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Hong Kong protesters end blockade of police HQs

first_imgHong Kong: Protesters in Hong Kong ended their overnight siege of police headquarters peacefully Saturday, disappointed that their demands for the territory’s leader to formally withdraw a contentious extradition bill and police to apologize for heavy handed tactics have gone unmet. By daybreak, police had cleared the streets of barriers set up by protesters to snarl traffic in the Asian financial center, and only a few groups in the mostly youthful crowd remained. Many slept outside the legislature. Traffic was again smooth on a major thoroughfare through the government’s central complex as the protest movement regrouped to consider next moves. Also Read – Merkel warns UK Brexit deal ‘unlikely’ without compromise: LondonPolice said nine female and four male staffers were hospitalized “with considerable delay” during the blockade. The police statement did not say whether they were injured in clashes or had otherwise become unwell. Around police headquarters, masked and helmeted protesters covered surveillance cameras with masking tape and lashed barriers together with nylon cable ties. They threw eggs at the building and drew graffiti on the walls. Protesters also “splashed oil” and targeted police officers’ eyes with laser pointers, according to the police. Also Read – India, China should jointly uphold peace and stability, resolve disputes through dialogues: Chinese ambassadorHong Kong has been rocked by major protests for the past two weeks over legislative proposals that many view as eroding the territory’s judicial independence and, more broadly, as a sign of Chinese government efforts to chip away at the city’s freedoms. Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam indefinitely suspended debate on the bills a week ago, making it likely they would die. But protesters are demanding that she formally withdraw the proposed changes to the extradition laws, which would expand the scope of criminal suspect transfers to include mainland China, Taiwan and Macau. Some also want Lam to resign. Legal and business groups in Hong Kong oppose the legislation, saying critics of China’s ruling Communist Party would be at risk of torture and unfair trials on the mainland and that it further erode the “one country, two systems” framework under which Hong Kong has been governed since the handover from British rule in 1997. The peaceful ending to Friday’s protests drew a sigh of relief in the city of 7.4 million people, after police unleashed tear gas and rubber bullets last week in violent clashes that left dozens injured on both sides. Police were previously criticized for their use of force but this time waited out the protesters. Police did issue a statement at 4:50 a.m. condemning them for blocking key streets and seriously disrupting work at police headquarters. “Police have shown the greatest tolerance to the protesters who assembled outside PHQ, but their means of expressing views have become illegal, irrational and unreasonable,” the statement said in part. Activist Joshua Wong called on police to answer demands over heavy handed tactics used during a mass protest on June 12, including the firing of 150 rounds of tear gas, rubber bullets and beanbag rounds, and the beating of unarmed protesters by police with truncheons. “We…urge police to apologize to the people” over the use of such tactics and their labeling of the gathering as a riot, Wong said. The auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong’s Catholic Diocese, the Rev. Joseph Ha, appealed to the protesters to avoid violence. He warned that public opinion could turn against them. “You have already been on the roads for a long time,” he said on Cable TV Hong Kong. “You’ve already done a lot. You have already expressed very clearly your hopes and wishes. But I am really worried about your personal safety…Please, absolutely, do not use violence.”last_img read more


Great plate fight Saskatchewan Alberta tussle over job site licence plates

first_imgEDMONTON – Alberta promised a court fight and mocked Saskatchewan’s lagging economy following a move by its neighbour to the east to ban Alberta licence plates on future job sites.“(Saskatchewan Premier) Brad Wall needs to smarten up, and he has one week to kill this ridiculous restriction, or we’re going to be taking him to court,” Alberta Economic Development Minister Deron Bilous said Wednesday.Bilous said Saskatchewan’s move violates interprovincial free trade rules.“Brad Wall is absolutely desperate,” Bilous said.“We know our economy is growing by four per cent. Their economy is in the dumps, so he’s grasping at straws.”Earlier Wednesday, Saskatchewan Infrastructure Minister David Marit announced that vehicles with Alberta licence plates will no longer be allowed on future government highway and building project sites. Existing projects will not be affected.The ban includes contractors, sub-contractors, consultants and workers. Ministry staff will enforce the provision through job-site monitoring.Marit said the ban is in response to reports from Saskatchewan workers who say they face similar restrictions in Alberta.“Saskatchewan operators feel forced to register their vehicles in Alberta if they want to do business there,” said Marit. “Today’s announcement just levels the playing field.”Bilous said there are no such restrictions in Alberta on out-of province workers or licence plates.Alberta officials said there were no prior discussions or advance warning of the change from Saskatchewan.The Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association lauded the move.“Saskatchewan heavy construction contractors have been one of the largest employers in the province in good years and in bad,” association president Shantel Lipp said in a release.“As local construction companies obtain a larger share of the Saskatchewan construction marketplace, they develop the people, equipment and capacity to maximize their economies of scale.”The Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association said it hoped the issue can be worked out before the next construction season begins.“It’s our understanding that there are already rules in place to require vehicles that are being used on a site to be re-registered after 30 days,” the group said in a news release.“We are not aware of any complaints. The new Saskatchewan policy could be problematic for industry because it would force vehicles to be re-registered and require insurance changes for even short site visits or work.”The plate feud is the latest cross-boundary sniping between Wall’s right-of-centre government and Premier Rachel Notley’s left-leaning NDP.Wall’s government has previously complained about new rules to assist Alberta’s craft brewers that Saskatchewan calls unfair to out-of-province beer producers.last_img read more


No questions asked Winnipeg parish prays statues head is returned

first_imgWINNIPEG — Members of a Winnipeg church are praying that the head of a bronze statue created by a well-known sculptor and blessed by a pope will be returned.The work depicting St. Volodymyr was decapitated outside the Cathedral of Sts. Vladimir and Olga early Tuesday. A cross-like symbol on a Ukrainian coat of arms was also stolen.“At this point we pray that those who did the severe damage to the statue return the head and cross, no questions asked,” a statement from the church said Friday.The vandalism has created a financial burden for the parish, the church said, adding it’s not known how much it will cost to repair.Parish executives met Friday to figure out next steps. For now, they said they are hoping for the return of the head and the restoration of the statue.The statue was created by Winnipeg sculptor Leo Mol, who died in 2009. Mol was born in Ukraine in 1915 and came to Canada in 1948.Art dealer David Loch worked with Mol for decades and considered him a close friend.“Leo would be terribly distraught if he was still around thinking that this could have actually happened,” Loch said in an interview from Toronto.“And of course, if Leo was here, he could make another head and he could put the head back on the shoulders. But he’s not here.”The website for the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Winnipeg said Mol used a special method to create his sculptures, modeling clay on a structure of rebar and wood. He then covered it in liquid rubber to form a mould.Loch said the moulds were all destroyed after Mol’s death.“There’s no moulds. No ways to replicate it. So I’m just praying that if they tossed it in the river, they know where they tossed it,” he said.Police said that it’s a unique crime, and they aren’t aware of any motive.“It is not uncommon for thieves to target statues or plaques for scrap metal,” Const. Jay Murray said in an email. “Buyers of scrap metal need to be aware that it can be a criminal offence to possess stolen property.”Loch said if money was the motivation, the head thief will be sorely disappointed. The statue is hollow, so it’s head is likely not worth more than $10 as scrap.However, the statue itself is priceless, Loch added. He’s offered to pay to have the head restored to the statue. He said someone with the right expertise could weld it back on.“When you see it was vandalized you think what was the point? Why would someone do that?” Loch said. “Of course we may not get the answer but the only answer that matters to me is we get the head back.”Kelly Geraldine Malone, The Canadian Presslast_img read more


Attawapiskat Chief Spences aide walking to Ottawa

first_img(The four walkers heading to Ottawa. Facebook photo)APTN National News ATTAWAPISKAT–A close aide to Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence is among a group of four men currently walking from Attawapiskat to Ottawa calling for the Canadian government to “honour our treaties.”Danny Metatawabin and two other men began their journey on Saturday walking south along a snowmobile trail connecting the communities of Attawapiskat, Kashechewan and Fort Albany to Moosonee, Ont.  The trail will eventually become an ice road later this winter.Metatawabin, Brian Okimaw and Paul Mattinas began the walk in Attawapiskat and were later joined by Remi Nakogee. They walk from sunrise to sunset.“We, the grassroots people, are walking to Ottawa from the traditional territories of the Omushkegowuk (people) to deliver a message to the leaders of both levels of government and to our respective chiefs that the time to honour our treaties is now!” wrote Metatawabin on a Facebook page dedicated to the walk. “The time to address and reconcile Aboriginal issues is now!”The walk is dubbed, “Reclaiming Our Steps Past, Present and Future.”Metatawabin was one of Spence’s closest aides during the Attawapiskat chief’s liquids-only fast which lasted from mid-December 2012 to mid-January read more


Wont file police complaint against students who forcibly entered my house JNU

first_imgNew Delhi: A day after alleging that some students forcibly entered his house and confined his wife, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) vice chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar said on Tuesday that he had “forgiven” them and would not file a complaint with the police.”While last night’s violent behaviour by students in front my JNU residence is condemnable, neither me nor my wife will file a police complaint against the students. We have forgiven them. Wish them the best and hope they will reform and not repeat such acts in future,” Kumar said. The Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) has denied Kumar’s allegation. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”The JNUSU categorically rejects the falsehood being spread by the VC, Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar. The JNUSU (on Monday) after waiting (at the VC’s residence) returned to the protest venue where an indefinite hunger strike is taking place,” it said. A student from a Left student outfit rejected the allegation and said a group of students had gone to meet the vice chancellor, but they were allegedly manhandled by the security personnel. Seven students are on a hunger strike on the campus in protest against the online system of entrance exam that will be implemented from this academic session. Police said the situation on the campus remained under control.last_img read more


In Brussels Ban welcomes over 200 million in pledges for security in

23 April 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the $213 million pledged to help the emergent Government in Somalia gain a security foothold in the faction-torn country by funding its nascent security forces and the peacekeeping efforts of the African Union (AU). Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed over $200 million pledged to help the emergent Government in Somalia gain a security foothold in the faction-torn country by funding its nascent security forces and the peacekeeping efforts of the African Union (AU).“We have a unique opportunity to support leaders who have shown a commitment to building peace and rebuilding the Somali state,” Mr. Ban said as he opened the donors’ conference in Brussels under the joint auspices of the UN, the AU, European Union (EU) and the League of Arab States.“By opening the space for security, we open the door to a better life for Somalia’s people,” he added, warning that “the risks of not supporting the new government are too high and the costs of failure too enormous.”In total, pledges of $213 million were received by the days’ end, surpassing the $166 million requested by the AU, of which $135 million was targeted to the AU Assistance Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and $31 million for Somali security forces.In January, the Security Council called on the Secretary-General to establish a Trust Fund to support AMISOM and to assist in the re-establishment, training and retention of military and police forces in the country, which has not had a functioning government since 1991.In the same resolution, it asked Mr. Ban to draw up plans for a UN peacekeeping force to take over from AMISOM when conditions are ripe. In the resulting report, released yesterday, the Secretary-General recommended a phased approach that first relies on strengthening the AU force.In his plea to donors today, Mr. Ban recognized that in the eyes of many in the international community, Somalia had become synonymous with “hopelessness and lawlessness.”But the same could have been said not long ago about Sierra Leone or Liberia, he countered, maintaining that “change can happen – but not on its own,” requiring determined leadership and international partnership.He said that despite the obstacles, the UN-supported Djibouti peace process had produced a broad-based Government which is reaching out to forge national reconciliation and making necessary concessions to broaden its base of support further.“We should give strong credit to the progress the new Government has made in two short months,” he said. “We should push open this window of opportunity.”Security support would help the Government establish its authority throughout the country and give it the space to rebuild state institutions, Mr. Ban said, adding that it would also help it to address the humanitarian emergency and to facilitate economic recovery.In addition, he said, by helping the Government extend its authority, progress could be made against global challenges that emanate from lawless areas, such as piracy.“The equation is clear: more security on the ground will mean less piracy on the seas,” he said.The conference was attended by representatives of more than 60 countries and regional organizations including Somalia’s president, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, along with Javier Solana, EU High Representative; Amr Moussa, Secretary-General of the League of Arab States; and Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, UN Special Representative for Somalia.This evening, following the meeting, Mr. Ban thanked donors for what he called their generous contributions, and said that he is both hopeful and realistic about Somalia’s prospects: hopeful at the strong support and political will that has been shown, and realistic about the need for patience and constant commitment.During the day today, Mr. Ban also met with AU Chairperson Jean Ping and Kenya’s Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula, among others.After a breakfast with members of the European Commission, led by its President José Manuel Barroso, Mr. Ban told the press that the group agreed that restoring security and stability to Somalia is vital to the success reconciliation efforts, to the fight against piracy and for the survival of the unity Government. “I stressed that despite the European Union’s support, much remains to be done,” he said. The Secretary-General’s week-long travel, which started in Trinidad and Tobago and continued through Switzerland, Malta and Belgium, ended this evening. He will be back at UN Headquarters tomorrow. read more


Shoppers Drug Mart shareholders approve Loblaw takeover

However, George Weston Ltd. has already provided written consent in favour of the deal to the Toronto Stock Exchange, which satisfies the approval requirements from Loblaw’s end.Overall, Loblaw is offering $33.18 in cash plus about six-tenths of a Loblaw share for each Shoppers Drug Mart common share.The proposal valued Shoppers Drug Mart common shares at $61.54 per share based on Loblaw’s share price before it was announced — a more than a 29% premium to Shoppers’ average trading price prior to the announcement.Holders of Shoppers stock have the option of receiving $61.54 cash or, alternatively, 1.2941 Loblaw common shares plus one cent cash, subject to caps on the total number of shares and total amount of cash.The amount of cash is capped at $6.7-billion and the number of shares is capped at 119.9 million, the companies said at the time.Assuming Shoppers investors opt for the maximum amount of Loblaw equity, they would own about 29% of the combined company. TORONTO — Shareholders of Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. have voted to approve a takeover by Loblaw, a deal that will see Canada’s largest grocery retailer combined with the country’s largest chain of pharmacy stores.“It’s about growing the business and accelerating our strategy and providing more products and services to Canadians… so it’s very exciting,” said Domenic Pilla, president and chief executive of Shoppers, following the announcement Thursday at the shareholder’s meeting.The deal, announced in July, will keep the Shoppers brand name in place and allow it to operate as separate division of Loblaw Companies Ltd.It may also see some of the stores that Shoppers owns folded into Loblaw’s real estate investment trust, Choice Properties REIT, said Pilla.“We will work closely with that REIT where it makes sense,” said Pilla, but he noted that Shoppers leases most of its stores, so only a small number of properties would be involved.The deal was supported by the boards of both companies but required the approval by two-thirds of Shoppers shareholders.The transaction also required the approval of a majority of Loblaw shareholders as the number of common shares to be issued in the deal exceeds 25%.Peter J. Thompson/National Post read more


Disruptive resident sent packing

Retirement homes are increasingly careful about who they admit now that age-related mental and behavioural disorders are on the rise.Residents with behavioural problems can put an entire institution on edge if it is not equipped to handle them.Last week, Maple Lodge Retirement Residence in Simcoe stepped forward with an example of what can happen when someone is granted a bed without all the facts.Owner-manager Oksana Mikouliak says the 40-bed retirement home was in turmoil for a month before they discharged a 61-year-old man who came over from Norfolk General Hospital.Maple Lodge caters to seniors and others who are in transition to long-term care. As such, Mikouliak says she would not have admitted the man had she known his history because he was a bad fit for the home.As it happened – from mid-December till Jan. 24 – Maple Lodge endured daily incidents ranging from alleged assault to a near-death experience, according to staff and residents. The later incident involved a mentally-challenged resident who was locked outside in the freezing weather.Mikouliak said the resident-transfer system won’t work if full disclosure doesn’t define communications between institutions.Mikouliak recently obtained detailed notes on the tenant in question during the months he was a patient at NGH.Had these been shared in December, Mikouliak said she could have protected her elderly clients and they would not have suffered weeks of fear, intimidation and sleepless nights.“He turned everything around here upside down,” a supervisor at Maple Lodge who asked to remain nameless said. “He was really abusive to staff and residents. Practically every day police had to be called – sometimes a couple times a day.”According to Mikouliak, the man has a history of alcohol abuse and suffers from a neurological disorder. He is partially paralyzed from the waist down and requires a mobility scooter or a wheelchair to get around.At both NGH and Maple Lodge, family and friends would furnish the man with alcohol despite efforts by staff to limit his intake. Mikouliak says he would occasionally ride his scooter into downtown Simcoe and buy beer on his own.Mikouliak said the man was aggressive with staff and residents from the start, adding his alcohol consumption aggravated this behaviour.Diana Dyson, 73, has lived at Maple Lodge for 12 years. She is among the residents who filed complaints with the Norfolk OPP.“It was terrible,” she said. “He rammed my legs with a walker and threw beer at me. He spoke of sexual things he was going to do to me. It was just pathetic. He smoked pot along with drinking beer. He filled my cup with cigarette butts.“It was very strenuous. It affected my sleep. I had to lock my door but he got in anyway. It was terrible.”Dyson said she had her first good night of sleep Jan. 24 when Maple Lodge finally discharged the tenant.Maple Lodge resident George Chapman, 75, said he was tempted on several occasions to punch the man. He said fellow tenants prevented him from lashing out.“He was rude to everybody,” Chapman said. “Sometimes there were four cops here at a time. They were here daily.”Police laid assault charges against the man following an alleged physical confrontation in early January.Chapman recalled how a mentally-challenged resident stepped outside after dark in mid-January for a cigarette. The temperature outside was in the range of -20 degrees C. Chapman says the problem tenant saw this and locked the door behind him.If it weren’t for an alert supervisor, Chapman said the resident could’ve suffered frost bite or frozen to death.“He just didn’t fit,” Chapman said. “It was too much. It really upset the home.”Maple Lodge finally loaded up the man’s belongings and called his family to come and get him. Mikouliak says Maple Lodge is not obligated to house the man because full disclosure was not provided at the time he was admitted.Mikouliak is upset because she and her staff – as a matter of policy — ask specific questions about temperament and behaviour before admitting anyone. Mikouliak said the answers received from NGH were inadequate given what they know now about his time at the hospital.“We packed (the) tenant’s possessions and he was driven to his mother’s house, who is his power-of-attorney,” Mikouliak said in an email. “He was provided a letter of explanation, and we are sending him (the) balance of his rent deposit after we deduct for the damages to our property.”The man’s mother, who is 80, holds power-of-attorney over her son. She said the neurological disorder he suffers has changed his personality and his behaviour.Wednesday, she said her son found the door to Maple Lodge locked Jan. 24 when he returned from a dental appointment. Staff would not let him back inside.The mother said people would occasionally bring her son alcohol because a doctor said he could have a maximum of two beers a day. The mother says he is currently housed at a long-term care facility in Brant County.“We didn’t know what to do,” his mother said. “We didn’t know where to take him. He needs care, but the hospital (NGH) won’t take him. They refused.“I wish I were younger and could take care of him myself. But I probably wouldn’t be very good at it.”Kelly Isfan, president and CEO of Norfolk General Hospital, says she does not discuss specific patients, their case history, or the specific challenges they face beyond the confines of the hospital.“NGH takes the privacy of patients and former patients very seriously, and out of respect for our patients I cannot provide any specific details about an individual,” Isfan said in an email.“However, I am confident in our hospital team and our processes.“I can comment generally to the process that occurs when an individual is considering moving to a retirement home. The individual would consider which retirement home to choose and enter an agreement with that retirement home.“It would be typical for the person to visit the home when making this choice. If the person is moving to the home from hospital, the hospital would provide a medical history to the retirement home using the forms provided by the retirement home. Both the individual and the retirement home would determine if the home meets the person’s needs.”The Norfolk OPP were asked why they will not remove an aggressive resident from a seniors home when he or she is allegedly assaulting others and presents a danger to the well-being of all around them.“With all investigations involving vulnerable persons or active investigations, the OPP will not provide comments that may possibly identify the persons or interfere with the investigation,” Const. Ed Sanchuk, spokesperson for the Norfolk OPP, said in an email.“As with every call for service the OPP will respond with impartiality, integrity and will take the appropriate actions based on the circumstances (and) evidence, working diligently to provide the highest level of professional service to all involved.“If during an investigation we find a person suffering from any illness or ailment we will assist the person in seeking the most appropriate treatment or care.” read more


Recent developments give glimmer of hope to Middle East peace process UN

In a press briefing at UN Headquarters in New York, Mr. Roed-Larsen noted the region has seen two paradoxical and contradictory developments – on the one hand, the worsening economic situation faced by Palestinians as well as the spate of terror attacks on Israelis, and the recent appointment of a Palestinian Prime Minister and the presentation of the Road Map by the diplomatic Quartet on the other.The UN envoy told reporters that in Palestinian areas there was an unemployment rate of 50 per cent and in Gaza alone, 75 per cent of the people lived in below the poverty level. “These simple figures illustrate how horrible the situation is,” said Mr. Roed-Larsen, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process. “At the same time, the murderous terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens are continuing [and] emanating from the Palestinian territories.”Meanwhile, there had been significant and historic developments in the diplomatic arena, he said, starting with the appointment of Abu Mazen as the first Palestinian Prime Minister, who was seen as a credible partner by both Israel and the United States. A second key sign of progress had been the presentation of the Quartet’s Road Map based on US President George W. Bush’s vision of the establishment of a Palestinian state living peacefully with Israel within secure borders. The Quartet comprises the Russian Federation, United States, European Union and the UN.”All this produces a situation where for the first time there is a ray of light, a glimmer of hope,” Mr. Roed-Larsen said, adding that what he and Secretary-General Kofi Annan hoped was for Israel to move forward to the negotiating table, as had been stated by the new Palestinian Prime Minister, who said that he accepted the Road Map and would start implementing it.”Within the next few weeks, we will see where we are heading. We can head back to the negotiating table and have a real peace process once again, or everything can be derailed,” Mr. Roed-Larsen said. “Of course, the latest murderous suicide attacks on Israel are not helpful at all, and are also undermining the very possibility of Abu Mazen to implement his anti-terrorism programme and his intentions and efforts to implement the Road Map.” read more

Why Cant The Rockies Hit Outside The Rockies

Welcome to Full Count, our new(!) weekly baseball column. Have anything you want me to write about? Email or tweet me at or @Neil_Paine.With 14 wins and 8 losses, the Colorado Rockies are off to one of their best-ever starts to a season. They lead the NL West, and they’ve more than doubled their playoff odds since the preseason. (Their odds are now 34 percent, according to FiveThirtyEight’s MLB predictions.) For a franchise that’s made only three postseason appearances in 25 seasons, an April like this is enough to make fans storm the field in excitement. But to keep this hot streak going, the Rockies will have to break the curse of Coors Field — and not the one you hear about all the time.Coors Field is often discussed as a pitcher’s nightmare. That’s because baseballs don’t behave the same way in Denver’s thin air as they do at essentially every other major league park. They break less sharply, and they carry further when walloped; in turn, this leads to more hits, more homers and generally more run-scoring than usual.But the thankless task of high-altitude pitching isn’t what’s been holding Colorado back for the last quarter-century. Paradoxically, the Rockies have had a far bigger problem with their offense over their time in MLB — specifically, how their offense performs away from the launching pad of Coors Field. And it’s not clear if this road-hitting handicap is fixable, or whether it will always tug down on the franchise’s chances of success.One of the Rockies’ biggest challenges is simply making decisions based on the eye-popping numbers that get manufactured in Denver. But sabermetricians have developed ways to adjust for parks that boost or suppress scoring. According to Sean Lahman’s database, Coors Field’s park factor — a number that represents the percent change in run-scoring an average team would receive if it played all its home games at a given park — teams scored 48 percent more runs in Rockies home games from 1995 through 2001 than they would have in an average park. In 2002, a humidor was installed to make the ball less lively, and the park has toned things down since, boosting runs by 28 percent (still tops in MLB).So even though the Rockies have allowed more runs than any other team since they came into existence, their pitching should be judged relative to their environment. It begins to look better when we account for how many extra runs anybody would have given up under the same circumstances. Judging by wins above replacement (WAR)1Averaging together the and methods. — which is adjusted for park effects — Colorado’s staff has ranked in the top half of the major leagues 11 times in the 23 seasons2Including the 2017 season. since the team moved to Coors Field in 1995. And on the road, Rockies pitchers have pretty much been average since ’95 as well.Compare that with their position players, who since 1995 have finished among MLB’s bottom five in WAR more times (six) than they’ve ranked among its top half (five). A counterintuitive narrative starts to emerge: The problem isn’t the pitchers; it’s the hitters. STATS VS. FORMER TEAM RANKYEARSPLAYERFORMER TEAMPLATE APP.OPS Biggest OPS+ gaps between home and road games, 1995-present The two teams face off 16 more times this season, so Murphy and his revamped swing will have plenty more chances to abuse the team with which he spent the first seven seasons of his career.An intentional walk check-inAt the request of FiveThirtyEight political writer Harry Enten — who’s on record as hating MLB’s new intentional-walk rule almost as much as he despises the designated hitter — we’ll be periodically checking in on the state of free passes this season. Our first dispatch is a surprising one: Despite it being easier than ever to hand out a free base, intentional walks are actually down in the early going this season, dropping from 0.19 per game across MLB last year (itself an all-time low for a full season) to 0.17 thus far in 2017. Deliberate passes do tend to increase as the season goes on — presumably because in-game strategies take on more perceived importance as pennant races heat up, and because hitters have accumulated more stats with which to instill fear into opposing managers’ hearts — so it’s worth watching to see whether IBBs stay down. But for now, the instant gratification of automatically putting a man on base hasn’t resulted in more intentional walks. 1977Otto Velez0.7201.3970.727 At the core of the issue is this: Colorado’s hitters have scored an unbelievable 58 percent more runs per game at home than on the road since 1995, easily the biggest split in the majors. That might not be too distressing if the hitters were OK on the road and great at home. But instead they’re putrid on the road and just OK at home. Once we factor in the Coors boost, the Rockies have actually been a mediocre-hitting club at Coors since ’95 according to adjusted on-base plus slugging (OPS+), and they’ve been the very worst-hitting team in baseball on the road. They also see the biggest drop in batting effectiveness of any team in their away games.Maybe this means Coors’ park-factor calculation is broken, thrown off by the extreme behavior of baseballs in Denver. But if so, we don’t see much evidence of it in the rest of the Rockies’ stats. A comparison between NL road teams’ total runs per game at Coors Field and at other National League parks is almost perfectly consistent with Colorado’s long-term park factor. And since 1995, newly acquired Rockies pitchers have performed at a level very close to what we’d expect from their park-adjusted track records3According to the Marcel projections I ran, they produced about 0.07 more WAR per 150 innings than would have been expected — a difference of only about three-fifths of a win per season if such players made up an entire pitching staff. before arriving in Denver. Both of these findings are in line with what we’d expect to find if Colorado’s park factor was doing its job.More likely, the explanation is that there’s some kind of “Coors Field hangover” that leads to poor hitting performances for the Rockies when they’re away from Denver. But the big question is why — what causes the Rockies’ bats to be so ineffective at normal altitudes, even among hitters who’d been fine before donning purple-and-black uniforms?4When I ran the same projection test as above, but for batters, I found that new Colorado hitters have fallen short by more than 2.5 wins per season relative to what we’d expect from their park-adjusted projections.There aren’t a lot of great answers, although plausible theories do abound. Many have suggested that Colorado’s hitters have become so accustomed to seeing flattened-out pitches at home that they struggle to adjust against pitches that break normally on the road. However, FanGraphs’ Jeff Sullivan, writing for Fox Sports, found little evidence of that effect, at least in terms of something that wears off as a road trip goes on and batters adjust. If that is what’s going on, readjusting to normal breaking balls must require the long arc of an entire season — or multiple seasons. (Which would make sense, given the historical scale of Colorado’s road struggles.)Another hypothesis is that opposing hurlers know certain pitches aren’t as effective at Coors, so the mix of pitches they use in Denver might be different from what the Rockies see on the road. But although recent pitch-type split data is difficult to come by, this terrific piece of research by blogger-turned-analyst Bojan Koprivica showed that, while pitches do behave differently in the thin air, the Rockies’ opponents don’t tend to change the types of pitches they throw very much in response. (Incidentally, Koprivica’s article is one of the best pitch-level investigations into the Coors Field phenomenon that you’ll read.)One more theory supposes that a lineup built to succeed at Coors simply isn’t the type of lineup that scores runs in the average park. At home, the Rockies have focused on disciplined line-drive hitting spread over the whole field, taking advantage of the smaller range of pitch movement and higher batting average on balls in play caused by hitting at altitude. On the road, those same tactics simply haven’t worked.Whatever the cause, the Coors Field hangover doesn’t show many signs of letting up. Even now, the Rockies are hitting for an OPS nearly 170 points higher at home than on the road (though that’s slightly narrower than the gap has historically been). Old curses die hard.Can Eric Thames keep this up?Alongside old favorites Mike Trout and Bryce Harper, this season’s batting leaderboard is headlined by a surprising name: Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Eric Thames. Thames, who just set a franchise record with his 11th home run this month, currently sports a ridiculous 1.393 OPS — the 18th-best April mark in history,5Minimum 50 plate appearances. and one far better than might have been expected even after he lit up Korean baseball these past few seasons. (FanGraphs’ preseason depth charts called for him to record a .838 mark.) But how have other similar hot starters (those with at least a 1.380 April OPS) finished their seasons? OPS+ is a version of on-base plus slugging (OPS) adjusted for park factors and scaled so that average is 100. Data through April 24, 2017.Sources:, Lahman DB SEA10498+6 1983George Brett0.9051.4480.868 CIN10396+7 SFG109100+9 STL110101+8 12009-2016Matt HollidayCOL1701.149 1993Barry Bonds0.9541.4421.088 CHC10395+8 OAK10496+8 2012Matt Kemp0.8501.3830.778 YEARPLAYERPROJECTEDAPRILREST OF SEASON Best OPS when facing a franchise that the player previously played for (min. 90 plate appearances vs. former team). Data through April 24, 2017.Source: 2006Jason Giambi0.8671.4070.898 TBR10194+8 WSN10093+7 NYY110103+7 April’s hottest hitters, 1913-2017 BAL10495+9 HOU10695+11 ON-BASE PLUS SLUGGING ARI10092+8 KCR9489+6 CHW10395+8 CLE109101+8 PIT10191+10 2006Albert Pujols1.0521.4231.042 1959Hank Aaron0.9481.4830.990 MIL10296+6 COL10287+15 1970Tony Perez0.8361.4280.922 MIN10092+8 1966Frank Robinson0.8761.5611.007 52011-2017Mike NapoliANA2691.125 Thames is near the bottom of that group, but he’s still part of a club that mostly ended up hitting very well — and exceeding expectations — over the remainder of the schedule. Not every hot April leads to an amazing May and beyond, but it wouldn’t be shocking if Thames continues to hit well this season.Murphy mashes the Mets (again)The NL East’s supposedly marquee Washington Nationals-New York Mets rivalry hasn’t been much of a contest recently. Washington has won 15 of 22 meetings since the beginning of last season — outscoring New York 94-57 during that span — and a lot of the blame can be cast on ex-Met Daniel Murphy.Since leaving New York, Murphy is hitting .386 with an 1.148 OPS against his erstwhile teammates, including a grand slam in Sunday night’s nationally televised game. Going back to 1950, only one batter has killed his former team more than Murphy has been killing the Mets, according to his OPS against them: 1921Babe Ruth1.1881.4671.350 32001-2010Manny RamirezCLE2301.127 LAD10699+7 1981Ken Singleton0.8671.4980.701 TEX10596+9 TOR10395+8 DET10495+9 1922Ken Williams0.9101.3931.000 2004Barry Bonds1.2301.8281.354 1923Charlie Grimm0.7221.4160.822 2002Barry Bonds1.1231.4281.372 Average0.9081.4520.969 1977Ron Cey0.7971.4330.700 2017Eric Thames0.8381.393— ANA10398+5 61995-2005Larry WalkerMON2581.071 1958Bob Cerv0.7761.3920.921 OPS+ TEAMHOMEROADDIFF. Min. 1.380 OPS in 50 plate appearances. Projected OPS is generated using Marcel projection system, except for Thames, whose projection is FanGraphs’ preseason 2017 projection. Data through April 26, 2017.Sources:, Baseball Heat Maps NYM10299+2 ATL10499+5 SDP10697+10 1921High Pockets Kelly0.7481.3840.837 22016-2017Daniel MurphyNYM951.148 1997Larry Walker0.9391.4491.120 BOS109101+8 41993-2007Barry BondsPIT4111.127 1958Stan Musial0.9231.4420.888 71996-2003Darren BraggSEA991.056 81988-1994Dan PasquaNYY1491.050 92003-2016David OrtizMIN3211.044 FLA10495+8 102006-2011Milton BradleyCLE1051.042 PHI10396+6 The players who punished their former teams the most, 1950-2017 read more


The 5 at 5 Thursday

first_imgEACH WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you five things you should know before you head out the door.1. #MICHAEL NEARY: Thirty-five women who underwent unnecessary gynaecological procedures at the hands of disgraced surgeon Micheal Neary say they are “in limbo” and waiting on a redress scheme. People campaigning to encourage Health Minister James Reilly to resolve the issue of compensation for the 35 victims excluded from the Neary redress scheme gathered in Dublin today, where one victim said: “Micheal Neary is a dysfunctional individual who damaged women. Today he is a free agent, drawing a pension and we are left in limbo.”2. #PROPERTY TAX: A list of the 5,100 exemptions to the Local Property Tax have been published online, with a mixture of already existing developments, along with those for which planning permission exists. Opposition TDs have criticised the numbers “low” number of exempt properties – pointing out that while 43,000 households were exempted from last year’s household charge, only 5,100 households have been exempted from the local property tax.3. #CYPRUS: Banks in Cyprus remain closed today as political leaders scramble to find a bailout plan that will be acceptable for parliament, with the country’s president saying that a decision must be made today. Reports from Cyprus this morning suggest the government has decided to set up an Investment Solidarity Fund in a bid to secure the required €5.8 billion to unlock the €10 billion EU rescue package.4. #ECONOMY: New figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) today indicate that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Ireland increased by 0.9 per cent in 2012. This is the second year in succession in which GDP showed an increase over the previous year following three years of declines in GDP during 2008 to 2010. GNP showed an increase of 3.4 per cent in 2012 over 2011.5. #EXTRADITED: A 30-year-old Armagh man wanted in relation to a double murder has been extradited to Northern Ireland from Australia to face three charges – two of murder and one of arson with intent. The charges relate to the murder of Thomas O’Hare and Lisa McClatchey on 6 November, 2006.last_img read more


Enda Kenny turns on the Christmas lights in Dublins north inner city

first_img Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Share Tweet Email3 Enda Kenny turns on the Christmas lights in Dublin’s north inner city A candlelight vigil was also held to remember those that have died from drugs. Dec 8th 2016, 6:46 PM Powerful words about the trauma inflicted on north inner city community— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) December 8, 2016 The Taoiseach poses for photos with locals from the north inner city. Taoiseach with the local lads— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) December 8, 2016 The Taoiseach poses for photos with locals from the north inner city. Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Others in attendance included the former Lord Mayor of Dublin Christy Burke, local councillor Social Democrat’s Gary Gannon, as well as the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe. Paschal Donohoe has turned up for the carols— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) December 8, 2016 11,865 Views By Christina Finncenter_img It’s understood Kieran Mulvey’s report on the north inner city will be ready within a matter of weeks.A large number of groups have made submissions to Mulvey.It will detail the criminal and infrastructural issues faced by residents of the north inner-city. The report will go to Cabinet to be discussed before the resource allocation and the cost of improvements are approved by government.Read: Mother whose son was killed by drink driver brings about change in bail law>Read: Son of Brian Stack confronts Gerry Adams over murder of his father> DESPITE SOME CALLS for the Taoiseach not show up to turn on the Christmas lights in the north inner city of Dublin this year, the event went off without a hitch this evening.Enda Kenny arrived to a singing crowd at the junction of Buckingham Street and Sean McDermott Street.Upon request of the Inner City Organisation Network (ICON), a Christmas tree has been erected by Dublin City Council. The group said it sends a message of “defiance, hope and in commemoration of all those who died from drug addiction”.As Christmas songs like ‘White Christmas’ played in the background, the Taoiseach posed for photos with the local kids. Taoiseach greeting the kids from north inner city ahead of switching on the lights— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) December 8, 2016 Thursday 8 Dec 2016, 6:46 PM Local activists spoke about the recent trauma gangland violence had inflicted on the local community and a candlelight vigil was held as the names of some of those who have lost their lives to drugs were read out., following a countdown, the Taoiseach turned on the Christmas tree lights, which was followed by a sing-song. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1: ‘Go on Enda’ shouts the crowd— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) December 8, 2016 45 Comments Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Short URL Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitterlast_img read more

Dominican women say Provo crime spate scary

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Police Commissioner says absolute focus is reducing crime, gives some insight into the decreases recorded Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppResidents from the Dominican Community, in particular women say they are scared, frightened due to the high level of deadly violence against their women in the Turks and Caicos Islands.The comments to PTV News Watch on the weekend came as a body was carried to the local morgue after being found in Pirates Cove, a north western historic site in Providenciales.  That body was on Tuesday confirmed to be missing, 26 year old Yuniery Veras.This is not the first time the DR community, which is now confirmed at 4,000 legal residents in the Turks and Caicos, have expressed fear at living in the TCI.  There was the heinous killing of 29 year old Ramona Lopez Sanchez near the Gus Lightbourne Gym; she was set on fire and left on the side of the road in February 2009; there was the discovery of 30 year old Damaris Gomez Martinez; her decomposing body was found in a box in Blue Hills bushes after she went missing in 2013.Police confirmed late yesterday that the body found is 26 year old Yuniery Veras and that there were no visible signs of death.Police also say there is no one being questioned as yet and an autopsy will reveal the cause of death.If you know anything about this second murder for the year in the TCI, please contact Police. Related Items:crime, death, domincan, police, safety, women Haitian gov’t official under investigation commits suicide Husband arrested for murder in Long Island, Bahamas Recommended for youlast_img read more



Boater missing off Miami Beach confirmed dead

first_imgMIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Officials have announced that a man they were searching for on Sunday has since died.Officials said the man somehow was trapped underneath a yacht off Miami Beach. They were searching for the man on Sunday night and confirmed Monday afternoon that he has died.Related: Search underway for missing boater off Miami BeachThe vessel is owned by a company that charters boats for private parties and day trips.Officials have not released his identity.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Prices Drop But Wholesale Taxes Stay Same To Frustration Of Cannabis Grower

first_imgWhile statewide retailers say prices in general have gone from $20 or more per gram to about $18 per gram, the Kenai area boasts the lowest prices in the Alaska. Alaska Marijuana Industry Association leadership want to see the state tax tied to market conditions. The $50 per ounce state tax is levied on growers when they sell marijuana to manufacturers or retailers, equating to $800 per pound for marijuana flower or bud and $260 per pound for the rest of the plant. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Some Alaska marijuana growers are calling for a reform, as the cannabis supply in the state increases and wholesale prices decline. Concerns are that if market forces continue in the same trajectory, eventually taxes will eat up all the profit on the product. As more suppliers enter the closed Alaska market, the wholesale price of cannabis is in decline. The drop in wholesale prices is good for consumers because the retail price of marijuana also is dropping. An informal survey of menu prices around the state by KSRM found the peninsula retail stores consistency charge less for the same strain than stores in other regions. Story as aired:Audio PlayerDorene-on-prices-drop-but-wholesale-taxes-stay-the-same-to-frustration-of-cannabis-growers.mp3VmDorene-on-prices-drop-but-wholesale-taxes-stay-the-same-to-frustration-of-cannabis-growers.mp300:00RPdlast_img read more

WHS SOFTBALL Wildcats Lose To Melrose By 1 Run Storm Back With

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington High School Varsity Softball team (13-6) was defeated by Melrose by a score of 9-8 on Thursday, May 30, 2019.The Wildcats came out flat, with shoddy defense that led to a 9-3 score after 3 innings in favor of Melrose.  The third inning really did Wilmington in when they allowed 6 runs.    They also committed 5 errors.The Wildcats bats eventually got hot but it was difficult to come back from 6 runs down.  Wilmington left the tying run on second base in the top of the sixth.  Bella Kieran went 3-for-3 with a homerun and three RBI.“We just dug ourselves into an early hole due to shoddy defense,” said coach Audrey Cabral. “We settled down defensively after the third but it was hard to erase the deficit… The girls fought hard but just came up short today.”—WILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington High School Varsity Softball team (14-6) defeated Greater Lowell Tech by a score of 13-1 on Friday, May 31, 2019. The game was called after 5 innings.The Wildcats put yesterday’s disappointing loss yesterday behind them and came out scorching hot.  In the first inning, Wilmington went through the lineup and plated 5 runs and never looked back.Offensively, the Wildcats were led by Ally Moran with 3 hits; Ryan Bailey with 2 hits (double with 4 RBI)l Jenna Sweeney with 2 hits (2 stolen bases & 1 RBI); and Bella Kieran with two hits.The defense was on point. In the second inning, right fielder Gianna Brunetto threw out a runner at first base.  In the third inning, catcher Ashley Crawford caught a popup and doubled off the runner at first base.  And in the fifth inning, the Wildcats completed their second double play.  Greater Lowell tech led off with a triple.  The next batter put down a bunt and Ashley Crawford successfully threw her out at first.  First baseman Bella Kieran completed the double play by throwing home to Ally Moran who put the tag on the runner trying to score.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWHS SOFTBALL: Wildcats Win Back-To-Back Games, Moran Gives Up 3 Hits While Striking Out 22In “Sports”WHS SOFTBALL: Wildcats Defeat Greater Lowell Tech & Stoneham, Qualify For State TournamentIn “Sports”WHS SOFTBALL: Wildcats’ Offense Explodes For 15 Runs In Win Over NewburyportIn “Sports”last_img read more


Oil tanker dented after hard landing with new tugboat in Valdez

first_imgAn oil tanker docked at the Valdez Marine Terminal in April. (Photo by Elizabeth Harball/Alaska’s Energy Desk)The U.S. Coast Guard in Valdez is investigating an accident that happened early Wednesday morning involving a new tugboat and an oil tanker.Listen nowThe Coast Guard is characterizing the incident as “minor;” no oil was spilled and no injuries were reported.But it comes at a time of intense scrutiny for Alyeska Pipeline Service Company, which operates the trans-Alaska pipeline and the Valdez Marine Terminal, and the tugboat’s operator, the Louisiana-based Edison Chouest Offshore. This summer, Alyeska is replacing Crowley Marine Services with Edison Chouest as its spill response and prevention contractor in Prince William Sound.According to Coast Guard Lieutenant Carlos Quintero, the tug called the Ingot, hit the tanker during a docking maneuver.“The Ingot made the routine approach on the tanker, which consists of having the bow of the tug lean and touch perpendicular against the hull of the tanker,” Quintero said.It was during this process that Quintero said “it was reported that minor damage was sustained.”Alyeska reports that after the two vessels made “a hard landing and metal-to-metal contact,” the tanker ended up with a dent 20 inches long, six inches wide and three inches deep.Joe Lally with the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council, a watchdog group that is closely monitoring the transition from Crowley to Edison Chouest, said tugs and tankers commonly make contact during docking maneuvers.“It happens. I think it was sort of unique in that it was struck hard enough to cause the dent,” Lally said.Alyeska spokesperson Michelle Egan said Alyeska ordered an immediate investigation of the incident. Based on Alyeska’s preliminary review, it has ruled out mechanical issues or vessel design as the cause. But Egan said it’s not necessarily the tugboat captain’s fault — two other parties, the master of the tanker and the pilot, also play key roles in the docking process.“We don’t know where the breakdown occurred,” Egan said.Egan said Alyeska is taking measures to prevent another incident, including slowing the speed of the vessels and increasing the level of communications during docking and undocking.“Scrapes and dents are not unheard of,” Egan said in an email. “Even so, we don’t want to see damage to either vessel and we will learn what happened in this case and take action to reduce the risk of it happening again.”Egan said the damaged tanker was cleared to load after an inspection. It departed Valdez on Thursday.last_img read more

Mirza Abbas wife secure HC bail

first_imgMirza AbbasThe High Court on Sunday granted an eight-week anticipatory bail to BNP sanding committee member Mirza Abbas and his wife Afroza Abbas, president of Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal, in three cases filed with Paltan police station, reports UNB.The HC bench of justice Rezaul Haque and justice Zafar Ahmed granted the bail when they appeared before the court and sought bail for them in the three cases.Earlier, three cases were filed with Paltan police station on charges of vandalism, arson attack and obstructing police from discharging their duties during Wednesday’s violence in front of BNP’s Naya Paltan central office.At least 65 people were shown arrested in the three cases.The cases have been transferred to Detective Branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP).At least 50 people, including 23 policemen, were injured in a clash between BNP leaders and activists and law enforcers in front of the party’s Naya Paltan central office on the third day of the party’s nomination form sale.last_img read more


Play These E3 2019 Video Games Right Now

first_imgStay on target E3 2019 is over. Now it’s time to look back and get excited about all the hot new video games we’ve been promised. However, many of those games are months or even years away. The downside of hype is that takes a lot of patience. And if you only watched the show instead of going yourself, you didn’t even get to play any preview demos to tide yourself over.Fortunately, while everyone is anticipating upcoming games, a great new E3 trend is publishers secretly releasing new games during the show itself. That way everyone has something to play right now instead of just budgeting for future pre-orders. Here are some E3 2019 video games you can play today.Cadence of HyruleNintendo’s next two big Zelda games are the Link’s Awakening remake and the full-on sequel to Breath of the Wild. However, right now you can play Cadence of Hyrule, the surprise mash-up between Zelda and indie rhythm roguelike Crypt of the NecroDancer.AdChoices广告Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Story CreatorAssassin’s Creed Odyssey is already stuffed to the gills with secrets to uncover, weapons to master, and ancient Greek lands to explore. However, with this new free update you can now create your own horny adventures for Kassandra and Alexios… but really Kassandra.Contra Anniversary CollectionFinally the whole world knows about Konami’s new Contra game, a 3D isometric take on the classic shooter called Contra Rogue Corps. But if you’re looking for something more proven and available now, check out this collection of vintage Contra hits.Collection of ManaThe first two Mana games, Final Fantasy Adventure and Secret of Mana, are classic action-RPGs worth buying on their own. But this collection also includes Trials of Mana, the third game never before released in America. Plays this before the full-on Trials of Mana remake.Devolver BootlegWhile other press conferences have bigger announcements, indie publisher Devolver Digital packs its shows with by far the most lore. And now they’ve released a collection of “bootleg” PC versions of their biggest hits like Hotline Miami, Ape Out, and Enter the Gungeon.Roller ChampionsConsidering how beloved the arcade sports game is, it’s kind of shocking more games haven’t ripped off Rocket League. But if you’re tired of cars playing soccer, maybe check out Ubisoft’s colorful free-to-play roller derby game instead?Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight for SanctuaryThe wait between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3 has been brutal. But while you wait for the next true installment in Gearbox’s loot shooter, you can play this bonus piece of DLC for Borderlands 2 that serves as a prologue for the next chapter.Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed ChampionsForza 8 is going to have to wait until next year, probably on Project Scarlett. But forget realistic racing games. Right now you can get this wacky DLC for Forza Horizon 4 that lets you drive as cars made of Lego blocks. Everything is awesome!State of Decay 2: HeartlandSony skipped this year’s E3 so we didn’t learn anything new about Last of Us Part 2. So I’m sure Microsoft is very happy for you to know there’s a big expansion for their zombie game, State of Decay 2, available right now.For more on E3 2019 watch these trailers. The 10 Biggest Games of E3 2019Tesla Cars Get Racing Game, YouTube, and ‘Fallout’ at E3 2019 last_img read more