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  • Suggestions for friends who do servers

    many server friends, when installing systems must remember these questions: 1, install the system. When installing the server operating system must remember the Microsoft enterprise server installed version installed, do not save time to install the tomato garden installed version, because these things have been changed in place, when the server was added after there…

    Talent website

    now has a lot of talent website, the reason is very simple, but the development of the intermediary to make money, the excess is like the famous point of pile up in excess of requirement, payment, and expensive, affect small business recruitment, recruit one or two salesperson how could pay thousands of dollars in membership…

    The success of local websites from the success of Chengde local websites

    network from the first to the time segment, hao123 navigation, and local network group purchase, classification, comprehensive portal site A new force suddenly rises., from now to the professional website experienced today is my groundless talk, talk about the success of Chengde local website about professional website. When you look at the success of local…