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How to create a continuous chain circle strategy of small and medium sized enterprise website

so how to better the construction of the chain site? Although for small and medium enterprises in the construction of the chain is relatively difficult, but if we avoid the small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction of the chain’s weaknesses, give full play to the advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises in terms of capital, in fact, we can build the chain ecosystem more good thus, effectively improve the quality and stability of the construction site outside the chain. For the optimization of the website can often play a multiplier effect.

chain is the core part of the website optimization, especially for small and medium-sized enterprise website, because this part of the enterprise in the content construction often is very difficult, because it involves the website content and profile is relatively difficult, and many are content through the construction of transfer or acquisition, so on such a situation, to enhance the number of high quality the chain has important effect on improving the website optimization effect.

first, love Shanghai platform to build the high quality chain based on. At present, the company began to love Shanghai cut into good services for small and medium-sized enterprises in the ranks, and strive to build the B2B service model, which ignored the market entry of Alibaba, and in the past period of time, obtained very good result, in this context, as long as your company web site and there is no legal problems. Then the construction about the company you love Shanghai, love Shanghai Wikipedia entry space and release love Shanghai to know, will be very easy for you to quickly obtain approval of the site to build their own love Shanghai outside the chain of high quality.


third, make full use of.

but compared to other types of sites, the small and medium-sized enterprise website in the construction of the chain also has great difficulty, because the site itself is difficult to have a higher weight and ranking, so want to get the favor of other sites and cooperation is very difficult, and the initiative of the construction of the chain it is often difficult to grasp the small and medium-sized enterprise website operators hands, from this point on, the construction of the chain is actually more difficult than content construction.

how can let the small and medium-sized enterprises to create a site outside the chain of ecosystem stability? I think we can from the following aspects: to improve the

second, construction of enterprise independent blog. To construct the enterprise benefits of independent blog is for the interactive function of enterprise website lack of design, because of an important role of independent blog is good interaction with fans, and independent blog can also WeChat and micro-blog public enterprises or public accounts, cooperate with each other to realize the diversification of content coverage, to meet all the fans the enterprise needs related content. In addition through these media platform to let fans into each other and circulation in them, and the chain from the independent blog also has a very strong weight transfer effect, and this kind of independent blog in the construction of the chain, can realize active control, so it can be a good correlation chain distribution, thus continuing the stability of the chain website construction of small and medium sized enterprises.

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