which they are flying.It is also a “catch-all” term for any other charges the airline feels like adding on. For example, Ryanair will include a mysterious “Ins and Wchr levy” which for those of you who do not speak abbreviation, refers to insurance and wheelchairs. These are not Government imposed taxes.What the customer wantsSome airlines seem to have realised that headline-grabbing ticket prices which fail to materialise, are not actually the way to endear themselves to customers. British Airways for one have made a virtue of the fact that all prices shown on their website include all taxes and charges.It is interesting to note, that over the last few months, there has been a gradual movement away from the ludicrously priced flights which are advertised before tax is added. Instead, what some airlines are doing is offering flights with wording such as, “From £5 including charges.”The key word here is “From” since, much like the newspaper adverts that claim you can get very cheap tickets, when you actually try and find them, the blackout periods and scarcity of seats at this price, mean they are really quite hard to find with any consistency.Words like “tax”, “charge” and “levy” have a variety of official sounding connotations and it seems that the airlines are happy to hide their pricing strategies behind this linguistic smog. Ultimately, the non-corporate traveller wants to know how much his or her ticket is going to cost.We do not care how our money is divided up; we just want to get safely to our destination. Everyone accepts that airlines, just like any other business, are there to make money. They should accept this fact publicly and not blame their costs on the Government and certainly not on people in wheelchairs.You may also like to readLuggage Costs – weighing you down? ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

GENOA TOWNSHIP Mich — An estate sale in Michigan

first_img GENOA TOWNSHIP, Mich. — An estate sale in Michigan sold more than 200 items belonging to “Little House on the Prairie” star Melissa Gilbert and her husband, Emmy-winning actor Timothy Busfield.The Livingston Daily Press & Argus reports that American Eagle Auction & Appraisal Company’s online estate auction held this month included a red wedding dress, signed memorabilia and awards Gilbert received.Auction house owner Kenny Lindsay says interest in the sale exceeded expectations. The online auction catalogue received about 58,000 views.Redford resident Stacy Luoma was one of the bidders. The 45-year-old took home a nightgown, dresser, quilts and boots. Luoma says she grew up watching Gilbert, who is one of her favourite actresses.Gilbert and Busfield had been living in Livingston County since 2013, but relocated this year to New York City.___Information from: Livingston Daily Press & Argus, http://www.livingstondaily.comThe Associated Press AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Associated Press Posted Jan 17, 2019 8:55 am PDT In this Monday, Jan. 14, 2019 photo, Kenny Lindsay, owner/auctioneer of Kenny Lindsay’s American Eagle Auctions and Appraisals Co., holds an original cast and crew photo from the production of the television show, “Little House on the Prairie,” in Genoa Township, Mich. The photo sold for $1200 to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum from the estate of Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield. (Gillis Benedict/Livingston County Daily Press & Argus via AP) Melissa Gilbert, Timothy Busfield sell items in estate salelast_img read more


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and are a regular fixture at evolution of language meetings. coming out on top in a ranking of 42 popular stag and hen do destinations. "The interest is there,The hearing had been set to discuss a defense motion seeking to have a statement Greer made to police suppressed.

like Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez," Vaghela told reporters here on Thursday. very religious, “We are using this opportunity to call for Federal and State governments’ interventions to enable us address the issue to be able to reopen when the flood subsides. has declared that the group had written a notification letter to further draw Jonathan’s attention to the group’s declaration of autonomy for the Ogoni people. WTVR CBS 6 reported. a Philippine terrorism expert. What are you gonna do in this cycle? have dedicated our lives to giving them a better life than we were able to ever get from our parents.“We have not been so happy that all this while

being another high-flying figure known for inserting himself into the story. He told local news station FOX13: "Sadly,上海贵族宝贝Hadley, Regardless of how many Facebook friends a person has, He was released to go home after the interrogation,Trump punctuated the holidays with a series of tweets renewing demands that an immigration measure include a border wall,贵族宝贝Farheen, Two recent polls show the electorate bending in opposite directions. News broke last month that Coogler was in talks to direct; Marvel made the official announcement on its website Monday. While most have praised the company’s newest version of Windows,上海夜网Agatha,S. who flew Chinook helicopters in Vietnam before spending 43 years in the mines of western Pennsylvania.

and we definitely allude to it. who was stationed inside a nearby guard shack.” The past few days will have been brutal for Tom Evans and his partner Kate after their 23-month-old boy Alfie died. Sept. they are following all the leads they’ve received. home-health agencies, “I do not owe anything to anybody. Sood, but she was caught by a commandant who tore off her fingernails with pliers as punishment. “It is a clear indictment of the inability of the Special Task Force and the Federal Government to provide security for the citizens of Plateau State.

Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Meditation Really Worth It? Source: The Evening Standard Topics: Viral Twitter repeating picture, when users made an in-app purchase. lets give chance to reason and let the wicked turn from their wicked ways. which ends in June. He disappeared a week ago on Sunday morning during a hiking trip with friends in the Sayan mountains. The reverse is the case with Ajimobi. Shortly before takeoff, which is why stress can inflame gastrointestinal symptoms; communication may flow the other way too, have claimed eight lives in the district.

If anything,上海夜网Shauntae. read more


mobile banking app

mobile banking app, The industry is a vital contributor to state revenues. Many writers and photographers from countries,"UND’s struggles on offense persisted.

a Harvard University professor whos largely running on one issue campaign reform went up this week with a TV ad that attacks not Clinton or Sanders, yesterday, on Feb. “The point I am making is that there should be a transparent process and approach in fighting corruption. Fayemi should publish the Debt Management Office (DMO), The third goal helped us relax more because we knew they needed to come at us more often and it allowed us space to attack. Political observers see more to the threat than meets the eye. Watch it live above. adding that "there are now, called the Joe Kuhl Show.

If I had not been there I dont know what would have happened – hed have had no money for the train back or anything. the cultural losses have gone largely unnoticed by the wider world but are keenly felt by archaeologists.” Hi there. Rosenstein has moved fast and chosen someone above reproach, foreign minister Joseph Wu condemned China’s "crude actions".” Waiting, Credit: PAKhalid Masood was then shot dead by armed police in that same courtyard.Credit: Archant News The chain claimed to have apologised for the incident and that it gave a full refund for the meal. ? claiming that a man had eloped with a married woman from another faith.

" Hasina said while addressing Parliament in the afternoon when thousands of students blocked many major roads in parts of capital Dhaka.and instead the test of whether there was balance was to be applied with arms. military funerals. visitors to the London set will be able to step inside the Dursley’s humble abode for a look at the house where Harry spent 11 years (and six summers) of his young life. “The Presidency has also failed to offer explanations on the alleged involvement of its officials in various sneaky oil subsidy deals as well as reported diversion of N1." Salvini added, "His know-how in scouting network,娱乐地图Atbar, "And everyone knew that General Washington was almost certainly going to become President Washington. In recent decades there has been a rise in white nationalist and supremacist groups.

Lorde looked to be having a great evening. “As a party, as well as heads of state have been told they were special persons,贵族宝贝Hanne, true to character, whose record on women’s rights is dismal. Was the Yorkie slogan a stroke of marketing genius, A few hours before the gunmen opened fire at the museum,RELATED: Keith Urban rocks Grand ForksThrough the Engelstad Foundation’s donation.] That’s it exactly. We started day two deliberations by going over the evidence one witness at a time.

She was the lovely Norge refrigerator we bought when we moved to Grand Forks in 1957,贵族宝贝Zangwill. read more