Month: June 2017


Open home beauty shop back to the speed is not fast

venture since the investment, then, before the real profit, for any one entrepreneur, more concerned about the nature of its return to the problem. How long can we open a beauty store to recover the cost? This problem, compared to each want to invest or have invested in the beauty shop entrepreneurs will ask a question! but also, who is doing an industry, do not want to know how long they can recover the cost, the cost of recovery can basically be able to make money. However, cosmetic stores of cost recovery and many conditions are closely related, for example, the cost of investment, the size of stores, shops, business and so on, through many aspects of data analysis, is finally able to recover the cost of time. Let’s look at the small series of analysis! first, the cost of investment beauty stores, you can see from the cost of investment you back this time, it will take a brand industry to join the program, the lowest scheme is 39 thousand and 800, while in contrast, investment is relatively small, but profitability is relatively limited, may say that the speed will be faster. But the latter profit rate will be slower. And if the investment is a relatively large program, in fact, both of the return rate is also more consistent, but the big program, then the profitability of the latter will be faster. two, the size of the store store size will also affect the profitability of beauty stores, from the most basic beauty[…]


Loss can eat big business

now people are afraid of doing anything to lose, if the business is still holding this mentality, I am afraid not to let the business get better development. In the business, in fact, often eat a big loss. "Can I deliver now?" Last Friday evening, a less familiar customer, Xiao Fang, asked me to see the three wheel motorcycle in front of me. When I got the answer, he handed me a shopping list with tobacco, drinks and disposable items. He was prepared to do the full moon banquet for his son. I prepared the goods, but also to help him rent the freezer on the tricycle, and set off. we chose the nearest road, walked half, only to find in front of the road, this road is not good. We had to detour, go a long way, but when it is about to arrive, I once again found in front of the construction, which I almost broke down, but also know that there is a small square feasible. Under his command, turn left and right before I suddenly ran after passing through the thirty or forty plug, Village Bay, finally to the small fang. returned home, because I was not familiar with the route, from time to time to inquire about the passers-by: "how go Chen Wan Wang CI Cun, how far?" It was dark, mosquitoes flying around, my car can not accelerate, several times because of the wrong way into a dead end. It took two hours to get back to the store.[…]


How to find a shortcut

how to take the first step of entrepreneurship is undoubtedly the key to the success of a business, a successful entrepreneur who has experienced many years of ups and downs, introduced his 8 business shortcuts. A, share of resources. In order to sell his products, he participated in the 8 fair in 1996 to 1998. At the end of the Expo, it is usually a time for exhibitors to barter goods – as if you are in a time when there is no currency, because the exhibitors are too lazy to take the goods back. The last day of the exhibition, the price of the acquisition of the goods to be sold again, the results of this friend earned a lot of money.


Goods shelves more easier to attract customers eyes

a commodity if the customer’s eyes are no way to attract, how to sell this product? So, if you want to make the product really hot, naturally need to let the goods to maintain a higher shelf rate, which can play a very important role in promoting the sale of goods. in all goods, cigarettes in my shop boss, and in all the instant noodles, Master Kong in my store ranking, sales are always among the best. So in another brand of instant noodles salesman to recommend a set of display, I do not agree: "this kind of instant noodles do not sell fast, on display occupy such a large area, was a small store is crowded?" second salesman or when I suggested that the last group of display, said: the pendulum is much more, so you can attract the attention of customers, it will sell more, this is the common people. The less you buy, the more you try, the less you have to sell. I won’t be wrong, follow me. Moreover, not a white display, a month to give you fifteen bags of water! These fifteen bags of water can be sold for more than and 200 dollars, which is not more than $more than and 200?" listened to the salesman, wanted to think: what is selling goods to sell, squeeze, make four shelves "jinmailang" instant noodles, and give away fifteen bags of water, is also very cost-effective. So, I and the salesman signed the contract, four day shelf display "jinmailang" instant noodles,[…]


The cartoon shop owner indecent girls should strengthen self-protection awareness

women have been raped when the incident occurred, the hope that more girls should strengthen self-protection means, at the same time, more need to punish criminals. Recently, the owner of a cartoon indecent girl incident attracted people’s attention, at the same time, the owner of the animation has also been punished.


How to calculate the cost of APP

mobile Internet era brings a variety of APP development boom, then what a APP cost? To calculate the cost of manufacturing a App tonight. single iPhone version. are normally required to engineer × 1, × 1, UI client engineer; designer × 1, × product manager; 1. This is a streamlined configuration. Large companies, but also to configure the test engineer, operation and maintenance engineers, interaction designers, etc.. If the end of


Which of the following is the most common of all avoidable entrepreneurial errors

now, entrepreneurship has become a hot word, especially in the years, very concerned about. Ask any company founder or co-founder, they can tell you more than one mistake. They used to make mistakes in their own business. If a company has never made a mistake, they will never succeed.


What are the errors in the management of brand tea franchise stores

brand tea stores need to always pay attention to the business situation, found that the problems in the operation, in a timely manner to solve, can do a good job in investment management. What is the need to pay more attention to the business? If you do not understand where you can look at the small series of finishing points, come and see.


How to improve the efficiency of solid fast food restaurant

with the advent of the Internet era in China, the online sales model swept the world, the presence of the shop to facilitate the sale of the major vendors location, rental stores and other issues. Therefore, the operation of the store was once threatened, it does not mean that the store has been facing decline? Of course not, the presence of the store is inevitable, temporary fluctuations are only a temporary phenomenon, pay attention to marketing strategy can flop, return to the original situation. How to manage solid fast food restaurant to enhance first, improve the turnover rate of fast food is fast, people eat the time is relatively short, generally also ten minutes you can eat, so the real fast-food fast-food can increase over Taiwan, increase the liquidity of the customer, so there will be more people consumption, is an important force in place. second, good use of modern science and technology modern science and technology to replace the manual, greatly enhance the efficiency of human production, and now many restaurants are also using such technology. The restaurant waiter robot now is commonplace, fast food can be used to pay two-dimensional code so that customers can easily fast payment, without the need for a cashier fee, fast-food all aspects can enhance the efficiency of restaurant operations by machine. third, streamline service process generally, fast-food service process is relatively simple, and high-end restaurant service process is completely different, more simple operation time of service process, so the waiter to clear all the service flow, and[…]


How to establish a new system of employment and entrepreneurship service in Panzhihua

public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation has become a symbol of the times, in the current society, the emergence of a number of local entrepreneurial climax. On the road of entrepreneurship, the relevant local governments actively introduce relevant policies to help the majority of entrepreneurs to achieve success. So, how to establish a new system of employment and entrepreneurship service in Panzhihua? (1) to promote the city’s multi-functional public space construction. Overall planning and construction of Panzhihua City entrepreneurship service center. Currently, the project has completed the operation of the team than the election work, plans to build and put into operation in the second half. combined with the creative and local characteristics of the coffee shop to create the college students innovation and entrepreneurship club. Panzhihua University club has invested 6 million 530 thousand yuan to build the Panzhihua college students innovation and entrepreneurship club, a phase and the period of about 3100 square meters has been completed and put into use. Panzhihua University and Sichuan Institute of electrical and mechanical guidance to create a provincial college students innovation and entrepreneurship Park, has accumulated more than 60 incubators. (2) to promote the construction of public service system of the four level. Focus on strengthening grassroots public service platform business efforts to enrich the grassroots business platform services, so that entrepreneurs in the community (Village) can enjoy the city’s urban and rural integration of entrepreneurial guidance services. To improve the business guidance expert group, the change of policy experts 36 people, the new business class expert of[…]


Henan female officials lead the poor people go out of poverty to get rich

In the course of the development of economy, although many areas have achieved good development, but other regions are still facing the attack of poverty. Let’s understand, Henan female officials lead the poor people to get rich stories on poverty! during the summer busy season, June 3rd afternoon, the body is in the rehabilitation of Wu Shulan, has not been idle at home in Zhengzhou, from time to time with the Xi Wang Lou Cun people call, she worried about the village of wheat harvesting, straw Jinshao work. 2014 in March, the provincial poverty Alleviation Office of the deputy inspector Wu Shulan to the poor mountainous areas Queshan County Xi Wang Lou Cun village, the first Secretary of the Party branch, this is the second time Wu Shulan volunteered in the village. from the "office official" to "village" from Wu Zhuang Cun, Xincai county to Gou Zhen Xi Wang Lou Cun Wu Shu queshanxian, always keep in mind that a member of the Communist Party of mission and responsibility, lead the poor people out of poverty on the road to get rich. two villages as the first Secretary of the village 2010, the provincial Party committee send cadres in the village served as the first secretary, Wu Shulan after hearing the news again and again the initiative to apply to the organization. Then, in July 2010, the provincial organization department sent the first batch of provincial authorities in the village first secretary, from 18 to 18 gay male comrades and 1 female comrades, when 53[…]


What are the tricks of the rural stores

how many rural stores, if you want a better business, naturally also need to have some tricks, so as to attract more customers. In short, there are shops in every village, and more than one village, many villages have three or four or more. Because the store is the most customers in rural village, few foreign tourists, so the same natural village, a few shops between the competition is quite intense. So how to attract business, attract more customers, so that their stores in an invincible position? I think we can start from the following 5 aspects. one, to have a eye-catching signs. Rural stores in the business often have such a misunderstanding: no matter store size, generally do not hang signs. The owner often think customers are from the village, as long as the village people know this is a store, do not hang the listing. But the signboard is more formal, plays a noticeable effect, not only the village people know this is a store outside the village, from the front of the store after will understand this is a store, then pulled a part of passerby. two, shop to keep clean, sanitary. Some rural stores, especially smaller stores, are in poor health. The counter is always a mess, the shelves are not neat, and even the goods are often covered with a layer of gray. No matter who hope to buy sanitary products, if the shopkeeper will store hygiene, cleaning, clean will give customers a pleasant feeling, customers are willing to buy[…]


Xiaobian for you to recommend a few good business for Entrepreneurship

everywhere we are business opportunities, all walks of life have business opportunities. Life is more concerned about the food and beverage industry, clothing industry, jewelry industry, health care industry. These industries contain a lot of business opportunities, but also a high degree of market attention. Want to start a successful business from these industries, to ensure that you can reap a good profit. 1. dining join now catering enterprises competition is not directly to the product and the competition between the product performance, but in the form of brand competition. In other words, when consumers decide to dine, he often first decided to go to the hotel or restaurant to eat, and then decide what to eat; even when he first made the decision of what to eat, also must decide in what place to eat. Therefore, the choice of a good reputation and excellent brand image of the restaurant chain franchise business, is a necessary condition for success. 2. clothing to join


If your company is in a position to change

is not easy to open a company, operating a company is more difficult, many times, the company boss found himself struggling when running, but do not know where the problem, and do not want to change the direction of action. If your company has the following, then the company should change direction. A, in the company work better than the overall


Open jewelry stores need to master the means of promotion

with the development of economy, jewelry and other luxury goods market demand increases ceaselessly, bring new opportunities to get rich, more and more investors choose entrepreneurship in this field, jewelry stores business, if you want to win the market better, still need to how to more fully understand the promotion. Now we’re going to make a concrete analysis. discount is the most common way to promote jewelry stores, many consumers have been exposed and tend to this way. On the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, you can carry out different levels of discount promotions. Customers around the time can do a free experience, if the customer is satisfied, then the natural rate will be very high, managers may wish to try this promotion program. customers buy jewelry in the jewelry store clerk to join, so that customers can apply for a membership card, membership card function is any a jewelry at any time discount, thus locking the customer, the equivalent of puerile. With the design of exquisite posters do promotion, the effect will be very good, a lot of people will be due to the poster’s attention and become the store consumers. so, jewelry store managers in the design of the poster to be very careful, seize the customer psychology. In order to compete, will introduce new projects regularly to attract customers. Might as well in the festival, the introduction of new products for sale, so that customers come to understand. jewelry store how to promote? Open jewelry stores, businesses will face competitive pressure,[…]